After the work of Louisgustavo on the previous season's summary, I decided to make my own for The Conspiracy season. Without further ado, here's the summary of The Conspiracy that begins from the first case of the season to the season finale! Thanks to Louis and Hasuro for offering their help!

Fairview: "Old Friends, New Beginnings"

Old Friends, New Beginnings

Snake in the Grass

  • A year prior, a mysterious satellite fell from the sky into the Grimsborough forest.
  • In the present, the player was reunited with their old friends, GPD senior detective David Jones, tech expert Cathy Turner with her husband Alex Turner and their son Sammy Turner. Soon after, Chief Diane Parker welcomed the player back to Grimsborough.
  • After Chief Parker allowed Jones to take the player to the zoo, they soon found the body of their former coroner and zoo veterinarian, Nathan Pandit, tied up and covered in snake bites. They soon suspected zoo owner Jackson Peacock, Fairview high school teacher Pippa Goldfinch, the victim’s girlfriend and zoo consultant Harper Stone, zookeeper Vince Moon and zoo visitor Kit Partridge in the case.
  • Mid-investigation, the detectives soon found the murder weapon, an Eastern coral snake and followed it to the zoo gift shop. They also met Eduardo Ramirez, who was working as a private eye and the GPD's consultant.
  • The killer turned out to be Kit, as he knew Nathan as a former colleague who refused to help him doctor evidence of a drug bust to keep his son out of prison. Kit then killed Nathan in revenge after he saw the latter wandering around his zoo paradise.
  • The player met newly-arrived detective Gloria Hayes before they discovered CCN's "Grimsborough: A Year in Review" DVD that described a fallen satellite that fell in Grimsborough.
    • Jones then explained that a commercial satellite suffered a technical difficulty, crashed into the empty forest and that people had mostly forgotten about it.
  • The team discovered that:
    • Jackson was trafficking baby pandas.
    • Nathan had discovered that a shipment of amlodipine (a high blood pressure medication) had gone missing.
  • The team then celebrated the arrests of Kit and Jackson, while they decided to look for the missing amlodipine.

Hell Is Other People

  • Gloria and the player were called to Elmwood Avenue in response of a call about a murder. There, they found housewife Elaine Seabrook nailed to her white picket fence with a nail gun. They suspected the victim's husband Aaron Seabrook, the victim's neighbour Cynthia Lane, high school principal Rosamund Wilcox, family doctor Greg Gibbs and steakhouse waiter Tyler Schultz.
  • Mid-investigation, they learned that the killer ate their steak at the local steakhouse, as well that Ramirez was tailing the victim for proof of her infidelity. Weapons expert Rita Estevez also snapped at profiler Gabriel Herrera because he saw that she was on a dating site.
  • The killer turned out to be Cynthia, who killed Elaine after she puked on her prize flowers for a well-kept lawn competition.
  • The team discovered that:
    • A dead body at the steakhouse and a can of Rocket Cow drank by the victim revealed that he had died from a lethal Rocket Cow-amlodipine mixture that caused cardiac arrest.
  • The player also met lab assistant Amir Devani's boyfriend Jasper Everett, who wanted to check out the fallen satellite.
    • However, they were caught by a security guard, who explained that a nuclear reactor on-board the satellite broke during the crash, causing radiation leakage in the vicinity of the crash.
  • After all the events, the player attended a house party hosted by Jones, where they made a toast to old friends and new beginnings.
    • Afterwards, Gloria said they should keep an eye on the missing shipment of amlodipine.

The Saddest of All Keys

  • After they decided to look out for the missing amlodipine, Chief Parker requested that Jones and the player secure the venue for the reunion tour of The Henge.
  • However when they got there, the detectives found the body of The Henge's lead vocalist Ian Devine, his brain liquefied by a sound frequency and blood bleeding from every orifice in his body. They suspected the band's manager Kevin St Kevin, bass guitarist Boris Chiswick, the band's roadie Tank, the victim's daughter and conspiracy theorist Izzy Ramsey, and the victim's girlfriend and the band's groupie Rose Sweet in the case.
  • Mid-investigation, they confronted Izzy who was proclaiming her theory about how the real Ian Devine had already died in 1969. They then were frightened by Boris's Irish wolfhound before the latter came to take his canine away.
  • The killer turned out to be Kevin, who claimed that since the reunion tour was failing financially, he killed Ian as the band member's death could've helped the band's record sales rocket.
  • Cathy then asked the player for their help with helping her unite Alex with Boris Chiswick, who the former was a fan of.
  • The team then discovered:
    • Izzy's conspiracy theory about people dying of similar causes had led them to find out that eleven people (including David O'Connell) all had died of heart failure and with high levels of amlodipine in their blood.
    • With Tank's wife, Emma as one of the casualties, they asked him about his wife's death and they learned that she had drank Rocket Cow on the day she died.
  • After coroner Martine Meunier made her investigation into the other nine casualties, the team were able to confirm that with the eleven heart failures at the hands of amlodipine laced Rocket Cow, they were dealing with a serial killer who stole the zoo's missing amlodipine to orchestrate their killings.

Cross My Heart

  • On Valentine's Day, Gloria and the player received reports from Chief Parker that a dead body was found in Fairview Mall.
  • They then headed to the mall and collected the body of Kale & Fries franchise owner Brad Price, who was shot through the heart with an arrow. They then flagged five people as suspects, including balloon vendor Ace Boome, massage therapist Megan Lucas, the victim's childhood friend Tristan Collins, the victim's boyfriend and florist Javier Morales and the victim's fiancée Brooke Long.
  • Mid-investigation, Javier delivered Valentine flowers to the player from Ramirez. The team then encountered Brooke and Javier having a fight with each other after Brooke found out that her fiancé had cheated on her with Javier.
  • The killer turned out to be Megan, as he ruined her dreams of going to medical school by badly injuring her after daring her to jump into a drained pool.
  • After the case, Martine and the player helped Rita set up a date with Marcus Cannon, who the former had met at the mall.
  • The team discovered that:
    • One of the serial killer's victims, Barbara Litzke, had worked at Javier's flower shop and had known the killer's other victims, such as Emma Tank and David O'Connell.
    • Cathy then found out that all of the victims were parents of students at Fairview High School, meaning that the killer was targeting the students' parents. The team later warned Rosamund about the Rocket Cow Killer.
  • After all the events, Gloria pulled her son, Carter Hayes, out of school while the team decided to go to Fairview High School and investigate further.

Too Cruel for School

  • After learning that the Rocket Cow Killer was targeting parents of Fairview High School students, the team went there only to be informed by Pippa that a body had been found in her science classroom.
  • In the science classroom, they found high school senior Vicky Lopez strangled and disfigured with a computer cable and sulfuric acid, respectively. The suspects were Pippa, the victim's best friend Chelsea Bloom, the victim's mother Dana Lopez, former criminal and student Julian Ramis, and the high school's coach Coach Kirk.
  • During the investigation, Chelsea threatened to commit suicide at the local drive-in theater, saying she could not go on with Vicky. Later, Carter accidentally ate canthaxanthin in the lab and thus turned green and able to glow in the dark. In addition, the team arrested Julian for dealing drugs.
  • The killer turned out to be Kirk, who killed Vicky to prevent her from reporting him for his occasional ventures to check out the girls in the girls' shower room to the principal.
  • Jones and the player dropped Julian's charges in exchange that he would attend Gibbs' counseling to deal with his depression after his criminal past.
  • The team discovered that:
    • According to Rosamund's files, the Rocket Cow Killer's victims had a fight with their children before they were murdered.
    • Soon after (on Carter's suggestion), Gloria and Carter faked a fight to lure the serial killer out of hiding.
    • After the fight, Gloria then called the station while she was being followed by the serial killer at the drive-in, only to be cut off.
  • The player and Cathy found Gloria's snapped necklace at the drive-in, leading them to realize that Gloria had been captured by the serial killer.

Hear My Cry

  • After the plan to capture the Rocket Cow Killer backfired when the serial killer captured Gloria, Cathy tracked her down to the woods behind the school.
  • Jones went there with the player, only to find Gloria tied up next to the body of Fairview High parent Edward Ramis, poisoned by the Rocket Cow Killer. They then suspected Gloria for the murder, along with the victim's son Julian, Gibbs, Rosamund and bus driver Stewart Benedict.
  • Mid-investigation, someone broke into the police station. Afterwards, Julian accused Rosamund about sleeping with his father.
  • In the end, the Rocket Cow Killer would turn out to be Rosamund, who killed all of the parents to protect the children from their abusive parents due to her own parents being abusive.
  • The team then discovered:
    • Rosamund had a male accomplice who pretended to deliver the amlodipline to the zoo but gave the medication to Rosamund instead. After they found a barcode scanner that showed Stewart was involved, they arrested him for partaking in the crimes.
    • Meanwhile, Cathy said that an anonymous person had sent "proof" to her, which would turn out to be a box of radioactive mushrooms. After they found Izzy's DNA on the box, they asked her about the mushrooms. Izzy had pointed out how the dome existed and that no one was sure why they had to enclose the wreckage within a dome, allowing conspiracies to rise.
  • After Jones reassured Gloria about the dome, the team decided to go out to celebrate the serial killer's arrest when a massive earthquake struck Grimsborough.

Money Mile: "On Shaky Ground"



  • After a major earthquake struck Grimsborough, dozens of buildings had collapsed and even lava was found to be flowing in the streets. The district of Money Mile was hit the worst as the city's epicenter was located there. The team then decided to go to Walton Square to help the relief workers clean up the district.
  • However, they then found the body of Dr. Gibbs with his throat slashed with a hunting knife. They then found suspects, which included retired architect Roman Harris, plumber Richard Harding, morphine addict Celeste Masters, volcanologist Ruby Armstrong and the victim's brother, crisis worker Danny Gibbs.
  • An aftershock then hit the city, which nearly buried Ruby. However she was rescued by Danny and the team. Later, a blackout hit the police station, prompting Rita to fix the station's electrical wiring.
  • The killer then would turn out to be Richard, who admitted that he killed Greg as the doctor had ruined Richard's life by running Richard's blood tests with an infected needle, giving him HIV and resulting in Richard's wife leaving him.
  • Afterwards, Jasper needed help with Amir, who was injured during the aftershock. Jasper and the player then managed to find some medication in the victim's office, which they sent to Martine for Amir's treatment.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • There was a young artist who was snapping photos of the destroyed Walton Square like it was normal.
    • The team also helped Ruby enforce the district and its buildings from further destruction with additional help from Danny and Roman.
  • After all the events, Chief Parker told the team to remain on high alert and prevent people from taking advantage of the earthquake.


  • Upon hearing reports of a dead body hidden behind a wall located in a penthouse damaged after the citywide earthquake, Jones and the player went there.
  • Inside the cracked wall, they discovered the body of lawyer Stella Ziarati, who had been decomposing for four years. They suspected venture capitalist and the penthouse's owner Christian Bateman, socialite Guadalupe del Prado, librarian Constance Bell, lawyer Trudy Lively and poet Omar Al Hadawi.
  • Mid-investigation, Ramirez told the team that prior to her murder, Stella had buried a time capsule in Cooper Park, where the team later found the murder weapon - her own law award. Christian later called the team for help after somebody had broken into his penthouse, who turned out to be Omar as he broke into the penthouse for inspiration for his poems.
  • The killer was discovered to be Guadalupe, who admitted killing Stella as she tried to prosecute Guadalupe's family. However, she refused to tell why her family was getting prosecuted.
  • They found out that Stella found out that Guadalupe's father was notorious Luzaguayan drug lord Pablo el Loco. Guadalupe killed her as Stella was trying to build a case against Pablo. The team then gave Stella's case files to Trudy, so she could continue her case against el Loco.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • CCN reporter Louis Leroux asked for the team's help to find his missing friend, social worker Zoe Kusama. After finding her phone that was recently used in Cooper Park, Cathy told the team that Jones' fingerprints were all over the phone.
    • Gloria and the player decided to ask Jones, who told them that he was the detective who assigned Zoe's case. However he had exhausted all leads and had found the phone in the library.
    • After they found Omar's poem that was written on the day Zoe vanished, they asked him about Zoe. Omar told them that he saw Zoe getting into a car with blackened windows before she vanished without any trace. After they told Jones, he then stormed off after thinking the team doubted his detective skills.
  • Afterwards, Chief Parker told the team that there was a film crew arriving in Grimsborough for a blockbuster movie's premiere.

