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    Ad Astra Timeline

    February 11, 2019 by MechanicalRainbows

    1992 - Rozetta is created by Denise Daniels as a test subject. However, Rozetta is considered a failed experiment and their realtionship is frayed

    2006 - Rozetta attends Grimsborough University at the age of 14 and creates Ad Astra with 4 other students.  This group is supervised by teacher, Kevin Charles.

    2008~2010 - Rozetta Piere founds Dreamlife

    2017 - Rozetta Piere inspires 5 students to start a new incarnation of Ad Astra

    2017 - A meteroite falls on Grimsborough and Dreamlife builds a dome around it to perform human experiments

    2018 - Christian is arrested as the killer of Meera Kat in the case "The Art of Murder". However, this murder is not related to Ad Astra

    2018 - Rozetta Piere spreads VR glasses to brainwash people throughout the Gree…

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  • MechanicalRainbows

    So I made a list of about 40 suspects for this card game. Ill explain the rules in a later post. Note: the suspects will not include main characters, characters who first appeared as a victim and anyone not featured in the conspiracy. These suspects are not final and will likely change later so if you want a certain character in the game, comment.

    1. Rozetta Pierre

    2. Joe Warren

    3. Louis Leroux

    4. Christian Bateman

    5. Julia Brine

    6. Brock Perry

    7. Mia Loukas

    8. Jasper Everett

    9. Dr Katherine Kelly

    10. Jenna Mcfry

    11. Kai Gruber

    12. Paticia P. Harris

    13. Tony Marconi

    14. Phillip Hoover

    15. Emilio Fuller

    16. Savannah Blake

    17. Maylin Park

    18. Mandy Pregodich

    19. Donna Walker

    20. Margaret Littlewood

    21. Megu Hashiro

    22. Tim Cooper

    23. Danny Gibbs

    24. Greg Gibbs

    25. J…

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  • MechanicalRainbows

    I am a huge fan of board games and card games. IDK just collecting games is satisfying to me. Then, I was thinking about Criminal Case and thought how cool would it be to have a criminal case card game. So I was thinking that if cards were designed, there would be a download link provided where people could print the cards (If they wanted to). I'm not really invisioning a trading card game. More of a classic card game. So here is my question to you

    1. Do you have any ideas for the card game?

    2. What characters would you want to see?

    3. Would you want to help work on this project?

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  • MechanicalRainbows

    Ok so this is my first Criminal Case theory. This Theory suggests that Shortly after World Edition the Main Character dies and enters their own fantasy. So, this is probably me just overlooking into everything but I thought this was fun so yeah. The first peice of evidence that The Conspiracy only exists inside the players mind is the inspiration from other cases. The MC inspired Dreamlife from Meteor Systems, Rosamund from Freddie, The Higher Truth from The Utopian Cult, Walter inspired William, Barb Inspired Mallory Banks etc...) Because the player is in a death or dream like illusion most of the elements of The Conspiracy are taken from other experiences throughout their life. Another example is how many returning characters not from Se…

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