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CCW Awards 2017 logo2017 Criminal Case Wiki Awards

The polls are closed, the votes tallied, and the winners selected. We asked you what the best cases, districts, characters, moments, etc. of 2017 were, and you guys responded in kind.

Here are your picks for the 2017 Criminal Case Wiki Awards.

CCW Awards 2017 logoCriminal Case AwardsCCW Awards 2017 logo
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• Best Character of the Year (Male)

I just want you to know how happy I am, my baby, and how proud I am to be your father.
Gold Medal (CCW Awards) CCWACharlie 119 votes
Silver Medal (CCW Awards) CCWADiego 32 votes
Bronze Medal (CCW Awards) CCWAJustin 13 votes

• Best Character of the Year (Female)

Until our baby is born, I will do everything in my power to help the cause!
Gold Medal (CCW Awards) CCWAMaddie 113 votes
Silver Medal (CCW Awards) CCWAGiulietta 42 votes
Bronze Medal (CCW Awards) CCWAKatherine 11 votes

• Best Heroic Character of the Year

I've always done my best to be community minded, and I can roll up my sleeves like the best of them!
Gold Medal (CCW Awards) CCWAHighmore 109 votes
Silver Medal (CCW Awards) CCWAKatherine 24 votes
Bronze Medal (CCW Awards) CCWAGiulietta 21 votes

• Best Villainous Character of the Year

I have brought order and peace to this great city! I have once again made the streets of Concordia safe for all its citizens! It is I who have restored justice!
Gold Medal (CCW Awards) CCWAJustin 138 votes
Silver Medal (CCW Awards) CCWAEleanor 19 votes
Bronze Medal (CCW Awards) CCWAHoratio 8 votes

• Funniest Character of the Year

Science is my mistress, Madeline. She deserves my every sacrifice!
Gold Medal (CCW Awards) CCWADick 131 votes
Silver Medal (CCW Awards) CCWATakakura 19 votes
Bronze Medal (CCW Awards) CCWARamirez 11 votes

• Most Annoying Character of the Year

I think you'll find there's nothing you can reproach me or my family with.
Gold Medal (CCW Awards) CCWAHoratio 77 votes
Silver Medal (CCW Awards) CCWAArchie 47 votes
Bronze Medal (CCW Awards) CCWAJustin 39 votes

• Most Forgettable Character of the Year

Hooo-weeee! I'm famous now!
Gold Medal (CCW Awards) CCWAGibby 83 votes
Silver Medal (CCW Awards) CCWAAmelia 18 votes
Bronze Medal (CCW Awards) CCWATheodosia 17 votes

• Best Couple of the Year

Charlie: And I... I'll never be able to in... invent anything as extraordinary as the little human you're growing inside you! I love you, Maddie!
Maddie: And I love you with all my heart, my precious Charlie!
Gold Medal (CCW Awards) CCWACharlie x CCWAMaddie 119 votes
Silver Medal (CCW Awards) CCWAGiulietta x CCWASeamus 30 votes
Bronze Medal (CCW Awards) CCWAEvie x CCWAKatherine 26 votes

• Worst Case Title of the Year

Miss Clarissa Rochester was found dead, in her own home, after a family luncheon!
Gold Medal (CCW Awards) C208Barricade 83 votes
Silver Medal (CCW Awards) C228Barricade 17 votes
Bronze Medal (CCW Awards) C218Barricade 13 votes

• Coolest Murder of the Year

Dick: Your Admiral was frightened to death!
Maddie: Frightened to death? I didn't think that was possible!
Gold Medal (CCW Awards) CCWAOakBody 95 votes
Silver Medal (CCW Awards) CCWAArchieBody 27 votes
Bronze Medal (CCW Awards) CCWAEdgarBody 26 votes

• Best Case of the Year

I still can't believe this is happening. How can Charlie be gone?
Gold Medal (CCW Awards) C231Barricade 91 votes
Silver Medal (CCW Awards) C224Barricade 50 votes
Bronze Medal (CCW Awards) C189Barricade 12 votes

