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Somewhere in the heart of Montana...
Luke Fernandez: Brrr, they really weren't kidding about Montana having freezing winters, <Name>!
Luke: The werewolves must like the cold, else they wouldn't have picked it for their hangout spot!
Chief Arrow: Priya's gone undercover into Annette Strong's wolf pack, trying to find out what they're up to. We'll set up camp here while we wait for her call.
Hope: Guys, the locals in the nearby village are all in a panic because a farmer's been killed... and they think the legendary Roundhead Lake monster's to blame!
Hope: But no one in living memory has seen Hannah in the flesh, so who knows whether she's even real!
Chief Arrow: Well, we of all people should know that more mythical beings exist than we're led to believe! So it's possible that this monster not only is real, but could also have committed the crime!
Chief Arrow: <Name>, since we've got time to kill while we wait to hear from Priya, you'd better go with Luke and investigate the farmer's death.
Chief Arrow: If the locals think it was the lake monster's doing, then they'll be happy to hear they've got a team of supernatural hunters on the case.
Luke: Alright, Chief, we're on it! <Name>, let's get to the lake and figure out what happened!

Chapter 1

Investigate Frozen Lake.
Luke Fernandez: This must be Wyatt Ewing, the farmer Hope was talking about!
Luke: There's three holes in his neck, and he's not breathing. It looks like a murder, alright, <Name>!
Luke: Even if the locals are sure it was Hannah the Montana lake monster who did it, we can't jump to conclusions...
Luke: ... Take this coat, which has gotta be the victim's since it was lying next to him. The killer must've pulled it off him, and I'm not sure the lake monster's capable of that!
Luke: We should get a sample of that slimy gloop left on the coat!
Luke: And what's a British passport doing on the scene of a murder in Montana?
Luke: The info's gotten all blurred by the snow, but let's see if we can match the passport holder's face to someone in the airport records!

Examine British Passport.
Luke: The passport we found on the crime scene belongs to someone called Mimi McPhee, <Name>.
Luke: Let's ask Ms McPhee if she saw anything relating to the murder!

Question Mimi McPhee about the murder.
Luke: Ms McPhee? We found your passport-
Mimi: Why, thank ye, dear! I must've dropped it while rooting aboot for the lake moster yesterday!
Luke: You're pretty far from home, aren't you?
Mimi: Aye, I'm a proud Scotswoman, through and through! I'm currently on a tour of lake beasts around the world, but no creature so far has been a match for my beloved Nessie!
Luke: Well, the townsfolk here think Hannah the Montana monster murdered a farmer called Wyatt Ewing...
Mimi: Farmer Ewing's been murdered? But I saw him just yesterday pottering around his wee barn! How can he be dead?
Luke: There's no doubt about it - his body was found by the lake. You didn't see anything suspicious when you were there?
Mimi: I saw nothing suspicious, let alone even a mere smidgen of a sighting of this so-called Hannah. Highly disappointing! Ooh-er.
Luke: Okay, well, if you say you last saw Farmer Ewing in his barn, <Name> and I had better go check it out!

Investigate Barn.
Luke (holding a goose): Oh man, geese are nasty critters! Why'd you hand me this one, <Name>?
Luke (holding the goose, Lordy Gaga, and its nametag): Ah, it's got a nametag - "Lordy Gaga". And it looks like its owner's name is etched on the back, but it's all faded.
Luke (holding Lordy Gaga): Let's figure out who the owner is before Lordy Gaga pecks my eyes out!
Luke: And I agree, this crate of seed packets looks like it's been recently disturbed. Let's look through it!

Examine Goose Tag.
Luke: So Lordy Gaga's owner is someone called "B.Woodbine", <Name>.
Luke: Why someone would want a goose as a pet, I'll never know! Anyway, we should see if this Woodbine person knew the victim!

Ask Blake Woodbine if he knew the victim.
Lordy Gaga: Honk! Honk!
Blake (holding Lordy Gaga): Lordy Gaga! I was wondering where you'd waddled off to!
Luke: You must be Mr Woodbine. We're trying to figure out whether the lake monster killed Wyatt Ewing.
Blake (holding Lordy Gaga): Wait a minute. Are y'all saying Mr Ewing's gone and been murdered?
Luke: Yes - did you know him?
Blake (holding Lordy Gaga): I was his farmhand. My dream is to have my own farm one day, filled with frolickin' sheep, pigs... and geese, of course!
Blake (holding Lordy Gaga): Mr Ewing gave me my first big break into the world of agriculture, and I'll always be mighty thankful to him for that.
Luke: Do you think the lake monster could have murdered Farmer Ewing?
Blake (holding Lordy Gaga): Well, my gramps used to tell me scary stories about Hannah when I was a nipperi, but I reckon that was only to stop me from swimmin' in the lake!
Blake (holding Lordy Gaga): And other folks will be sure to tell ya she's a truly dangerous beast, but I don't think she's any more harmful than Lordy Gaga over here!

