Veronica Johnson was a suspect in the murder investigation of high schooler Abigail Price in Good Girls Don't Die (Case #48 of Grimsborough).


Veronica is a 17-year-old high schooler who wears an orange dress with a coat of arms (from a private high school that she attends) pinned at the left strap of her dress. Veronica has red hair and wears lipstick. She also wears a golden necklace which has the shape of a cross. It is known that Veronica is in contact with talc, wears heels and practices acupuncture.

Height 5'5"
Age 17
Weight 120 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood A+

Events of Criminal Case

Veronica is Howard Johnson's niece and the classmate of deceased Abigail Price, the victim of the case.

Veronica was called into the investigation after Grace and the player investigated the mansion garden and found a nasty caricature of the victim. After analyzing the fingerprints found on the caricature, they found out that Veronica was the one who had drawn that caricature. Once Veronica was in the interrogation room, she told the team to get over Abigail but Grace demanded full cooperation from the Mayor's niece albeit Veronica accused Abigail of being a "hunk magnet" of sorts. Veronica was the most popular woman in high school until Abigail became president of the purity fellowship and fell from grace the moment Abigail took the spotlight, and felt that as a descendant of the Johnson family, she was not up to standard. Grace was not happy about the conversation as Veronica acted out-of-line.

Veronica was interrogated a second time after the team found out a picture of her selling drugs to Sabrina Kingston but was shocked when Veronica did so because no one from the Johnson family should worry about money since the Johnson family were an affluent family, and following their chit-chat with Sabrina, Veronica was called in a second time. Veronica told the team that it was a mixture of caffeine and talc and felt that the likes of Sabrina were likely to be fooled into thinking it was hard drugs, and claimed she did this because she was sick and tired of such "hypocritical do-gooders" degrading her, and like the first conversation, Grace did not like Veronica's "rebellious" behavior for some reason although new attributes that would help the team catch the killer was taken account for.

In spite of Veronica being the type who did not cooperate with the authorities, she was proven innocent upon Sabrina's indictment of Abigail's murder.

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