After the work of Louisgustavo on the summary for Mysteries of the Past and my own for The Conspiracy with additional help, I decided to make one for the Travel in Time season. Without further ado, here's the summary of Travel in Time that begins from the first case of the season to the finale that changes lives forever.

Ancient Times: "Kingdoms of Clay"


Death as Old as Time

  • After the player arrived in 2029 following Jack Archer's beckoning for them to be in part of the Temporal Crimes Division of the time regulating international agency known as T.I.M.E., Chief Christopher Scott informed them of a disturbance in time.
  • After Jack and the player arrived in 47 BCE, they disguised as Roman centurions before they found the body of the dictator of the Roman Republic Julius Caesar stabbed in the back two times. They suspected the victim's girlfriend, Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, her royal guard Pamiu, former pirate turned carpet seller Yuya, Roman soldier Brutus and Cleopatra's slave Nebet.
  • Mid-investigation, Cleopatra demanded that they investigate her bedroom for a potential intruder, who turned out to be Nebet. Later, they had to convince Brutus that they were newly-appointed centurions as they were not on the military register.
  • The killer turned out to be Pamiu, who let slip that he was actually a time traveler named Benjamin Milo. He then explained that he had gone back so he could woo Cleopatra, which made Caesar jealous. Cleopatra then sentenced Pamiu to the alligators before the Division got him sent back to 2029 for a possible 30 year sentence.
  • Afterwards, the player met the division's team coordinator and their former partner Amy Young, their second partner Zara Tien and the former Bureau turned T.I.M.E.'s first criminal profiler Marina Romanova.
  • The team then consulted historian Orlando Ordelaffi about fixing the damaged timeline due to Caesar's death. After Zara and the player retrieved Caesar's official wax seal, they gave the seal to Marina and assistant historian Penelope Sage, who had worked to forge Caesar's will to hand the leadership of Rome and the Republic over to Caesar's adoptive heir Octavian. They then entrusted Yuya to find a trustworthy captain to have the will taken straight to Rome and Octavian.
  • Meanwhile Jack and the player, with help from Brutus and lab chief Theodore Moon, saved Nebet from being entombed with Caesar's body in Egypt, Cleopatra begrudgingly letting Brutus take Caesar's body back to Rome.
  • After all these events, the team decided to head back to 2029, however the time machine malfunctioned, throwing them into Ancient Gaul in 37 BCE.
  • Time disturbances included:
    • Caesar being murdered three years earlier than history marked, his death originally in 44 BCE.
    • Caesar being stabbed in the back two times, rather than twenty three.
    • Caesar's killer being a rogue time traveler rather than Brutus himself.

Stranded in Gaul

  • After the team ended up being stuck in Ancient Gaul, 37 BCE, following the time reactor breaking down, Zara and the player went out to explore Gaul.
  • At a nearby dolmen circle, they found the body of Gallic Chieftain Katurix, his head bashed in and dead a year before he was supposed to die after the violations of the peace treaties he was supposed to negotiate with the Romans in winter 37 BCE. They then suspected Roman flag-bearer Regulus, Roman general Mark Antony, Katurix's successor and Gallic warrior Delignata, Gallic druid Atreba and Gallic blacksmith Venextos in the Chieftain's murder.
  • Mid-investigation, the detectives investigated the Gallic village after Zara was struck by a piece of guts from Atreba's hurried haruspicy ritual. Later, they had to stop Delignata from rallying up the Gallic troops to wage war against the Romans.
  • In the end, the killer turned out to be Venextos, who killed Katurix after he overheard Katurix praying to the gods at the dolmen to protect him while he ran away and abandoned the tribe, which angered him. Afterwards, they presented Venextos to his fellow tribe, where Delignata sentenced him to stand first-in-line without a shield when they would face the Romans.
  • Afterwards, the team found out that Nebet had stowed away on the time machine when the team left Egypt to escape her slave life, thereby causing a ripple in time that ended up in Katurix trying to escape rather than negotiate.
  • Atreba agreed to help the team stop Delignata's war on the Romans by giving her a false prophecy. She also directed the team to the village for Katurix's notes on the tribe's gold. The team found and followed Katurix's map, only to find the gold missing.
  • Atreba then speculated that Katurix had surrendered the gold to Mark Antony to save his own skin. Antony told the team that Octavian had demanded all spoils of war, including Katurix's gold, be returned to Rome.
  • Meanwhile, Amy and the player debriefed Nebet on their role as time travelers. Nebet then proved her skills as a cook to the team so that she could help them while they were unable to send her back home.
  • The team then resolved to travel to Rome via the time machine's thrusters to retrieve the gold and preserve history.
  • Time disturbances included:
    • Katurix had died a year earlier than he was suppoused to.
    • Katurix had planned fleeing Gaul instead of negotiating with the Roman Empire.
    • There was an absence of peace treaties between Gaul and Rome while the Gaulish gold was delivered to the Romans.

When in Rome

  • In the year of 37 BCE, Jack and the player headed to the Circus Maximus located in Rome to get Katurix's gold from Octavian.
  • There, they found noblewoman Flavia Pulchra strangled to death. The team flagged the Great Consul of Rome Octavian, the victim's daughter and Vestal Virgin Claudia Pulchra, chariot racer Scorpius, Brutus, and noblewoman Balbina as suspects.
  • Mid-investigation, Brutus was found alive as he didn't kill Caesar, thus preventing his supposed death five years prior to the case. Soon after, Zara discovered that the victim had hosted an orgy in her villa the night before. Later, Nebet saved the team from a rogue lion.
  • The killer turned out to be Claudia, who killed her mother as Octavian promised to marry her and break her free of her priestess life if she killed her mother. After taking her to Octavian, he denied Claudia's claims and banished her from Rome.
  • Afterwards, the team learned the gold's route before they managed to steal the gold with the use of pepper stray to disperse the crowds after the gold traveled through the city square.
  • Meanwhile, Zara replaced Scorpius as he had his arm broken with the help of Kai and Balbina. She eventually won the race under the guise of Scorpius.
  • After returning to the time machine, an extremely sick Kai fainted.
  • Time disturbances included:
    • Brutus was found alive instead of his supposed death five years prior in the year of 42 BCE.

A Greek Tragedy

  • Zara and the player headed to Greek doctor Theophilos' residence to treat Kai of his illness. Before the team was able to consult him, a city guard arrested him for the murder of High Priest Pelagios, although the doctor claimed that he did not kill Pelagios.
  • To clear Theophilos' name, they headed to Apollo's Stairway on Mount Olympus, where they found Pelagios shot with a poisoned arrow. The team suspected Theophilos, as well the victim's wife Zosime, model Solon, Mark Antony, and priestess Euterpe of the murder.
  • Mid-investigation, the guard approached the team, intending to arrest them but after learning they were centurions, told them that Theophilos would not be released until his innocence was proven. Later, Solon claimed to the team that he had tamed Cerberus while actually holding a bunch of puppies.
  • The killer turned out to be Zosime, who killed him as Pelagios was planning to force her to abort their child when she was informed that the baby would be a girl. The city guards allowed her not to be banished from the city as she was "carrying the miracle boy of Zeus" but Zosime chose to live with some of her family in the small village of Agapelpida. The guards then freed Theophilos from custody.
  • Zara and the player helped Kai get better with the help of Theophilos and Euterpe.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • A message which (per Penelope's decryption) said that Octavian would burn Egypt. The team warned Antony fearing that would cause a massive shift in history. He then left for Egypt immediately.
  • Afterwards, the team left for Egypt to preserve history.
  • Time disturbances included:
    • The burning of Egypt by Octavian never happened in the original history.

Egypt is Burning

  • Jack and the player went to Cleopatra's warship to convince her and Mark Antony to stop the incoming burning of Egypt in their war against Octavian.
  • However, the team found Mark dead on Cleopatra's warship with his throat slit with what would be discovered later by his own sword.
  • After Mark was found dead, the team convinced Octavian to hold a ceasefire while they found Antony's killer. The team then suspected Octavian, Euterpe, Yuya (who had been hired by Cleopatra to battle Octavian), Cleopatra and Brutus.
  • Mid-investigation, Nebet revealed she had disobeyed Amy's orders for her to stay put in the time machine and that she had found Cleopatra in the ruins of her palace. Amy then reluctantly allowed Nebet to join Jack and the player as they maneuvered through Egypt. Later, the team got word that Octavian was planning to continue his attack, prompting the team to rush the investigation.
  • The killer turned out to be Cleopatra, who killed Mark in an honorable death. The queen then explained how she helped him, slashing his sword against his throat after sharing one final kiss. The team then surrendered Cleopatra to the Romans so that Octavian could hold her trial. Octavian then announced she would be dragged through the streets of Rome and fed to the lions at the Circus Maximus. Refusing the sentence, Cleopatra committed suicide via serpent bite.
  • Afterwards, Zara and the player found some plant resin for Kai to use to protect the time machine reactor from rusting, ending with Zara giving Kai a kiss.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • After Jack and the player talked to Octavian, the Great Consul decided to consult the gods on whether to continue the war or not. To rig the divination, the team's search led them to ask Euterpe to fake a bad omen for them.
    • After they had found three ravens, with which Euterpe could conduct a fake augury, she started it, telling Octavian that he must leave Egypt to retain his dominion over Rome, to which Octavian hesitated and eventually decided to leave Egypt, stopping the war.
  • After all the events, Orlando suggested that they take Nebet to 2029 so the T.I.M.E. scientists could figure out what to do with her.
  • They then traveled to the year 2029, only to land in the middle of the 1969 Woodstock festival.
  • Time disturbances included:
    • The burning of Egypt by Octavian never happened in the original history.
    • The deaths of Mark Antony and Cleopatra would not happen till years later.

