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Amy YoungGosh, <Name>, I can't believe there's another storm coming towards us!
Amy: People have barely had the time to get over Hurricane Yves... and now Hurricane Zelda may finish off destroying the town!
Chief Marquez<Name>, I'm glad to see you. An evacuation site has already been set up in the Thunderdome stadium to make sure people will get to safety before the storm hits.
Chief Marquez: Colonel Spangler of the Army Special Projects Division has been put in charge of the evacuation.
Chief Marquez: I'm sure you'll remember Colonel Spangler from Bayou Bleu, <Name>. He was a suspect in the murder of the soldier eaten by a giant carnivorous plant.
Chief Marquez: Anyway, I don't trust the man, which is why I want you and Amy to go to the Thunderdome and supervise the evacuation. Right now, if you please.

Inside the Thunderdome stadium...
Colonel Spangler: I see we have a visit from local law enforcement. I am not quite sure why you are here, <Rank> <Name>. We have the situation under control.
Amy: We've been called in to reinforce security, Colonel Spangler. Storm evacuations can derail in the blink of an eye.
Colonel Spangler: Pacific Bay Police seem to have interesting notions of jurisdiction. I suppose we can cooperate if it is absolutely necessary.
Colonel Spangler: But wait a minute! I see a crate over there that's been opened without my authorization! It's against protocol!
Colonel Spangler: Whoever didn't report this is on latrine duty for the full duration of the evacuation!
Amy: Seems like you may need the security help after all, Colonel! You're right, <Rank> <Name>. We should have a look around the evacuation center.

Chapter 1

Investigate Evacuation Center.
Amy Young: Oh no! There is a body inside this crate! And there's a... a weather vane stuck in his throat! How gruesome! This poor man is dead beyond a doubt!
Colonel Spangler: I know that man! That's Theo Mercier.
Colonel Spangler: Hm, I should have known it would come to this...
Amy: You say you know the victim, Colonel Spangler? <Rank> <Name> is right, we will need you to stay here and answer some questions.
Amy: And <Name>, you've already found a clue! This messy pile of army gear does seem out of place, I agree. It could be hiding an essential piece of the puzzle!

Examine Army Gear.
Amy: Good catch, <Name>! You found an... evacuation water bottle in the pile of army gear?
Amy: Not that I'm doubting you, but shouldn't we be more concerned by the hand grenades?
Amy: Oh I see, <Name>! The water bottle seems to have blood on it. And you're just the person to collect a sample! Thank goodness we're teamed up again!

Examine Water Bottle.
Amy: Excellent, <Name>! Now that you've collected a blood sample from this water bottle, we can sent it to the lab for analysis!

Analyze Blood Sample.
Yann: <Name>, I can confirm that the blood on the water bottle you found on the crime scene is the victim's!
Amy: And a dead body can't hold a water bottle, so the killer must have been the one who touched it!
Yann: That's right. And there's more! I can also tell you that the killer need fear no mosquito! The blood on the bottle was slightly pink, so I did some tests and...
Yann: It turns out that blood got mixed with insect repellent!
Yann: Which makes sense, in a way. With the stagnant water and heat, Jazz Town is facing a malaria threat...
Amy: Hm, so we know the killer uses insect repellent! Thank you, Yann, I'll write it down!

Ask Colonel Spangler about the victim.
Amy: Colonel Spangler, earlier you identified the victim as Theo Mercier. Can you tell us more about him?
Colonel Spangler: Ha! As soon as he stepped into the stadium, we had reports of theft from other evacuees!
Colonel Spangler: Never mind the panic he was spreading about a lack of medical supplies! Theo Mercier was a real troublemaker... He seemed to delight in other people's misery.
Amy: It seems like he wasn't making any friends in the stadium...
Colonel Spangler: Definitely not. I can get you the address of your victim's house, but after that, you'll have to excuse me. There is a lot to do around here.
Amy: Thank you for your time, Colonel Spangler. We'll leave you to the evacuation and go investigate our victim's home.

Investigate Victim's House.
Amy: Holy smoke! Look at all this water! It feels like Hurricane Zelda is already in full swing, and it's not even near the town yet!
Amy: But despite all the water, you managed to find a torn photo in front of the victim's house! If anyone can restore it, it's you, <Name>!
Amy: You also found a radar dish? Oh, you're right, there's the victim's name written on it... and a red skull!
Amy: This looks ominous... But I'm sure you'll be able to retrieve the rest of the message that was written on this dish!

