aka NightWolfy

  • I live in Québec, Canada
  • I was born on February 7
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
Biographical information
Full name Lucas (Wolf)
Alias(es) NightWolf
Gender Male (And also a wolf =3)
Status Alive
Birth 2002
Nationality Flag of Canada Canadian
Residence Québec, Canada
Profession(s) 11th grade Student.
Family Unnamed Sister

Unnamed Mother Unnamed Father Unnamed Grandmother Unnamed Brother-In-Law

Partner(s) Someone x3
Affiliation(s) Police force and NightWolf's gang =3
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case

Alright Mate ! Welcome to my profile page ! I'm a canadian guy who like CC. Even if it look like i'm a cold and horrible guy because of my name and picture, i have a really big heart made of gold and i will never do something horrible. All my comment are really gentle and i really like to read the theory of people to know what they think is going to happens ! So, i said to you, good day m'lady or mister! You'll find me in the forest or with FNAF's animatronic, surely Foxy [1] :3

One of the best FNAF fans I have ever met! Also helps me if I mess up XD.
User:Doctor Bonnie Gaming 2
"Why Would he do that" Wolfy said when we arrested Finley "BECAUSE HE'S MESSED UP!" Bonnie replied
User:Doctor Bonnie Gaming 2
Height 5'2"
Age 17
Weight 169 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood O-


What i'm doing on the wiki

Even if i'm not a administrator or others, i'm doing my best to help peoples and also, to help the wiki grow. What is more recent for me was the sudden car accident of my best friend... That almost destroy me, but some peoples of the wiki help me get trough and now, my best friend is out of hospital and i can finally help him get all the way trough that bad moment of our life.

More about me on word


NightWolf's Gang logo

My primary language is French, but i'm also bilingual because that, in my school, we're learning english and I know many words in English, so you can talk to me if you want. The characteristics of my personality are : Curious, sociable, kind and more. If I seem agressive in my message, I'm not at all. I don't want any trouble or anything, except to be gentle and to give my ideas =3. Also, if you want to go see a good friend of mine on the wiki, go check User:Doctor Bonnie Gaming 2. He's a really nice guy and a good mate of Foxy (me) =3. If you want to see the profiles of two of the most kind person I ever met, go see Mik and Arosa. Also, there's a guy from Vancouver whose name is Jordan that I really enjoy talking to and he did help me and Bonnie a lot, so go check him out ! I'm sure he can help you =3.

Also, I have a gang constitute of a Bonnie who I consider a great friend, a fish who like to laugh and a Fox who I consider my brother =3


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