Valerie Green was the victim in What Dies Beneath (Case #3 of Pacific Bay).


Valerie was a professional scuba diver with shoulder-length wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. At the time of her death, she was seen wearing a green-black scuba jumpsuit.

Murder details

Amy, Roxie, and the player found Valerie dead in the coral reef. Roxie discovered that Valerie had died of drowning. Roxie found traces of water-repulsive hand cream on Valerie's wetsuit and tank. As she did not have any on her skin, Roxie deduced the killer used hand cream.

Meanwhile, the team also found Valerie's spare tank near her body. Hannah discovered that the oxygen tank was sabotaged by the killer and then made its gauge indicate that it was full. Due to the expertise of the sabotage, Hannah deduced that the killer knew scuba diving.

Yann managed to analyze a bent screwdriver that underwater photographer Roger Strout had found, and after a careful analysis, he determined that the killer used a gold chain to bend the screwdriver to lure Valerie into a trap.

Relationship with suspects

Valerie dove in the reef with Roger, with whom she had a pact to keep the reef secret. Upon her entry into the party scene however, Valerie revealed its location, boosting her popularity but drastically cutting Roger's income. This also angered eco-activist Leah Davies, who thought the partygoers harmed the coral reef. Valerie was in a relationship with a "sugar daddy" named Mighty Pete, who intended to leave her upon finding a more beautiful woman. However, Valerie left Pete before he could do so as she had acquired enough money to leave Pacific Bay as she always wanted. Valerie left scuba shop owner Mike Herbert for Pete, before which their relationship was already on the rocks. Furthermore, partygoer Angie Cortez was jealous of Valerie for her relationship with Pete, saying that she did not fit in the party scene.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Mighty Pete.

Upon arrest, Pete admitted that Valerie leaving him left him feeling humiliated. He then decided to sabotage her scuba equipment with a screwdriver, drowning her upon her next dive. Judge Dante sentenced Mighty Pete to 45 years in prison.

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