Examine Torn Photo.
Amy: I knew you would piece together that photo from the victim's house in record time! What is it of?
Amy: A photo of two men holding up a... very weird looking fish. I recognize Theo, but the other man's face has been washed off...
Amy: You think those blurry features will be enough for you to recognize this man in our database, <Name>? Oh, I hope you're right!

Examine Fishing Photo.
Amy: You did it, <Name>! Now we know the man on the photo next to our victim is... Hugo Mercier!
Amy: Hugo Mercier? Oh but you're right, he must be Theo Mercier's father! I can definitely see the resemblance.
Amy: You're right, we should go see Mr Mercier and tell him that his son is dead... I'll try not to get emotional.

Tell Hugo Mercier about his son's death.
Hugo: What do you want? If you ain't here to help me, you have until the count of three to get off my property!
Amy: Sir, please calm down. We are the police. I'm afraid we have bad news about your son, Theo.
Hugo: That good-for-nothing fool! What did he do this time?
Amy: I'm sorry to have to tell you this, sir, but your son was murdered. His body was found in the Thunderdome stadium.
Hugo: Murdered?!
Hugo: Well... That boy cared more about thieving than staying with his own flesh and blood! You do wrong in your life, it's going to come back on you...
Hugo: I told him not to evacuate, I told him to stay with me and protect our home! But he left, and see where that got him!
Amy: But, sir, Hurricane Zelda will be there in a few days! You should really consider evacuating!
Hugo: I'll never leave this house, you hear me? Even when Theo abandoned me during Hurricane Yves, I stayed put! And I'll stay through Hurricane Zelda, too!

Examine Radar Dish.
Amy: Good job, <Name>! You uncovered the rest of the message on the radar dish you found at the victim's house!
Amy: The message reads: "Theo, you cheated me! Watch your back!"... Someone was really upset with the victim!
Amy: Good idea! Hannah is great with electronics. Maybe she'll be able to tell us more if we send her that radar dish!

Analyze Defaced Radar Dish.
Hannah: Hello, <Name>! Interesting radar dish... You really know how to customize your hardware!
Hannah: I can tell you that this type of radar dish is the preferred model for on-the-spot weather reporters and... stormchasers!
Amy: Like Peggy Pascal, the stormchaser? The one we suspected of murdering that weather man?
Hannah: Yup! The kook who thinks Hurricane Yves was man-made! That's her!
Amy: Why would Peggy be threatening our victim? You're right, <Name>, we'd better go ask her!

Ask Peggy Pascal about her threats to the victim.
Amy: Seems like you have an issue with defacing weather equipment, Peggy. We found a threat you made to Theo on a radar dish... Theo, who was murdered earlier today!
Peggy: Murdered? Talk about instant karma...
Peggy: Theo sold me this radar dish for my storm tracker... But it was faulty! And he wouldn't give me my money back!
Amy: So you threatened him? Isn't that a little extreme?
Peggy: I needed that radar dish so that I could monitor the storm! I can't let what happened during Hurricane Yves happen again, don't you understand?!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie: Man alive, I am exhausted! I came into Jazz Town yesterday and helped my aunt evacuate. But I'll be better after fifteen cups of coffee...
Roxie: At any rate, I know which ill wind sent your victim to my autopsy table. He died from a combination of blood loss and respiratory failure.
Roxie: The weather vane jammed down his throat is definitely the murder weapon, <Name>! There's a small mystery here, though, because the top of the weather vane, the rooster, is missing...
Roxie: But on the half that was still jammed in the victim's throat, I found something interesting: blurred fingerprints with traces of chicory!
Amy: So the killer drinks chicory? I'll write it down straight away, <Name>!

Later, at the station...
Amy: So let's see what we have so far in our investigation of Theo Mercier's murder...
Amy: Colonel Spangler was furious because Theo stole things from the storm evacuees...
Amy: An idea supported by what Theo's father told us about his son's priorities.
Amy: The victim also tricked Peggy Pascal into buying a faulty radar dish for her storm tracker, which Peggy didn't take well at all.
Chief Marquez: <Rank> <Name>, we have a crisis on our hands!
Chief Marquez: There's been a break-in at the town square pharmacy. The pharmacist says the place has been ransacked!
Chief Marquez: Prescription medicine has been stolen! If people are buying and selling this stolen medicine, thousands of lives could be in danger!