Examine Crate of Seeds.
Luke: <Name>, what's this pamphlet doing among the seed packets?
Luke: It's for a company called GrimFoods based in a town called Grimsborough. Never heard of it.
Luke: There's a note inside to our victim from Fabian Roland-Tavin, the company's CEO. Says he's looking forward to visiting just after Christmas...
Luke: ... Which means Mr Roland-Tavin must be here! Let's go find him!

Ask Fabian Roland-Tavin what brings him to Montana.
Fabian: Where's that darned farmer? I'm busy CEO - I haven't got all the time in the world!
Luke: I'm guessing you're Mr Roland-Tavin? What brings you to Montana?
Fabian: My company was inadvertently embroiled in a terrible corn-related incident, so I'm here in search of new farming opportunities which do NOT involve the c-word!
Fabian: I'm staying up at Wyatt Ewing's ranch-slash-bed and breakfast. Quite convenient, since he's the farmer I'm trying to do business with.
Luke: I'm sorry to tell you that there won't be any business happening, since Farmer Ewing's been murdered!
Fabian: Oh Lord, I thought Montana would be safer than Grimsborough, but now we're dealing with murders and lake monsters?!
Fabian: Please go away. I need to call my secretary to make arrangements to get me out of here, stat!

Examine Victim's Coat.
Luke: With Priya off with the werewolves, we'd better get Ben to check out the slime from the victim's coat, <Name>!

Analyze Slimy Substance.
Luke: Hey, Ben - any joy on the sample we got off the victim's coat?
Ben: Yeah! I'm getting really good at this chemistry stuff! Priya's not gonna have a job to come back to at this rate!
Ben: But enough bragging... the gooey liquid on the coat was slime from the skin of a deepwater cutthroat trout - a fish native to Montana.
Ben: This species lives way below the water's surface, so you've got to be a pretty nifty underwater fisherman to be able to catch it! Jake was a pro before he lost his arm.
Ben: Anyway, seeing that your victim wouldn't have gone swimming in his coat, I can only conclude that it's your killer who's an underwater fisherperson - or "fisherbeast"!
Luke: Knowing how to underwater fish doesn't make it any clearer as to whether it was a lake monster or a human who killed Wyatt Ewing, but we've still got one more evidence to add to our notes, <Name>!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Ben: <Name>, when I was a kid, I was sure there was a goblin living in the nearby lake...
Ben: ... Turned out it was just a very fat toad!
Luke: Well, I definitely thought some of my foster parents were evil goblins when I was growing up!
Ben: Aw, poor Luke. I can only imagine how tough things were for you being raised in the system!
Luke: Yeah, well, it was a long time ago. Anyway, speaking of monsters, what can you tell us about our victim? Was he killed by a mythical lake beast?
Ben: Well, someone, or something, stabbed Farmer Ewing through the neck, piercing his carotid artery and killing him almost instantly.
Ben: There are three puncture wounds, and I gotta admit, the circumference and distance between these holes perfectly match the three horns that allegedly sit atop the lake monster's head!
Luke: So, you're saying that the lake monster could've stabbed the victim with her horns?
Ben: Absolutely! But the wound could equally have been made using a three-pronged weapon! Which means we can't rule out human involvement just yet!
Ben: Also, I picked up on traces of chewed uncooked lakeweed around the wound. This points to the lake monster, but I've also heard that lakeweed's all the rage around these parts-
Luke: - Which means a human or the lake monster could've left the lakeweed on the victim's wounds!
Ben: Right you are, Luke! In any case, be on the lookout for a killer who eats lakeweed!

By Roundhead Lake...
Luke: Still no word from Priya, <Name>! I hope she's doing okay in the werewolf camp!
Luke: We've got hands full in the meantime trying to figure out who murdered Wyatt Ewing. The evidence so far points equally to a human killer or the resident lake monster!
Luke: Our suspects include a tourist from Scotland and the CEO of an agricultural corporation.
Luke: There's also the farmland employee of our victim. And let's not forget Hannah, the lake monster, who-
Villagers: Where is she? Where's Hannah?!
Luke: Um, guys - what's going on here?
Villagers: We need to kill the lake monster - before she comes for us!

Chapter 2

Luke Fernandez: <Name>, the peace and quiet of the Montana countryside's been shattered by the murder of a local farmer...
Luke: ... And what's more, our suspects include the resident lake monster! Not that we even know whether she actually exists-
Villagers: Where is she? Where's the nasty beast?!
Luke: Um, hello folks. What seems to be the problem here?
Villagers: It's Hannah! She killed Farmer Ewing, and she'll be coming for us next! We've gotta destroy her!
Luke: Whoa there! We don't know sure that Hannah's responsible for the murder!
Luke: What's more, <Name> and I are experts in this sort of thing! So even if she does come after you, we'll know how to handle her!
Luke: So please go back to your homes and leave us to catch Wyatt Ewing's murderer!
Villagers: Alright, we'll give Hannah the benefit of the doubt... for now!
(The villagers leave.)
Luke: Looks like we managed to keep the locals at bay, <Name>, but who knows how long it'll last! Which means we're going to have to find the culprit soon!
Luke: I propose we carry on our investigation by looking around the victim's ranch. Let's go!