The 1960s: "Times Are A-Changing"


Summer of Death

  • After finding out that the time machine malfunctioned and landed the team in the 1969 Woodstock Festival, Zara and the player decided to head out to pay a visit there, disguising as the local police.
  • However, the detectives found the body of festivalgoer Noah Lowe slumped against a hippie van with his head bashed in. The team then suspected that Noah's murder was caused due to a time divergence as Woodstock Festival was famous for being non-violent.
  • The team suspected the victim's hookup James Henderson, the victim's father Alfred Lowe, army recruitment officer Major Perkins and The Henge rockstar Ian Devine. The team also had to interrogate a 13 year old Janis Rivers after they found out that the coroner had befriended Noah in her youth, despite her present self not remembering a lot about her teenage years.
  • Mid-investigation, a drugged Jack told the team that the victim spent a lot of time in the area backstage, prompting the team to go there to investigate. Later, Ian reported that someone was trashing the backstage, turning out to be Alfred blaming the hippies for causing Noah's murder. After calming Alfred down, Orlando revealed that he had given Nebet a new look in order to make her more suitable once the team went back to 2029.
  • The killer turned out to be Perkins, who told the team that it was an accident as she mistook a car backfiring for gunshots, leading to her tackling Noah, making him fall against the van too hard, dying from the head trauma he received. Marina told the player afterwards that she had disguised as a police psychologist and explained Perkins' condition (post-traumatic stress disorder, which had not been officially recognized as a disorder by then) to her superior officer, who promised to rehabilitate her while she served her custodial sentence.
  • After the arrest, the younger Janis gifted the detectives cannabi-infused muffins before she told them that she was going to California, which the present Janis recognized was the reason she gave when she was running away.
  • Despite interacting with one's younger self-being against T.I.M.E.'s rules, Jack and the player allowed Janis to talk to her young self, inspiring the 13-year-old Janis to pursue medicine to become a coroner.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Per Nebet, there was someone who was examining the time machine. After they found video evidence, Kai revealed that there was a time traveler irreparably sabotaging the team's time machine back in Egypt so the team would end up landing in the 1960s.
  • After all the events, Amy decided that the team would go to New York (where the future T.I.M.E. headquarters would stand) to leave a distress message for the present day.
  • Time disturbances included:
    • There was never a murder in the original Woodstock festival as the festival was famous for being non-violent.

Gone in 30 Seconds

  • The team headed to New York City to leave a distress message to Chief Scott with Amy trying to find the most suitable place to send the message. Jack and the player then decided to pay a visit around New York, starting with the Grand Central Station.
  • However, the team got approached by news agent Bucky Johnson, who informed the team of a guy collapsing in front of his newsstand. They then collected the body of aspiring artist Billy Snapshot, who was stabbed in the hip and left bled out in about 30 seconds. The detectives then found clues to suspect Bucky, pop artist Sandy Lemko, another aspiring artist Ellie Argent, bar owner Martha Jefferson and (who would be revealed to be Marina's grandfather) Soviet ambassador Lev Romanov.
  • Mid-investigation, Janis discovered that Billy had a safe deposit box at Grand Manhattan Bank. Afterwards, the team caught Sandy in the middle of trying to access Billy's deposit box. Later, Lev then admitted that Billy was Rodion Rizovsky, a Soviet spy who began spying on him instead.
  • The killer would turn out to be Ellie, who denied knowing that Billy was a Soviet spy, saying that she was Lemko's favorite artist until Billy rejected her advances. Soon after Billy blew her off, the whole scene began ignoring her as well. Desperate to get back in the spotlight, Ellie used an ice pick to stab Billy in the hip and left him to bleed out. The team then handed her to the courts, where she would possibly get sentenced to 20 years in prison.
  • After the arrest, Jack and the player took Nebet sightseeing in order to show her how the world had changed since her time, including visiting Martha's bar for the best hot dog in the city.
  • Meanwhile:
    • Amy told Zara and Theo to pose as Chief Scott's parents in order to open a trust fund account for him so that they could place a distress message in his vault to be opened in 2029. They then set up the account with the player posing as their financial adviser and with help from bank clerk Judy Strong and Orlando, who forged the necessary documents.
  • After all the events, Kai asked Jack and the player to find a stabilizer for their homing beacon. They then asked Lemko if they could take an art piece to use as a stabilizer. After Kai was able to build the distress beacon, Amy informed the team they were headed to Houston, Texas, where S.A.R.A. was working on sending people to the moon, so that they could set off the beacon without attracting suspicion.

Houston, We Have a Problem

  • Upon Zara and the player's arrival in the S.A.R.A.'s base in Houston, the detectives inspected the mission base to verify that the beacon could be placed without any trouble.
  • However, the detectives found the electrocuted body of engineer Thomas Segan near the base's launch pad. The team then investigated the murder, fearing that it would affect the moon landing. The team then found clues to suspect lunar mission chief Harold Fuey, the intended first man on the moon Mark Hamilton, Bucky (who was actually a FBI agent), the victim's sister and waitress Joan Segan and mission mathematician Betty Hawkins.
  • Mid-investigation, Orlando suggested the team investigate a nearby diner where S.A.R.A. employees would hang out. Later, Kai sneaked onto the launchpad to set up the beacon early, triggering the alarms.
  • The killer would turn out to be Mark, who did it to prevent him from going to the moon as he was scared. When Thomas walked in on Hamilton trying to sabotage the launch pad, Hamilton got the idea of killing him with a defibrillator shock to the head to stop the mission. The team then handed over Hamilton to Bucky, who told the detectives to not speak of the murder to anyone.
  • Five hours after the arrest, the T.I.M.E. rescue team had not yet picked them up, Amy and the player talked to Kai for his backup plan.
    • Kai told them that the coding formula for the machine had been sabotaged. He then suggested using S.A.R.A.'s network to trace who was in possession of Leonardo da Vinci's treatise, Ruminations On Time, which T.I.M.E. had based all its research on. After S.A.R.A.'s hard drive was found, Kai found out that the treatise was recently auctioned off to Hollywood actress Lorna Westerberg. Amy then suggested waiting three more days for the rescue team while Kai searched up on Lorna's location.
  • Meanwhile, Jack and the player found Thomas's lost checklist and the main control panel key that Hamilton held upon Harold's request to avoid the postponement of the mission launch, eventually meeting Hamilton's replacement for the mission, Neil.
  • After all the events, the team watched the rocket launch. Three days later, after witnessing the rocket's touchdown and Neil setting foot on the moon, Kai told the team he had tracked Lorna to Las Vegas.
  • The team then hurried to 1969 Las Vegas to track down and retrieve the treatise from Lorna.
  • Time disturbances included:
    • The moon landing was originally planned, without any knowledge or proof of a murder.

What Happens in Vegas...

  • With the approval of Amy, Jack and the player went with Nebet to the Las Vegas Strip. After witnessing people running away from the Peacock Hotel and Casino, the trio headed to the entrance to investigate.
  • There, the trio of detectives found the body of famed actress and manuscript owner Lorna Westerberg shot dead in front of the hotel. The team then suspected Lorna's lover, Lev, along with casino cardsharp Frankie Paisley, casino client Mabel Whitney and crooner Clifton Shapiro. They also suspected Tony Marconi's mother Nicoletta Marconi, even meeting the younger Tony.
  • Mid-investigation, Nebet and the player continued the investigation in the victim's hotel room upon hearing of an intruder there as Jack had to leave to smooth-talk the hotel staff into calming down. Soon afterward, while Jack briefly reunited with Nebet and the player, the paparazzi barraged them.
  • The killer then would turn out to be Frankie, who admitted that Lorna had asked him to help her cheat, splitting the winnings in return. However, Lorna had refused to pay him his half of the money. Disliking the jeopardizing situation he was in, Paisley shot Lorna to death. Nebet and the player then took him to the local authorities.
  • Orlando taught Nebet how to play craps in order to get back the team's money Janis had lost when she and Orlando went gambling.
  • Meanwhile the team would find:
  • An audio bug in Lorna's empty suitcase, which Kai used to determine that Lorna had bought the manuscript for Lev. Lev told the team that he had already taken the manuscript to his embassy in Washington, D.C. Zara then suggested that they team up with Nicoletta as she was a top-notch thief. The team then met up with Nicoletta, who agreed to pull off the heist in exchange for the team not reporting her theft of Lorna's tiara.
  • After all the events, Nicoletta met up with the team in front of the casino and agreed to meet up with them outside the Soviet embassy in three days.

