I see that there are a lot of funny stuff here in Criminal Case and I enjoy making random memes. Some of the memes include fandom activity

No Leaks are included in this blog, although there are memes that are about leaks

No characters were harmed in the making of this blog post

This is a mediocre blog because this is actually my first fandom blog

You may take them out but please, do not claim ownership of any of these

NOTE: I may sometimes post memes that belong to other people. If you see in the description of a photo that says "Credits (username)". It means it was requested by another user to me to post it on my blog post OR I asked permission from them to post it. NEVER CLAIM OWNERSHIP OF THESE WORKS!!!! If you want to take them out please ask permission to the user. I will link their names for you in the description of the photos


Roll the memes!

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