Two weeks left for the release of Case #51!

Vote here for your opinions if they are:

District Killer???

District Victim???


No appearance in the last case of Maple Heights.


Howard Johnson - City Mayor   3 Appearances 

Zack Holden - Friendnet Owner  2 Appearances

Lola Vallez - Singer, Walter Fairbank's Bride   2 Appearances

Martha Price - Mayoral Candidate   3 Appearances

Adam Bentley - Socialite   3 Appearances

Serena Johnson - Mayor's Mother, Matriarch  2 Appearances

Archibald Ashworth - Old Eccentric Guy 2 Appearances

Alden Greene - Greene Pharmacorp CEO   1 Appearance (In Maple Heights)

Tony Marconi - Mobster 1 Appearance (In Maple Heights)

My Opinion

Killer: Adam Bentley (60%) Howard Johnson (40%)

Victim: Martha Price

Innocent: Serena Johnson, Archibald Ashworth, Lola Vallez

No Appearance: Zack Holden, Alden Greene and Tony Marconi

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