Crime and Punishment

  • Outside the Soviet embassy in Washington, D.C., Jack and the player met up with Nicoletta, who told the team to infiltrate the embassy once she disabled the security system. When the signal was given, the team went in only to be intercepted by Soviet embassy personnel who revealed that Lev was found murdered.
  • Tasked by the embassy personnel to catch his killer, the detectives found Lev's strangled body on the driveway.
  • The detectives found out that Marina had disobeyed Amy's orders and met Lev in secret, forcing the team to flag her as a suspect. They also suspected Marina's grandmother and Lev's wife Ekaterina Romanova, Nicoletta, Soviet security guard and KGB agent Zavrazin and American Congressman Graham Winslow.
  • Marina later informed the team that Lev had spoken in the US Congress earlier that week. Soon afterwards, news of Lev's murder spread on Soviet news, heightening tensions between the Soviet Union and the USA. They also found during the investigation a film recorder showing a young Natasha Romanova.
  • The killer would turn out to be Graham, who admitted to killing the ambassador to kickstart an armed conflict between the Soviet Union and USA so that the USA could wipe out the Soviet Union immediately. The team then took him to the judge to answer for his crimes.
  • Despite the arrest, neither the Soviets nor the Americans were willing to back down from the armed conflict. This prompted the team to take action by:
    • Suspecting that both sides thought that backing down would show that they were weak, Marina and the player collaborated with Bucky to send fake messages to both sides of the war stating that the other side had backed down.
    • Meanwhile, Nicoletta told Jack and the player that she had found Da Vinci's treatise in Lev's fallout shelter and that she had hidden it in one of the embassy driveway's bushes. They found the treatise and sent it to Kai, who said that the pages with the formula on time travel were missing.
    • However, Kai said that he could accurately target a jump to Renaissance France with what he had in order to ask Da Vinci himself about the formula. Kai then asked the team to find some plutonium to power up the time machine. They then tricked Zavrazin into revealing that Lev had a plutonium stockpile in his bunker. The team then got some plutonium to power up the time machine.
  • After all the events, with the missile crisis averted, Amy gave the green light for the team to travel to the Renaissance and find Da Vinci.
  • Time disturbances included:
    • There was no missile crisis between the Americans and the Soviets due to there being no murder to trigger so.

Renaissance: "A Stroke of Genius"


A Tudor Murder

  • After deciding that they had to get help from Leonardo da Vinci to get back home, the player and Nebet disguised as Swiss guards in 1515 London after they heard shouts of murder from a peasant, who told the team that there was a murder in the royal palace's throne room.
  • They then headed to the palace, only to find the body of Queen Catherine of Aragon with half her face torn off. They then suspected Catherine's husband and King of England, Henry VIII, French musketeer Alexandre Devereaux, lady-in-waiting Anne Boleyn, beggar Dudley and Mangy Lion tavern owner Agnes Manners.
  • Mid-investigation, while convening in Houndsditch Passage, the team were approached by Dudley, who said he had info on the Queen. Later, a group of peasants rioted against King Henry VIII, suspecting him of killing his wife.
  • The killer would turn out to be Agnes, who confessed to killing the Queen after she overheard Alexandre discussing the possibility of a truce in the Franco-English war with Catherine. Agnes felt betrayed, as she had already lost two sons in the war. Thus, she bashed Catherine in the head on her hot cross bun delivery to the Queen, despite Catherine actually denying the truce agreement. King Henry had Agnes thrown into the dungeon until he could decide on her real punishment.
  • Penelope and the player talked with Devereaux regarding Leonardo's whereabouts. Devereaux said that Da Vinci never showed up in his appointment with King Francis I scheduled two months prior and that the King suspected English meddling. Devereaux suggested the team intercept the King's communication with his spies.
  • The team then found a carrier pigeon with a message that (per Orlando) showed that Da Vinci had been arrested by the Spanish Inquisition, proving that history had been altered to the point of no return.
  • Nebet and the player restocked the team's food supply and freed Dudley from his imprisonment in the stocks.
  • The team then rushed to Spain to save Da Vinci from the Inquisition.
  • Time disturbances included:
    • Catherine was murdered eighteen years before her historically accurate death.
    • Leonardo was never arrested by the Spanish Inquisition.

Hell to Pay

  • After the team rushed to 1515 Spain, Jack and the player headed to the Spanish Inquisition's torture chamber to rescue Leonardo after learning that he was a prisoner there.
  • They then discovered that not only had Leonardo escaped, but Inquisition torturer Mateo Arias was also found slashed several times before having his throat slit. They then suspected Grand Inquisitor Cardinal Cisneros, the victim's fiancée and maiden Isabel Vázquez, healer Beatriz del Castillo, Leonardo and prostitute Teresa Martínez.
  • Mid-investigation, Penelope tracked Leonardo to a brothel, where he was kept hidden until the investigation was closed. Later, Cardinal Cisneros threatened to send the team back to the Vatican for visiting the brothel.
  • The killer would turn out to be Isabel, who killed Mateo after she overheard Mateo gloating about how he killed her father in cold blood so she would be forced to marry Mateo due to her debts following her father's death. Understanding her crimes, Cisneros decided to excommunicate Isabel and quietly banish her from Spain.
  • Zara and the player debriefed Leonardo about them being time travelers to get his help to repair the time machine. After being taken to the machine, a surprised Leonardo suffered a collapse. When the team got Janis his valerian roots, she healed Leonardo, who agreed to help fix the time machine once he finished a mural for King Francis I.
  • Meanwhile, Amy tasked Jack, Theo and the player to get some alcohol for a feast that she was organizing to relieve tensions between team members. They also found some anti-aging ingredients thanks to the help of Beatriz for Jack's anti-aging cream.
  • After all the events, the team joined the feast, reconciled with each other and eventually accompanied Leonardo to Chambord, France, so he could finish Francis' painting.
  • Time disturbances included:
    • Leonardo was never arrested by the Spanish Inquisition.

Murder is No Joke

  • Zara and the player took a walk in the Chambord castle gardens after dropping off Leonardo to finish his mural for King Francis I.
  • However, they found court jester Triboulet stabbed in the throat, heart, and stomach with a rapier and left for dead in the fountain. They then suspected King Francis I of France, Anne, scullery maid Gilia La Bonne, Alexandre and the victim's twin brother, tax collector Charles Ferrial.
  • Mid-investigation, the town crier told the team that he had seen Triboulet alive near the musketeer barracks, who turned out to be his identical twin, Charles. Later, Alexandre told the team that Gilia was the murderer after they had arrested her for theft from the king.
  • The killer would turn out to be Charles, who killed his twin brother as he was incredibly jealous of his brother. When Triboulet started making jokes about him, Charles began to lose his cool and stabbed his brother in the stomach, the heart and the throat to silence him permanently. King Francis sentenced him to life in prison.
  • Orlando asked Zara and the player to find Penelope, who had snuck out of the time machine mid-investigation. He advised the team to check the barracks, where they found Penelope's ribbon which had silver-cleaning reagent on it, prompting the team to ask Gilia for more leads, where Gilia told the team that she was with Devereaux gathering provisions in the banquet hall.
  • In the hall, the team found a parchment which was a message from Penelope to T.I.M.E., saying that she had left them to be with Devereaux. The team instantly went to ask King Francis where Devereaux had gone, who then relayed that he had dispatched him to the Ottoman Empire.
  • Meanwhile, Theo and the player concocted a faster-drying paint so that Leonardo could finish his mural faster and assist the team sooner.
  • After all the events, Leonardo said that he could leave the rest of the mural to his students. He then offered to join the team as they departed to the Ottoman Empire to get Penelope back.
  • Time disturbances included:
    • Penelope ran off to the Ottoman Empire with a musketeer despite the risks of living in a different era.