Investigate Winter Ranch.
Luke: Swanky ranch! I'm not surprised the victim turned it into a bed and breakfast - it must be mighty popular!
Luke: As for clues, you think this torn fabric is a plushie of the lake monster, <Name>? Let's stitch it back together, then!
Luke: And I know it ain't proper to go through someone's post, but we're dealing with a murder here! So we have no choice but to rifle through our victim's mailbox!

Examine Mailbox.
Luke: <Name>, someone mailed our victim this threat made from cut-out letters!
Luke: It says, "Three pronged strike, eases, dies, leaves a permanent silence."
Luke: Three-pronged strike"? The farmer died from exactly that... so our killer must've written this threat!
Luke: And as far as I know, lake monsters can't read or write. Which means we now know for sure that a human murdered Farmer Ewing!
Luke: We'd better send this threat to Felix to check for any further evidence!

Analyze Threat.
Felix: Yo, <Name>! There's nothing more romantic than the Montana landscape, don't you think?
Luke: Um, I never really thought about it, Felix...
Felix: Then it must be the threat from your killer that's got me feelin' all schmaltzy!
Felix: I know that sounds bizarr-o, but the message: "Three-pronged strike, eases, dies, leaves a permanent silence..."
Felix: ... It's a line from Ridgeback Mountain, one of the raddest love stories of all time! I've got it on DVD if you want to watch it on our next movie night, Luke!
Luke: Sure... But what's important for now is that our killer is also into this Ridgeback Mountain flick, right?
Felix: Yep, and unless the lake monster watches movies, you're definitely looking for a human killer, <Name>!
Luke: Yeah, at least that mystery's been cleared up! But even if Hannah didn't kill Ewing, he was still murdered by her lake. So let's take another look around the scene of the crime, <Name>!

Investigate Lakeside.
Luke: <Name>, that's the victim's name on this camera strap. We should unlock it!
Luke: And this Life Aquatic magazine's cover story's about "Mythical lake beasts and where to find them."
Luke: Maybe scooping up that weird rubble on the mag will lead us to the person who left it on the crime scene!
Luke: What else? Ah, you think we should recover the writing on this wooden sign? Then let's do it!

Examine Camera.
Luke: Hope will be faster than us at searching through the photos on the victim's camera, <Name>!

Analyze Victim's Camera.
Hope: Hey, <Name>. The camera you sent made me sorrowful that I don't have any photos of my guardian. He died when I was seventeen...
Luke: That must've been real hard, Hope. How come you don't have any pictures of him?
Hope: Well, we didn't part on good terms... and then he was killed.
Hope: I'm pretty sure he was murdered by some supernatural being, but nothing was ever confirmed. I have his death to thank for leading me to become a hunter!
Hope: Anyway, back to Farmer Ewing's camera. It was mostly filled with pictures of cows and chickens...
Hope: ... But I also discovered a hidden folder containing images of Mimi McPhee taking a bath!
Luke: What? There were photos of Mimi, that Scottish tourist... having a bath? On the victim's camera? Were they in a relationship or something?
Hope: Unlikely, because the pictures looked like they were definitely taken by the farmer without her knowledge!
Luke: Gross! <Name>, I wonder if Ms McPhee knew the victim was ogling her? We should ask her!

Find out if Mimi McPhee knew the victim had been ogling her.
Mimi: It's you wee hunters again! How can I help ye?
Luke: Well, it's kind of awkward... Thing is, we found some photos of you in the bath on Farmer Ewing's camera, and-
Mimi: Ach, that disgusting creep of a man! He was all over me like a swarm of midges on a Scottish summer's day! And those photos aren't even the worst of it!
Mimi: Yesterday he told me he'd take me to the lake to show me the monster... but the only monster he revealed was the one in his pants!
Mimi: Did that farmer really think he could get up to hanky panky with me like those cowboys in Ridgeback Mountain?!
Mimi: I was so outraged, I couldn't even muster up the energy for my daily underwater fishing session!
Luke: Ms McPhee, what Farmer Ewing did to you was horrible, but I hope for your sake you didn't retaliate by killing him!

Examine Wooden Sign.
Luke: That sign's got the logo of GrimFoods on it - that's the company of that CEO guy we met...
Luke: And look, our victim wrote "Over my dead body!" under it!
Luke: Hmm, looks like Fabian Roland-Tavin and Wyatt Ewing weren't seeing eye-to-eye on something. We'd better find out more!

Question Fabian Roland-Tavin about the GrimFoods sign.
Fabian (holding a lakeweed): <Name>, have you tried lakeweed? Smells like cat pee, but if anyone can market it as the next big superfood, it's me!
Luke: I'll take your word for it. But for now, can you tell us why Wyatt Ewing wrote "Over my dead body!" on a sign bearing your company's logo?
Fabian: Because I wanted to buy the lake to harvest the aforementioned lakeweed, but that bullheaded farmer owned the land and wasn't having any of it! I kept raising my offer price, but he kept refusing!
Fabian: The silly man could have enjoyed early retirement with that money. But for some unfathombale reason, he preferred the drudgery of being a farmer!
Luke: So, when you didn't get what you wanted with Farmer Ewing, did you make his words, "over my dead body" a reality?
Fabian: You'd better not be implying that I committed murder, otherwise my lawyers will sue you for slander before you can say Montana!