Shooting Star

  • After Chief Parker told the team that a film crew had arrived in Grimsborough, Cathy informed the team of an attack on the movie premiere of Transmutators 9's red carpet.
  • Gloria and the team headed there, only to find the body of the film’s lead actor Ronald Rooney with a bullet wound to the chest. They then suspected the victim’s costar and lead actress Savannah Blake, Benibana sushi restaurant owner Yoshinobu Akagi, the victim's fan Annie Schmidt, film director Mike Cove and Louis.
  • During the investigation, Mike held a press conference about the victim's death in the Grimsborough Park Hotel. Later Amir revealed a video on TrendVid about Leroux angering the victim by trying to ask Ronald questions about his incompetent sex life.
  • The killer then turned out to be Yoshinobu, who was having an on-and-off relationship with Ronald. However, Ronald then trashed Yoshinobu's sushi restaurant and broke up with him after the latter asked the former to be his red carpet date, as Yoshinobu was tired of being in the closet all the time.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Savannah wanted to meet the player, telling them and lab chief Rupert Winchester that someone had stolen her charity event's artwork and replaced them with distasteful art of the Grimsborough earthquake.
    • The art thief turned out to be artist Meera Kat, who they saw snapping photos in Walton Square previously. After arresting her, Rupert and the player found the original arts and gave them back to Savannah.
    • Zoe was Jones' girlfriend. The team then confronted him, who apologized to the team for lying to them, saying he did not want anyone else to be involved in Zoe's disappearance.
  • After Meera was bailed out by her fans in the fame she had received, Gloria and the player promised to help Jones to find his missing girlfriend.

The Bloom of Doom

  • Wanting to spruce up his apartment, Jones asked the player to accompany him to the "Gallereea di Valereea" art gallery.
  • However, there, they found the body of the gallery's owner Valereea Valz, impaled with a metal sculpture of a flower. They then suspected the victim's assistant Sean Rubio, Hawtee & Son art store clerk Astro Hawtee, art collector Megu Hashira, junkyard owner Jackson J. Jackson and Meera, who was also the sculptor of the murder weapon.
  • Later, Ramirez called the team for help as he got confronted by Jackson in his junkyard after Ramirez had found out that the victim had gone there several times. Soon after, Gloria reported that Meera was trying to throw things into the lava crevasse in the junkyard.
  • The killer turned out to be Sean, who said that he killed Valereea in heed to her own statement that people had to take what they wanted. This led him to kill her so that he could take her art gallery for himself.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Zoe was looking into a missing person named Trey Warner, who was last seen in the junkyard. They then found evidence proving that Trey was knocked out with sedative and kidnapped. After they told Jones, the team believed that Zoe had also been kidnapped.
  • Meera was going to host a performance of her with real lava, with the sponsor from Megu. The team then warned Megu about working with her, the latter brushing off the police's warnings.
  • After all the events, the team agreed to keep an eye on Meera, along with finding Trey and Zoe as soon as possible.

Hot Mess

  • After receiving reports of a murder taking place in The Maneater strip club, Jones and the player headed to the strip club.
  • There, they then found the poisoned body of male entertainer and stripper Voodoo Vince. They soon found clues to suspect Bateman, Chief Parker's old friend - strip club owner Kiki Shae, male entertainer Thunder Dave, strip club client Nicolette Butler and car mechanic and the victim's girlfriend Maylin Park.
  • Mid-investigation, Cathy managed to find out the victim's last payment was to Maylin's garage for repairs on his car. Later, Jones and the player accidentally crashed into a tree with their police car, which was later fixed by Maylin.
  • The killer turned out to be Nicolette, who admitted that she had killed Vince after him telling the other strippers not to serve her anymore since Vince considered her "a dangerous stalker".
  • The team then host a surprise birthday party to Chief Parker with the help of Kiki, Dave and the male members of the police department. They also met Chief Parker's husband, historian Ray Parker, for the first time.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Thanks to Maylin, that Zoe had been investigating the disappearance of about a dozen homeless people, including Trey, over the span of six months. However, she could not prove that the disappearances were criminal related.
  • After all the events, Amir told the team that Meera's performance show would take place the next day. The team then prepared to attend her show to make sure Meera would not harm herself or anyone else.

The Art of Murder

  • After Gloria and the player heard from Amir about Meera's next performance taking place next to a lava crevasse, they went to the street where Meera's performance area was located.
  • However when they got there, they found Meera, knocked unconscious and locked in a cage which was plunged into the lava. They soon suspected Bateman, Ruby, Megu, the victim's mother Eleanor Abernathy and shockingly, mafia lord Tony Marconi, who was released from prison over a year prior.
  • Mid-investigation, a shocked Jones told Gloria and the player that he had found Marconi back in town and with a connection to Meera's murder. Later, the team found Rita and Martine drunk near the murder scene, where Martine almost fell into the lava.
  • Soon the killer was revealed to be Bateman, who killed Meera as the latter had mocked him when Bateman confessed his love to her after going to the red carpet as dates. His anger wanted him to see her in pain, as the sounds of tortured women pleasured him, so he went to kill her by dipping her into the lava.
  • After that, shockingly, Ramirez told the team that he had seen the missing Zoe Kusama in the murder scene.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Zoe had amnesia, even forgetting her own name when talking with the team. They later got Zoe to Gabriel, who then took care of her.
    • Per Christian, Marconi was working in entertainment and was running a business in The Greens, the former Industrial Area.
  • After all the events, Gabriel took Jones and the player to see a recovering Zoe. While talking to Zoe, the team discovered that:
    • Zoe didn't remember anything, even her boyfriend, Jones, saying that she just remembered running in the dark and wanting to hide so that "they" would never find her again.
    • Surprisingly, Zoe recognized Marconi, who then denied knowing her, stating that he was a totally reformed man.
  • Wanting to investigate further into Marconi and to look deeper into Zoe's mysterious disappearance, the team went to The Greens to find out more.

The Greens: "Is This Just Fantasy?"


Gone Pear-Shaped

  • In the Greens, Amir called Gloria and the player from an iPear store, saying that he heard that a meet-and-greet with iPear founder Paul Gigs was cancelled due to a murder.
  • At the store, they found Paul poisoned with a poison-laced pear. The detectives then suspected the victim’s bodyguard Jon Benson, sociologist Eugene Goffman, the victim’s son Waldo Gigs, DreamLife founder Rozetta Pierre and the Greens’ landowner One-Tooth Sam.
  • Mid-investigation, Rozetta was found to be promoting DreamLife, stating that iPear was done for with Paul’s death. Later, Jon reported that a group of customers had started to riot outside the store regarding the murder.
  • The killer turned out to be Waldo, who killed his father because he forced him to train for a job at iPear in order to take over his legacy, which the former refused due to wanting his freedom.
  • Amir and the player found a ticket to DreamLife’s launch party of their new virtual reality and then invited Rupert as well. At the party, Rozetta introduced that the game allowed the players to side with the game's mascot, Juniper, in order to discover a world shaped exactly to their dreams.
  • The team discovered that:
    • Hawk Eye Security, the company that Jon asked to look into, was owned by Marconi, who assured that he kept it secret because nobody would trust the company if they knew that he owned the company due to his criminal past.
  • After all the events, Jones assured that their investigation onto Marconi was only just beginning.

Byte the Dust

  • Jones and the player rushed to Bronson Lane after receiving reports of a murder from the Greens’ precinct.
  • There, they found former Vipers leader Ash Bison disemboweled in front of the Skulls Microbrewery. They soon suspected beat cop Tim Cooper, Skulls leader turned microbrewer Troy Cassidy, the victim’s girlfriend Joy Schneider, Vipers member turned video game developer Big Baby, and the victim's daughter, arcade employee Kaitlyn Flynn.
  • Mid-investigation, Carter said that Ash was the main character in the hit arcade game Double Vipers. Later, Joy shouted at Troy, accusing him of the murder due to their past criminal feud.
  • The killer turned out to be Joy, who killed Ash because she suspected Ash of cheating on Kaitlyn, who was in fact his biological daughter and not his mistress.
  • After the trial, Alex and the player helped Big Baby in developing a mobile port of Double Vipers.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Tim’s notebook proved that Troy and Marconi met at 4:30 PM every Tuesday. Tim said that Marconi slipped him a coaster.
    • The coaster contained the names of former Skulls members recommended by Troy for Hawk Eye Security, reiterating that the gang war was over.
  • Jones said that they would check out the Blue Flamingo nightclub to find evidence of Marconi’s wrongdoings.

Murder on the Dance Floor

  • Jones and the player went to the Blue Flamingo nightclub to investigate Marconi’s wrongdoings.
  • Instead of finding Marconi, they found club DJ Kalua Kaboom electrocuted with a high-voltage stun gun. The detectives suspected Marconi, partygoer Robyn Ash, cheese seller Tallulah Shropshire, Magical Mystery Records assistant Ziggy Sparks, and musician Teddy Brooks.
  • Mid-investigation, Cathy found out that Kalua had been at the record store shortly before the murder. Later, Amir revealed that Gabriel got high on the designer drug Scrappy Snacks to study the mind of those on the drug.
  • The killer turned out to be Robyn, who killed Kalua to exact revenge after she had accidentally killed Robyn’s sister Piper by using strobe lighting while she was DJing, which triggered a fatal epileptic seizure in Piper.
  • Amir and the player searched for Rupert, who did not show up at his meeting with Amir.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Rupert was preoccupied with playing DreamLife's virtual reality game.
    • Hawk Eye Security was guarding the satellite crash site. DreamLife had hired the company, reminding Jones that that was DreamLife’s satellite.
    • Rozetta said that she had hired the company because they were the best and the satellite was part of a failed communications project.
  • After Rupert promised not to let the game carry him away, Chief Parker advised the team to stay alert on DreamLife’s activities.

Buzz Kill

  • While investigating DreamLife's activities, beekeeper Archibald Ashworth reported a murder on a rooftop beehive.
  • Gloria and the player rushed there and found skincare entrepreneur Beckett Blanton stung to death by bees. The detectives suspected Archibald, coworking space owner Theo Zane, the victim’s mother Carol Blanton, skincare workshop customer Daisy Woods, and the victim’s business partner Prisha Chandra.
  • Mid-investigation, Martine directed the team to Beckett's workshop, where he regularly held DIY skincare sessions. Later, Daisy broke in and started trashing his workshop.
  • The killer turned out to be Prisha, who accidentally killed Beckett in an argument because he replaced her contraceptive with placebos to try to get her into getting pregnant and forcing her into a relationship with him.
  • Martine helped Rita break up with her boyfriend, Marcus, by lying to him that she was going to the army.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • An ancient underground city in Grimsborough in Old Town was exposed by the earthquake and was now subsequently evacuated.
    • Annie was found with a VR headset and discovered to be weak and malnourished as she had not eaten or taken her medication in many days because she kept playing the game nonstop.
  • The team was aware of the VR game’s negative effects and promised to keep an eye on DreamLife.

Downward-Facing Dead

  • Amir informed that Rupert was missing, suspecting that he had run off with his VR headset. Chief Parker then asked Gloria and the player to head to “The Shala” yoga studio due to a murder.
  • There, they found the body of yoga teacher Scott Morris, who was drowned in the shallow waters of the studio. They suspected yoga studio founder Guruji, the victim’s roommate Lyle Bass, yoga student Max Gaynes, boot camp owner Captain Clementine, and Rozetta.
  • Mid-investigation, Ramirez informed the team that the killer had fled to a boot camp course not far from the yoga studio. Later, Lyle shouted angrily at Guruji about Scott's possessions, claiming that he hated Scott's lifestyle.
  • The killer turned out to be Max, who killed Scott to get his revenge after he had run away with the money that Max invested in Scott’s business.
  • Jones and the player convinced Zoe to try out yoga nidra to help her recover and cope with the stress of recovering from amnesia.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • The code from Rupert’s headset was found by Cathy that the game had a game mode that froze the lighting, messing with the player's sense of time perception. However, Rozetta claimed not to know about the code trick.
  • Afterwards, Rupert showed up in the station, angrily shouting at everyone, indicating that he was addicted to the game. Then Chief Parker told the team to keep an eye on DreamLife's booth at a tech fair the next day.

Game Over

  • Jones and the player went to DreamLife's booth at the yearly tech fair to investigate the company.
  • There, Juniper started giving a demonstration of their VR system, revealing her to be one of DreamLife’s employees before her headset exploded, blowing half her head off and causing a commotion in the venue. The suspects were Rozetta, new iPear CEO Eoin Cafferey, the victim's brother Tim, Annie, and Rupert.
  • Mid-investigation, the team had to stop a crowd of worried VR players from rioting about the safety of their headsets. Later, Annie claimed to be the killer as she believed that she blew Juniper up with the power of her mind. It soon became apparent that the line between the game and reality had been blurred in Rupert and Annie's minds.
  • The killer turned out to be Tim, who killed his sister due to the fact that she did not visit their dying father, but rather giving him a VR headset in which he could communicate with his daughter which led to him eventually dying talking to her.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • The VR game mode that froze the lightning was actually coded into the game.
    • According to Rozetta, the VR game was going to be pulled from the market and the developers had devised an ending for the game to help the addicted players back into the reality. Gabriel also devised a five-step program to further ease VR players back into the real world.
    • Per Marconi, his company was being paid to guard the satellite through a temporary account that was refilled by both DreamLife and an anonymous contributor, which was The Higher Truth, a religious cult dedicated to enlightenment and reaching higher planes.
  • Chief Parker assigned the team to investigate The Higher Truth’s connection to DreamLife in the historical district of Old Town. After the reveal, Zoe came into the station and kissed Jones, regaining memory of their relationship.

