New MexicoUSA... Chief Jacob Arrow: <Name>, it turns out the late Dr Aculus was right to be worried! Chief Arrow: The "malevolent force" sucking the life from livestock is real! Apparently, animals have been mysteriously dropping dead for five years in the Southwest! Ben: Thing is, the force does no physical harm to them - they just die, and their bodies have sulfur residue on them... Felix: Yo, I gotta clue you guys in on those animal deaths Hope told us about here in New Mexico... Felix: ... I've got bad news and good news - the bad news is that the livestock deaths happening in THIS part of New Mexico have nothing to do with the "malevolent sulfuric evil." Felix: But the good news is that I know what IS killing the animals in this area. It's a chupacabra! Luke: Did you say chupacabra? THAT'S your good news?! Felix: Yes, it's a local legendary creature. The Spanish word "chupacabra" means "goat sucker," because they go around suckin' on goat blood. Felix: But that isn't the half of it! Chupacabras have crazy-sharp teeth, and they rip their victims' guts out... not just goats but humans too. Luke: I can't believe they're real! My abuela used to tell stories about seeing them, but us kids always thought she was crazy! Felix: Was your grandma from around here? Luke: Yeah, my family lived in New Mexico until I was seven... before social services put me in foster care. Luke: Anyway, if there's a chupacabra on the loose, we'd better look into these attacks before things get really out of hand! Felix: The most recent attack happened near Taos Pueblo. That's where you should start; maybe someone there saw something. Luke: After years of hearing stories about chupacabras, I've gotta see one of these things for myself. Let's go, <Name>!

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