Hello to all and all, I wanted to start a discussion with you on the future of the series. We all know that Criminal Case will very soon enter its third season, it is also known that a season lasts about a year and a half. So if one is logical, CC World Edition will eventually end in  end of 2016. So I wanted to know some opinions from you:

-Do You think that this edition will be the last of CC? Or this edition will last longer than expected, that is to say two years or more? In what year do you see the end of the series? Do you think it is possible that Pretty Simple would be able to return to an edition "classic" CC after World Edition?

If you think CC will continue after World Edition, what would be next? 

PS: You can be both serious but also a bit fanciful ;)

I think it would be interesting to create first one second World Edition season because I think that the former does not iron all parts of the world ...

After it would be interesting to do a CC with time travel and space to go investigate the murder of Julius Caesar or those of Jack the Ripper, why not go up to the age of dinosaurs!

Or make a Criminal Case edition with extraterrestrial investigations?

This is possible according to you? For it must be noted though that the  Agent Z for my example of extraterrestrial investigations or crime scenes that the Native American chief Anakee allowed us to investigate to my example of spatiotemporal investigations ... Would this just easters eggs or real indications on the future of CC?

These are my ideas, I will have other suggestions to share with you later..

So go have a blast, tell what you think réelement but also let your imagination speak ;)

And sorry for my English , I'm French ^^'

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