"Icing Dog appear , must be shock you all . Womanguy Illan , must be handsome guy"  By: Illan Leong


"God Bless ! Get back to train on a itemfound skill"  By: Zon Logitic

"神之祝福!  快回去道具搜尋練習技巧"

"I can't belive my speench was weakness with a Portuguese speench. Elf ! "   'By: Ian Alkanet

"我不相信本語衰過葡語,Elf !"

"Pronto !? ACHO voce !"  By: Mansi Elf

"準備 !? 尋找你 !"


Other mottos

"Collection a script , Solve a pictures , Get the millions up , Create your MIDIs and Posing your cases into Youtube" 

By: Cynthia Chillor

"收集對話、破解圖片、取百萬分、建造你的樂曲及把你的案件放上 Youtube"

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