This blog post was recommended by”مستخدم ابن المجهول”, it is basically just a post where you can says your opinions have my OCs, hehe..

Purpose Of This Page

This page is for anyone who is planning to do fanmade cases, it contains characters which anyone is allowed to use for their fanfics.

NOTE: All these characters are actually made by me, I am not leaking any future characters, if you don’t believe me, well are a bish, and I hope you burn in hell (just kidding).


NOTE: Any appealing unique patterns such as the zigzags in Lucretia’s clothings, or the florals in Hamida’s (updated ver.), is not made by me, they are backgrounds from google.

NOTE: If someone else used the same character you used, and you are triggered, it is your own fault, I said anyone is allowed to use the characters, this mean if you caught like...10 people using the same character, there’s nothing wrong, I made these characters and I see no problem with this, I might even make my your own fanmade cases in the future (but I’m too lazy), and I might use them.

NOTE: If you don’t believe that the purpose of this page is to help others, since it’s pretty unbelievable coming from ME,’re right, the true purpose of this page, is to show of how talented I am.

Free Fanmade Characters

Vintage Edition

Mythology related

Historical figures

The next gallery thingy is the one of gifts I gave for other users. Anyone can post birthday requests now :)

Gifts I gave other user

Ok now the next gallery thingy is not really for actual OC characters, they are basically just existed characters in CC remade to look either 5 years older, or about 20 or more years younger.

Younger/Older versions of existing characters in CC


Another one for free-to-use OC characters, since the first one wasn’t in order XD

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