"Live! Chat" is now open on Criminal Case Wiki! Chat with everyone to talk about the game, have fun, etc! You have to follow the rules to use it. If you didn't follow the rules well, you'll get a short ban from the chat box! If you don't know how to use it, read this blog post.

How to Use

  1. Go to any page.
  2. You will find a chat box, click on "Join the Chat".
  3. Begin chatting with people!
  4. If you want to private message people, you'll have to follow the pictures below:

When you try to chat with people, you just have to click "Join the Chat". But you have to see first if people are online so you can chat with them.


Here, you will find the chat box like this picture. If you didn't find people online, you don't have to begin chatting.



You can also find the chat box when you click on "Chat" on the Wiki's Navigation.


If you want to private message anyone, you'll have to click on his/her name. After you click on his/her name, you'll find this box. You'll find his/her name there, how many edits did he/she make, he/she's a member to the Wiki since when. You can also click "Message Wall", if you want to message him/her on his/her wall. Click on "Contributions" to know what contributions did he/she make. Click on "Private Message" if you want to private message him/her, without anyone seeing your messages to him/her.


Here, you can private message him/her.


If there is no one online on the chat box, you will see the button which is named "Join the Chat" is replaced with a button which is called "Start a Chat".

Chat Rules

- No insulting

- No screaming

- No spamming

- No Caps Lock except at the beginning of your sentence


  • Some of the photos were not taken from Criminal Case Wiki.
  • If the members of the Wiki didn't follow the rules and used the chat box badly, they will get blocked from the chat box for 1 week. And if the targeted user got blocked before and misbehaved again, the target will get blocked for a year.
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