Ok so this is my first Criminal Case theory. This Theory suggests that Shortly after World Edition the Main Character dies and enters their own fantasy. So, this is probably me just overlooking into everything but I thought this was fun so yeah. The first peice of evidence that The Conspiracy only exists inside the players mind is the inspiration from other cases. The MC inspired Dreamlife from Meteor Systems, Rosamund from Freddie, The Higher Truth from The Utopian Cult, Walter inspired William, Barb Inspired Mallory Banks etc...) Because the player is in a death or dream like illusion most of the elements of The Conspiracy are taken from other experiences throughout their life. Another example is how many returning characters not from Season 1 are in The Conspiracy. I know Grimsborough is a big city but its weird how the MC stumbles into so many familiar faces. They see Ruby, Ceciline, Ernest, Ramirez (He was in Season 1 but he was in Pacific Bay when we last saw him), Shwetta (and a few others I wont say for spoilers). The chance of Seeing all these people in grimsborough naturally would be super slim but the game treats it as no big deal. The other peice of evidence is the fact there is no transition from season 4 to 5 further suggesting that the conspiracy is not a real event in Criminal Case. The last peice of evidence is the fact that there are no mentioned deaths while the player was gone. Isnt it weird that no characters from Season 1 were mentioned to have died before conspiracy. Its like they had 4 years nearly murder free but in Conspiracy there are murders every week. Maybe its murpheys law but in this theory it suggests that in the players mind nothing happened. Evidence countering this could be stuff that did happen in between seasons 1 and 5. Like Jones and Zoe's relationship or the meteorite. But those were things that could have likely never actually occurred but rather only happened in the MC's mind. Because the MC's is in a dreamlike state that could be why so many killers get the same sentances. Isnt it also weird that after stopping Sombra and "saving the world" that we arent approached with any buisness oppurtunitys when we moved the Grimsborough and our achievements from previous seasons are never mentioned. Anyway thats my theory for Criminal Case. Leave your thoughts on this theory down below and tell me how much Im overanalizing everything

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