Vikram Joshi (Hin: विक्रम जोशी) was the killer of his cousin, Bollywood actress Priya Joshi, in Bloodywood (Case #22 of the World Edition).


Vikram is a 45-year-old cricket player and cousin to Priya. He has graying black hair and a moustache. He dons sunglasses and a copper cricket jumper over cricket whites. He usually carries a cricket bat. It is known that Vikram uses neem oil, listens to Bollywood music and plays cricket.

Height 6'1"
Age 45
Weight 192 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood O+

Events of Criminal Case

Vikram became a suspect after the player and Carmen identified him from a cardboard cutout. He said he was already informed of Priya's murder, and said the two were distant cousins. He occasionally saw her on set, but the two of them never stopped to talk. Vikram said he wished he could help out more, but said he never knew Priya that well to begin with.

Vikram was interrogated again about a message he received from Priya's parents, telling him to protect the victim. He was angered the player looked through his phone, saying they had no right to look through it. Vikram said he agreed to take part in the movie Priya was working in because her parents were worried about her. He went on to say that Bollywood was a corrupt place, and that a young girl like Priya needed someone who had her best interests at heart to keep an eye on her. When informed of her pregnancy, he became angry saying when he finds the guy who did he would kill them.

Despite that, it was revealed that Vikram was the person who killed Priya. Vikram initially stated he was in Bollywood to protect his cousin but admitted to the crime when Carmen pointed the evidence towards him. Vikram said that Bollywood had corrupted Priya. Priya's affair with Gurvinder Chowdhury for work in the film industry and her subsequent pregnancy pushed Vikram to the limit, so he beat Priya to death with Dandiya sticks in order to restore his family's honor.

Judge Adaku issued a life sentence to Vikram for killing a member of his own family and an unborn baby along with her.


  • Vikram is one of the killers who committed domestic homicide in World Edition. In this instance, he turned out to be the killer of his cousin.
  • Vikram seems to be based on Shakti Kapoor. It is also worth noticing that Kapoor once played the role of a cricketer, named Vikram, in the 1984 Indian film All Rounder.

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