Old Town: "The Moment of Truth"


The Lost City

  • Gabriel informed Jones and the player about the ruins of the lost city of Xerda that was being evacuated under Old Town.
  • After the trio decided to go explore the evacuation site, they discovered the body of archeologist Karen Boulder, who was forced to ingest homemade tar. They soon suspected the victim's colleague and archeologist Bruno Camper, cultist Skylar Sage, city hall employee Theresa Cole, comic book artist Marcus Butler and Ray.
  • Mid-investigation, the team learned from Rupert that the archeologists frequented the Pink Tea Leaf café like he did. Later, Ramirez confessed that he was paid to follow the victim by Theresa.
  • The killer turned out to be Theresa, who claimed that since Xerda appeared, she was exhausted by the numerous people hounding her about the lost city, and that she wanted Xerda to disappear so she could have her life back. She killed Karen as the suspicious murder could've driven the public away and shut down the dig site.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Via Skylar Sage, the cult known as The Higher Truth was followers of the Enlightened One, who would be discovered to be Steven Crowe, who they met five years ago.
    • Steven claimed that the messenger of The Higher Truth came from the satellite hidden in the forest after it crashed a year prior. However, he denied being connected to DreamLife.
    • Gabriel, with the help of Alex, Bruno and Ray, discovered that Xerda fell into decline after a devastating earthquake.
  • After all these events, the team resolved to look further into the cult.

No Mercy for Old Men

  • While walking through Landmark Park, the player bumped into Gloria and the duo decide to walk together to work.
  • When they got to a destroyed monument in the park, they discover the body of retiree Sam Chey, shot several times to the chest with a handgun. They soon found suspects which included the victim’s daughter Dara Chey, rest home nurse Edith Bradley and tailor Basil Cavendish, as well the victim’s ex-girlfriend Margaret Littlewood and Jack Cannity, both residents of the rest home the victim stayed in.
  • The team learned that the victim purchased his suits from Basil’s tailor shop after Margaret had fled to the shop. Later, they had to stop Jack from attacking Basil with scissors as the former believed the latter had sewn extra pockets into the victim’s suits.
  • The killer then would turn out to be Basil, who confessed that he killed the victim because he had badmouthed his shop and not paid for his suits, which led to Basil’s shop profits plummeting.
  • The detectives helped Jasper prepare a three year anniversary picnic for Amir, including helping him craft a spy bowtie for Amir.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • According to the victim’s daughter, that The Higher Truth had took her father’s inheritance after he had rewrote the will so the cult would receive the money.
    • They found a recruitment disc among Sam’s belongings, which revealed that each cultist had to cut ties with friends and family as well give up their worldly possessions to the cult.
    • They went to the cult’s headquarters, where they met cult adjunct Grayson Rosewater, who told them that the donations were never forced and voluntary. Grayson then gave them Sam’s money, which they returned to Dara.
  • After all these events, the team decided to keep watching The Higher Truth.

Writer's Blocked

  • While they were investigating The Higher Truth, Gloria and the player decided to visit the Xerdan exhibit of the local Grimsborough Museum.
  • However, the detectives found the body of Xerdan author Reggie Liotta, with his head bashed in with a Xerdan stone club next to an exhibit. They suspected museum curator Jebediah Cobb, nightwatch guard Jerry Miller, book publisher Steve Roy, tour guide Laura Crosby and the victim’s friend Ally Salinger.
  • Mid-investigation, Cathy tracked down an automatic email that was sent to the victim’s phone before his death. They later had to hurriedly investigate a collapsing underground cistern after Gloria was drenched by water.
  • The killer turned out to be Jebediah, who revealed that he killed Reggie because the victim refused to stop the publication of his Xerdan book, which would defame Jebediah’s own The Lost City of Xerda and his reputation.
  • The team helped Ray in finding a copy of Reggie’s book so he could provide a speech and visual aids for the launch of Reggie's publication, Xerda’s Return.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • A brochure of The Higher Truth revealed that the cult’s recruiters were encouraged to target rich and vulnerable people, but not demand monetary donations.
    • Gabriel then decided to assimilate himself into the cult in order to spy on them, and (with help from Martine) attracted the attention of cultist Timothy, who accepted Gabriel into the cult after they helped Timothy find his cult pendant.
  • Afterwards, Gabriel told the team that he had to disconnect from the team due to the cult’s standards and promised to let them know of any important information to do with the cult.

Color Me Murdered

  • Talking about Gabriel’s assimilation into the cult, Amir informed the player and Jones of a body being discovered on Church Street, which had a flow of lava streaming through.
  • There, the detectives discovered Marcus's body, his chest and stomach slashed by a sharpened White Bear prop claw. They suspected the victim’s friend Haruki Kato, the victim’s fan and Judge Powell’s daughter Olive Powell, the victim’s adoptive father William Butler, a superheroine cosplayer Miracle Girl (who was in Marcus’s comics) and The Kraken bartender Tamu Wanjiku.
  • Mid-investigation, Miracle Girl came to the station to introduce herself to the player and Jones. Later, Judith came with her daughter to ask the detectives about Olive’s involvement in the case before scolding her.
  • The killer turned out to be Haruki, who accidentally let slip that he killed Marcus. He then confessed to killing Marcus because he wanted the money Marcus gained from selling the movie rights for Miracle Girl so he could join The Higher Truth.
  • Gloria and the player tracked down Carter and Olive after they had gone missing from The Kraken (due to Gloria suggesting that Olive babysit Carter to Judith). They found the duo in the victim's studio, where Gloria scolded the duo for going to unsafe places unsupervised.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • According to Gabriel, he had left them a message in Church Street. They found the message, which Cathy deciphered and revealed that the cult was a series of concentric circles, with the more devout (or richer) being closer to the innermost circle.
    • Being on the third level, Gabriel told them that he learned about "a big event", but needed time to find out more. They asked Haruki, who told them that only Steven Crowe knew.
  • The team then resolved that they had no choice but to wait for Gabriel to learn of the "big event".

I Lost My Heart in Xerda

  • The player and Jones were talking about Xerda and The Higher Truth when they received reports of a murder in the ruins of Xerda from Bruno.
  • Inside one of Xerda’s sacrificial chambers, they found explorer and tomb robber Kayla Markham, missing her heart in a form of a sacrifice. They soon suspected Bruno, Ray, Laura, Steven and antique store owner Hazel Galloway for the murder.
  • Mid-investigation, they learned that the victim sold her stolen antiques to a local antique store, where they arrested Hazel for her involvement in the victim’s crimes. Later, Diane kicked Ray out of her office due to the fact that he knew that the victim was his niece and a tomb robber.
  • In the end, the killer turned out to be Bruno, who was found to be the victim’s ex-husband. He confessed that he was kicked off an archeological project in Egypt due to her thievery of artifacts from the dig, making the superiors think he was in part. When he saw her snooping around the Xerdan ruins, he then confronted her and cut out her heart much like the Xerdans did to traitors.
  • The team helped Jones after Zoe stormed out of the antique shop on him. They found out that Zoe was compiling research on Tony and was ready to confront him.
  • After they stopped Zoe from confronting Tony, Zoe revealed that she had regained memory of being strapped to a chair surrounded by people in lab coats. She then went to Marconi, figuring out he had the answers, but he seemed to genuinely not know anything of the affair.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Cultists of The Higher Truth needed to induce a certain insect venom that induced hallucinations in order to see Steven’s announcement. They helped Gabriel create an antidote (which revealed the venom also induced fearlessness) so he could see the announcement clearheaded.
    • After they put a spy camera in the sacrificial chamber, they witnessed Steven calling all his followers to prepare for an ultimate suicide by poisonous tea so they could have their souls ascend to the Higher Truth, as the "divine messenger" required.
  • With the cult’s potential suicide revealed, the team agreed that they would need to go to the New Age Fair and arrest Steven for inciting suicide.

The Truth Hurts

  • After the team learned that The Higher Truth cult leader Steven Crowe was calling all his followers to drink poisoned tea as part of a cult tradition, they went to the New Age Fair to arrest Steven (who was recruiting more members there) for inciting suicide.
  • Gloria and the player soon discovered the body of Steven by the cult’s fair booth, stabbed in the eyes by his own cult earrings. They then suspected Gabriel, Grayson, Skylar, as well Haruki Kato’s mother Meiko Kato and the victim’s ex-girlfriend Elvira Milton.
  • After finding Steven's body, the team called in Gabriel to ensure the cult did not go through with the suicide. Mid-investigation, Gabriel informed the team that the missing Grayson had returned to the cult’s headquarters, where they confronted him. Later, they had to stop the cult’s members from causing a riot over the victim’s death and wanting to initiate the mass suicide.
  • The killer would turn out to be Skylar, one of Steven’s most loyal disciples. Skylar confessed to stabbing Steven with his own earrings after she asked him about where the donations was going to during the fair and receiving no concrete answer. She then believed that he was actually having the cultists kill themselves so he could become rich after the cultists died.
  • With help of psychotherapist Jennifer Russo, Gabriel and the player managed to get immediate therapy for the cultists so they could return to their own normal lives.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • The cult's funds was being allocated to DreamLife, according to the numerous last wills of the cultists.
    • After Grayson denied the scam, they found out that Grayson was a member of DreamLife, which led them to confront him. Grayson revealed that he joined the cult to convince Steven to take monetary donations from the cult members and simply agreed with the mass suicide plan to gain funds for DreamLife.
    • The team tracked down Rozetta, who said that she had fired Grayson after learning of his inhumane ways of getting funds. She also insisted like Grayson that the dome was not hiding a satellite from the general public.
  • Finally on Mayor Martha Price’s orders, Chief Parker transferred the team to Grimsborough’s most affluent district, Maple Heights, as public safety was at risk.

Maple Heights: "Demons Among Us"


Muddying the Waters

  • Diane Parker revealed that a mysterious species of fish in Maple Heights’s floodwaters had been posed a threat after they appeared. Soon after, Jones and the player were called to famous singer Lola Vallez’s flooded mansion.
  • There, they discovered the body of photographer Jordan Coprolite (who died from ruptured organs), tied and left floating in the floodwaters. They suspected Lola and Danny, as well the victim’s wife Aubrey Coprolite, restaurant chef Anuj Ghosh and the victim’s friend Nathaniel Earl.
  • Mid-investigation, the detectives learned from Martine and Cathy that the victim was killed at the West Bridge before the flood carried Jordan’s body away. Later, Jones fell into the waters after he stood on an unstable plank.
  • The killer turned out to be Anuj, who accidentally killed Jordan with a baseball bat after he caught Jordan pouring laxatives into his tikka masala. After he accidentally killed Jordan, Anuj tied Jordan to a rock and threw him into the flood waters to wash away his sins.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • The mysterious fish was in fact an ancient species of fish native to the lost city of Xerda and that they would only bite if provoked. Ray also revealed that the Xerdans were very afraid of what they called the "Demon Fish".
    • Louis had saw the satellite falling, but could not film it due to DreamLife authorities already closing the area off. His audio recordings helped Jasper prove that the object under the dome was not a meteorite.
    • After they interrogated Grayson, who gave them directions to find blueprints in exchange for better prison conditions. The blueprints helped Jasper confirm that DreamLife was hiding a meteorite under the dome to have exclusive access to it.
  • After all the events, the team decided to continue investigating DreamLife in secret while learning more about the resurfaced Xerdan fish.

