Zhào Méi (Chn: 赵梅) was the killer of rice farmer Guo Han in The Killer in the Rice (Case #25 of World Edition).


Mei is a 15-year-old farmer who has messy black hair with a pink hairclip underneath a white conical hat. She wears a partially ripped, dirty turquoise shirt and a bead necklace. It is known that Mei drinks baijiu, wears rubber boots and plays Mahjong.

Height 5'3"
Age 15
Weight 120 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood A+

Events of Criminal Case

Mei became a suspect after the player and Carmen found her name on a bracelet at the victim's house. She felt she always knew Han was too clumsy to survive. She explained she always had to look after the victim when they played in the countryside, always telling him to be faster and stronger otherwise he would get hurt.

Mei was interrogated regarding a message to the victim saying "Cowards die". She said that despite liking Han, she felt he was weak spending time reading and crying for his absent parents. She gave the victim several dares, but no matter what he would never go through with anyone of them. Carmen was surprised Mei was trying to do that kind of stuff to him, but Mei explained that she was just trying to teach Han to be stronger.

In the end, the evidence pointed to Mei as Han's killer. Upon her arrest, Mei said that even though she loved Han, he was not "strong enough" to survive in nature as he never completed the challenges and antics she prepared for him. In trial, Mei only repeated her cryptic message to Judge Adaku and offered no further explanation. The judge ordered for her placement in a juvenile prison with psychological help from a criminologist. Marina and the player tried to get more information from Mei in prison. Mei was only able to say that she gave a gift to Han in his house, prompting them to search there for that gift.


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