Zoila Huanca was the victim in Total Eclipse of the Heart (Case #46 of World Edition).


Zoila was a SOMBRA agent assigned to check on the status of Luzaguay and the regime that was running it. She had long black hair tied into two braids, black eyes, and a mole just above her lips. At the time of her death, she donned a multi-colored poncho and wore a cranberry red, orange, and green basket atop her head.

Events of Criminal Case

Zoila met with Jack and the player, believing the former to be President Adolfo Herrera due to his disguise. She told Jack that "the condor greets the sun with a radiant heart". After Jack failed to give a proper response, Zoila began to suspect that he was not really Adolfo. However, at that moment, Zoila was struck with a knife to the heart and collapsed. Unfortunately, the eclipse was at its full effect at the moment she fell.

Murder details

Zoila was found after the eclipse, killed with a tumi (an Inca sacrificial knife) that struck her in the chest from a distance. Grace confirmed the knife caused Zoila's death, prompting the team to file it as the murder weapon. Given the tumi's angle of entry to Zoila's body, Grace determined the killer threw it with the right hand, meaning the killer was right-handed.

Relationship with suspects

Asal Hawaa was tasked by Mossad to keep an eye on Zoila and follow her up the chain to the SOMBRA leadership. Zoila had figured out the identity of (ex-)MI6 spy George Pryce who was going undercover as an astronomer in Machu Picchu. Amaru Condor recognized Zoila as a non-local in local clothes due to her frequent visits to the area and so dressed a burial doll up in her clothes with no malicious intent. Solstice Spirit tried to teach Zoila about energy streams and the like but Zoila did not care about her "lessons". Meanwhile, Zoila had met Claudio Aguirre in the hacienda she was staying in. After a failed dinner he prepared for her, Claudio tried to ask Zoila out on a date with a pan flute but Zoila rejected his advances.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Claudio.

Claudio tried denying involvement, but eventually admitted to killing Zoila because she was in the way of staging a mutiny against SOMBRA. He exclaimed that he had formerly been a SOMBRA agent and that he was the "Wrath of God" who would take over the world by himself. Judge Adaku sentenced him to 50 years in prison.


  • Zoila is one of the characters who animate (or move) during at least one cutscene in the game.

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