Bone of Contention

  • Gloria and the player were called to Maple Heights’s Happy Paws dog shelter upon reports of a murder from the shelter's manager.
  • In the dog shelter, they found the body of mayoral assistant Penny Farrell, her face beaten up and strangled with a dog leash. They suspected Martha, as well dog shelter owner Carlos Cachorro, faded Ivywood actress Celine Dernier, animal control worker and the victim’s boyfriend Benjamin Fetcher and dog walker Kitty Young.
  • After Celine Dernier revealed that her dog Plopsie had been kidnapped, they then investigated the dog park that the victim frequented as well. Later, Rita asked for help with babysitting Sammy before leaving to ask Martine instead.
  • The killer turned out to be Kitty, who killed Penny in a fight to cover up her schemes of dognapping in order to earn more money by returning the dogs when the owners offered rewards for their safe return.
  • Zoe and the player helped Rita adopt a puppy, the latter naming the puppy Hector after a drug lord. Afterwards, Zoe proceeded to volunteer in the shelter to relieve her anxiety.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • A man had almost died of respiratory failure after touching one of the Demon Fish. However with the fish missing, Martine analyzed the water in the jar, which revealed the fish the man had caught was a fertile female Demon Fish known to secrete a powerful paralytic neurotoxin.
    • Martine also said there had been multiple cases of respiratory failure resulting from contact with the fish and that she deduced that the fish had spread out from the middle of the Grimsborough river.
    • With help from Mayor Price, they found a recent report from the area where the fish originated. Cathy then proved with the file that someone had deliberately released the fish into the city by blowing up a Xerdan cave wall right next to the sewer system.
  • After all the events, Martine told the team that she and Rupert were working on an antidote to the toxin, which led the team to decide that they would find out who released the fish into Grimsborough's waters.

Behind These Walls

  • Newly minted beat cop Mia Loukas met Gloria and the player for the first time, before the former reported a phone call about a murder from the Bloom family castle.
  • There, the detectives found the body of family heir Mason Bloom dead in the hall of knights, stabbed by a halberd that was protruding from his chest. They then suspected the victim's sister Chelsea, the victim's father and businessman Clive Bloom, the victim's grandmother Violet Bloom, the family's maid Anita Diaz and the Blooms' groundskeeper Ruben Lindstrom.
  • Mid-investigation, the detectives followed the screams of a woman to Chelsea taking her grandmother Violet through the maple orchards so they could flee from the evil that was taking over the family. Later, they had to save Carter from Clive and his hound after he was caught exploring the castle.
  • The killer turned out to be Violet, who killed her grandson because she found out that Mason had impregnated Anita and was planning to flee with her so they could raise their child. To protect the Bloom family and keep it pure, she killed Mason.
  • The player and Gabriel helped Chelsea track down Anita (who had been fired without pay) so Chelsea could help Anita and her child survive, gifting her Mason's baby rattle as well.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Tony had gotten the flight number of one of the scientists going into the dome, who belonged to geologist Mortimer Pickering. After they found out Mortimer attended Oxford University at the same time as Rupert, they asked him about Mortimer.
    • Learning of Mortimer's involvement, Rupert volunteered to impersonate as Mortimer and go under the dome in his place so they could learn more about DreamLife as he had previously learnt geology from Jasper. Chief Parker authorized the plan while the team would look out for Mortimer.
  • After Amir volunteered to help Martine with the Demon Fish's antidote in Rupert's place, Martine suggested that they go diving for clues.

Dead Men Tell No Tales

  • Martine, Jones and the player decided to go diving to investigate more about the cavern where the Demon Fish had came from.
  • While diving through a flooded street, they found landlord Joshua Gibson, floating in the floodwaters and shot in the heart with an antique gun. They then suspect luxury car salesman Glen Coleman, scientist Ernest Emerson, famous author Patricia P. Harris, pirate captain and bar owner Carl Rossa and bar waitress Ruth Matuszak.
  • Mid-investigation, the detectives investigated firing sounds to find out that Carl had simulated the firing of his cannons to advertise his pirate bar. Later, Martine fell into a critical coma after being bitten by one of the Demon Fish.
  • The killer turned out to be Carl, who killed Joshua because he was blackmailing him for a cut of his bar sales by using an ancient maritime law that would allow Joshua to steal his ship, the Black Sparrow, as soon it docked on Doreo Drive.
  • With the help from Ernest and Benjamin, Rupert was able to create and administer an antidote for Martine from Ernest's serum vials and the fish's eggs.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Mortimer's flight had arrived ahead of schedule, which led Jones and the player to investigate the pirate bar, where he was last seen.
    • They found his phone, which Cathy revealed had details about Mortimer staying at the Glitz Hotel, and that he had not come in contact with DreamLife yet.
  • With Martine cured, she revealed that she had saw Ray diving around the Xerdan cave, which led Diane and the player to interrogate him. Ray then stated that he was investigating the fish to help the team.
  • Afterwards, Chief Parker ordered the detectives to intercept Mortimer at the Glitz Hotel, during an upcoming lifetime awarding ceremony for Celine.

Light My Fire

  • After Gloria and the player went to the Glitz Hotel to intercept Mortimer, they traced the screams of a woman to a hidden gazebo.
  • At the hidden gazebo, they found Celine burned to death by a swift immolation due to absinthe being thrown on her. They then suspected Lola, Mike, waiter Crispin Ruff, actor Cliff Montgomery and the victim's surviving sister Meredith Dernier.
  • Mid-investigation, the team discovered that Celine's dog, Plopsie, was barking at guests in the reading room. Later, Mia reported that Crispin had filed a restraining order against Celine.
  • The killer turned out to be Cliff, who lit Celine on fire after she admitted to spreading rumors about him sleeping with every actress in Ivywood, which eventually resulted in Cliff's wife leaving him.
  • After Ray and archeologists found a Xerdan tablet that detailed a certain song by the Xerdans that could attract all of the Demon Fish to one location. After Martine proposed it, Lola sang the Xerdan song so Animal Control could trap all the Demon Fish in the city's waters.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Mortimer was being tracked after he revealed to Rupert in a secret language which they made up at Oxford that DreamLife had given him a bugged device. After they found the device, Cathy modified it in order to have the bug disabled and to have Rupert recognized as the device's owner.
    • Afterwards, they talked to Mortimer, who said that Rozetta had contacted him to study a "rare geological specimen". He quickly turned suspicious after having to sign NDAs, receiving the bugged device and learning that the meteorite under the dome was in fact harmless, contrary to what DreamLife told the public.
    • Afterwards, Mortimer agreed to switching with Rupert while he stayed in the police's witness protection program.
  • After all the events, Jones revealed that Mayor Price had been found murdered.

Blood in the Water

  • After Benjamin reported that Martha had been found murdered, Jones and the player hurried to the Animal Control facility.
  • In the animal control facility, they found Martha in one of the Demon Fish tanks, half eaten by the fish. They suspected Benjamin, Ray, Lola, Patricia and the victim's cousin Ernest.
  • Mid-investigation, Jones had to give a speech in a press conference with the media after they caught wind of the murder. Later, a drunken Lola told the detectives that Martha was a "bitter hag" before proceeding to vomit.
  • The killer turned out to be Ernest, who killed his cousin to stop her from trying to stop him from releasing the Demon Fish again since he had done it the first time "for science".
  • The player and Jones met interim mayor Joe Warren, who had planned to relocate the fish to a San Diego aquarium, apprehending Patricia for stealing the mayoral stamp in the process.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • According to the DreamLife device, Mortimer would be picked up at 6pm that day.
    • Cathy then rigged Rupert's watch to act as a communication device to the team: pressing its crown once would alert the team of his safety and pressing it twice would allow him to make an emergency call to the office.
    • Gloria and the player then found Mortimer sightseeing in the park and promptly took him to Rupert so they could perform the switch.
  • After all the events, Cathy and the player were able to see a DreamLife agent pick Rupert up from the Glitz Hotel to take him to the dome.

Misty Grove: "Under the Dome"



  • Three days after Rupert had infiltrated DreamLife’s dome as Mortimer, he reported Jones and the player of a murder in its premises.
  • Inside the dome, the team collected the electrocuted body of dome manager Fred Drucker on one of DreamLife's dome platforms. They then suspected Rozetta, Rupert (in disguise as Mortimer), dome architect Dan Scruffinsky, security officer Barb Bellamy (who they saw taking Rupert into the dome previously), and dome scientist Ernesto Vega as suspects.
  • Mid-investigation, Barb told them that she would be their security detail for the remainder of the investigation. She then forced them to retreat to Lab 15-J for a security drill that had occurred soon after.
  • The killer turned out to be Dan, who killed Fred because the victim falsely reported to Rozetta for not taking adequate care of the dome, causing him to be replaced by Fred for the job of being in charge of the whole dome's maintenance.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Former DreamLife scientist Kai Gruber was interned in the Bromden Psychiatric Hospital and was afraid of Rozetta tracking him down.
    • A meteorite sample confirmed that its radiation was extraterrestrial in nature and might even have curative properties.
  • After these events, Rozetta told the team that their operations were legal. Later, Rupert called the team, only for him to hang up after he was caught calling to the team.

Things Fall Apart

  • After Rupert was forced to hang up on a call due to being caught, Diane ordered Jones and the player to head to the edge of the dome to see if they could find a way in.
  • At the edge of the dome in the forest, they found Rupert’s poisoned body. Investigating the murder as Mortimer’s murder to avoid suspicion, they suspected Barb, Jasper, Marconi, dome therapist Dr. Catherine Kelly and head of the meteorite department Philip Hoover.
  • Mid-investigation, Marconi was seen exiting the dome, which made the team flag him as a suspect. Later, a drunken Amir started accusing Jasper of killing Rupert after he had discovered on his laptop that DreamLife had offered him a job.
  • The killer turned out to be Catherine, who killed Rupert after she figured out that he and Mortimer (whom she had dated) used to switch places in the college and then caught him talking to his watch, angering her and forcing her to kill Rupert.
  • After the arrest, the team found Rupert's favourite vinyl record for Amir so he could play it at the funeral.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • They found out that Philip's access card to the meteorite lab that Rupert had stolen required his DNA. A sample of Philip’s saliva from a half-eaten sandwich allowed Martine and Cathy to synthesize a DNA spray to simulate Philip’s breath.
  • Chief Parker authorized the team’s infiltration into the lab in the dead of night to not raise suspicion before they headed to Rupert's funeral, honoring his heroics and kindness.
  • In the nightfall after Rupert’s funeral, the team was told by the Chief to infiltrate the meteorite lab.

A Rock and a Hard Place

  • After nightfall, Chief Parker ordered Jones and the player to infiltrate DreamLife’s meteorite lab using the access card and the breath spray that they had prepared.
  • The team found Barb decapitated inside the lab next to the crystal meteorite before Rozetta came to the lab, accusing Jones of the murder. The team was given a twelve-hour investigation period per the negotiation between Judge Powell and Rozetta. Gloria (whom the Chief put instead of Jones) and the player suspected Rozetta, Philip, lab technician Emilio Fuller, janitor Cyril Shelwater and botanist Wendy Stokes.
  • Mid-investigation, the team suspected someone of spying on them from the power supply room, which led them to investigate. Later due to Rozetta's insistence, the deadline was shortened, resulting in a three-hour investigation period for the team.
  • The killer then would turn out to be Cyril, who killed Barb because Barb caught him hugging the meteorite to “transform” himself as he felt that it had magical powers that would power him.
  • Gabriel and the player were able to get Amir to stop pushing Jasper away to cope with Rupert's death after finding DreamLife’s notes on Jasper during his application interview.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • The meteorite was made of the (previously theoretical) element Berzelium per Mortimer’s analysis of a core fragment.
    • The meteorite had two opposing effects: enhancement (per Amir’s previous analysis of a radiation sample) and suppression of an organism's immune responses (per Mortimer’s analysis of a rabbit sample).
  • After all the events, Chief Parker promoted Amir to Lab Chief and said that they needed to find proof of DreamLife's scheme with the meteorite and that they were not to alert the press regarding their findings.

Death in My Hand

  • Marconi reported that one of his security guards, Keith Vaughan, had found a body at the lake near the dome.
  • Jones and the player found Vega’s body with his skull clobbered in. They suspected Keith, Zoe, Leroux, hunter James Savage and dome food court employee Doris Black.
  • Mid-investigation, Mia discovered a sewer tunnel that led into the dome near the lake. Later, Jones and the player found out that Zoe fainted while walking in the forest with Louis.
  • The killer would turn out to be Zoe and in a twist of events, Zoe had confessed right away. She then explained that she killed Vega in a fit of rage because she finally remembered that Vega was using her as a test subject and when confronting him, the latter only laughed at her, saying that no one would believe an amnesiac woman.
  • Afterwards, Jones stormed out of the station, angry over DreamLife’s actions. They discovered that Jones asked Tony to orchestrate Zoe’s jailbreak and was taken into custody. Marconi then had his employees release Jones.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Per her testimony, Zoe was grabbed outside the library, shoved inside a black car and sedated with chloroform before waking up under the dome with the people she was searching for when she was a social worker. All of them were test subjects, with everyone but her dying. However, one day when her straps were loose, she pretended to be sedated and then ran when Vega left. After finding the sewer tunnel, she broke out of the tunnel, taking papers about the experiments that she lost during her escape.
    • Per the papers Zoe stole, DreamLife was synthesizing a drug called Protozane out of Berzelium but mentioned nothing of human experimentation.
    • The team’s petition to shut DreamLife down was failed as they didn’t have enough proof of the existence of human experimentation.
  • After Jones assured Zoe that she wasn’t a monster for killing Vega, she told the team that she and the other test subjects were experimented in Lab 88-B. A warrant to search Lab 88-B for proof of human experimentation was acquired.