Examine Magazine.
Luke: Let's put these weird brown nuggets from the magazine under the microscope, <Name>!

Examine Rubble.
Luke: Gross, those brown things on the Life Aquatic magazine are celadon lizard poo!
Luke: Wait, <Name>, you remember Zeke Davis, that environmentalist dude we last met by Devilman's Bridge, being obsessed with celadon lizards?
Luke: So this magazine must be Zeke's!
Luke: We'd better ask Zeke what brings him to Montana! And remember, he thinks we're FBI agents!

Ask Zeke Davis why he's in Montana.
Zeke (looking through his binoculars): Come on, Hannah baby - show yourself!
Luke: Hello, Zeke. We just keep bumping into each other, don't we? What are you doing in Montana?
Zeke: I'm looking for the lake monster, Agent <Name>! She's a water lizard, you know!
Zeke: So far, I've had zero luck spotting her! I even tried to find her while underwater fishing, but she must've been too shy to come out from under the rocks!
Luke: And how about the recent murder of a local farmer? Know anything about that?
Zeke: Yeah, I heard some folks talking about it. Sad times...
Zeke: Not that I knew the farmer guy. Although I did spend a pleasant evening watching Ridgeback Mountain with a dude called Blake.
Luke: Alright. Well, we're camped just down the road, so if you think of anything else, you know where to find us!

Examine Ripped-up Toy.
Luke: You were right, <Name>- this IS a lake monster plushie!
Luke: The label says it comes from a shop called "Poppy's Emporium."
Luke: We should have a chat with this Poppy, I agree!

Talk to Poppy Winters about the murder.
Poppy: Hoooowdy, folks, and welcome to Poppy's Emporium! Whatever lake monster memorabilia you're in the market for, you can guarantee I got it!
Luke: Actually, we're here to talk to you about the death of Wyatt Ewing, and-
Poppy: Oh, you're not one of those silly minnies who want to pin his murder on the monster, are you?
Poppy: Hannah wouldn't hurt a fly. I should know - I'm at Roundread Lake all the time, underwater fishing and picking lakeweed for my dinner. And she hasn't bothered me once!
Luke: Well, do you know anyone who might've had a beef with the farmer?
Poppy: Nah, he was just a regular fella who minded his own business!
Poppy: Speaking of business, all this lake monster bashing's gonna be terrible for my shop! Please find Farmer Ewing's killer real soon, okay?

Back at the camp...
Luke: The plot thickens in the case of the dead farmer, <Name>...
Luke: We now know that Wyatt Ewing made unwanted advances towards Mimi McPhee, and that she was understandably furious about it...
Luke: Fabian Roland-Tavin was also angry with the victim because he wouldn't give up his land to him!
Luke: Then there's Zeke Davis, who always happens to be popping up when there's a murder...
Luke: We also met a shop owner, who seemed to care more about the reputation of the lake monster than the death of Farmer Ewing!
Luke: Speaking of Hannah, at least we now know for sure that she didn't kill the vic-
Luke: Ouch! Something bit me, <Name>!
Lordy Gaga (holding Luke's keys): Honk, honk!
Luke: It's that darned goose! What's he got in his mouth?
Lordy Gaga (holding Luke's keys): Honkity, honk!
Luke: It's the keys to my camper van! Lordy Gaga stole my keys, <Name>!

Chapter 3

Luke Fernandez: We now have a number of suspects in the case of the dead farmer, <Name>...
Luke: ... But at least the lake monster is no longer one of them!
Luke: What we do know is-
Luke: Ouch! Something bit me, <Name>!
Lordy Gaga (holding Luke's keys): Honk, honk!
Luke: It's that darned goose! What's he got in his mouth?
Lordy Gaga (holding Luke's keys): Honkity, honk!
(Lordy Gaga leaves.)
Luke: It's the keys to my camper van! Lordy Gaga stole my keys, <Name>!
Luke: He's run off into the barn! Let's go after him!

In the barn, much chasing later...
Luke: Where are you hiding, you pesky son of a-
Blake (holding Lordy Gaga): Are you looking for Lordy Gaga?
Luke: Yes! He took my car keys!
Blake (holding Lordy Gaga): Lordy Gaga! Have you been stealing things again? You naughty little coochie coo!
Blake (holding Lordy Gaga and the keys): Lordy Gaga says sorry. Here you go!
Luke: Thanks. And I'd appreciate it if you kept your pet locked up for the rest of our investigation!
(Blake leaves.)
Luke: Speaking of which, <Name>, we should have another gander around the barn for clues since we're here. Goose pun definitely not intended!

Investigate Haystacks.
Luke: Haha, how old school is this phone? And lucky for us, it's our victim's! Cracking the password should be easy.
Luke: This document looks official - let's recover what's written on it!
Luke: And why is this photo frame broken? We should put it back together, <Name>!