Pride Comes Before the Fall

  • Nebet and the player went to the Sultan's vacation palace to start their search for Penelope.
  • However, instead the duo found the body of Vizier Ibrahim impaled on a statue in the palace's courtyard. The team then suspected eunuch Beshir, Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, the sultan's concubine Roxelana, the victim's adoptive daughter Serap and Cengiz and Zephora, the victim's parrot caretaker and the victim's parrot respectively.
  • Mid-investigation, the team followed Zephora to the royal springs as they had heard it say, "Kill the vizier." Later, a scuffle broke out between Beshir and Roxelana, as he was trying to stop her from escaping the Sultan's harem.
  • The killer then would turn out to be Serap, who admitted that she was having an affair with Roxelana. However, Ibrahim had ordered Serap to kill Roxelana, as he believed she had too much influence over the Sultan. Fearing that Ibrahim would discover Serap's lies after she faked killing Roxelana twice and kill Roxelana himself, Serap pushed him over the balcony to kill him. Suleiman banished her from the Ottoman Empire for two years, but allowed Roxelana to bid her farewell.
  • Post-trial, Penelope reappeared at the time machine and asked Jack and the player to prove Alexandre's innocence as he was accused of stealing the Halime stone at the thermal baths. The team found the stone and repaired it with help from Orlando, then presented it to Suleiman to prove it was simply misplaced. The team then told Penelope she was free to choose to stay in the past or rejoin them, informing her of the possibly disastrous consequences of staying with Devereaux.
  • Meanwhile, Kai said that Leonardo had not returned yet from the library after he had entrusted him with his phone. Nebet and the player found Zephora holding Kai's phone, which proved that Leonardo had found all the equations he needed before going to the springs. After finding Leonardo, the team set off to find his notes. After doing so, Leonardo told the team he was on the verge of a breakthrough.
  • After all the events, Penelope broke up with Devereaux, lying that her father had moved to the Americas.
  • Leonardo then said that the time machine would be fixed in two weeks' time, and then proceeded to invite the team to stay with him in Florence in the meantime.
  • Time disturbances included:
    • Penelope ran off to the Ottoman Empire with a musketeer despite the risks of living in a different era.

Till Death Do Us Part

  • Upon arriving at his workshop with Jack and the player in Florence, Leonardo found an invitation to the wedding of King Henry VIII and Lady Fiore de Medici.
  • However, a wedding guest then approached the team, saying that Lady Fiore had been found dead in her changing room. There, they found the King's fiancée shot in the heart. They then suspected the victim's cousin, Lord of Florence Alberto de Medici, King Henry VIII, Cisneros, Anne and Alexandre.
  • Mid-investigation, Leonardo deduced that the killer shot Fiore from his workshop with an experimental gun that he had created. Later, a drunk King Henry accused the team of the murder before being taken away by Lady Anne.
  • The killer would turn out to be Cisneros, who thought that the extremely beautiful Fiore should not marry anyone out of fear that her "purity" would be tainted. He then shot her with Leonardo's gun so that neither Henry nor anybody else could "have" her. The team then handed him over to Pope Leo X, who excommunicated Cisneros from the Church.
  • Afterwards, Henry and Anne approached Nebet and the player, asking them to find fabric to fashion a new dress for Anne to wear for her wedding to Henry. They found fabric in the changing room, which Orlando fashioned to a dress for Anne. Upon giving the dress, Anne asked the team to find the Bible of the Pope, who would officiate the wedding, as Henry had hidden it. After the team found the Bible, Nebet said she would deliver it.
  • Meanwhile, Leonardo asked Kai and the player to find his misplaced mechanical calculator. After the device was found in his workshop, Leonardo and Kai fed their calculations into it and used the results to calibrate his prototype time machine. Kai then gave Leonardo enough time crystals for a ten-minute jump into the future. Leonardo then successfully tested his prototype, meaning that the team could fix their own time machine and go back to 2029.
  • After all the events, the team attended Henry and Anne's wedding. They then set course for 2029 New York, where the landscape had vastly altered during their absence.
  • Time disturbances included:
    • Due to Catherine of Aragon's death prior, Henry planned to marry Lady Fiore, and later Anne Boleyn following Fiore's death.

Altered Present: "Time is a Lie"


Back to the Future

  • The team landed in 2029 New York, only to discover that it was now named New Cairo and ruled by the Ptolemy Dynasty. Shortly after leaving the time machine, the team was arrested by a group of Egyptian guards, who seized the time machine and took Nebet with them. After breaking out of their cell, the team headed to T.I.M.E.'s HQ to report their findings to Chief Scott, only to find the HQ replaced by an apartment complex.
  • After recognizing that the Chief was living there, the team entered his apartment, where they found him with his throat slashed with an electric knife.
  • They then disguised as private detectives before suspecting the victim's brother Emmett Scott, the victim's landlord Abrax Tiakken, taxi cab driver Lenny Saunders, the victim's former assistant and derelict homeless woman Anna Blanchard and the victim's neighbour Rehema Tamun.
  • Mid-investigation, Anna told Amy and the player that she saw the killer escaping the building and discarding evidence in a nearby trash can. Later, the team discovered that neither T.I.M.E. nor time travel existed in the alternate timeline. Afterwards, the press got wind that the team broke out and a bounty was placed on their heads.
  • Despite the pressure, the killer turned out to be Abrax, who confessed to killing Christopher on the orders of the Ptolemy Dynasty, as Scott was considered subversive. Devoted to the regime, Abrax slit the Chief's throat with an electric knife. Recognizing them as wanted outlaws, Abrax tried to capture the team at knifepoint but Kai put him in a chokehold, knocking him out and allowing the team to tie him up.
  • After locking Abrax in the Chief's bathroom, Zara and the player talked to Lenny, who saw the Chief interacting with strange individuals. Lenny said that those people belonged to the resistance, an organization working to overthrow the Dynasty. When Lenny told them the Chief was always fidgeting with what he thought was a key, they went back to his apartment and found a USB key, which proved that the Chief was working with the resistance after receiving the team's letter from 1969. Zara and the player talked with Anna, who showed them a box the resistance used to communicate. As such, the team sent the resistance a message.
  • Meanwhile, Jack and the player, in hopes of saving Nebet, searched the newsstand for information about the Ptolemy Dynasty. They found a newspaper clip which proved that Pharaoh Ramses XLIII and Queen Shabaka (descendants of Cleopatra and Mark Antony) were ruling New Cairo. The article also contained details about the celebrations of July 5th, when the Ptolemy family rose to power, where "tributes were offered".
  • Jack, Orlando, and the player then grilled Abrax, who said that people were delivered as slaves for the Dynasty during the mandatory celebrations. The team then concluded that Nebet was at risk of being offered as a slave.
  • After all the events, the team deduced that a Ptolemy family descendant staged the team's marooning in the past to engineer an alternate reality with the Dynasty in power.
  • Shortly after, the team was approached by resistance leader Isabelle Huxley, who welcomed them to the resistance and took them to their lair, where the team vowed to save Nebet and restore time.
  • Time disturbances included:
    • New York City was altered into an alternate timeline where the Ptolemy Dynasty ruled at the leadership of Pharaoh Ramses and Queen Shabaka.
    • T.I.M.E. ceased to exist in the timeline, as well the proof of time travel being hidden from the public.
    • Christopher Scott was originally the chief of the T.I.M.E. Agency in the original timeline, but he was a mere researcher in the altered timeline.

Rebel Without a Pulse

  • In the rebels' hideout, Isabelle told Zara and the player that her son, resistance fighter Storm Huxley, had been murdered.
  • They then collected Storm's body at the black market, who was shot in the chest with a laser gun that created a wide hole in his chest. They then suspected Isabelle, the victim's girlfriend Sadie Kek, resistance historian Sirius Atwood, resistance spy Ravi Jabari and Ptolemy spokesman Eugene Donkin.
  • Mid-investigation, Ravi approached the team, scaring them before revealing he was a resistance spy. Later, Janis ran away to the black market undisguised to get information about her grandchildren.
  • The killer would turn out to be Sadie, who killed Storm as he was risking their son Aldo's life to further the resistance, refusing to get him vaccinated to avoid him being put on the registry and sending him on missions to spy during the Fifth of July ceremony as he would go unnoticed. Sadie begged Storm to stop involving Aldo and when he refused, she shot him with a laser gun. Isabelle then decided to delay announcing her punishment for Sadie.
  • After Sadie's arrest, the team attended the Fifth of July ceremony, wherein it was announced that Princess Nefertiti had returned, suspecting her to be Nebet. Amy and the player then approached Isabelle, who said that Ravi had been gathering information on Nefertiti and who advised the team to approach Sirius for information on Chief Scott's findings.
  • Jack and the player found a phone Ravi had left in the black market, which contained proof that Nefertiti was Nebet's real identity, being the daughter of the Pharaoh and corresponding with Ammon Bast, who sabotaged the team's time machine back in 1969. Per Ravi, Ammon was the regime's head of intelligence who would be hosting a party at his place the following day. Zara and the player then found Eugene's invitation to the party for Marina and Ravi to use as a basis for a forged invitation for the team.
  • Meanwhile, Orlando and the player talked to Sirius, helping him determine that a painting that he owned contained information on the Chief's findings. The team found a folder inside the painting, from which Sirius and the team learned that Egypt had gotten multiple last-minute wins in various historical battles that led to the Ptolemys rising in power.
  • Sirius then left to inform Isabelle while Penelope and the player checked up with Orlando, who informed them that Sirius — who did not recognize him in the timeline they were in — was his deceased husband in their original timeline.
  • After all the events, the team figured out that Nefertiti had been quietly sabotaging the team's attempts to get back to the present to allow time for Ammon and the Dynasty to gain military might throughout history. They then decided to get ready to attend Ammon's party.
  • Time disturbances included:
    • New York City was altered into an alternate timeline where the Ptolemy Dynasty ruled at the leadership of Pharaoh Ramses and Queen Shabaka.
    • T.I.M.E. ceased to exist in the timeline, as well the proof of time travel being hidden from the public.
    • Orlando's husband, Sirius, was found to be alive despite his premature death in the original timeline.
    • Egypt had gotten multiple last-minute wins in various historical battles that led to the Ptolemys rising in power.