In Cold Blood

  • After they gained a warrant to investigate Lab 88-B for proof of human experimentation, Gloria and the player went under the dome for the fifth time.
  • However in Lab 88-B, they found the body of Wendy, frozen to death. During the investigation, the team suspected Emilio, as well lab technician Herman Jeffries, the victim's apprentice Rosie Summers, dome mechanic Jenna McFry and dome scientist (who they met in Bangalore) Shweta Noorani.
  • Mid-investigation, Amir traced the killer's climbing chalk to a climbing wall in the dome's outdoor gym. Later, the detectives caught Jones sneaking into the dome and told him to leave.
  • In the end, Rosie was found guilty of Wendy's murder, but Rosie denied the fact that she did it purposely. She then explained after Wendy planned to leave the dome, she jumped at the chance to be useful in Lab 88-B, where she fell asleep after drinking a glass of iced tea. After she woke up, the scientists thrusted a nitrogen gun into her hands and told her to kill Wendy. She then complied without any resistance, claiming that she had felt that "shooting someone felt like the most normal thing in the world", but immediately regretted her actions afterward. Judge Powell then asked the team to find more evidence of the extent of Rosie's criminal responsibility before her trial was held.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Rosie had been sedated and administered the drug before the murder by Herman, before brain scans revealed that the drug was used on Zoe and her fellow test subjects and killed them from the drug's effects. However Rosie's scan showed no damage and that her emotions was suppressed so she was docile when she killed Wendy.
    • After they found out that Dr. Noorani was the head of the Protozane trials, they went to arrest her. During the arrest, Shweta admitted that DreamLife wanted Wendy dead after discovering her plans to leave the dome. She also said that there was an awaiting shipment of the drugs, and that the drug had no antidote.
    • They also found out that DreamLife's interference with the meteorite had caused the earthquake that struck Grimsborough. They then told Joe, who had been elected Mayor, of DreamLife's connection with the earthquake. He then assured the team that he would hold an emergency meeting regarding DreamLife's shutdown.
    • After all the events, Amir told the team that the effects of the drug depended on the dose, meaning that DreamLife had the ability to control any drug taker's actions for any amount of time. They then rushed to Judge Powell, who told the team that Rosie was to undergo a rehabilitation program instead of a prison sentence. She also authorized the team to search the dome, seize the drugs, and arrest Rozetta Pierre.
  • After they alerted Tony Marconi and his Hawk Eye Security employees to surround and secure the dome, Gloria and the player then prepared to go to the dome to arrest Rozetta.

Up in Flames

  • After successfully petitioning Judge Powell for a warrant to shut down DreamLife and alerting Hawk Eye Security to secure the dome, the detectives headed to the dome to arrest Rozetta, who was shocked to find out that they discovered her plans to ship out Protozane to make the public unemotional and suggestible. She justified herself, citing the VR game her team developed as a case of people liking being told what to do.
  • After the arrest, the team searched Rozetta's office and found a map to the drug production chamber. The team headed there only to find Tony Marconi burned to death. They then suspected Rozetta, Phillip, Emilio, Keith and Jones.
  • Soon after, the team arrested Philip for authorizing the shipment of Protozane to Fornax, an empty warehouse, meaning that DreamLife had not been able to ship the drugs. Shortly after, Mia Loukas informed the team of a break-in at Marconi's house, which turned out to be a part of Jones' attempt to investigate the murder on his own. Afterwards, Rozetta admitted that she got Marconi out of jail and blackmailed him with his son, Emilio, to hire some ex-convicts and dispose of the bodies of their dead test subjects. Keith then admitted that they smuggled the bodies to an industrial incinerator and burned them to ashes. Later, Martine found out that Philip had injected Amir with Protozane. After Amir admitted that he had opened Philip's cell door per his request, Cathy told the team that Philip had checked in the Glitz Hotel under a fake name. After the team had arrested Philip for the second time, the team found out from Jones that Zoe remembered Marconi as she saw him hauling dead bodies past her cell under the dome.
  • After all these climatic events, the team arrested Marconi's son, Emilio, for the murder. Emilio said that Marconi had been trying to contact him for weeks to convince him to get out of the dome as DreamLife was operating a shady business. However, Emilio disagreed, stating that Protozane was a scientific breakthrough. After finding out the cops were going to raid the dome, Marconi went to Emilio as he was packing the Protozane shipments and tried to get him to leave, which made Emilio deceive him before creating a Molotov cocktail to throw at his father.
  • Afterwards, Amir snapped out of the effects of Protozane. Mayor Joe Warren then tasked Gloria and the player to retrieve all data of DreamLife's activities under the dome to help in the transfer of control over their facility to the Space and Aeronautics Research Agency.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Rozetta's laptop had started to self-destruct as she was starting to transfer the files to an external drive. After informing S.A.R.A. head Denise Daniels of the situation, she accompanied the player to Rozetta's office, where they found the override device. They then went to Rozetta to force her to unlock the device before sending it to Cathy, who was able to retrieve enough files to build a case against DreamLife and aid S.A.R.A. in their administration over the dome.
    • Meanwhile, Jones told the team that he was planning to resign from the force, saying that he was unfit to be an officer. With the help of Alex, Ramirez and the player compiled a video of Jones's time in the GPD to convince him to stay in the force. After Jones changed his mind with his resignation, he decided to take a brief break and consult a therapist to get over the harrowing events surrounding DreamLife.
  • After all the events and wanting to know why Rozetta wanted to unleash Protozane to the public, Chief Parker told the team to investigate her past, starting with her alma mater, Grimsborough University.

University: "Original Sin"


Final Cut

  • After deciding to investigate Rozetta's past in Grimsborough University, the team received reports from the university's dean Donna Walker of a murder there.
  • After arriving at the university entrance, Gloria and the player found the body of university freshman Cindy McMinn, who was slashed into two pieces with a chainsaw. The team then flagged Donna, film professor Luke Harris, landscaper Gunnar Burns, as well two university students, student film director Toby Hansen and film actress Sally Hooper.
  • Soon after, the detectives found out that Cindy was the lead actress in a student horror movie called Butcher Lake, which was directed by Toby. Mid-investigation, they caught Toby searching for his phone on the movie set. Later, the team arrested Gunnar for threatening Toby with a pair of hedge clippers as the latter and his film crew had made damages to campus property.
  • In the end, the team found enough clues to apprehend Toby for Cindy's murder. Cindy had intentions of transferring to another university, meaning that she would not take part in his student horror movie anymore. As he could not re-shoot all the scenes, Toby recorded himself disguised as the film's killer and killed Cindy to depict the "most realistic death scene in all of horror cinema".
  • Afterwards, the team and Martine helped Sally and Luke finish the shooting of "Butcher's Lake" with Martine (who had similar looks to Cindy) replacing Cindy in the final scenes of the film when the lead actress killed the film's killer.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Per Donna, there was a network breakdown that had wiped out a decade's worth of student archives in the university, prompting the team to find the university's display of famous alumni instead, where they found a poster regarding Rozetta.
    • Per Cathy, the information on the poster about Rozetta was fake. The team then talked to its creator, student Azeeb Patel, who claimed that he just simply wrote down everything Rozetta had said to him.
  • After all the events, Chief Parker told the team to be alert for every hint on Rozetta's past.

Pain in the Neck

  • After his brief break, Jones finally returned to work and accompanied the player for a walk on campus on the university open day.
  • While on their walk, the detectives heard a scream coming from the university's cafeteria, where they then found the body of economics professor René Narcisse, who was stabbed in the neck. The suspects were found to be economics student Dorothy Kix, the victim's wife Isabella Narcisse, the victim's teaching assistant Gregory Lynn, philosophy professor Kevin Charles and Julian, who wanted to apply to the university for his education.
  • Mid-investigation, Cathy tracked down the victim's Buzzer account and found out that the victim often went to the city's north scenic viewpoint, which he called his "secret hideout". Soon after, Donna came to the station, asking the team to finish up their murder investigation quickly so that the university's open day could get back on schedule.
  • In the end, they found out that Isabella killed her husband. Isabella then told the team that her husband had depleted all of their savings by investing in the wrong stocks. In a moment of anger, Isabella grabbed a fork and stabbed her husband in the jugular vein, draining him of blood and leading her to regret her actions afterward.
  • Post-trial, Gabriel and the player (with Ramirez and Cathy's help) got Julian's university application to Donna, successfully getting Julian applied to the university for the following semester.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • During her university years, Rozetta had doodled on a desk with DreamLife's logo and the words "AD ASTRA D2231". Per Cathy, "Ad Astra" was a Latin phrase which meant "to the stars", and that "D2231" was in fact the classroom number for Kevin's at the time.
    • Per a nervous Kevin, Ad Astra was just an "old study group" that convened in his classroom before he hurriedly left the detectives.
  • Feeling that Kevin's statements were not true, the team decided to take a further look into Ad Astra.


  • Upon Mia's reports of a murder taking place during a paintball match, Gloria and the player headed to the university's paintball arena.
  • There, they found the body of paintball team captain Sam De Witt, shot in her left eye. The team then suspected Iota Psi Omega's sorority president Monica Pozie, the victim's rival and paintball team captain Courtney Guerra, the victim's ex-boyfriend Blaise Studebaker, the victim's teammate and sorority sister Ashley Howard, along with Clementine, who was a part-time instructor for the sorority paintball teams at the university.
  • Mid-investigation, Mia informed the team that Sam's sorority was holding a party celebrating her death, which turned out to be one celebrating her life instead. Later, Blaise complained to the team that he was driven out by the sorority girls when he tried to get in their party.
  • In the end, it was found that Monica killed Sam to prevent the latter from taking the sorority presidency away from the former.
  • Post-trial, Martine and the player helped Rita organize a paintball match for the team, which later ended in a tie between Rita and the player.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Rozetta was a member of the Iota Psi Omega sorority, prompting the team to search the Iota Psi Omega sorority house to find a photo featuring Rozetta and text mentioning Ad Astra.
    • Per Gabriel, Ad Astra was still active due to the message mentioning Ad Astra, which was revealed by Monica herself that Sam had wanted to join Ad Astra.
    • Per Sam's USB files, Ad Astra was founded by Rozetta and Courtney was one of the members in the group. When interrogated, Courtney told the team that Ad Astra had disbanded when Rozetta went after bigger projects (DreamLife). However, it was resurrected one year ago, when the meteorite fell on Grimsborough. Courtney then refused to give more further answers.
  • After all the events, the team decided to find out what Ad Astra's objectives were.

Game, Set, Murder

  • Receiving reports of a murder in the university's workshop during a heavy rainy night, Jones and the player rushed to the university.
  • There, they collected the body of tennis star player Stephanie Griff with her head crushed in a vise. They then suspected Gunnar, the university's woodworking teacher Bradley Fields, the victim's girlfriend and taxi driver Miranda Cohen, the victim's tennis partner John McKenzie and behavioral science student Lucius Roth.
  • Mid-investigation, the team found someone wandering around the campus, who turned out to be Donna, who was on night patrol. Per Donna, Stephanie was seen in the university's library that afternoon. Later, Jones was pelted by tennis balls from a malfunctioning tennis ball launcher in the university's tennis court.
  • The team eventually found enough evidence to incriminate Gunnar for the murder. However, he refused to reveal his motives for killing Stephanie, simply telling the team that he had tortured her with a vise to make her reveal "what she knew".
  • Post-trial, the team then discovered that:
    • Stephanie had caught Gunnar burying a body in the tennis court. After analyzing the skull, Martine found out that the body belonged to Clara Burns, Gunnar's ex-wife. Interrogated about Clara's murder, Gunnar admitted that he had bashed her head in after she had taken everything from him during the divorce. After killing Clara and burying her body in the backyard, Gunnar had to relocate her body after the local council asked to dig up his backyard to install some Internet cables. He then buried her at the court under the guise of resurfacing but was caught in the act by Stephanie.
    • Gloria and the player also found a volume on Ad Astra in the library. Per Gabriel, the volume was an Ad Astra manifesto stating that the people who were physically and intellectually superior deserved to rule over the rest of society. Furthermore, the team found out that Kevin was the person who had introduced Rozetta to the theory of selective superiority.
    • When the team grilled Kevin about his involvements in Ad Astra, Kevin revealed that Ad Astra was a group of talented students talking about the future of humanity. However, he became uncomfortable with how they wanted to put the theory of selective superiority into practice. When they asked him to identify the current members of Ad Astra, Kevin refused saying that he had been done associating with the group years ago.
  • After all the events, the team resolved to investigate further into Ad Astra as they suspected that the members in the group had something to do with Rozetta's evil plans.