Examine Faded Paper.
Luke: This is a restraining order, <Name>. And it was taken out by our victim!
Luke: It doesn't name the person he took it out against, although there is a case number... Let's get Hope to figure out who it relates to!

Analyze Restraining Order.
George (with Hope): Good day, <Name>.
Luke: Agent Mathison? What are you doing here?
George: Your colleague over here gave me a buzz. Said she needed my help digging up the subject of a restraining order.
Hope: Yeah, I was getting nowhere with it, so I thought we could take advantage of Agent Mathison's FBI credentials!
George: You made the right call. This restraining order was filed by your victim against an individual going by the name of Zeke Davis.
Luke: Zeke Davis? He was harassing Wyatt Ewing? 
Luke: Zeke told us he didn't know the victim. We'd better find out why he lied, and why Farmer Ewing had to take out a restraining order against him! Thanks for your help, Agent Mathison!

Question Zeke Davis why the victim took out a restraining order against him.
Luke: Zeke! You said you didn't know Wyatt Ewing, but this restraining order he filed against you indicates that you knew him far too well for his liking!
Zeke: I'm sorry I lied to you guys! Thing is... well... I recently found out that Wyatt Ewing was my biological father!
Luke: Farmer Ewing was your dad?
Zeke: Yeah, I was the result of a one-night-stand, and my mom refused to tell me my father's identity. So I did my own research... which brought me to Wyatt Ewing!
Zeke: But the nasty man denied everything and wouldn't acknowledge me as his son!
Zeke: He even refused to look at my findings over a lakeweed and sushi dinner... and instead took out that restraining order against me! Like I was a common criminal!
Zeke: I never wanted to be a lizard more, so I could crawl under a rock and hide from the world, and my father, forever!

Examine Victim's Phone.
Luke: Look, <Name>. The victim's phone has a new voice message. Shall we have a listen?
Luke (holding a phone): "Hey, old man! Remember me, Poppy?"
Luke (holding a phone): "You owe me, dude!"
Luke: So, the victim owed something to Poppy, that shop owner we met. We should find out more about this from her!

Find out what the victim owed Poppy Winters.
Poppy: Hey, <Name>! I heard you found evidence showing Hannah couldn't have murdered Farmer Ewing. Like to say I told you so, but I'll be the bigger person!
Luke: Yes, you were right about the lake monster! But we're here to talk about something else - an angry voicemail you'd left the farmer...
Poppy: Yeah, I was angry! The dude owed me money!
Poppy: Ewing ordered a whole bunch of lake monster memorabilia to sell to his guests up at his ranch, but never paid me for them! Said no one was buying them!
Poppy: Why did I and my business have to suffer because he wasn't able to push the goods?!
Poppy: Oh, you've gone and got me all in a tizz now! I'll have to go watch Ridgeback Mountain to calm down. Laters, <Name>.

Examine Broken Frame.
Luke: Ugh, it's a framed photo of Blake and that darned goose!
Luke: I wonder who broke it, and why - unless it was someone who hated Lordy Gaga as much as I do!
Luke: You're right, <Name>, I need to stop letting that bird get to me so much! Let's talk to Blake about his broken photo.

Ask Blake Woodbine why his photo was broken.
Blake: Howdy, <Name>! My goose didn't steal anything else of yours, did he?
Luke: Thankfully not. Although, we're wondering - was Lordy Gaga to blame for breaking this photo of yours? Or was there human involvement in this?
Blake: This is all Farmer Ewing's doing! He smashed it when he found out I was gay!
Blake: And destroying my picture wasn't even the worst of it... He fired me too!
Luke: Farmer Ewing fired you? For being... gay?
Blake: Yes! And after all I did for the man! Swimmin' to the depths of the lake in the dead of winter to catch his favorite fish... And survivin' only on lakeweed sometimes because of the pittance he paid me!
Blake: Thank goodness I had Lordy Gaga lookin' out for me through it all!

Back at the camp...
Luke: Well, <Name>, if anyone's the monster in this case, it's our victim!
Luke: Not only did he refuse to accept Zeke Davis as his son, but he also fired Blake Woodbine just for being gay!
Luke: And it turns out that he also owed money to Poppy Winters for goods he'd bought from her shop!
Luke: Could any of these people have murdered Wyatt Ewing in retaliation?
Luke: You're right, only more clues will tell us. Let's take one final look around the victim's ranch!

Investigate Front Yard.
Luke: This pile of snow accessories could be hiding something for sure, <Name>. We should pick through it!
Luke: And we know our killer is an underwater fisherperson, so this pair of swimming fins must belong to them!
Luke: Those look like skin cells left on the fins. We need to collect a sample!
Luke: Come on, <Name>! We've almost got the farmer killer by their fishy coattails, so let's make sure they don't slip away!

Examine Winter Accessories.
Luke: <Name>, there was this fishing spear among the winter equipment?
Luke: With three prongs and blood all over it? It's gotta be our murder weapon!
Luke: You're right, the chief was a keen underwater fisherman - let's send the spear to him!