Bash of the Year

  • In order to learn more about Ammon Bast, Jack and the player inflitrated his party under the disguises of the French ambassador and a general, respectively.
  • In the mansion lounge, however, they found Gypt Technologies CEO Gérard Arnault with his head fatally bashed in with what would be found later to be a cat statue. They then suspected Ammon, who allowed them to investigate the murder as Gérard was their "countryman" before they suspected resistance-aligned mansion's chef Philip Ramsey, the victim's assistant Neha Adarsh, Eugene and partygoer Safiya Hanif.
  • Mid-investigation, Eugene started making a commotion over his despair about being in the killer's midst. Soon after, Ammon told the team he would take over the investigation if they did not find the killer in time.
  • The killer would turn out to be Eugene, who confessed that he killed Gérard as he had recorded him criticizing Pharaoh Ramses XLIII due to his talk show idea being rejected. Fearing that the recording was essentially a death sentence, Eugene bashed Gérard's head in to silence him. The team handed him over to Ammon, who said that the Pharaoh would have his head for his crime. The team was able to secure a mere prison sentence, however, claiming that France would not approve of capital punishment.
  • Afterwards, Jack and the player found a hard drive with Nefertiti's logs, proving that she had been in correspondence with Ammon throughout her entire tenure in T.I.M.E. Furthermore, she had also asked Ammon to keep a key safe. They then asked Philip about the key. He then told the team to look for some metal pieces he had stolen from Ammon's bedroom and kept in the kitchen. Upon finding it, the team reassembled the key and held onto it for the time being.
  • Jack and the player also found Ammon's diary in a safe in the lounge. Orlando, upon analyzing it, told Zara and the player that in addition to securing military victories for Egypt, Ammon had also married the various descendants of Cleopatra and Mark to world leaders throughout history.
  • Furthermore, Orlando concluded that the key to restoring the original timeline was undoing Ammon's securing of the shipping and trade routes in the 1700s, a crucial element to the Ptolemy rise in power. The team then asked Sirius for help getting back their time machine. Sirius then said he could arrange a meeting with resistance-aligned Sphinx News journalist Tabu Kebu so the team could find out where its time machine was stored.
  • After all those events transpired, the team prepared to attend a meeting with Tabu.
  • Time disturbances included:
    • New York City was altered into an alternate timeline where the Ptolemy Dynasty ruled at the leadership of Pharaoh Ramses and Queen Shabaka.
    • T.I.M.E. ceased to exist in the timeline, as well the proof of time travel being hidden from the public.
    • Egypt had gotten multiple last-minute wins in various historical battles that led to the Ptolemys rising in power.
    • It would be found that the various descendants of Cleopatra and Mark Antony married world leaders throughout history.
    • It was also found that the securing of the shipping and trade routes in the 1700s was ensured in the name of the Ptolemy Dynasty.

Fake News

  • Jack and the player went to the Sphinx News newsroom disguised as Sphinx News security officers to meet up with Tabu in order to get the team's time machine back.
  • However, they found Tabu poisoned to death in the newsroom with scorpion venom ingested with his coffee. They then suspected Sirius along with the victim's intern Akhen Khaba, Sphinx News reporter Tamat Loren, the head of the re-education program Anka Wadj and a subject of the program Moz Burgess.
  • Mid-investigation, the team was sent to the restricted area, Sector 7, where there had been an unauthorized entry, only to find that it was a re-education center where people were forced to watch Sphinx News in order to meet the required daily viewing quota. Later, Moz took over the airwaves to rant about how Tabu was an enemy of the Ptolemy regime.
  • The killer would turn out to be Akhen, who confessed that Pharaoh Ramses XLIII paid him to kill Tabu, as the journalist's investigation into the re-education center eventually led to his discovery of the existence of a special technology that the Ptolemys were hiding from the public. The team handed him over to the security head, who would take him to the authorities.
  • Afterwards, Jack and the player went to the newsroom to find Tabu's notes on the Ptolemys' secret technology. There, they found a map which confirmed that the secret tech was indeed their time machine, which the Ptolemys stored in a secret room in their royal pyramid. The team then approached Ravi, who agreed to help the team access the secret room.
  • Meanwhile, Amy and the player found Orlando in the Red Heron café after he had left the resistance headquarters to clear his head. The team also retrieved a letter Orlando had written to Sirius detailing their marriage and his death in the original timeline before Sirius could read it.
  • After all the events, Isabelle told the team that they would infiltrate the pyramid during the changing of the guards that evening.
  • Later, as the team prepared to execute their plan, the royal guards stormed in, placing them under arrest for plotting against the regime.
  • Time disturbances included:
    • New York City was altered into an alternate timeline where the Ptolemy Dynasty ruled at the leadership of Pharaoh Ramses and Queen Shabaka.
    • T.I.M.E. ceased to exist in the timeline, as well the proof of time travel being hidden from the public.
    • Orlando married Sirius Atwood in the original timeline, the latter going through a premature death.

Fool's Gold

  • After the team had been arrested for conspiring against the Ptolemy Dynasty, a palace guard approached them, saying that Nefertiti requested their presence. Amy and the player were taken to Nefertiti, who ordered them to solve the murder of her father, Pharaoh Ramses XLIII.
  • With the team temporarily released and having full access to the palace, Amy and the player headed to the pyramid's balcony, where they found the Pharaoh’s body with molten gold poured on his head. They then suspected Ramses's daughter and wife, Nefertiti and Shabaka respectively, along with Ravi, Abrax and time machine warden Zayden Ito in Ramses' murder.
  • Mid-investigation, the guards escorted the team to investigate the secret hangar (where the time machine was stored), where Ramses spent a lot of time. However, the machine was protected by a forcefield and Kai was sent back to prison to make sure the team could not unlock it. The team would later discover that the key they stole during Ammon's party was needed to unlock the forcefield around the machine. Soon after, Shabaka announced in Anubis Square that Ramses' killer and the captured resistance members would be executed by sunset.
  • The killer would turn out to be Nefertiti herself, and she confessed that she overheard that her parents wanted to send her away to Egypt to stop her from using the time machine, hence preventing her from changing history again. Wanting to stay in New Cairo (where she held real power), Nefertiti programmed a drone to fly over Ramses and pour molten gold over his head. Although Nefertiti demanded the team to pin the murder on Ravi, they handed her over to Shabaka, who sentenced her daughter to forced labor in Wolaniu Island.
  • After the arrest, Shabaka prepared to execute the team and the resistance, only to be interrupted by an explosion. A guard reported that the explosion allowed Kai and the resistance to escape from their cells into the balcony, where a shootout ensued and a fugitive was hit.
  • Worried about Kai, Zara and the player headed to the balcony and found Kai's shirt with Ravi's blood. They talked to Ravi, who said that Kai punched him in the face for having considering betraying the resistance, before escaping alone to the palace throne room. In the throne room, the team found Kai lying unconscious and shot in the arm, and took him to Janis. Janis healed Kai, stating that he caused the cell explosion and was too close to the blast range.
  • Meanwhile, Amy and the player asked Zayden (who was a T.I.M.E. head mechanic in the original timeline) for help to unlock the forcefield. Upon being presented with the key, Zayden said that they also required the deactivation code. After they successfully deduced the code from the fingerprints on the keypad, Zayden and Jack ran through the machine's checklist, confirming it was ready to be used.
  • As a group of guards stormed the hangar to capture them, the team was able to board the time machine and make a jump to 18th century Cape Verde in hopes of stopping Ammon from seizing the commercial routes for the Ptolemys.
  • Time disturbances included:
    • New York City was altered into an alternate timeline where the Ptolemy Dynasty ruled at the leadership of Pharaoh Ramses and Queen Shabaka.
    • T.I.M.E. ceased to exist in the timeline, as well the proof of time travel being hidden from the public.
    • The securing of the shipping and trade routes in the 1700s was ensured by Ammon in the name of the Ptolemy Dynasty.

Age of Sail: "Sink or Swim"


Anchors Aweigh!