Trick or Treat

  • After Rita's reports of a disturbance at a Halloween house party hosted by Gregory, Gloria and the player headed there to check it out.
  • However outside his house, they found Gregory's body slashed from shoulder to hip. They then suspected Kevin, Azeeb, the victim's girlfriend and international relations student Polly O'Brien, the victim's younger brother Adrian Lynn and Spooky Den costume shop owner Lily Chen.
  • Mid-investigation, Mia reported that she had spotted a woman dressed as a witch running away to the costume shop, who turned out to be Lily. Later, Ramirez told the team that he had spoken with the victim via a spirit board.
  • In the end, the team incarcerated Adrian, who killed his brother because of his love for Gregory's girlfriend, Polly, saying that Gregory did not deserve her. However, Polly had rejected Adrian's love, prompting him to "take more drastic measures" by killing his brother.
  • On Gloria's ex-husband Jake Hayes's request, Gloria and the player (with help from Lily and Martine) resolved Carter's costume crisis by giving him a Captain Sombrero outfit, making him happy.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Azeeb was a member of Ad Astra, and that he had a card that Rozetta gave to him and his fellow Ad Astrans when he visited her in prison. After investigating Gregory's bedroom, the team found a musical card, which was then given to Gabriel.
    • Per Gabriel, the card was transmitting a message in Morse code, which transmitted a message translating to "I trust you to take care of the Kevin Charles problem". Fearing that Kevin was in danger, the team immediately dispatched an officer straight to his house.
  • After all the events, Chief Parker said that she had dispatched an officer to Kevin's house and workplace, she also requested Cathy to track down Azeeb and Courtney, the only two known Ad Astrans.
  • A few hours later, Cathy came in, saying that she had managed to track Courtney to the scenic viewpoint. Before the team could head there to confront Courtney, however, Mia reported to the team that Kevin had been found murdered.

Lashing Out

  • After Mia reported that Kevin had been found murdered, Jones and the player instantly headed to the forest on the university grounds to collect his body.
  • In the forest, the team found Kevin tied to two trees and whipped to death. The team then suspected the two known Ad Astrans, Azeeb and Courtney, as well Polly, Dorothy and Lucius.
  • Mid-investigation, Mia told the team that the police had found Ad Astra's hideout, a cave near the university. Later, Lucius came to the station, confessing that he had murdered Kevin with details contrary to the forensic evidence the team had found. After taking Lucius into custody, Jones and the player found out that Dorothy was appointed by Rozetta to be the leader of the new Ad Astra. However, Dorothy claimed that Ad Astra was a group of friends who wanted to inspire each other to do great things.
  • In the end, they caught Polly guilty of the murder. Soon Polly admitted to the murder, saying that she was the one who killed Kevin, detailing all the things she had done before killing Kevin. However, she said that she did not know the reason why Lucius falsely confessed to the murder.
  • Suspecting that there was more to Kevin's murder than Polly had confessed earlier, Jones and the player continued to investigate, the team then discovered that:
    • Polly had accomplices to the murder after finding a makeshift stretcher, who later turned out to be Azeeb. However Azeeb confessed that he, Polly, Dorothy, Lucius and Courtney all took turns in whipping Kevin until he died, making the five suspects accomplices in the murder.
    • Per a tablet Azeeb had left in the hideout, the Ad Astrans had carried out the plan to kill Kevin even before Rozetta's instructions and that the plan relied on each of their strengths.
    • They also learned that Lucius falsely admitted to be Kevin's killer as a distraction to allow Ad Astra to learn what the police knew about the murder. The team then hurried to the university dorms to arrest Dorothy and Courtney.
  • Meanwhile, Gloria and the player decided to find out the reasons why Rozetta had ordered five members of the new Ad Astra to kill Kevin, they soon discovered that:
    • Kevin had left a password to his personal account on the Grimsborough University intranet on his mousepad that was printed in a starry landscape.
    • Kevin said in his notes that the old Ad Astra may have wanted to kill him to protect their identities, and that he planned to leave a message for the player.
    • They then found Kevin's notes to the player, half-burned by Ad Astra in the forest. However, a salvaged piece rvealed that that the five original Ad Astrans hid behind constellation codenames. He also detailed that Rozetta was known as "Andromeda" and that a member with the codename "Fornax" was in Spring Fields, Grimsborough's agricultural district.
    • Recalling that Fornax was the name of the warehouse DreamLife had planned to ship the Protozane to, Chief Parker realized that some of the drugs may have landed in Fornax's hands.
  • After all the events, the team went to the courthouse to attend Dorothy, Courtney and Lucius' trial (Azeeb had taken a plea deal that would give him a 7-year prison sentence). There, the three were sentenced by Judge Powell to 30 years each in prison.
  • After the trial, the team immediately decided to head to Spring Fields to look for Fornax's identity and stop them from spreading Protozane into the city.

Spring Fields: "Seeds of Destruction"


Fields of Murder

  • While talking about Fornax, Gloria and the player were informed about a fire in a local cornfield, prompting them to go there.
  • At the burning cornfield, the detectives found the body of Deputy Sheriff Gus McGuff with a large shotgun wound on his chest. The team suspected corn farmer Cody Mays, the victim’s fiancée Christy Cole, Sheriff Roy Loukas, chicken farmer Abby Lee, and the victim's foster brother, drifter Lorenzo Sims.
  • Mid-investigation, Gloria was struck by a sandbag after a couple of volunteer firefighters requested the team to protect a fertilizer barn from an explosion that could be caused by the fire if not protected. Later, Roy had gotten into a fight with his daughter, Mia, over his lack of authority to investigate the murder due to being a suspect.
  • In the end, the killer turned out to be Cody, who killed Gus because the victim had seen him burn his cornfields as someone had bribed him to do the deed and leave no witnesses.
  • Gabriel and the player helped Mia and her father reconcile after reminding him of his favorite memory of Mia and helping him find his daughter's first sheriff badge to gift to her.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Per Cody, Fornax had bribed him to do the deed.
    • They also found out that wad of cash paid to Cody was wrapped in a pink plastic exclusive to two agribusiness companies in the district – GrimFoods and AgriMeadows.
    • They then learned from Abby that the two agribusiness companies were to hold exhibitions at the upcoming cattle fair.
  • After all the events, Chief Parker told the team to prepare to go to the cattle fair to find proof of criminal conspiracy.

A Crime Like No Udder

  • Jones and the player decided to head to the local cattle fair to investigate the two agribusiness companies potentially involved in Fornax's schemes.
  • However when they arrived at the cattle fair, they found the body of cheesemaker Debby Gideon with her skull shattered and her chest branded with a cow branding iron. They then suspected Tallulah, AgriMeadows CEO Julia Brine, cattle farmer Joey Beaty, GrimFoods CEO Fabian Roland-Tavin, and Father Paul Sheppard as suspects.
  • Mid-investigation, the detectives had to evacuate the GrimFoods cheesemaking facility with Fabian after an explosion had occurred. Later, Joey rescued the detectives from a cow stampede.
  • The killer turned out to be Tallulah, who killed Debby because she thought that the victim was a "man-stealing cow", when she noticed that her crush, Paul, was starting to have desires for Debby. After she remembered how Debby had stolen her boyfriend from her in their youth, she cracked Debby's skull and branded her like a cow.
  • The player helped Rita gift Martine an Eiffel tower sculpted out of cheese (with help from Amir and Jasper) before accompanying them to the rodeo.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Specific files contained a strategy wherein they would burn down the corn crops and sell a stock of corn seedlings at a lower price in order to create a monopoly on the corn in the district.
    • They then learned from Fabien that GrimFoods had acquired the files from AgriMeadows, meaning that AgriMeadows was allied with Fornax.
  • After these events, The team resolved to go to the AgriMeadows offices to confront Julia.

A Pointy End

  • Gloria and the player went to confront Julia at the company’s offices, for being Fornax and in turn, allied with Ad Astra in their bid to sell a stock of corn seedlings at a low price to create a monopoly on the corn in the district.
  • However in the company lobby, they discovered Christy, who was a company employee for AgriMeadows, poisoned and foaming at the mouth. They then suspected Julia, as well exterminator Harley Sackville, climate change activist Oswin Piper, warehouse supervisor Abel Dreschner, and the victim’s mother Norma Cole.
  • Mid-investigation, Cathy had found out that the victim was at an AgriMeadows warehouse before her death. Later, a mob of farmers were demanding to reopen the corn fest to obtain some corn seedlings.
  • The killer turned out to be Abel, who killed Christy because she confronted him about the truth about the corn, which she had started investigating after the corn fields’ arson and her fiancé’s death. He then injected her in the neck with cyanide at the office lobby and left her to foam at the mouth so he wouldn't be the "fall guy".
  • After the arrest, Oswin showed Jones and the player a drone that would fertilize the charred fields, which they presented to the Sheriff, who was pleased by the efforts to save the corn fields.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Per Amir, a sample of AgriMeadows’ corn was infused with Protozane, revealing that Fornax wanted to mass-distribute it.
    • After interrogating Abel, they found a safe disguised as a painting, which proved that Julia was Fornax. Due to her plans to orchestrate the corn crisis and spread the Protozane-infused corn, the detectives went to arrest Julia as a result.
    • They also found out that the painting consisted of the Ad Astra members’ codenames – Andromeda, Fornax, Orion, Perseus, and Cassiopeia.
  • After Julia's arrest, the team then vowed to unmask all of Ad Astra.

Like a Pig to the Slaughter

  • Jones and the player went to the eastern communal pig farm upon reports of a murder there.
  • The detectives then found Roy butchered up into pieces and fed to pigs in a pig trough. They then suspected Mia (whom the team informed of the murder), Lorenzo, truck driver Brock Perry, post office worker Wilbur Abernathy, and slaughterhouse worker Charlotte Webb.
  • Mid-investigation, Cathy informed the team that the killer had sent a threat to the victim through the post office. Later, Carter tried to hide from his father after he stole a cute piglet from the crime scene.
  • The killer then turned out to be Lorenzo, who killed the Sheriff because Roy had "ruined his life" by taking him into foster care after breaking up a violent fight between his parents.
  • Post-trial, Gloria and the player found Mia in the Spring Fields Church with Brock’s help. They then helped her by arranging the Sheriff’s memorial service held by Mayor Warren.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Julia had received massive injections of investment capital from Orion Inc, which was run by Bateman, who they had arrested for murder previously.
    • Per prison warden Mallory Banks, Bateman was released a few days prior after some psychiatrists verified that he was "under extreme psychological duress" when he killed Meera.
  • After Ramirez discovered Bateman’s family’s vineyard in the district, the team headed there to catch Bateman once again.

In Vino Veritas

  • Jones and the player decided to head to Villa Bateman to grill Bateman about Ad Astra and his early release.
  • However the detectives found his mother, Cora Bateman, drowned in a barrel of wine on the villa patio. The detectives then suspected Bateman, Eoin, Savannah, sommelier Cedric Duchateau and socialite Jacinta Linares as suspects.
  • Soon after they suspected Bateman, he denied anything to do with Ad Astra. Mid-investigation, Ramirez discovered the villa’s wine cellar under the villa. Later, Martine and Cedric had an argument over wine.
  • The killer turned out to be Jacinta, who drowned Cora after an argument about not having money to repay the debt that the victim lent her after Jacinta’s family had gone broke following a series of bad investments. She then said that she realized that their friendship was contingent on Cora's feeling of superiority over her, which led her to knock her out before dunking her in the victim's "tasteless plonk".
  • Post-trial, Gloria and the player tracked down Savannah’s “stalker”, who turned out to be Gabriel’s girlfriend Sofia Quadrelli, who had came to Grimsborough to surprise Gabriel.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • A dictaphone in the wine cellar contained recordings of Bateman expressing his disappointment in Fornax's incarceration and saying that Ad Astra still had "Plan Supernova". However, Bateman refused to talk about the plan.
  • The team discussed their plans to learn more about Plan Supernova before being interrupted by an explosion.

