Uhm...hi there! As you guessed from the title, yes, I have something to say.

I think that the best for me is that I leave this wikia (canon wikia) for good. It's not the same place is used to be, and I honestly don't feel very comfortable being here. There are also few other reason that I don't want to mention because they are kind of "lame" I guess XD...However, there is a small little request that I have. My real name was posted on my profile page, so if you please could, not mention my full name anymore? Someone from my private life found out that I'm here, so if you could just forget I posted my last name here? I will be thankful to you.

About fanon wikia...I will still be there and update my fanfiction, so if you ever feel like talking to me, feel free to message me there if you really need to talk to me about something.

And yeah, that's all I have to say. If I was an asshole to you in some way (and I honestly was lol), my apologies <33

That's all I have to say! Byee 👋👋

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