Analyze Trident.
Chief Arrow: Ah, <Name>. Your latest murder weapon takes me right back to my glory days! D'you know, I once caught the biggest swordfish on record in the state of Florida?
Luke: Ben told us you were a pretty awesome fisherman! And as for the bloody trident spear - you're sure it's the murderer's?
Chief Arrow: Without a doubt - that was the victim's blood all over it! And the prongs match the wounds on his neck!
Chief Arrow: And that's not all. A closer look with the microscope revealed tiny fibers of green tartan on the spear handle...
Chief Arrow: ... These fibers must've come off the killer's clothes as they thrust the spear into the victim's neck!
Luke: So our killer's wearing tartan, <Name>. That'll make them easy to spot!

Examine Swimming Fins.
Luke: Alright, <Name>, we need to send these skin cells from the killer's swimming fins for analysis to Ben!

Analyze Skin Cells.
Ben: <Name>, it's mind-boggling that anyone would go swimming in these freezing conditions! I'm already concerned that you're not wrapping yourself up enough when you're outside!
Luke: Don't worry, Ben, <Name>'s a tough cookie! And as for swimming, did the skin cells from the killer's fins reveal anything about them?
Ben: Well, the DNA in the cells had been somewhat damaged by exposure to the elements, but I did manage to extract one colorful piece of evidence...
Ben: ... Your killer has green eyes, <Name>!
Luke: <Name>, we'll make sure to look the killer straight in their green eyes when we catch them!

After completing all the tasks...
Luke: We've got enough evidence to go get the person who murdered Wyatt Ewing, <Name>! Let's do it!

Take care of the killer now!
Luke: Poppy, you were so sure about the lake monster not having anything to do with Wyatt Ewing's murder... because YOU killed him!
Poppy: Cripes! How could you even think that someone of my size could take down that burly farmer!
Luke: We've had enough of your lies... All the evidence points to you - the tartan fibers you left on the trident fishing spear you used to kill him, the threat you mailed him...
Luke: Now all we want to know is why you did it. Surely you didn't murder a man just because he owed you some money? You're not greedy enough for that, are you?
Poppy: No! It was Farmer Ewing who was the greedy one! He wanted to drain Roundhead Lake! All so he could grow more crops for his silly farm! That's why I killed him!
Luke: Why did it bother you so much that Ewing wanted to drain the lake?
Poppy: Don't you get it? The lake is where Hannah lives! If it no longer existed, she'd wither away and die!
Poppy: And if Hannah died, I would too! I live, breathe and dream that beautiful creature!
Poppy: I had to find a way to stop Farmer Ewing! And then this morning, when I went down to the lake to go fishing, I found him standing there surveying it.
Poppy: I tried to persuade him again not to drain the lake, but he just wouldn't listen. That's when I realized, it was either him or Hannah...
Poppy: ... So I grabbed my fishing spear, and in a fit of rage, I stabbed it through his neck with all my strength! To save Hannah! And I don't regret it one bit!
Luke: Poppy, we have no choice but to put you under citizen's arrest and hand you over to the cops for murdering Wyatt Ewing!
Luke: And, <Name>, we should go tell the townspeople we've found the killer!

A short while later...
Luke: Hey, folks, we just wanted to let you know that we've arrested Poppy Winters for the murder of Wyatt Ewing.
Villagers: So, you're sure the lake monster didn't do it?
Luke: Without a doubt. So you're free to go about... um... farming things without worrying that Hannah's coming for you!
Luke: And Ms Winters is behind bars awaiting trial, so she'll get the justice she deserves!
Villagers: Well, that's a darned relief! Thank you so much for makin' Montana safe again, <Name>!

Back at the camp...
Luke: <Name>, Poppy Winters seemed so harmless... Who'd have imagined she'd be capable of murder!
Luke: Her obsession with the lake monster is verging on the weird, though, I agree...
Luke: Anyway, now we've just got to wait to hear from Priya down at the werewolf camp. Let's hope she gets in touch soon!

The Call of the Wild (4/5)

Chief Jacob Arrow: <Name>, I see you haven't been twiddling your thumbs while we've been waiting to hear from Priya down at the werewolf hideout...
Luke: Yeah, we nabbed a farmer killer, and exonerated the mythical monster who lives in the lake nearby of the crime-
Zeke: Agent <Name>! It's Hannah, the lake monster! I just saw her!
Luke: Zeke? What do you mean, you saw the monster? 
Zeke: I was by the lake when she emerged from the water! I think she wants to speak to us! You need to come with me, Agent, <Name> - in case I need protection!
Felix: Well, I'm the... um... wildlife research expert with the FBI, so it's best if I join you too!
Chief Arrow: Good call, Felix.
Hope: <Name>, Priya's just called from the werewolf hideout! She's waiting on the line for you!
Chief Arrow: In that case, <Name>, you had better speak to Priya first, and then check out what the lake monster wants with Zeke!