To Kingdom Come

  • The explosion was discovered to have occurred in the parking lot outside the precinct, which caused the team to hurry out to see what had happened.
  • The explosion turned out to be the player’s patrol car being blown by a car bomb, which killed Mia, who had been borrowing the player's car over the last few weeks. The team suspected Bateman, the victim's boyfriend Brock, Paul, Fabian, and Maylin of the murder.
  • Mid-investigation, Chief Parker informed the team that one of the patrolmen had found a shack full of bomb-making equipment. Later, Brock argued with Martine, insisting to see his girlfriend's body as he was sure she wasn't dead.
  • The killer then turned out to be Brock, who had falsely killed Mia while she was inside the car instead of the player. He then told them that he was approached by some people from a vineyard to hire him to kill the player, however he resisted their offer a few times. However when Mia broke up with him, he decided that he had to do the deed to keep Mia in Spring Fields, but ending up killing her instead.
  • After Jones and the player had returned Paul’s eulogy for Mia’s funeral, the team attended the funeral headed by the Father.
  • Meanwhile, Maylin asked the team to help file a restraining order against Bateman, who had hit on her in the café while talking about Plan Supernova.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Per a CCTV footage of a drunk Bateman flirting with Maylin, Bateman had drunkenly admitted that the plan involved the meteorite. Denise then reported that S.A.R.A. operations were running smooth and promised to look for Plan Supernova in DreamLife's files.
    • Meanwhile, Brock’s phone revealed a text that confirmed the "deed was done" to a phone number that belonged to Mayor Warren, proving his affiliation with Ad Astra. Chief Parker then figured out that the approval of the dome and Bateman's release were all done under his political supervision.
  • The Chief then told the team to head to the airport by dawn to confront Mayor Warren about Ad Astra.

Airport: "To the Stars"


Dearly Departured

  • After finding out that Mayor Warren was involved in Ad Astra, Jones and the player quickly headed to the airport to confront him. However Joe reported that a woman had just collapsed dead at the airport's gate bar.
  • At the bar, Jones and the player collected the poisoned body of Osprey Airlines' flight attendant Dolores Zamora, as well as adding Joe, Leroux, Tamu (who now worked as a bartender of the gate bar), Osprey Airlines' pilot Shane Redfern and flight passenger Amity Malone as suspects.
  • Mid-investigation, Tamu turned up at the crime scene, demanding to gain access to her gate bar. Soon after, a crowd of angry passengers demanded the team to close the investigation so that they could enter the airport again and board their flights.
  • The killer then turned out to be Shane, who had killed Dolores because the former feared that the latter would ruin his life as she had threatened to tell Leroux about Shane's nap-taking during his flights if Shane continued to sexually harass her again.
  • Gloria and the player helped Sofia and Gabriel find Sofia's stolen luggage as Sofia planned to return to Milan. The thief turned out to be Amity, who stole Sofia's luggage as a habit to cope with her anxiety.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Warren had convinced the late Mayor Martha Price to go to the animal control tanks alone, leading to her death and Warren's rise in political rankings. The team then went to the city hall to confront Warren, where they met his assistant, Mandy Pregodich. Mandy then told the detectives that Warren was at Bateman's vineyard.
    • After Amir's suggestion that he and the player should disguise as waiters in the vineyard to spy on Warren and Bateman, they found out that Warren was convincing Bateman to bide their time before their execution of Plan Supernova.
  • After all the events, the team discussed their plan of action regarding Ad Astra and Plan Supernova. However, a blackout hit the station.

Lights Out

  • After finding out that the blackout that hit the station was city-wide, Gloria and the player went to the Grimsborough Power Plant to check out the situation while Cathy managed to turn on the station's emergency generator.
  • After setting up some lights in the power plant, the team found the body of power plant manager Ryan Min, shot in the heart. They soon suspected Jenna, Jon (the two now worked at the power plant), Izzy, hired muscle disguised as a safety inspector Felix Murray and the victim's boyfriend, Oscar Thompson.
  • The team then continued to investigate into Ryan's murder while Alex and Cathy were working to restore power in the city. Mid-investigation, the citizens started a riot in Hutshing Square, prompting the team to go there to control the chaos. Later, at the power plant's control tower, Gloria and the team caught Jenna sneaking in as she had figured out a way to fix the blackout.
  • The killer would turn out to be Felix, who killed Ryan as the latter had realized that Felix was the person who caused the city-wide blackout via a request from "a valued friend".
  • Post-trial, the team then discovered that:
    • Per Olive, Judge Powell went missing after Felix's trial. After finding out that Judge Powell's kidnappers had visited The Black Sparrow, the pirate-themed bar that the team had investigated in a previous case, Rita and the player rushed there and talked to Ruth, the waitress of the bar.
    • Per Ruth, Judge Powell's kidnappers had mentioned the power plant, where the team later found the judge with her hands tied by restraints.
    • After freeing Judge Powell, the team found her kidnappers - Jeb and Willie Redfern, the sons of Shane Redfern, who was arrested by the team previously. Per the duo, they had kidnapped Judge Powell as she had "heartlessly misjudged" their father. They were then arrested after Rita shot Willie in the arm.
  • Meanwhile, Gloria and the player found some diesel fuel to help Alex and Cathy with the blackout. They also discovered that:
    • Per Alex and Cathy, there was a text message which was unsent due to the blackout. It read: "Abt. Supernova. Human enhancement. Wrong way! Find me ASAP".
    • Per Felix, his valued friend paid him to do the blackout so that the message would not be sent to its recipient.
  • After all the events, the team decided to go back to the dome to find out more about Plan Supernova after they suspected that there was a disagreement among Ad Astra.

Out of Breath

  • Jones and the player decided to head to the dome to find more information about Ad Astra's Plan Supernova.
  • However, they found Doris' dead body at the meteorite loading zone, beaten and strangled to death. Five S.A.R.A. employees were suspected, including Denise, the victim's brother and mover Clyde Black, HAZMAT specialist Trishna Joshi, lawyer Martin Davenport and Denise's assistant Otto Kessel.
  • Mid-investigation, Trishna accidentally sprayed Jones with water while cleaning some HAZMAT suits. Soon after, the team went to save Amir from a S.A.R.A. guard, who arrested him for sneaking around the crime scene.
  • The killer then would turn out to be Clyde, who explained that Doris had tried to micromanage his life by keeping him away from the meteorite as she believed it was bad. The two siblings then got into a fight, ending up with Clyde strangling Doris to death with her own apron belt.
  • Jones and the player helped Ramirez find some habanero peppers to make pico de gallo for his son Arturo's birthday. Ramirez and the player then got Rita to test the pico de gallo, who panicked due to the spiciness.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Per a DreamLife device that was found in the meteorite loading zone, it belonged to Hoover, showing a message of Rozetta demanding that Hoover recover all the data on the human enhancements that had gone missing.
    • Upon Hoover's interrogation, the team found out that the experiments on DreamLife's test subjects were done to "improve those who deserved it".
    • The team then found documents that Hoover had buried outside the meteorite lab. Per Amir and Jasper, DreamLife was planning to use Berzelium's body process enhancement property to create a superhuman serum that could make its user survive anything and everything, even a nuclear apocalypse.
  • After all the events, the team decided to go to the psychiatric hospital to ask the trials' solo survivor, Zoe, about the human experiments performed on her under the dome.

Head Case

  • Jones, Gabriel and the player headed to Bromden Psychiatric Hospital to talk to Zoe about the human experiments performed on herself under DreamLife's dome.
  • However, shockingly, the team found Zoe's body in the hospital's courtyard, her head bashed in. Gabriel then took an emotionally unstable Jones to his office to take care of him while the player accompanied Gloria to investigate Zoe's murder. They then suspected Kai, Rosamund, Leroux, Jennifer and hospital orderly Tobias Randall.
  • Mid-investigation, a crowd of upset psychiatric patients caused trouble in the hospital's common room upon discovering about Zoe's death, prompting Gloria and the player to go calm them down with the help of Tobias. Later, an angry Jones told the team that he would kill Zoe's killer by his bare hands before breaking down into tears again, causing Gabriel to lead him back to his office.
  • In a shocking twist of events, Louis turned out to be Zoe's killer. Admitting to the murder, Leroux told the team that he had accidentally seen Zoe levitating a cup of tea. However, when he tried to convince her to get tested, Zoe started screaming and threatening to call an orderly, panicked, Leroux grabbed a fence post and bashed Zoe's head in to keep her silent forever.
  • Post-trial, Jones attempted suicide via overdose on sedatives, prompting the team to rush him to the hospital immediately.
  • With Jennifer's psychological help with finding a letter written by Zoe and Amir's help in synthesizing an antidote to the sedatives, Jones thanked the player and Gabriel and promised to keep living since that was what Zoe wanted.
  • Meanwhile, the team then discovered that:
    • Leroux had installed a hidden camera inside Zoe's room. Much to the team's shock, the camera had recorded the moment when Zoe's teacup started levitating, meaning that Leroux was telling the truth.
    • After Martine autopsied Zoe's body once again, she found out that Zoe's occipital lobe was exposed to a different Berzelium derivative than Protozane, confirming her exposure to the superhuman serum. However per Jasper, Zoe's telekinesis power was merely a side effect of the drug.
  • After all the events, the team decided to go to the TV station to look further into Leroux's findings among his belongings.

Playing Dead

  • The player accompanied Gloria to go to the TV station to look further into Leroux's findings about Ad Astra's superhuman serum.
  • In the CNN studio, the team found Savannah, with her face and body riddled with acid burns. They then suspected Christian, Izzy, the victim's boyfriend and actor Leif Ström, the victim's publicist Clarisse Gold and journalist Rick Murray, whom the player had met during their tenure in The Bureau.
  • Mid-investigation, Clarisse came shouting as she did not accept Savannah's death as she would not allow it. Later, Rick attempted to broadcast information about Savannah's murder at the spa that Savannah frequently visited, which was later prevented by the team. Furthermore, per Izzy's discovery, the team found out that Savannah's charity was a scam.
  • In the end, the killer would turn out to be Clarisse, who killed Savannah in a fit of anger after Clarisse suffered a miscarriage due to the victim insisting that they attend a publicity event due the actress being ill with a flu.
  • After the trial, Judge Powell confirmed Izzy's claims of Savannah embezzling funds from her charity. The team then also found Savannah's inheritor, her half-sister Brooke before they successfully persuaded her to return the money Savannah had embezzled.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Per Gabriel's analysis on Leroux's notebook, Leroux was the fifth and the final member of the original Ad Astra. It was found that Louis had convinced the general public that the fallen object was a satellite, had asked the team to track down Zoe so he could kill her, had attempted to murder her shortly before her arrest, and had been visiting her in the hospital to keep tabs on her.
    • Per Leroux in jail, he had to perform more tests on the late Zoe dead or alive, making the team curious of the superhuman serum and why it got him so worried.
    • Per Rick, Leroux had stolen his phone and sent a message shortly before the blackout, confirming that it was he who told Ad Astra that "human enhancement was the wrong way" regarding Plan Supernova.
  • After all the events, the team decided to go to the prison again to interrogate Leroux, only for Cathy to report that he had been found dead in his jail cell.

Breaking News

  • After they received reports of Leroux's death in his jail cell, Gloria and the player instantly headed to the Grimsborough Prison.
  • In his cell, they found Leroux's body, which had been blown up to pieces by an explosive light bulb set in his cell. The team then suspected Mallory, Willie, Polly, Trudy and Shweta.
  • Mid-investigation, a group of prisoners caused a riot over the safety in their cells after learning that Leroux was dead. Soon after Gloria and the player calmed them down, they found out from Cathy that Leroux was seen having a heated argument in the prison yard just hours before he died. They then discovered that Leroux was arguing with Trudy as he wanted her to forge a court order to get him out of prison as quickly as possible.
  • In the end, the killer turned out to be Shweta, who killed Leroux on orders from a good friend of hers, who also happened to be Ad Astra's "puppeteer". Shweta then said that "the puppeteer" were the real leader of Ad Astra and that they had realized that Ad Astra were outliving its usefulness. Due to this, they decided to plan to kill off each the members one by one, starting with Leroux.
  • Soon after the trial, the team concluded that Felix's "valued friend" who asked him to cause the blackout was possibly "the puppeteer". Soon after, Rita reported a prison break, where Mallory reported that Rozetta and Julia had escaped the prison with help from Warren and Bateman.
  • In the prison yard, Chief Parker and the player found Willie locked inside a storage cabinet, frozen. They then sent him to Martine to get proper care so they could interrogate him.
  • Per Willie, he was trying to stop Bateman and Warren, however Bateman had froze him after he had shot him with ice from his own fingertips. The team speculated that the superhuman serum might have imparted Bateman cryokinesis.
  • Meanwhile, the team discovered that:
    • With Polly's help, the team found a cigarette pack with a message to Leroux that mentioned coordinates, which (per Cathy) led to a cave in the forest, where the team guessed was the place Bateman and Warren took Rozetta and Julia to after helping them escape.
  • After all the events, with Amir's special heating riot shields, Gloria, Rita and the player went to the cave to confront the Ad Astrans. However, Julia revealed with her poisonous gas that she had held Carter and Jake unconscious as hostages. Soon after, the team was soon defeated by the Ad Astrans with Warren's telekinesis superpower removing the team's special riot shields and Rozetta's conjured electricity powers stunning them. The Ad Astrans then told the team to leave, saying that they had a common enemy now before fleeing the scene.
  • Defeated, the team returned to the station and decided to give in to Ad Astra's distraction and find Gloria's family first. After Cathy told them that a CCTV had picked footage of Carter and Jake in Newmark, the team immediately went there to save them.

