William Kingsley, appearing as a minor character in Criminal Case, was mentioned during the events of A Brave New World (Case #52 of Grimsborough).


William was a Pilgrim official who lived in the 1600s and wore a traditional Pilgrim suit. He sported the same hairstyle and mustache scheme as his descendant, Samuel King.

Events of Criminal Case

A Brave New World

The first time Jones and the player ran into an unfamiliar Pilgrim clan known as the Kingsleys was during the events of A Brave New World. The team wanted to check up on Herman Cavendish after Susan Huckabee's indictment, but per Herman, the team already knew about the Kingsley family--Herman stated that their late chief, Samuel King, were amongst their descendants, and said that it was a common occurrence for names to be shortened, hence the Kingsleys became the Kings.

The Poisoned Truth

The second time the team wanted to know something about the Kingsleys was after Ashton Cooper was impounded for life. The team grilled Ashton for clues on stopping the Crimson Order but Ashton refused to cooperate. The team then looked at the White Acres painting to see a note in the back of the painting and used forensic powder to reveal that an influential figure bestowed the picture to William Kingsley, prompting the team to ask Jenny Quaid for help.

Jenny was more than willing to give the team clues surrounding the mystery of the Kingsley family and a certain William Kingsley but Jenny needed to jolt through her notes to be sure and politely permitted the team to look around. The team found a faded old letter which they made it legible again thanks to forensic powder. The team had to have Alex analyze the Wax Seal and according to Alex, it was the wax seal of the Kingsley family, namely William Kingsley, who was Samuel's ancestor. The team hurried to Jenny and much to the team's amazement, much like Samuel King erasing all investigations on the Crimson Order, any crime committed by the Crimson Order also had seemingly been deleted by the Kingsley family, so any Crimson Order member that were arrested were safe thanks to William's intervention. Although William being able to cover for the Crimson Order was somewhat similar to what Samuel King did as Chief Police Officer of Grimsborough, Jenny did not want to do any more research to avoid putting herself in more danger than necessary.

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