Chapter 2

Chief Andrea Marquez: <Rank> <Name>, there's been a break-in at the town square pharmacy!
Chief Marquez: Prescription medicine has been stolen! People could be buying and selling this medication! The public health is in danger!
Amy: What can we do to help, chief?
Chief Marquez: We have a photo from the pharmacy's video surveillance feed. Do you recognize this man?
Amy: Oh dear... <Name> is right! That's Theo Mercier! Our victim stole that medicine!
Chief Marquez: Talk about a coincidence! Well, now that we know our victim was behind the robbery, <Name> should have a chat with Mr Lamothe, the pharmacist.
Chief Marquez: And while you're at the pharmacy, look for more clues about Theo's last hours alive!

Tell Claude Lamothe about the video surveillance photo.
Claude: Thank you for coming so quickly, <Rank> <Name>! I cannot believe someone would break into my pharmacy! Even my trusty chicory cannot settle my nerves.
Amy: Mr Lamothe, <Rank> <Name> identified the person who robbed your pharmacy as Theo Mercier...
Claude: Him again?! The nerve! I caught Theo shoplifting multiple times. Cough syrup, sinus medication, over-the-counter stuff...
Claude: But I can't believe that he would steal prescription medicine! I am afraid for the population of Jazz Town if these get into the wrong hands!
Amy: You do not need to worry about that, Mr Lamothe. Theo Mercier was murdered.
Claude: Well! This may be for the best. Theo was a threat to the general public!

Investigate Pharmacy.
Amy: Wow! This pharmacy is adorable! It's so old-fashioned! And, despite it being picked over, you still managed to find clues, <Name>!
Amy: You found a bag belonging to Theo Mercier, our victim! I wonder what we might find inside...
Amy: You also discovered a box of chocolates. It says "Love, Tango Theo" on it... The rest of the message is faded...
Amy: I wonder who the victim wanted to give that box to? But I'm sure you will be able to uncover it!

Examine Chocolate Box.
Amy: Did you discover who Theo's box of chocolates was for, <Name>? ... I'm silly, of course you did!
Amy: Hmm... the tag reads "To Jazzy Dinah, Forgive me! Love, Tango Theo"... Dinah... The name sounds familiar...
Amy: Oh but you're right! We know a "Jazzy Dinah"! It must be Dinah Cooper, the cabaret dancer we met during our first investigation in Jazz Town!
Amy: You're right, <Name>, we should check in with Dinah Cooper and ask about her relationship with the victim.

Ask Dinah Cooper about her relationship with Theo.
Dinah: Theo's dead? Dang... He probably had it coming, though... Awww, Theo, you foolish man...
Dinah: Y'all know he was a small-time thief and conman. He would even take my chicory drink and never replace it, how pathetic is that?
Dinah: That box of chocolates you found was probably stolen, <Name>. Theo was only romantic when it cost him nothing.
Amy: So you were in a relationship with the victim, then? How serious was it?
Dinah: Theo and I were together off and on for a while. But I just couldn't let it get too serious. I loved him, but I could never trust him 100%.
Dinah: Plus my son Louie is at an impressionable age. Theo wasn't exactly setting the best example for him.
Dinah: Speaking of Louie, can I go now, <Rank> <Name>? I need to get our things together so we can evacuate to the stadium!

Examine Duffle Bag.
Amy: So what did you find in Theo's bag? Just a broken piece of string with "Thunderdome" written on it...
Amy: Oh, you're right! The string has blood on it! Good point, <Name>, blood always has a story to tell. We'd better get it to Yann!

Analyze Bloody String.
Yann: Hey there <Name>! I had a look at the bloody string you found in the victim's bag and the blood definitely belongs to Theo.
Yann: But there's more! I also found a build-up of chicory drink and insect repellent!
Amy: Oh my gosh! So the killer must have touched this string!
Yann: Undoubtedly. And I'm sure you noticed the word "Thunderdome" on the string, <Name>. It turns out this is actually part of the badges handed out to the evacuees, so they can be identified.
Yann: Of course, the killer must have replaced this broken lanyard by now. Which means you're looking for someone wearing a Thunderdome evacuation badge!

