Ever since To Hell and Back aired, a few users and I have witnessed the canon wiki explode in a mess of commentary, and not all of them are nice.

I get it that a lot of people aren't fully happy with what Pretty Simple did for the finale, including rushing it at certain points, not ensuring certain characters have had their development, wrongly choosing fates that could've been better for other characters and leaving questions unanswered.

I get it. You're upset.

But to make rude commentary on how Pretty Simple could've done better just because you don't like it? That's a bit out of line. You probably wouldn't know what is going on with the company, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with what could be going on for them.

I mean they have enough on their plate already, don't you think? They have to plan the storyline, draw the various characters we all learn to love and hate, write the dialogues, create the crime scenes, clues and the game's mechanics, and translate the game's content into about twelve other languages. On top of that, due to the pandemic and social distancing, they have to communicate and plan the cases over digital programs, and it's not easy for everyone to do. It's not any easier for them to see comments that violently or brutally tells them that they are bad people.

Remember, this is the Internet, and what you post, everyone can see.

If you can't be a civil person on the Internet, then don't bother commenting or talking at all. I, as an administrator, will be making sure that this wiki is kept as a safe and civil community, and I will not allow backlash from any snarky users.

If you don't like the company for something they did, just keep your violent comments to yourself. Thank you.

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