aka Zachary Riley

  • I live in Boise, Idaho
  • I was born on November 2
  • My occupation is Student working at a law firm
  • I am Male
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Hi, Guys! My name is Zach Riley, and I am a 22 year old who loves to play Criminal Case! Just remember that I will never do anything harmful to any of you. I live in Idaho, and I'm practicing law in a law firm! I'm here to share some experience of my own Criminal Cases and meet new people! I'm so excited to meet all of you! Feel free to talk to me whenever you need to.

It is known that Zach likes dark chocolate and is left handed. It is also known that he enjoys skiing, and he is a big fan of Marvel.

Zach used to play guitar. He also likes soda crackers and coffee. Zach used to do archery, badminton, and hockey. Zach likes to listen to Imagine Dragons.

Favorite Cases

  • Egypt is Burning (best case)
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls (Good Case)
  • Gone in 30 Seconds (claps)
  • A Mongolian Tale (I like it)
  • What Dies Beneath (The Great sea)
  • Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered (Wow)
  • Sweet Revenge (Don’t stop the Chocolate)
  • Last Stand For Justice (Charlie...nooo)
  • Bloodywood (Nice)
  • Blood Lust
  • One Bigfoot in the Grace
  • The Grim Butcher
  • Spring Break Masacre
  • The Summoning
  • The Haunting in Elm Manor
  • Time’s Up
  • It All Ends Here
  • Good Girls Don’t Die
  • Domesday (Fred Drucker)
  • To Kingdom Come (Exploded Beat Cop)
  • Buzz Kill (Bees Everywhere)
  • Snake in the Grass (Noooo Nathen)
  • Game Over
  • The Final Countdown
  • The Darkest Hour
  • There Will be Blood
  • Extinguished
  • Hell is Other People
  • Stockbroken (Makin Money)

Favorite characters

  • Maylin Park (BAE <3)
  • Mia Loukas (BAE 2)
  • Christian Bateman (American Psycho)
  • Jack Archer (Afraid of the birds, ey?)
  • Nathen Pandit (RIP Nathen
  • Marina Romanova (I liked her in season 3)
  • Cleopatra (sorry)
  • Euterpe (noice)
  • Mark Antony (huge ego but still funny)
  • Bigfoot (Yes)
  • David Rosenberg (im a fan)
  • Victor Wollcraft (he gave us 3 burgers)
  • Sean Crosby (he stands up for what he believes in)
  • Rachel Priest (too soon)
  • Madison Springler (you deserved more)
  • Rozetta Pierre (high tech girl and I like it)
  • Ellie Argent (best 1970 girl)
  • Jonah Karam (ahem......good job on marina.)
  • Roy Loukas (Best Dad Ever)
  • Michelle Zuria (sorry for treating you too harshly Mich.)
  • SuMmEr KlEin (So cute!!)
  • Zara Tien (BAE #3)
  • Simone Severine (Bae #4)
  • Maniwan Tongproh (Bae #5)
  • Louis Leroux (He is cool)
  • Mary Read (Ahoy there)
  • Adelia Baldwin (I feel bad for her)
  • Julian Ramis (Poor kid)
  • Tamat Loren (May Ra's Light shine upon you)
  • Anne Boleyn (Hi Boleyn)
  • Cathy Turner (Best Mom)
  • Alex Turner (Best Dad #2)
  • David Jones (He is cool.)
  • Maddie O'Malley (ABSINTHE)
  • Isaac Bomtemps (Hi Bomtemps)
  • April Liu (Hi April)
  • Frankie Paisley (Card Dealer)
  • Ruby Armstrong (VOLCANOOOOOOSSSSS)
  • Satoshi Takakura (RIP)
  • Eric Zwart (Invincible Vampire)
  • Gwen Harper (Very unlucky in love)
  • Ben Shepherd (Cool Coroner)
  • Luke Fernandez (cool partner)
  • Priya Desai (Werewolf Chemist)
  • Danny Kwame (California Werewolf)
  • Mina Reynolds (Cool Girl)
  • Roxanne Vega (BAE #5)
  • Princess Torgoljin (BAE #6)
  • Rubarae (Beautiful Woodland Spirit in Idaho)
  • Zeke Davis (I don't care if he's a demon)
  • Arthur Darkwood (Haha best demon)
  • Cecilia Carson (ha I love her)
  • Pierce Cromwell

Friends List

HASURO HAKU :D: My first friend here! He's nice and supportive! Hasuro, thank you so much for making me feel welcome. You are awesome.

THEBEAUTIFULNARCISISST666 :D: Hamad is super amazing and talented. Hamad, you're the best. Keep it up!

K7U4i2X :D: Amazing fanfic writer who makes some of the best fanfics.

LEAVEGIRL :D : Yoyo helped me make fanfics! A very friendly and awesome friend!

INSPECTOR DIAZ: Diana, amazing person. Awesome at fanfics, and just a very nice guy in general.

MIKNURMI: Very nice and amazing friend!

COOLCCMYSTERY: The wiki wouldn't be the same without you, Jordan. An awesome admin.

BLUEYBLUEPAW: Hi, Austyn. Thanks for helping me and Leavegirl out on Mable City. I really appreciate it.

ELNIGHTMAREVINDICATOR: Jeremy, you are a very nice and smart person.

SNEAKSPADE: Awesome friend.

RANGER HABIB: A very nice person.

JOSHUA ALTO: A new friend, with the Axel Bross profile pic.

SPLODERSCIENCE64: Another new friend! :D

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