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  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on September 2
  • My occupation is addicted Criminal Case player and writer
  • I am male
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Jordan Carpenter (CoolCCMystery)
Biographical information
Full name Jordan Charles
Alias(es) Jordan
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth September 2nd
Nationality Flag of Canada Canadian
Origin Vancouver, Canada
Wiki Rank Administrator (CC canon wiki)
Administrator (CC fanon wiki)
Bureaucrat (CC theory wiki)
Game Rank Elite Force Homicide Detective
(CC:STW: Corporal)
(CC:PB: Corporal)

(CC:MOTP: Major)
(CC:TC: Corporal)
Affiliation(s) FANDOM

CoolCCMystery is the profile of a Criminal Case player who started playing in March 2015. Currently ranked as Marshal and now playing the seventh season of Criminal Case, he also does edits as an administrator on the official Criminal Case wiki, writes fanfiction as an administrator on the Criminal Case Official Fanfiction Wiki and runs the Criminal Case Theory Wiki as a bureaucrat.


Born a Canadian native in one of the districts of the larger metropolitan area known as Greater Vancouver, Jordan is currently a older teenaged boy going through his final year of high school. He plays the game of Criminal Case and is currently investigating as a Marshal to investigate supernatural investigations...

It is known that he enjoys eating burgers and sweets. He is right handed, although he does have an ability to do things, including writing left handed. He enjoys wearing different clothing, not only in Criminal Case, but in real life too. He enjoys playing crime solving games and writing, including Criminal Case fanfiction. He enjoys reading crime stories and long adventure books. He likes to quote Shakespeare and Gandhi among other literary authors. He knows source coding and programming as well skills in computer technology. He also enjoys making media, which includes collages, digital art, paper drawings and writing.

He is a student but as well he is an administrator in the official CC fan-fiction wiki, but he is a an administrator on the original Criminal Case Wiki here as well a bureaucrat on the Criminal Case Theory Wiki. He has also written many fanfiction on the fanon wiki and has written summaries for The Conspiracy, Travel in Time and Supernatural Investigations, as well editing and enforcing the wikis and its laws within his browsing. If you would like to talk, you can leave a message on his wall.

CoolCCMystery🔪 CanonFanonTheory

  • This user eats pizza.
  • This user suffers from insomnia.
  • This user is right handed.
  • This user has a scar.
  • This user is a man.

Jordan's KP

Nobody's perfect. I may not be the most good looking nor the smartest person alive. As well, I may not be proud of some things I have done in the past. But I don't pretend to be someone I'm not. People may question my weirdness. My curiosity. My way of doing things differently. But that's the person I am and choose to be.
―Jordan Charles

Criminal Case Fictional Biography

Justice can only prevail if we keep fighting, fighting as hard we can. Justice isn't alone in the world, there's crime as well out there.
Jordan Carpenter, It All Ends Here

Jordan Alexander Carpenter, born on September 2nd 1989 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, is a 30 year old seasoned detective for the Supernatural Hunters, in his tenure to the supernatural force, traveling across America. Prior to his tenure into his career of solving murders and crimes, Carpenter studied at the Justice Institute of British Columbia, Canada as well briefly at Sheridan Law Enforcement in Los Angeles, United States of America.

Jordan Carpenter
Supernatural hunting!
Biographical information
Full name Jordan Charles
Jordan Carpenter
Alias(es) CoolCCMystery (Wikia & Discord)
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1989*
Nationality Flag of Canada Canadian
Wiki Rank Administrator (CC canon & CC fanon)
Bureaucrat (CC theory wiki}
Game Rank Elite Force Homicide Detective
Family Blair Carpenter (distant cousin)
Affiliation(s) Pacific Bay Police (formerly)
The Bureau (formerly)
Grimsborough Police (formerly)
Temporal Crimes Division

His previous tenure to the Grimsborough Police Department started in March 2015 before he went on to solve crimes across the city, including catching a serial killer, unmasking Adam Bentley's killer and chasing down the reason behind Chief King's suicidal death and saving Grimsborough.

