So this is how it works....

I have thought about, and I’ve decided to make a special blog post, about something that’ll happen every Thursday.

In the comment section, the first three comments each week, will have the right to ask me to make them their own OC (However, unlike the birthday ones, anyone is allowed to use them)

However, the commenting shouldn’t be simple the comment needs:

  • To start with “BOMBSHELL!!! OMG!! ❤️😘😍💞”.
  • To end with the request, and the request has to be POLITE.
    • Example: “Can you please make me a CC version of ....”
    • Something that I won’t accept: “Make me... “ or a comment with only the person’s name or a picture, without taking your time to write a sentence.

I will accept anything, except:

  • Men with thick beards.
  • CC versions of real life people, who PS already made a character based on them in the game (example: Steven Irwin had a character based on him in “Sweet Escape”, so I won’t make a CC version of him)

If you still don’t understand how the comment should look, here is a structural example:

“BOMBSHELL!!! OMG!! ❤️😘😍💞

Hamad, can you please make me a CC version of (Random celeb)! PRETTY PLEASE!!!”

Now, I’m done with explaining. Love ya all <3

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