• Worst Case of the Year

There's been a murder at the Wolf Street Stock Exchange.
Gold Medal (CCW Awards) C209Barricade 115 votes
Silver Medal (CCW Awards) C197Barricade 18 votes
Bronze Medal (CCW Awards) C221Barricade 14 votes

• Best District of Concordia

Lawson's thirst for supreme justice is merely tyranny disguised as righteousness! One can only hope that with the rising presence of the resistance, a balance of power will soon follow.
Gold Medal (CCW Awards) Capitol Peak 100 votes
Silver Medal (CCW Awards) Ivory Hill 21 votes
Bronze Medal (CCW Awards) Century Mile Teaser 11 votes

• Worst District of Concordia

He's been evicting farmers all over Coyote Gorge, stealing their lands and reselling them for a fortune to the railroad company, claiming this is all done legally!
Gold Medal (CCW Awards) Coyote Gorge Teaser 64 votes
Silver Medal (CCW Awards) Wolf Street 28 votes
Bronze Medal (CCW Awards) CCWANewHaven 17 votes

• LOL Moment of the Year

Dick: Not even the moon... Gleaming in the sky... Can compete with the brilliance... of luminescent I...!
Constable Ramirez: Can you see the ghost? It's right over there, moaning away!
Gold Medal (CCW Awards) CCWARamirezCCWADick 76 votes
Silver Medal (CCW Awards) CCWADick 24 votes
Bronze Medal (CCW Awards) CCWAUmbrightCCWAJaubert 21 votes

• OMG Moment of the Year

I'm sorry to interrupt, but this is beyond urgent! Our entire team has been arrested! Lawson's goons stormed the airship and rounded them up!
Gold Medal (CCW Awards) CCWAArthurCCWAMaddieCCWAGeorgeCCWARoseCCWAViolaCCWAEvie 63 votes
Silver Medal (CCW Awards) CCWAJustin 43 votes
Bronze Medal (CCW Awards) CCWAUmbrightCCWAGeorge 14 votes

• Awesome Moment of the Year

Justin: Swift justice, as I like it. Now, <Rank> <Name>, do you have any last words?
Isaac: I don't know if <Rank> <Name> does, but I do!
Gold Medal (CCW Awards) CCWAJustinCCWAIsaac 102 votes
Silver Medal (CCW Awards) CCWACharlieCCWAMaddieCCWATakakura 26 votes
Bronze Medal (CCW Awards) CCWAUmbrightCCWARose 12 votes

• Heartbreaking Moment of the Year

Justin: SHOOT HIM! And do not miss, or I will have BOTH your heads! You know this airship is surrounded!
Charlie: Well, what are you waiting for, Lebold? Shoot! Kill me, and save my wife and child! You know that is True Justice!
Diego: I... please, forgive me!
Gold Medal (CCW Awards) CCWADiegoCCWAJustinCCWACharlie 86 votes
Silver Medal (CCW Awards) CCWACharlieCCWAMaddie 52 votes
Bronze Medal (CCW Awards) CCWAAdelia 14 votes
CCW Awards 2017 logoEditor AwardsCCW Awards 2017 logo
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• Criminal Case Wikian of the Year

Gold Medal (CCW Awards)
69 votes
Silver Medal (CCW Awards)
60 votes
Bronze Medal (CCW Awards)
6 votes

• Breakout Editor of the Year

Gold Medal (CCW Awards)
87 votes
Silver Medal (CCW Awards)
51 votes
Bronze Medal (CCW Awards)
11 votes

• Best Conduct of the Year

Gold Medal (CCW Awards)
58 votes
Silver Medal (CCW Awards)
19 votes
Bronze Medal (CCW Awards)
18 votes

• Fanfic Writer of the Year

Gold Medal (CCW Awards)
72 votes
Silver Medal (CCW Awards)
20 votes
Bronze Medal (CCW Awards)
7 votes
And that wraps it up!
Thank you for taking the time to read this and for celebrating the best (and worst) of 2017 with us.
Here's to another year of endless suffering and staring into the void of meaningless existence.
This is Reg, signing off.
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