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CCWA19 2019 Criminal Case Wiki Awards

We're officially entering the final month of 2019! Looking forward to what comes next in Supernatural Investigations. With six completed seasons and a seventh season's cases being released weekly, we're here to continue with the wiki awards! In the sixth edition of these awards, we award users, cases, characters, and others for achievements in the year.

This year, due to the prior year and this year's circumstances, we'll be having a HUGE award ceremony this year. A couple fun factoids: 2014 hosted the Grimsborough finale, 2015 the Pacific Bay finale, 2016 the World Edition finale, and 2017 the Mysteries of the Past finale! And this year's going to be the first year where three seasons and two season finales will be featured in the nominations for the awards.

So there's that. Anyway, enough with the chit-chat. Let's get to nominating!


We need at least one (1) and at most five (5) nominations for the following categories:

  • Best Character of the Year (Male)
  • Best Character of the Year (Female)
  • Best Heroic Character of the Year
  • Best Villainous Character of the Year
  • Funniest Character of the Year
  • Most Annoying Character of the Year
  • Best Case of the Year
  • Worst Case of the Year
  • Best Murder Motive of the Year
  • Coolest Murder Method/Staging of the Year
  • LOL Moment of the Year
  • OMG Moment of the Year
  • Awesome Moment of the Year
  • Heartbreaking Moment of the Year

Rules and Disclaimers

  • Only characters, moments, and cases from Dearly Departured (Case #49 of The Conspiracy) until Immortal Combat (Case #5 of Supernatural Investigations) are eligible.
  • Please follow the 1-5 nomination limit or your nomination will be deemed invalid.
  • Any leaks made on this blog page will be deleted and the leaker in question banned for at least six months without warning.
  • Staff has the discretion to pick which of the nominations will go to the voting. Additionally, some candidates who did not appear in the nominations will appear in the voting as well.
  • Anyone that can comment can vote!
  • Not all categories have been disclosed, so new categories will appear in the voting ceremony.
  • Nominations end December 21st, the Saturday after the release of Case #10 of Supernatural Investigations.
  • You can edit your nominations by editing or replying to your own comment, but please don't spam.
  • Nominate who you really want to nominate! But if you're having a hard time picking, nominate someone who hasn't been nominated before!
  • NO fighting in the comments. People who incite arguments will be dealt with accordingly based on the wiki's policy.

Closing Remarks

Have a great December everybody and have a good life. Jordan, signing off.

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