  • After the team landed in 1719 Brava Island, Cape Verde to stop Ammon's schemes in putting the trade routes and shipping ports sold by the French king in the favour of the Ptolemys, Zara and the player investigated the port disguised as British privateers.
  • However, they then found the body of HMS Highmore gunner Barnabas Dycker with his throat slit with a straight razor. They then suspected the captain of the HMS Highmore Captain Ellis Shadrach, ship surgeon Felix Humphrey, the victim's former friend and Navy gunner turned pirate Jorge de la Cruz, governor Uriah Haddonfield and his daughter, Isadora Haddonfield.
  • Mid-investigation, a drunken Jack told the team that he learned from a man in the tavern that the HMS Highmore crew attended a party in Governor Uriah Haddonfield's plantation. Later, the team stopped the ship from leaving port prematurely.
  • The killer would turn out to be Felix, who told them that after the party the previous night, Barnabas requested a shave from Felix. However, the boat rocked against the port, causing Felix's hand to slip and the straight razor to slit Barnabas' throat. Felix then hid the evidence of his mistake to protect his career. Captain Shadrach granted Felix clemency for the homicide; however, for his concealment of the crime, he was to be flogged and removed from the ship's roster.
  • Post-arrest, Uriah told Jack and the player that in order for his company, the East India Company, to prevail over the Egyptian Trading Company, they needed to secure ports and plantations at the French king's auction happening in Tortuga. The team then recovered Uriah's notice regarding the auction, where they learned that it would take place at the Severine Estate on Tortuga a month from then.
  • Orlando then suggested the team ask Uriah if they could get on an East Indian Company trading ship. Uriah told the team that they could approach Captain Shadrach to get on the Highmore for their three-week voyage to Tortuga.
  • Meanwhile, Zara and the player procured a small sloop in order for Theo to give a team a crash course in sailing after they decided they could not risk using the time machine to travel around.
  • After all the events and further sailing training, the team approached Shadrach, who told the team he could not accommodate them due to his toothache. After Janis operated on his tooth, Shadrach hired her as well as the rest of the team. The team then prepared to set sail for Tortuga.
  • Time disturbances included:
    • The securing of the shipping and trade routes in the 1700s was ensured by Ammon in the name of the Ptolemy Dynasty.

A Pirate's Death for Me

  • A week after disembarking from Cape Verde, the HMS Highmore docked in Port Braxton to restock on supplies. In a nearby tavern, Blackbeard approached Jack and the player to befriend them.
  • However, the team then watched as Blackbeard collapsed dead after he had realized that the orange he ate was poisoned. They then suspected tavern owner Lincoln Matuszak, Blackbeard's crewmate Rags, fruit vendor Ezola Alldred, pirate Mary Read and Egyptian Trading Company trader Captain Shafra.
  • Mid-investigation, Orlando accidentally fell into the water while exploring the Black Sparrow. Later, the detectives found out that Mary and Rags had started fighting over captaincy of the Black Sparrow, calming them down.
  • In the end, the killer would turn out to be Lincoln, who killed Blackbeard so he could steal the map to Rackham's lost treasure. Knowing that he was telling the truth, Lincoln planned to steal the map from Blackbeard's pocket and kill him afterwards, poisoning an orange that he gave to the pirate. Refusing to disclose the treasure's location, Lincoln was handed over to the authorities.
  • Post-arrest, Captain Shadrach said that he had heard that the Egyptian Trading Company was planning to bet at least twice the amount that the East India Company were willing to bet in the Tortuga auction. To procure more fortune to beat the Egyptians, the team interrogated Lincoln about the treasure.
  • After Lincoln slipped up that he had hidden the map in a peg leg, the team found the map in the tavern, which they sent to Penelope to decode. After the treasure's location was successfully pinpointed, Shadrach said that it was in an island lying in extremely treacherous waters, but that they were willing to take the risk to win the auction.
  • Meanwhile, Orlando and the player determined that Blackbeard had named Mary Read as his heir to his ship, and successfully convinced the ship's crew to accept her as their captain.
  • After all the events, the team traveled to the island, only for the ship to crash.
  • Time disturbances included:
    • The securing of the shipping and trade routes in the 1700s was ensured by Ammon in the name of the Ptolemy Dynasty.
    • Blackbeard was killed years before his original death at sea.


  • The morning after the team and the crew of the HMS Highmore washed up on a desert island after their ship shipwrecked, islander Curly Stubbs approached the team, saying that he had found their village leader dead on the shore.
  • After the reveal, Zara and the player soon found the body of village leader Evangeline Rousseau speared in the neck on the island shores. They then suspected Curly Stubbs, shipwrecked aristocrat Quentin Montague, the victim's daughter Miranda Rousseau, islander Monday and the HMS Highmore's chef George Turbot in Evangeline's murder.
  • During the investigation, the team learned that the islanders were a community of survivors of the HMS Unsinkable shipwreck twelve years prior. Soon enough, the team ventured to rescue a piglet trapped near a waterfall. Later, the team took Captain Shadrach to Janis after he had washed up on shore, saying that he almost drowned after the shipwreck.
  • In the end, the killer would turn out to be Curly, who killed Evangeline as he learned that she was persuading all the islanders to kill and eat him. Quentin (as the newly-elected leader of the village) then exiled him from the village, informing him that Monday had volunteered to take care of him until he could learn to survive on his own.
  • After the trial, Shadrach told the team that Blackbeard's treasure was on the island. Zara and the player then rummaged through the ship's wreckage on the beach to find a map of the island that Shadrach had created. They were able to find the map, which Orlando and Shadrach used to pinpoint the treasure's location right in the middle of the village. After the team promised Quentin that they would take the village with them once they were rescued, they started digging, eventually reaching the treasure.
  • Meanwhile, Kai and the player approached Monday for help in procuring bird guano that they needed for their improvised flare gun. After all the events, Zara started turning blue and scaly, possibly as a reaction to touching Blackbeard's treasure.
  • Later, the team spotted a passing ship and thus shot a flare. To their surprise, the ship's captain was Ammon, who had gone back to the Age of Sail to prevent the team from undoing his alterations in history. Fortunately, Mary and the Black Sparrow also noticed the flare and rescued the team from Ammon's ship to repay them for their help in Port Braxton.
  • While Shadrach, his crew, and the villagers were left marooned on the island, the team left them the flare gun to use in the event another ship passed by. Mary then suggested taking Zara and the team to Skull Island, to break her "curse".
  • Time disturbances included:
    • The securing of the shipping and trade routes in the 1700s was ensured by Ammon in the name of the Ptolemy Dynasty.

Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered

  • Soon after the team and Mary's crew docked on Skull Island, the priestess' apprentice, Agwé, informed them that they must wait three days for the priestess to awaken from her holy trance.
  • After two days of waiting, Mary told the team that she had found Agwé dead near the ship. Jack and the player then collected his body, who had suffered from blunt force trauma. They then suspected Mary, Jorge, stall owner Derek Trollope, priestess Jemimah Mabayo and Zara in the murder.
  • Mid-investigation, Priestess Mabayo woke up from her trance a day earlier than expected. The team were then forced to suspect Zara of the murder after they found evidence of her snooping around in the priestess' hut. Later, Zara started telling the team to give up their investigation, saying that she had accepted her life as a blue and scaly fish.
  • The killer would turn out to be Jorge, who admitted that he had started to have feelings for Agwé, but he panicked as he knew homosexual acts were not approved by pirates following Agwé attempting to kiss him. He then bashed Agwé's head in with a cognac bottle, intending to scare him but killing him instead. Mary then removed Jorge from her crew, ordering him to stay behind on the island to await the voodoo gods' punishment.
  • Post-trial, Zara and the player approached the priestess to restore her back to normal. After finding her the necessary ingredients, Mabayo gave Zara a concoction to counter the "curse". After examining the potion, Theo concluded that the "curse" was actually the skin's reaction to a substance that had formed on the coins from a reaction with the fresh oxygen in the air after they unearthed it. He then applied it on the coins to make them safe to touch while Zara drank the rest, restoring her.
  • Meanwhile, Penelope and the player approached Mary and Derek to learn about the ways of the pirate life for her book. After all the events, the team set sail for Tortuga to get there before the day of the auction.
  • Time disturbances included:
    • The securing of the shipping and trade routes in the 1700s was ensured by Ammon in the name of the Ptolemy Dynasty.

Going Once, Going Twice, Dead!

