The nominating session is now over! Thank you for participating!

In the unknown place where staff members meet...
Reg: We really need to keep the wiki alive until the next case comes out.
Tux: Let's nominate things for the awards this year!

CCW Awards 2016 logo2016 Criminal Case Wiki Awards

Hello, everyone! Welcome to this blog. As you can guess from the title and the big template above this paragraph, the 2016 Criminal Case Wiki Awards are coming soon probably this December! If you didn't know, this ceremony is where we award users, cases, characters, and others for certain achievements in the wiki or in the game.

This year, we're spicing things up a bit. Since you guys were mostly in the dark about the nominations last year, we're changing that this year! Kinda. We're going to let you guys nominate!


We need at least one (1) and at most five (5) nominations for each of the following categories:

  • Best Character of the Year (Male)
  • Best Character of the Year (Female)
  • Funniest Character of the Year
  • Most Annoying Character of the Year
  • Best Case of the Year
  • Worst Case of the Year
  • LOL Moment of the Year
  • OMG Moment of the Year
  • Awesome Moment of the Year
  • Heartbreaking Moment of the Year

Thank you for your cooperation! Just comment your nominations down below, preferably in a list format.

Rules and Disclaimers

  • Only characters, cases, and moments that appeared from Fast Track to Murder (Case #16 of World Edition) onwards are eligible.
  • Not all the nominations will be taken into account for the final voting ceremony. Likewise, not all the entries in the voting ceremony will be taken from the nominations.
  • Anyone (including anons) can nominate! Just remember that the number of times something is nominated is probably not going to affect if it's going to make it to the final roster.
  • Not all categories have been disclosed, so new categories will appear during the voting ceremony.
  • The nominations will close the day of release of Mysteries of the Past.
  • You can edit your nominations by replying to/editing your own comment as much as possible (without bordering on spam, of course).
  • As much as possible, try to be unique, but first and foremoest, you actually have to believe that your nominations deserve that award.
  • NO fighting regarding a user's nominations, even if you think their nominations don't deserve it that's our job.

Alright, happy nominating :D ~Tuxedo!~

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