It's almost 2015 and, after a thrilling contest, we finally have the results of the Trophy (2014 CCW Awards)2014 Criminal Case Wiki Awards! So sit back and enjoy!

Trophy (2014 CCW Awards)"In-Universe" AwardsTrophy (2014 CCW Awards)

Best Character of the Year (Male)

Best Character of the Year (Female)

Most Badass Character of the Year

Most Annoying Character of the Year

Best Member of the New Team

Best Case of the Year

Worst Case of the Year

OMG Moment of the Year

Awesome Moment of the Year

Heartbreaking Moment of the Year

Trophy (2014 CCW Awards)"Wiki" AwardsTrophy (2014 CCW Awards)

Best Administrator of the Year

Best Patroller of the Year

Most Influential Editor of the Year

Friendliest Editor of the Year

Breakout Editor of the Year

We hope you all enjoyed this year's awards ceremony, and you may leave your thoughts below!
And of course, have a happy new year!
Reg BoyREG BOY (Talk Stalk) 15:02, December 31, 2014 (UTC)
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