  • As soon as the team landed in Tortuga, Jack and the player headed to the Severine Estate auction room, only to find auctioneer Henri Pelletier with his head blown off. They then found clues to suspect the owner of the estate Simone Severine, Mary, plaintiff Benedetto D'Agostino, Captain Shafra and Governor Haddonfield.
  • Mid-investigation, Amy revealed that she happened upon Pelletier's head when she was looking around the veranda. Later, a gunpowder fire started in the mansion near the mansion's veranda before Kai was able to put it out.
  • The killer would turn out to be Simone, who swore revenge on Henri after what he did to her and her family. She then explained that after her parents was deported and she and her sister tried to escape, she witnessed Henri personally whip her sister to death. Years later when Pelletier showed up at the estate for the auction, Simone used the knowledge on explosives that she gained from her late husband by giving her former master an explosive-laced cigar that blew up as soon as he lit it. The team handed Simone over to the Tortugan authorities.
  • Post-arrest, Uriah told Jack and the player that he spotted an Egyptian toying with the auction candle, explaining that the candle snuffing out would mark the end of the auction.
  • The team found the candle in the auction room, which (per Kai) came from the future and whose snuffing out was remote-controlled. Now alert of Ammon Bast's presence in the estate, the team replaced the candle with a normal one before telling Uriah that the auction would go smoothly.
  • Meanwhile, Zara and the player assisted Isadora and Quentin (who was able to escape from the deserted island along with all the other island inhabitants thanks to the flare gun the team left for them) in releasing Mary, who was illegally arrested by Tortugan authorities for piracy.
  • After all the events, the auction finally started, with Quentin replacing Pelletier as the auctioneer. With the Egyptian Trading Company failing to secure the trade routes, Ammon shot Orlando in the chest and then escaped by jumping off the veranda. On the veranda, they found proof that Ammon loaded 18th-century guns onto his time machine. Fortunately, Kai ensured the team that he slipped his newly-devised tracker onto Ammon so they could figure out his destination.
  • After some time, Orlando was able to recover from his injuries. Kai then said that Ammon had travelled to 1235 Mongolia. Certain about the place but uncertain about the exact date, the team travelled in time to prevent Ammon from introducing future technology to Medieval Mongolia.
  • Time disturbances included:
    • The securing of the shipping and trade routes in the 1700s was ensured by Ammon in the name of the Ptolemy Dynasty.
    • Ammon stole firearms from the 18th century to the 13th century, potentially to cause trouble.

Medieval Asia: "The Art of War"


A Mongolian Tale

  • Upon the team's arrival in a 1235 Mongolian yurt village, villager Toduun accused them of killing his son, village chief Argat Noyan.
  • The team was able to convince him to allow them to prove themselves innocent by finding the true killer, beginning by collecting Argat's body, who had been stabbed in the neck. They then suspected Argat's father Toduun, the victim's friend and hunter Mergen, pathfinder Erhi, Spanish explorer Santiago Sanchez and camel breeder Sorhon.
  • Mid-investigation, Kai told the team he spotted a foreigner lurking around the yurts, which turned out to be Santiago. Later, Erhi shot at a rabbit behind the team, scaring them.
  • In the end, Erhi would be found guilty of the murder. She then said that even though she rejected Argat's proposal, she was informed by a foreigner staying at their camp who had gotten close to Argat that he was planning to force her into marriage. Valuing her freedom, she killed Argat by stabbing him in the neck on the foreigner's advice. The team presented her to Toduun, who said he needed time to decide on her punishment.
  • Post-arrest, Erhi confirmed to Jack and the player that Ammon was the foreigner she had talked to. The team then went to the village and found Ammon's phone, which proved that Ammon was resorting to a Plan B, where he was to provide Mongol leader Ogedei Khan with the weapons he smuggled from the Age of Sail.
  • Toduun then told the team that the Khan was in Karakorum and that they needed a gift if they wanted to seek an audience with him. The team then found Argat's leftover money and bought a camel from Sorhon to present to the Khan.
  • Meanwhile, Zara and the player got some fur from Mergen as Orlando needed it to make era-appropriate outfits for the team. After all the events, the team prepared to travel to Karakorum to stop Ammon's plan.
  • Time disturbances included:
    • Ammon's backup plan to give 18th century firearms to the 13th century Mongol Empire in order to crush the Chinese.

Fountain of Death

  • Jack and the player headed to Karakorum, Mongol Empire, preparing to talk to Ogedei Khan in his palace. However, they were stopped upon finding General Subutai's eldest wife Tangzi Khatun shot with an arrow by the silver tree fountain. They then suspected Tangzi's husband General Subutai, one of Subatai's other wives Yangdai Khatun, city merchant Ayanchin, French goldsmith and fountain engineer Guillaume Boucher and Chinese slave Wu Ming.
  • Subutai promised the team to present them to Ogedei if they found his wife's killer. Mid-investigation, Jack accidentally activated a trapdoor in the fountain while trying to drink the free-flowing wine. Later, Ogedei arrived at the palace, demanding the team find the killer quickly and take them to him.
  • The killer would turn out to be Ayanchin, who explained that after a particularly bad winter that took his good animals, Ayanchin was fired by Tangzi before she started badmouthing him, causing him to lose even more business. He had begged Tangzi to stop, but Tangzi said she would report his inadequacy to Ogedei. Fearing the Khan would behead him, Ayanchin shot her dead. Ogedei then banished Ayanchin from Karakorum for his crimes.
  • Post-trial, Subutai fulfilled his promise and took Jack and the player to Ogedei, who told the team that Ammon was a trusted friend of his, giving military advice as well as advanced weapons to help them defeat the Song Dynasty of the Chinese Empire. The team's audience was interrupted, however, when Ogedei was informed of the kidnapping of his daughter, Princess Torgoljin.
  • After the team promised to find clues to her whereabouts, they reconvened on the time machine, where Orlando noted that Ammon was planning to prematurely decimate the Chinese Empire so that the Ptolemys could piggyback on the Mongol takeover and rise to power.
  • Jack and the player then set off to the silver tree, where they found proof that Torgoljin was kidnapped by the Chinese. With Ammon predisposed with the Mongol army, the team volunteered to venture to China to rescue Torgoljin.
  • Ogedei then promised to hold off the siege of the Chinese for his daughter's safety and tasked them to report back to him at the Great Wall after the rescue. Meanwhile, the player took Kai to meet Guillaume, helping him repair a gear in the fountain in the process.
  • After all the events, Kai and Penelope were tasked to follow Ogedei's army to keep an eye on Ammon while the rest of the team set off to the Chinese Empire to rescue the princess, with Theo giving them Astro for them to communicate with the time machine twice a day.
  • Time disturbances included:
    • Ammon's backup plan to give 18th century firearms to the 13th century Mongol Empire in order to crush the Chinese.
    • Without Ammon's plans, Princess Torgoljin would've never been kidnapped by the Chinese.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

  • Zara and the player headed to an opera house in Xiangyang, Chinese Empire to meet with Emperor Lizong of the Song Dynasty and determine the location of Ogedei Khan's kidnapped daughter, Princess Torgoljin.
  • There, however, they found landowner, and later revealed to be an accomplice behind the princess's kidnapping, Jin Bingxu with his skull smashed in with a bianzhong bell. They then suspected Emperor Lizong, the Emperor's first minister Shi Miyuan, opera singer Lian Wei, the Princess and Santiago in the murder.
  • During the investigation, Shi Miyuan told the team that he had his soldiers kidnap Torgoljin and then paid Bingxu to lock her up, intending to return the princess if the Khan called off his army. Soon after, the princess ran past by the team while attempting to escape. Later, Lizong fired a cannon at the team, curious to see how the cannons worked.
  • In the end, Miyuan would be found to be the killer, informing the team that Bingxu was planning to go to the Khan himself, pretending he had rescued the princess, in order to gain a hefty reward. To stop Bingxu from jeopardizing the operation, Miyuan bashed Bingxu's head in with a bell. Lizong had the guards take Miyuan away to await his full punishment, but refused to hand Torgoljin back.
  • Post-arrest, Orlando and the player enlisted help from opera singer Lian Wei to make Torgoljin over to look like an opera singer in order to bust her out of Chinese captivity. After getting disguised as an opera singer with Wei's makeup and Orlando's gown, Torgoljin was able to convince her sentry that she was not the princess, successfully escaping.
  • Meanwhile, Zara and the player went to the cannon field to find proof that Torgoljin's kidnapping was orchestrated by one man alone to abate the Khan's hatred against the Chinese. There, they found proof that another man had suggested the kidnapping to Miyuan, which turned out to be Ammon himself.
  • The team then set off to warn the Emperor, who insisted on standing his ground in the war against the Mongols despite knowing of Ammon's manipulation. The team then asked whether the Chinese had any allies, to which the Emperor told them to search the cannon field for Miyuan's strategy notes. The team discovered that Miyuan had allied with Japanese Shogun Yoshinobu Gojo before relaying their findings to the Emperor, who formally decreed the team to meet with the Shogun in Japan.
  • After all the events, the team asked Santiago to escort Torgoljin back to Mongolia. The team then talked with Kai and Penelope via Astro before heading off to Japan to help the Chinese stand their ground against the Mongols.
  • Time disturbances included:
    • Ammon's backup plan to give 18th century firearms to the 13th century Mongol Empire in order to crush the Chinese.
    • Without Ammon's plans, Princess Torgoljin would've never been kidnapped by the Chinese.

