Soooooo hi everyone xD Since recently I am interested in creating a fanon series, whose name is A Cute World xD Also I made CC appearances for them XD So after a long time I decided to put the characters here as a gallery now XD Hope you can leave your opinions below so that I can find my weak points in this, and support me xD xD

Enjoy them ;) And please do not take out without permission, if you want to take them out, please leave a message in my message wall.

Also, about how to make the characters, I will keep them as secrets that I don't want to tell :D So if there are still some curious users who ask about how I do it, sorry, you will get no answers :D

Here they are XD Enjoy. I will add more soon.

Main Characters aka Detective Academy Personnel

Travel in Time Casebook

Supernatural Investigations Casebook

Blank, soon to be added xD


Suspects & Quasi suspects

- - - Blank, soon to be added xD

  • For more information, see my fanfiction series A Cute World in the fanfiction wiki
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