The player earns 20 XP points.

Experience (XP) is a progression feature that is integrated into Criminal Case.

The XP bar

Screenshot of the XP bar.

The XP bar is located at the top-left corner of the screen and is represented by a counter as the amount of XP points in hand.


The player can use XP points to do the following things:

  • Leveling up: The player will level up each time after a certain amount of XP points have been accumulated. Once the player levels up, their energy bar is refilled, and they can share a bottle of Orange Juice and may receive Lucky Cards in return; the player can also unlock various items in the Avatar Shop after reaching certain levels.
  • Ranking up: The player will rank up each time after a certain level is reached. Once the player ranks up, they can share a bag of Potato Chips and may receive Lucky Cards in return.

Obtaining XP points

The player can earn XP points by:

  • Investigating a crime scene:
    • 11 points through the first star;
    • 12 points through the second star;
    • 13 points through the third star;
    • 14 points through the fourth star;
    • 15 points through the fifth star;
    • 20 points for mastered scenes (all stars).
  • In Criminal Case: Travel in Time, you can also gain XP as listed:
    • All forementioned experience gains through crime scenes as well;
    • 16 points through the sixth star;
    • 17 points through the seventh star;
    • 18 points through the eighth star;
    • 19 points through the ninth star;
    • 20 points through the tenth star.
  • Progressing through the case (such as successfully examining clues, interrogating suspects, viewing lab results, etc.):
    • 20 points for chapter progress;
    • 50 points for completing the chapter.
  • Receiving through the Daily Bonus.
  • Receiving lucky finds from Police Pets.
  • Trading-in a full set of Lucky Cards (Diamonds only; each full set is worth 20 points).
  • Receiving a certain amount of XP points as a reward in the Additional Investigation of a case (in certain cases of Grimsborough only).


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