My name is Jaddy, and I used to be a big fan of criminal case, however, I took a brake from the franchise at like the beginning of the Sahara Edition part of World Edition, and kinda forgot about the franchise. And then I decided that I should re-visit the game and make a YouTube let's play of it.

Now I went back to the Facebook version (link). And not only do I have questions, but I have complaints.

  1. First of all, why is the PC version of the game using the same UI as the Mobile version?
  2. Second, why is the PC/Facebook version running at a speed slower then a snail through peanut butter who is walking the wrong way?
  3. Third, why is the seasons separated? Who over at PS thought that was a good idea? Can I still acsess the seasons through the base game?
    1. I looked at Pitchingace88's youtube channel. And he is playing a season that doesn't have a game for it. How does that work? Its not exlusive since the Facebook page is advertising new cases to the left and right.
  4. Cheif ripley survived wtf

If any of you people on this wiki site can awnser and hopefully find solutions to all these problems, then thank you SOOO much. I'd really like to get back to the game :)


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