Hey, everyone. I thought you would like to see the dialogues in which Cathy has said in the Additional Investigation of Case #46.

Analyze Zach's Laptop

Alex: ... Yes, but I don't think it was the right solution to hack into Zack Holden's computer, Cathy... Ah, you're here, <Name>!

Alex: Cathy helped me clean Zack's Friendnet account. She's very sorry about hacking into it, aren't you, Cathy?

Cathy King: I still say it was the right thing to do... Anyway, <Name>, it's fixed and I'll go with you to explain myself to Holden and... apologize, I guess.

Alex: Thank you! Well, <Name>, if you're ready, we can go give his computer back to Zack right now!

Give the laptop back to Zack Holden

Alex: Zack, we have your laptop back, and your Friendnet account is completely safe again!

Zack: Thanks! You don't know how embarrasing it was. And who is this delightful creature by your side, <Rank> <Name>?

Cathy: Huh... I'm the one who hacked your account. But it wasn't have happened if Friendnet's support service took my reports about security flaws more seriously!!

Zack: You mean YOU're the one who dared impersonate me and post about the security flaw?! You're the one who managed to crack Friendnet's most secure account to date, as if it was nothing?!

Cathy: Well, yes, but I-

Zack: Would you like to work for Friendnet?

Cathy: Sorry?!

Cathy: Wow, that's unexpected... Well, thanks for the proposition, but I have my life and friends in college, and I prefer to get my degree first. I'll keep that in mind though.

Zack: Please do. <Rank> <Name>, thanks to you, my Friendnet account is safe again. Have a burger, it's on me.

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