Answer the call from Priya.
Luke (on the phone): Are you okay, Priya? How's life among the werewolves?
Priya (on the phone): Actually, it's better than I was expecting! Zander's been very kind, and has gone out of his way to make sure I'm being accepted by the pack.
Priya: But there's no time to talk about my adventures. You see, I made a terrible discovery - about Arthur Darkwood!
Luke: Arthur Darkwood? That writer we keep bumping into?
Priya: Yeah! Darkwood's been coming to the werewolf hideout, having secret tête-à-têtes with Annette Strong, the pack leader!
Priya: I managed to eavesdrop on one of their conversations, and heard the writer say: "I tried to scare those hunters off with threatening messages, but they keep coming back!"
Luke: Wait, are you saying it was Darkwood who sent us those threats? Wanting to stop us from looking into demons?
Priya: Exactly! And we know that those messages were sent to us from a demon, so the only conclusion is that Arthur Darkwood is a demon himself! And his werewolf accomplice is none other than Annette Strong!
Luke: Arthur Darkwood's a demon? How could this be?
Priya: Well, we do know demons can take on a human appearance... And clearly they do a good job at fooling us!
Luke: This is a huge allegation, and I'm sure the chief will want us to find concrete proof that Darkwood is a demon before we start accusing him!
Priya: Well, as luck would have it, I heard that Darkwood's checking into your latest victim's bed and breakfast...
Luke: So maybe we'll find something belonging to him on the ranch to help reveal his true demonic identity, <Name>!
Priya: Best of luck, <Name>! Oh, and by the way, I left you a little present I knitted in your camper!

Investigate Winter Ranch.
Luke: <Name>, can Arthur Darkwood really be a demon?
Luke: You're right - that's why we're here. To find proof! And Darkwood's planner is sure to help! Looks like he was practicing his autograph on it.
Luke: It's kinda empty, but I guess that makes sense seeing the year's just begun!
Luke: Let's recover the faded writing on the first pages. I'll grab your dusting kit!

Examine Planner.
Luke: Alright, <Name> - Hope's our best bet at working out whether Arthur Darkwood's a demon based on his planner!

Analyze Planner.
Luke: Hope, is Priya right? Is Arthur Darkwood the demon that's been sending us nasty threats?
Hope: Without a doubt. The writing in his planner perfectly matches the writing on the message that was pinned to the dead mountain lion we found up on that ski slope!
Hope: And if that isn't evidence enough, I also noticed traces of sulfur on the notebook!
Luke: That's insane! He seems like such a nice, normal guy!
Hope: That may be, but I find it rather apt for a demon to take on the identity of an author of supernatural thrillers!
Hope: Oh, and I almost forgot. There wasn't much of interest in Darkwood's diary, apart from one entry which intrigued me...
Hope: ... I noticed he'd scrawled "Magical Tree at Yellowstone" on one of the pages. I tried to look for any information about it, but nothing came up!
Luke: A magical tree? Yeah, that is weird. Well, luckily for us, we know Darkwood's around here somewhere, so we should ask him about it, and confront him about being a demon!
Hope: Wait, are you saying you want to confront a demon just like that?
Luke: What choice do we have? If they're as powerful as we think, nothing can protect us anyway.
Luke: And if Darkwood wanted to kill us, he's had plenty of opportunities already. We'll just have to take the risk!
Hope: Sounds... crazy. Luke, don't take this the wrong way, but stay close to <Name> when you speak to Arthur Darkwood, okay?

Confront Arthur Darkwood about being a demon.
Arthur: You again, <Name>? If I didn't know any better, I'd think you fans were obsessively stalking me!
Luke: It's time to drop the act, Darkwood. We know you know we're supernatural hunters!
Arthur: Supernatural hunters? I haven't a clue what you're talking ab-
Luke: And if anyone's the stalker, it's you! You've been sending us threatening messages to stay away!
Luke: What's more, your notes reeked of sulfur... Which means we know your true identity! You're a demon!
Arthur: Oh, you really are good at what you do, aren't you, <Name>?
Arthur: It's true, I'm a demon, and I've been keeping an eye on you ever since we first met. But it was for your own good!
Luke: For our own good? Do you really expect us to believe a demon would be acting as our guardian angel?
Arthur: There's more to demons than you silly fools know, and I don't have the time to explain it to you. You simply have no idea what you've gotten yourselves into!
Luke: We have more of an idea than you think! Now, tell the truth - are you the demon that was summoned five years ago? The one who's been feeding off livestock and destroying the land?
Arthur: Five years? I've been in your world for far longer than that. And I wasn't summoned by anyone!
Arthur: But all this shouldn't be your concern. You need to get into your camper vans and drive as far from here as you can. Then maybe you'll live to see another day!
Luke: We'll decide what's best for us, Darkwood! Now, why don't you tell us what this magical tree in Yellowstone is about?
Arthur: Don't abuse my patience, humans! That tree is dangerous enough for the werewolves, and you'd do best to leave it well alone. This is my final warning, <Name>!
Arthur (teleports): Poooooooof!

After Darkwood disappears...
Luke: Holy hellfire, <Name>! Darkwood just teleported in a puff of sulfurous smoke!
Luke: After all this time we finally meet a demon, and it turns out to be someone we know!
Luke: Just wait until we tell the chief and the rest of the team!

