• well , Criminal case - for sure is one of the most popular facebook games in the world . But some of the features in the recent updates - especially the sticker packs update - made a lot of players furious and disappointed because the stickers are quite useless . For me , I enjoy collecting stickers besides , I have already enough burgers not to worry about energy . Furthermore , the system of recycling duplicate stickers seems pretty questionable . I mean 100 wasted duplicate stickers for just five !!! Seriously ?!
  • So I suggest that the developers mix both energy and stickers as rewards . In another words  , the developers can make stickers more valuable .  I mean every full collected page in any of the sticker albums gives the player a complete meal ( 1 OJ + 1 Potato chips + 1 Burger ) .
  • As I said before , recycling every 100 duplicate stickers and getting only one sticker pack in return is really annoying and unfair so I think I have a suggestion to fix that too :D . What about an online trade market where ( players / teammates ) can exchange unneeded duplicate stickers . They can replace it for another  needed stickers , coins , energy , burgers ,.......... etc .
  •  Now vote YES if you like these suggestion , NO if you don't . If the YES voters are the majority here , So I wish that there is someone in this wiki who can tell the developers about these suggestions . If you have better ideas please leave a comment . Thanks everybody !
  • =Do you like these suggestions ?

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