Newmark: "Endgame"


Running Scared

  • Following the GPD’s confrontation with the remaining four alive and on-the-run Ad Astrans, Cathy discovered that gunshots had been heard at a construction site in Newmark, where Jake and Carter may be. Jones, who came out of indefinite leave after Zoe’s death, went with the player to search the site.
  • They went there only to find Jake shot dead in a tube room at the construction site. They soon suspected the victim’s uncle and war veteran Danny Williams, Clive, Troy, James and Mandy.
  • Soon after, they found out an Ad Astra accomplice had taken Carter after killing Jake. Mid-investigation, they found a now-abandoned van that was used to take Carter away after the murder. They soon arrested Clive for unwillingly aiding in the kidnapping due to him lending the tube room to Rozetta. Later, Gloria attempted to take over the investigation in order to find her husband’s killer and rescue her son.
  • In the end, the killer turned out to be Mandy, who had willingly kept the two men hostage due to Mayor Warren ordering her to, claiming that the two were “political enemies”. She killed him after Jake had attempted to escape and took Carter away, refusing to tell where he was. After Judith sentenced her to life imprisonment, Mandy reluctantly agreed to tell where Carter was.
  • After Mandy confessed Carter’s location, they found the latter in an abandoned garage near a hiking trail. They rescued Carter before they learned from him that a man had helped in the kidnapping.
  • They soon found out that the man was actually Troy, who did the deed because Christian had offered him financial backing for his failing microbrewery. They arrested him and returned Carter the last toy he had received from his father.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Per Clive, in exchange for release, that he had overheard Rozetta having a conversation that implied that her own mother was the “puppeteer” behind Ad Astra.
    • After they found an envelope of money that had prints belonging to Danny, the veteran revealed that a woman had paid him to keep an eye out for people fitting descriptions of Rozetta, Joe and Christian. His description helped them believe that Denise Daniels was the puppeteer who had paid Danny.
  • Soon after, Chief Parker said that they would need to head to S.A.R.A. Headquarters to interrogate Denise about her connection to Rozetta.

To Eternity and Beyond

  • After they learned that Denise may be Rozetta’s mother, and in turn, the mastermind behind Ad Astra, they decided to confront her at S.A.R.A. headquarters.
  • However when Gloria and the player entered the lobby, they found Trishna stabbed in the neck with a letter opener. They suspected Denise, Martin, S.A.R.A. chief of staff Christine Ramsgate, retired astronaut John C. Birk and Otto.
  • Mid investigation, they were later informed by Cathy that the killer sent their anonymous threat to Trishna in the training facilities under S.A.R.A. Later, Gloria started floating away due to John accidentally turning on the zero-gravity setting in the training facility.
  • In the end, the killer would turn out to be John, who killed Trishna after he saw her during his guest speech, recalling how she grounded him. This was due to her failed sanitization of the storage chamber on what would be his final space flight, which contaminated all of his samples.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Per botany student Summer Klein, she saw and recorded Christian fighting with another man using his ice powers. After they found out the one Christian attacked was Eoin, they asked him about Christian, the CEO only telling them that Christian mentioned “flying high”, leading to their speculation that Ad Astra was escaping by air.
    • After they found Denise’s hairbrush and sent it to Amir, he was able to confirm that Denise was indeed biologically related to Rozetta by mother and daughter. Denise admitted to being Rozetta’s mother, but denied being the puppeteer.
    • After they found Denise’s personal files, they found out that Denise had wanted to enhance the human race for a long time, Rozetta being her first experiment, using only her mitochondrial DNA and raising Rozetta to make her think she was superior compared to others. However, as Rozetta showed no signs of enhanced physical resilience or strength, Denise lost interest in her by the time she turned ten. With evidence, they went to arrest Denise, only to discover she had fled the headquarters with all her belongings per Christine’s testimony.
  • After Cathy found out that “Flying High” was actually a company that manufactured helicopters and that Christian had purchased one, they went to where the helicopter was stationed in order to arrest Ad Astra.

Reap What You Sow

  • After Cathy told them that Christian had purchased a helicopter that was sitting on a rooftop in Newmark at the moment, Jones and the player went there.
  • However when they got there, they found Christian dead next to his helicopter, apparently poisoned by a dart shot in his chest. They soon suspected Eoin and Trudy, along with the other three remaining Ad Astrans, Rozetta, Joe and Julia.
  • Mid-investigation, Rozetta called them about the murder investigation before they found the Ad Astrans’ hideout, where they gassed and apprehended Joe. Later, they tracked Julia down and arrested her as well before they discovered that Eoin had broken into the hideout.
  • In the end, the killer would turn out to be Joe, who killed Christian out of mercy due to the serum that they took and their powers that was causing the Ad Astrans to suffer. As Christian kept using his powers, he soon suffered in excruciating agony, pleading for mercy. After the trial, Martine confirmed that the serum was indeed slowly killing Christian’s body.
  • Soon after, Amir asked for Rita and the player’s help to find some bocryx (which they obtained from a helicopter compass) so he could forge an engagement ring for Jasper. Later he proposed to his boyfriend, the latter saying yes.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Per Rozetta’s autobiography, Rozetta had been trying and failing to impress and get the approval of her mother. The day the meteorite had fallen, Denise started dotting on her daughter to build a dome around the meteorite and study it. After DreamLife depleted the meteorite of its effects and Denise taking the dome for herself after DreamLife’s shutdown, Denise believed that Ad Astra was now useless.
    • After Louis had investigated why Denise had kept the superhuman serum that she had promised to Ad Astra away from them per a recording, Louis had found the serum in a lab miles away from the dome along with a “horrific sight”. He was unable to tell his Ad Astrans further due to his arrest and murder, which forced Ad Astra to take the serum despite Louis’s warnings to have a fighting chance against Denise.
  • After Ramirez recognized the alleyway Louis was standing in while recording his discoveries, the team hurried to find the secret lab.


  • After Gloria and the player discovered the secret laboratory, they discovered a large number of green haired humanoid creatures floating in a solution and that a certain Dr. Henry Liu was conducting the experiments. Amir and Chief Parker then told them that they found Henry dead.
  • In the backalley of the laboratory, they found Henry’s body, the scientist’s head bashed in with a fire extinguisher deposited near the body. They suspected Otto, Izzy, Paul, as well the victim’s wife April Liu and the victim’s neighbour Gina Rowbottom.
  • Mid-investigation, April came to the precinct to verify that her husband had been murdered. Soon after, Amir accidentally triggered an alarm while opening one of the tanks to take a sample of the tank solution.
  • The killer would turn out to be April, who killed her husband in a fit of anger after she discovered that he was making an entirely new humanoid species called “neohumans” in his laboratory.
  • Amir then told them that he had discovered the tank solution was actually the superhuman serum, used as an amniotic fluid to gain resilience.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Denise used her own DNA to mutate and create the genetic DNA for her new and resilient species that was born in the superhuman serum.
    • After April revealed that she had found out that the neohumans was grown in a year, they discovered a video showing the neohumans’ seal-healing process after Dr. Liu had shot a neohuman child in the hand.
    • Denise had found out how to catalyse an even bigger earthquake to destroy Grimsborough entirely, using the meteorite core that S.A.R.A. currently had in their grasp.
  • In order to prevent the mega-quake Denise had planned to kill everyone in the city and free her neohumans, the team hurried to S.A.R.A. to stop her plans.

Eve of Disaster

  • After discovering Denise’s plans of a mega-quake that involved the meteorite’s core, the player and Gloria found out that an explosion had occurred at S.A.R.A. headquarters.
  • There in the meteorite room, they found Jon’s body in a puddle of his drained blood and strangely deflated. They suspected Martin, Jasper, Danny, Oswin and nuclear plant manager Fiona Maris in the murder.
  • Mid-investigation, the team received reports of Denise being spotted near the nuclear plant. Later, the team received a bomb set by Denise and dropped off by Danny, which Rita was able to defuse.
  • In the end, the killer turned out to be Martin, who killed Jon with a sonic mineral extractor after he came across him while stealing a piece of the meteorite core for Denise in a promise for enhancement.
  • After the trial, Joe suggested that they could look for Rozetta and convince her to make a stand with him and Julia against Denise before they died from the serum. After they found out that Rozetta’s number was disabled, they found her by the ruined bridge and convinced her to fight alongside her friends.
  • The team then discovered that:
    • Martin was working with a second accomplice in the nuclear plant, where the accompile had placed the core into the reactor, starting the reaction for the mega-quake. Soon after, Martin died after a chip installed in his frontal lobe was activated by Denise, frying his brain.
    • Meeting Jasper at the reactor room, they found a laptop running the reaction sequence with the meteorite core. After Jasper deactivated the reaction, they arrested Fiona for dropping the core into the reactor because Denise had threatened Fiona with her family’s lives.
  • Soon after, Cathy told them that Denise was roaming around the city with her neohumans. The team and Ad Astra then went to the dome, where the three Ad Astrans confronted Denise. After their powers failed to kill the neohumans, Denise shot her daughter in the head before fleeing the scene. Momentarily after, a neohuman set off a grenade, causing an explosion at the dome.

Blaze of Glory

  • Soon after the explosion at the dome, the team hurried to the damaged dome where they found Julia dead from the blast and Joe missing. Chief Parker then ordered her detectives to start the evacuation of the city’s residents before it was too late.
  • After Cathy told them that her facial recognition system had identified Denise at City Hall, Jones and the player went there to find Denise’s decapitated head impaled on a statue, a message carved into her head that implied her killer had taken her neohuman army. They soon suspected Chief Parker, Izzy, Otto, an injured Joe and Paul.
  • Mid-investigation, the neohumans raided the station, forcing the team to flee and hide out at the raided and abandoned 99th precinct. Soon after, they found Denise’s beheaded body at a hill on the outskirts of the city, where they apprehended an alive and weakened Joe. Later, Jones and the player was caught in an explosion from a short circuit or gas leak, forcing Gloria to take over as the player’s partner. Afterwards, they found out that the leader had complete control over the neohumans like a queen bee to her workers.
  • In the end, the killer would turn out to be Otto, who was actually a neohuman in disguise. He killed Denise to free his fellow neohumans from the control, abuse and suffering he had received from her. After they tried to apprehend him, his invincibility allowed him to flee to his plans of destroying every last human.
  • Afterwards, Rita decided that they had to gather all of the neohumans, prompting Rita and the player to find Otto’s voice recordings. The recordings allowed Cathy to make a message of Otto urging the neohumans to gather at the hill and finding the appropriate codes to broadcast the message across the city.
  • Meanwhile, Amir decided that they had to amplify the superhuman serum’s effects on one person to make them more powerful than any of the neohumans. They found him a generator, which allowed him to amplify the serum’s effects, which would give the taker a surge of power for a hour before dying.
  • After this discovery, Joe volunteered to take the amplified serum to atone for his sins in Ad Astra. Despite this, Joe succumbed to the effects of the superhuman serum and the blast injuries he had sustained and died before their eyes, ending Ad Astra’s legacy.
  • With Joe's death, the team were in a dilemma, before the team were visited by Jones (with one less eye), who did not want to sit out on the final confrontation. Soon after, Rita volunteered to take the superhuman serum and face the neohumans, much to the team’s (especially Martine) sadness and sorrow.
  • After she was injected with the serum, Rita and the player faced off against the neohumans. Mid-battle, Rita felt her powers overloading and urged the player to run for their life before she overloaded and caused an explosion that killed her and all of the neohumans on the hill.
  • Two weeks later, the city was in middle of a restoration, the citizens returned to their homes, mayoral elections had been scheduled, and S.A.R.A. helped clear away the wreckage of the dome while trying to regain the public’s faith in the Agency, with Christine at the head. The team then headed to the memorial ceremony for Rita, where Diane honored Rita’s sacrifice and announced that a memorial would be erected at the former dome site to remember Rita.
  • Five months after, the GPD recounted how far they had come since the player's re-arrival in the city: a still-grieving Martine was slowly recovering, taking care of Hector for her; Cathy and Alex had grown closer from all the strife and were expecting their second child. They then went to Amir and Jasper's wedding, officiated by Ramirez, where they celebrated their marriage at the reception.


The season ended when a concierge informed Jones, who in turn, told the player that someone wanted to see them in the gardens. There, they met Jack Archer, a member of the Temporal Crimes Division, who said that he had come from the year 2029 and that the future needed them.

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