I thought about this for a while and added a brand new rule on the Rules & Policies page; it says,
"Do NOT post ANY KIND of spoilers regarding the newly released case until that particular case's article is published on the wiki. *"

As I said in the summary, posting spoilers on the wiki about the newly released cases (especially the killer's "arrested" image) RUINS the enjoyment of the players, including players like myself, Mark, Emmy and Ace, who are currently working on the new case.

Today, while I was making edits on the wiki, my eyes pointed towards the image-box at the right corner of the wiki, and I unintentionally saw the killer's image. At that time, I felt like I was screwed, and deleted the spoiler images immediately. Thus, I made this decision after speaking to Chan about this.

This rule has one star (*), which means, it's a minor rule. So, from now on, if anyone posts spoilers regarding the newly released cases, they will be strictly warned, and if they don't listen, they can go on a long, long vacation.

If this idea of avoiding spoilers doesn't work and users still keep posting spoilers (thinking that they'll only get warned as they are doing this for the first time), I'll add another star to this rule, which will make it a major rule, and after that, whoever posts spoilers again, will be blocked immediately without any warning.

So from now on, PLEASE do not post spoilers until the new case is published on the wiki.

PS, this rule goes for 3t1k, too. 

Feel free to discuss about this topic here, everyone. You guys can also give me your opinion on this.

Thank you,
Abs.1998 (Leave a messageContribs)

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