So, now Mysteries of the Past debuts on 17/11/2016......

  1. Who will YOU miss the most on the Bureau?
  2. What was your favourite moment?
  3. What was your favourite case?
  4. Out of the central, supporting and minor character, who will you miss the most?
  5. Out of all the characters, who do you hate the most?
  6. What's the most heartbreaking moment?


  1. This is YOUR opinion.
  2. You can give more than one answer.
  3. All answers must be from World Edition.

Mine is:

  1. Lars.
  2. Carmen adopts Sanjay.
  3. In Plain SightThe Darkest Hour and Die by the Sword.
  4. Asal HawaaApril, May and June Douglas.
  5. Angela Douglas .
  6. Dupont dies in the Season 3 Finale and Michelle dies in The King's Shadow.
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