I'm assuming you know who Kamol is but if you don't, he's a user that uploads playthroughs of Criminal Case. His main channel is simply called Kamol Yawachai and had over 600,000 subs from what I know but he had to make a new one since that one was no longer eligible for monetization. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like he'll be monetizing anything since I just discovered that his main channel has been suspended for "spam and misleading content" (apparently if one of your channels is terminated, you can't access the others). I've been following Kamol for around three years and the only thing remotely close to "spam" is linking songs and the artists who made them (most of which were copyright-free so I guess shouting people out is a crime in Youtube's eyes). 

Overall, I figured I post about this since it's pretty ridiculous how a simple channel like Kamol's is considered "spam and misleading". I wouldn't say his videos are best in quality but he still made those videos out of his love for Criminal Case and Youtube just took that away for a vague reason.

P.S I posted this late at night so if it sounds sloppy, you'll know why lmao

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