On the date of June 15th, 2016, he joined the Pacific Bay Police Department in hopes to uproot crime in this diversity filled city, ending the high rates of crime by uprooting Meteor Systems's darkest secret in the Wastes, a mad scientist obsessed with digitizing life and achieving an unholy goal. Soon, he faces Frank Knight's ultimate sacrifice and the race he must undergo a race to end the madness and the destruction of Pacific Bay once and for all.

On the date of June 5th, 2017, he joined the international crime agency known as The Bureau in order to solve crimes across the world. We soon discover a criminal organization called SOMBRA and soon try to deactivate their numerous cells and plans throughout the world. Finally reaching the location of where SOMBRA began, we arrest their leader and founder, El Rey. It appears that there has been a successor appointed as the new El Rey. Soon, we discover that there are plans up North, threatening the world. Truly the final chapter within North America would be the darkest chapter of the Bureau's history after the hard blow just before. This saga's end, on October 19th, 2017, would end with a story yet to told, in the form of Charles Dupont' adventures with the Flying Squad.

Making his return to Grimsborough five years since he had left, he teams up with old and new in the Grimsborough PD to solve more murders and a conspiracy. Following the end of a criminal conspiracy originated by a mysterious group, Jack Archer makes a return and takes us back in time. On our new tenure, he meets Marina Romanova and Amy Young, along with his favourite TCD friend Theodore Moon as the team solves murders across time, entering an adventure across time that ends in a conclusion of a story that the Division would only know. Soon after, Jordan reflects on another adventure he had ten years prior in the form of a supernatural hunting force and their task to enforce supernatural crime...

Criminal Case Progress

You know what I say. I like a good mystery, especially the ones that are the most mysterious.

Criminal Case

  • Season: 7 - Supernatural Investigations
  • District/Region: 4 - Midwest
  • Case17 - To be announced
  • Case Progress -
  • Level: 371
  • Rank: Marshal
  • Gold Medals: 120/338
  • Gold Rings: 1/338
  • Star Collection: Not currently collecting any.
  • Elite Mode: -

Criminal Case: Pacific Bay

Criminal Case: Save the World!

  • Continent/Region: 2 - Sahara Region
  • Case12 - Die by the Sword
  • Case Progress: ​Chapter 1
  • Level: 33
  • Rank: Sergeant
  • Gold Medals: 2/56
  • Gold Rings: 1/56

Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past

Criminal Case: The Conspiracy

  • District: 1 - Money Mile
  • Case: 9 - Shooting Star
  • Case Progress: Chapter 1
  • Level: 29
  • Rank: Corporal
  • Gold Medals: 8/60
  • Gold Rings: 0/60

Police Pets

  • Police Pet Shops Unlocked: 12/33
  • Obtained in Criminal Case: German Shepherd, King Charles Spaniel, Yorkshire Terrier, Cocker Spaniel, Corgi

Completed Seasons

Criminal Case Wiki List of Edits and Tasks to Do

Most Common Edits/Tasks

  • Commenting on games and forums
  • Chatting in Discord
  • Patrolling (or what I like to call, analyzing) the wiki activity as part of my job

Tasks as an Administrator

  • As an trusted editor, I’m equipped with the tools to keep the wiki running smoothly
  • I can issue blocks to troublesome editors
  • I can revert vandalism using the rollback tool, delete and move pages
  • I also help out the staff with any additions or tasks that is required

Weekly Tasks

  • Unless someone else does it first, post the new teaser in the wiki and/or the discord.
  • Adding new information and photos per my own gameplay of current released cases.
    • Writing up murder details and suspects’ relationship for the victims.
    • Adding photos of clothing rewards to the AI rewards page.
    • Adding the cases' summaries, killer profiles and chapter arts.
    • Adding other photos, limited to my own skills and computer's abilities.
  • Enforcing as an administrator.
  • Working in my personalized sandboxes, if you see problems there, message me on my wall.

List of Friends

Note that there's no particular order

More may be added if I think of any more

Favourite and Liked Cases

My Infoboxes

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