Willie Redfern was a suspect in the murder investigation of convicted CCN reporter Louis Leroux in Breaking News (Case #54 of The Conspiracy), prior to which he made his debut in a minor appearance in Lights Out (Case #50 of The Conspiracy).


Willie is a 27-year-old now-former college student and the son of Shane Redfern with green eyes and short red hair.

In his minor appearance, he is seen wearing a white t-shirt underneath his yellow-dark green hoodie.

In his suspect appearance, he sports an orange prison uniform with a white shirt. It is known that Willie works out, uses Duck soap and chews tobacco.

Height 6'0"
Age 27
Weight 150 lbs
Eyes green
Blood B+

Events of Criminal Case

Lights Out

Willie and his brother, Jeb Redfern, were discovered to have kidnapped Judge Powell for "heartlessly misjudging" their father, who had killed flight attendant Dolores Zamora in order to keep his job so he could provide for the brothers. After the kidnappers briefly resisted arrest, Rita shot Willie, causing the brothers to go peacefully.

Breaking News

Willie became a suspect after Gloria and the player learned that he had shared a cell with the victim. When asked about his relationship with the victim, Willie said that Louis seemed like a wuss, but he did not have a problem with him.

Willie was spoken to again about him breaking the victim's watch. He told the team that he disliked Louis from the moment he arrived. Despite Willie attempting to be friendly, Louis often brushed him off, experiencing crazy mood swings and checking him out in the shower. In retaliation, Willie broke Louis' watch.

Willie was found to be innocent after the team incarcerated Shweta Noorani for Louis' murder. After Ad Astra members Rozetta Pierre and Julia Brine escaped from prison, Chief Parker, Gloria and the player found Willie locked in a storage cabinet, frozen to the touch. He muttered Christian Bateman's name before he collapsed and was sent to Martine for medical help. Martine concluded that Willie had suffered from severe hypothermia, but could not figure out why, postulating that Willie's cells had spontaneously frozen.

After his recovery, Chief Parker and the player questioned Willie about what had happened to him. He claimed that Christian had attacked him, freezing him with his bare hands. He said that he had seen Christian running through the prison yard with Joe Warren, and when he tried to stop them, Bateman fired ice at him from his fingers. The team then left Willie to rest, hypothesizing that Christian's cryokinesis was a result of the superhuman serum.

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