Go with Zeke Davis to meet Hannah, the lake monster.
Zeke (with Felix): Look, <Name>, there she is! Oh my God, this is SO exciting!
Hannah: Blouuuugh lou lou!
Felix: Zeke, man, you really weren't kidding! That's a lake monster, alright! I ain't never seen one in the flesh!
Hannah: Gloobly woo!
Zeke: She's like, the most humungous lizard ever, dude! But do you have any idea what she's saying? 
Hannah: Woogidy woola gloo?
Felix: I ain't got a clue! Seeing that she lives underwater, what we need is a sonar voice converter to translate what Hannah's saying.
Felix: I think I've got what I need to construct the converter back in my camper. All I'm missing is a strap to hang the device around her neck! Something like a cow collar would do the trick.
Felix: What's that, <Name>, you think you saw a box of cow accessories in our latest victim's barn?
Felix: Alright, I'll get started on the lake monster translating machine while you dudes go grab that collar! And take this money to pay for it!

Investigate Barn.
Zeke: That box has a picture of a cow on it, Agent <Name>!
Zeke: Let's use your FBI lock-picking tools to open the crate and see if there's a collar in it for the lake monster!

Examine Cow Accessories Box.
Zeke: Excellent! There was a cow collar in the crate, Agent <Name>! Now what do we do?
Zeke: Ah, we're gonna take the collar back to that Felix dude? Cool!

Analyze Cow Collar.
Zeke: Wow, you guys really know how to go undercover. No one would guess that this old school camper belonged to the feds!
Felix: That', how we roll in the FBI, man! Anyway, you got the cow collar for the lake monster, <Name>? Let me take a look.
Felix: Ah, yes it's right on, dude! And my makeshift voice converter is all fixed up. If all goes to plan, it should let us understand Hannah, while also translating what we're saying back to her!
Felix: I'll just need to replace the bell on the collar with the voice machine and we're good to go!
Zeke: Sweet! I can't believe we're about to communicate with a real-life supernatural amphibian!
Felix: I'm digging your enthusiasm, Zekey! Now, let's go see Hannah!

Use the voice converter to communicate with Hannah.
Hannah: Bloogey woogey, woo woo?
Felix (with Zeke): Hey there, Hannah! Now, I ain't gonna hurt you, I just need to attach this little thing around your neck...
Hannah: Helloooo! Oh, I was such a scaredy fishie when all the villagers thought I killed the farmer! But you saved my hidey and now I can swim free again! Thankie, thankie!
Hannah: There's just one more thing I need your helpies for!
Zeke: Anything! I'll do anything for you, Hannah! Oh, this is just the best moment of my life!
Hannah: It's that nasty farmer! He stole my necklace... I can never be happy without my pearlies! Can you find it for me?
Zeke: Agent <Name>, I saw Farmer Ewing throwing something sparkly into the well by his ranch. Maybe it was Hannah's necklace?
Felix: If it was, we'll go fish it out of the well and bring it back to you, Hannah!
Hannah: Oh, you're the nicey niciest of all of Hannah's friends! Here, take these fishies I caught for your lunchings!

Investigate Front Yard.
Zeke: <Name>, how adorable was that lake monster! You're a genius for making that translator machine, Felix!
Felix: All in a day's work, man! Now, this is the bucket from the well you saw the farmer throw something sparkly into, so let's dig through it for Hannah's pearlies!

Examine Well Bucket.
Zeke: That looks like a pearl necklace in the well bucket, alright!
Felix: Neat instincts, dude! I'll leave you and <Name> to get the necklace back to Hannah!

Back by the lake...
Zeke: Hannah, we found your necklace!
Hannah: Oooh, my precious pearlies! Hannah so happy!
Hannah: I'll be going back home now! But if you need anything just call my name and Hannah will come to your rescue!
Hannah: Farewell for nowsies!

Back at the camp...
Chief Arrow: <Name>, is it true? That dinky writer fellow's a demon?!
Luke: Yes he is! But Arthur Darkwood claims he was only sending us warning messages to protect us!
Chief Arrow: Protect us? Everything we know about demons suggests they're anything but protective. Why should we believe him?
Hope: Well, one thing Darkwood claims is undoubtedly true - he's been in our world longer than five years. He published his first book, "The Sea Serpent's Kiss", seven years ago!
Chief Arrow: So that means he can't be the one that was summoned. Looks like there's more than one demon running amok on Earth! How many more might be out there?
Luke: Can't tell you, Chief, but what we do know is that Darkwood and Annette Strong are working in cahoots... And they both seem very interested in a magical tree in Yellowstone!
Luke: Darkwood said that under no circumstances should we visit this tree! That it was dangerous enough for the werewolves.
Chief Arrow: Since when did danger stop us from pursuing a lead, eh, <Name>? Now, if only we knew where this tree was...
Felix: Did someone mention a magic tree in Yellowstone? Cause I've found it!
Chief Arrow: Excellent, Felix! <Name>, rev up your camper engine. It's time for us to go tree-hunting in Yellowstone!

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