A Slice of Death

  • Jack and the player went to Shogun Yoshinobu Gojo’s palace to ask him to assist the Chinese in their war against the Mongols, only to find him sliced in half in his bedroom. They then suspected the victim's wife Tokiko Gojo, samurai Jyunpei Oyama, Mongol monk Buyantu, teahouse owner Oume and swordmaker Yoshimune.
  • Mid-investigation, Janis was able to determine that the shogun had gone to a nearby teahouse per her examination of his stomach. Later, the team heard an explosion coming from near the teahouse, only to find out it had come from the miners blowing up some rocks. The team then found out that Ogedei Khan had assigned Oume to discreetly assassinate the shogun, despite Oume claiming innocence.
  • In the end, the killer would turn out to be Jyunpei, who admitted that he wanted to retire from his service as the samurai and become a pacifist monk. Every time he asked permission from Shogun Yoshinobu to let him go however, the Shogun refused to let him retire given his efficiency. Due to this, Jyunpei sliced the shogun in half. The team surrendered him to Tokiko, to which Jyunpei accepted that he would have to commit seppuku as punishment.
  • Post-arrest, Zara told Amy and the player that Theo had run away from her while they were cuddling. The team then found Theo in the temple, where he told them that he was starting to disappear. Speculating that something had happened to Princess Torgoljin, Theo's ancestor, Amy reassured him that they would find out what was happening to him when Penelope and Kai reported from Mongolia.
  • Meanwhile, Tokiko told Jack and the player that she would be taking the position of shogun with her husband's death. Shogun Tokiko told the team she was happy to lend her soldiers to China but they needed swords, the steel for which was not due to come down from the mine for another week. The team then found iron near the mine, which Janis and Yoshimune were able to fashion steel swords out of.
  • After all the events, Kai told the team that Torgoljin was safe, having last seen her talking happily to Santiago. The team then went to reunite with Kai and Penelope at the Great Wall of China to hopefully stop the war between the Mongols and the Chinese.
  • Time disturbances included:
    • Ammon's backup plan to give 18th century firearms to the 13th century Mongol Empire in order to crush the Chinese.
    • Theodore Moon starts to fade from existence, potentially due to something related with his ancestor, Princess Torgoljin.

The Wrath of Khan

  • Jack and the player met with Ogedei Khan and Ammon, only for the Khan to inform the team that the Mongolians’ ally, Santiago Sanchez, had been found dead on the Great Wall. With the Khan ready to blame the murder on the Chinese, he decided to hold off the attack to allow the team to investigate.
  • They then suspected Kai after they found out he talked with Santiago, before suspecting Subutai, Ammon, Emperor Lizong and Shogun Tokiko.
  • Mid-investigation, Tokiko demanded to know why the team were fraternizing with their enemy. Later, the team learned that Penelope had told Kai the reason why Theo was starting to vanish: Princess Torgoljin was not falling in love with the "correct" man as she was starting to get together with Santiago. Having seen him fight with Santiago over this, Torgoljin accused Kai of the murder, threatening to have him executed if they did not find the killer in time.
  • With Kai's life and the war on the line, they found Ammon to be the killer. Ammon confessed to beating Santiago to death to provoke the Khan into waging all-out war against the Chinese. Telling the team that the damage he had dealt to the timeline was irreversible, the team handed him to the Khan, who proceeded to slash Ammon's throat with a sword as punishment. However, the Khan refused to back down from the war.
  • Post-trial, Tokiko asked Jack and the player to sabotage the Mongols' gunpowder to give them a fighting chance. The team then found the gunpowder stash in the Mongol camp, which Kai was able to neutralize. They then returned the gunpowder to General Subutai, claiming to have found it after it was stolen.
  • Meanwhile, Penelope told the player that while Santiago's death stopped Theo from vanishing, he was not regaining his vanished arm because Torgoljin had still not met his ancestor, Chinese soldier Kong Wan Chun. They then found his diary in the Chinese camp, which proved that he was in charge with flying kites to monitor the enemy's movements on the Great Wall.
  • As Torgoljin also enjoyed kite flying, the team arranged for them to meet on the Wall, after which the couple proceeded to run away from the war together, restoring Theo's ancestry. After all the events, Orlando told the team that even with the destruction of the Chinese Empire averted, Ammon was right in that the destruction dealt to the timeline both by the Ptolemy Dynasty's and the team's presence was too drastic.
  • He then proposed that they travel to the last point when history was still intact - 47 BCE during their investigation into Julius Caesar's murder - in order to arrest Ammon and Nebet before he could sabotage their time machine and alter history. Even with the risk of creating a paradox by interacting with their past selves, Amy approved of the plan in order to fix history once and for all...
  • Time disturbances included:
    • Ammon's backup plan to give 18th century firearms to the 13th century Mongol Empire in order to crush the Chinese.
    • Theodore Moon almost fades from existence due to Princess Torgoljin's affair with Santiago, which was later fixed by Penelope and the player.

The End: “Home Sweet Home?”


Time's Up

  • Disguised as Cleopatra's guards on the day of Julius Caesar's murder in the hands of Pamiu, Zara and the player headed out to find Nefertiti and Ammon so they could arrest them before they could inflict damage on the normal timeline.
  • However in the gardens, they found Nefertiti (as Nebet) tied up with her heart torn out. They then suspected Pamiu (who knew beforehand that she was a time traveler), Cleopatra, and the Priestess of Ra, Takhat Wabet. They also found out that Amy had been trying to manage her anger at Nebet for her betrayal of the team, prompting them to flag her as a suspect before the team cornered and arrested Ammon before he could sabotage the time machine.
  • Mid-investigation, the version of Jack investigating Caesar's murder stumbled into the present versions of Zara and the player, confusing him and nearly jeopardizing the timeline with a temporal paradox. The team then discovered that Nebet and Ammon had built a futuristic pyramid to serve as their secret base, and that Nebet (as the Goddess Nefertiti) had "prophesied" to Cleopatra regarding her death in a few years' time as well as the prosperity of her descendants.
  • They also learned that Nebet suggested to Pamiu to kill Caesar. Later, Ammon escaped from his cell, prompting the team to search for him in the Queen's garden. There, they found Ammon with his heart torn out as well. The team then found proof that Ammon was killed while under the team's custody.
  • The killer would turn out to be Takhat, who was discovered by the team to be slowly fading away. She revealed herself to be Nebet from the year 2060. While on exile in Wolaniu Island, Nebet became convinced that she needed to rid the world of the Ptolemys, who had gone mad with power. She then traveled back in time to reason with her past self and Ammon. When they would not budge, she killed her past self with a dagger before proceeding to do the same with Ammon after finding Amy's lost badge in the garden. Nebet then asked the team to forgive her before proceeding to fade away completely.
  • Post-arrest, the team set out to rid 47 BCE of any trace of time travelling. With Nebet's time machine vanishing alongside her, Pamiu arrested by the past version of the team, their past selves soon to merge with their present selves, the team needed to take care of Ammon's time machine, the futuristic pyramid, and Cleopatra's memories.
  • Jack and the player went to the pyramid and found Ammon's access badge to his time machine. Kai then used the badge to track the time machine to a spot in the market near Yuya's stall. Amy and the player then convinced him to move his stall to give Kai space to work with the time machine. He then told the team he would rig the machine with explosives and transport it to the pyramid to destroy it once and for all.
  • Meanwhile, Zara and the player went to the gardens to find a fungus that Theo needed to create a memory-wiping concoction for Cleopatra. They sent the fungus to Theo, who turned it into a psychedelic powder to slip into Cleopatra's drink. Zara and the player then brought along Marina (disguised as a soothsayer) to see Cleopatra. They had the Queen drink psychedelic-infused tea before Marina hypnotized her to make her forget about Nebet, to find confidence in her rule, and to anticipate a new lover.
  • After all the events, Kai had the pyramid implode before telling Amy that everything was taken care of. With their past and present selves successfully merging, the team jumped ahead to 2029 where Jack and the player then affirmed that they were finally safe in the correct timeline.

The Conclusion

After the team had finally put the correct timeline back in order and that they had returned back home to 2029 New York City, Amy then briefed Chief Scott regarding their mission in Ancient Egypt. During the report brief, Amy and the player then realized that with the timeline repaired, only the team knew of their adventures throughout the season. A few days after, the team reminisced about their adventures, Penelope saying that she would be writing about their adventures in a book, Theo would be introducing Kai and Zara to his parents, Jack and Amy continuing their work for T.I.M.E. and Janis, Marina and Orlando living their lives with family and friends. At their barbecue together, they recounted what the future laid ahead for them, with the player ready to find new adventures.

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