Voodoo Vince was the victim in Hot Mess (Case #11 of The Conspiracy).


A stripper, Vince had blond hair combed to the left, green eyes, and a five o'clock shadow. At the time of his death, he wore a white shirt collar with a silver glittery tie, and dark blue pants.

Murder details

Vince was found on the stage of The Maneater strip club with foam dripping from his mouth. Per Martine, he was poisoned with a lethal concentration of botulinum toxin, paralyzing the nerves and shutting his body down. She also noted that the same toxin was used in post-op treatments for people who underwent plastic surgery, which proved that the killer had plastic surgery.

Later, the detectives found two cocktail glasses in the strip club. Per Rupert, the glasses had traces of Pink Thong cocktail, with one of them containing botulinum toxin and the victim's DNA on it. Despite the alcohol damaging the DNA found on the other glass, Rupert was able to deduce that the killer was a woman.

Relationship with suspects

Vince was discovered to be dating mechanic Maylin Park, who also happened to be pregnant with Vince’s baby. When Maylin had found out she was pregnant, she had given Vince two choices, settling down with her or his stripping career. Vince had also angered fellow stripper Thunder Dave (who he was having a show with) by taking all of the prime spots and being better than him at his job. Vince also refused to be a special boy for strip club client Nicolette Butler after she had asked him to. Vince had also bothered venture capitalist Christian Bateman repeatedly after the latter refused to put some investments in Vince’s strip club/puppy cafe idea. This idea upsetted strip club owner Kiki Shae, who was infuriated that he was going to leave her club and become competition after she had taught him everything to know in the business.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Nicolette.

Upon admitting to the crime, Nicolette stated that Vince considered her a "dangerous stalker", and hence advised the other entertainers not to serve her. Angry at Vince for taking away her "sea of men", Nicolette poisoned his cocktail with botulinum toxin. Judge Powell sentenced her to 25 years in jail for the murder.


  • Vince is based on the titular character of Magic Mike.

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