Amy: Well done, <Name>! Thanks to you, we've got yet another piece of evidence against the killer! Now what should we do...
Chief Marquez: <Name>! There's an urgent matter to attend to!
Chief Marquez: The water levels are rising! You had better get back to the Mercier residence before all the evidence gets washed away!
Amy: Heading to the victim's home right away, Chief Marquez!

Investigate Flooded Yard.
Amy: What have your eagle eyes caught this time, <Name>? A torn document? With your puzzle prowess, we're sure to find out what it's all about!
Amy: You also found a pile of debris? What makes it so different from all the others?
Amy: Just joking! I know you wouldn't have decided to sort through this debris if it didn't matter!

Examine Torn Document.
Amy: Wow, this document you just restored has got the Army Special Projects seal on it, and a huge "confidential" stamp, too!
Amy: ... But how did such a document end up in front of our victim's house?
Amy: Good idea, <Name>! Better send this thing to Hannah, she'll figure this out!

Analyze Classified Military Document.
Hannah: <Name>, thank you so much for this document you sent me! Decrypting it was a blast!
Hannah: Ever since Colonel Spangler fried my laptop for hacking into the Army Special Project servers, I've been looking for some way to embarrass him...
Hannah: And did I hit the motherload! The document you found at the victim's house was classified for good reason: it pertains to an Army project for a weather machine!
Amy: You mean that freaky thing to control the weather might really exist? Kooky Peggy Pascal could be right about these hurricanes being man-made?!
Hannah: Well, you know the saying... just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you!
Amy: Still... it seems really far-fetched. I mean why would anyone want to control the weather?
Hannah: I know what you mean! It sounds crazy, but can you imagine the mess Colonel Spangler would be in if this document leaked?
Amy: Unless all of this is just a joke! But you're right, <Name>! We need to talk to Colonel Spangler about this right away!

Ask Colonel Spangler about the classified military document.
Colonel Spangler: As you can see, we're very busy here, but I can take a quick break. Would you care for some chicory drink? It does wonders for one's... attitude.
Amy: No, thank you. Sir, do you have any idea how a classified military document could have ended up at Theo Mercier's house?
Colonel Spangler: Classified military document? We don't have any of those around here! I have no idea what you're talking about.
Amy: Oh come on, Colonel Spangler! I know I'm not as smart as <Rank> <Name>, but even I can see that this is a classified document from the special projects branch of the Army.
Colonel Spangler: That dirty thief! What nerve! Stealing a classified document from the military!
Colonel Spangler: He probably thought he could make money with it somehow, but I bet he couldn't crack the code!
Amy: But we did, and we know the Army has created a project to build a weather-machine! You must be very relieved Theo didn't have time to leak this document...
Colonel Spangler: This project is top-secret! I have no obligation to tell you anything about it! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go apply more insect repellent. The malaria threat is rising by the hour!

Examine Debris.
Amy: As always your instincts are on the money, <Name>! This pile of debris you found in front of the victim's house wasn't just junk!
Amy: It was hiding a faded paper with Theo's face on it! And you're sure to unveil the missing information in no time...

Examine Faded Paper.
Amy: The photo of Theo was a wanted poster? Just like in Westerns! How fun!
Amy: Oh my gosh, you're right, <Name>, the poster gets less fun and fast! The text underneath the photo reads "Stole from his own father! Shoot on sight!"...
Amy: Do you think that means the victim's father wanted his own son shot dead? How dreadful!
Amy: I agree, <Name>, we need to speak with Hugo about this immediately!

Ask Hugo about the wanted poster he made of his son.
Hugo: You again, <Rank> <Name>? What bad news do you have for me now? Why can't you let me drink my chicory in peace?
Amy: <Rank> <Name> found a wanted poster for your son, Mr Mercier. Were you the one who made it?
Hugo: Of course, I did! That good-for-nothing... Not only did he abandon me to Hurricane Zelda, but he also stole every last dime I had in the house!
Amy: Mr Mercier, please! Money isn't everything! It certainly isn't enough to call for your own son to be gunned down in the street!
Hugo: Ha! He didn't give two hoots about his poor old father... So I stopped caring about him!
Hugo: Now, if you ain't gonna help me protect my home, get on away from here! The flooding is bringing in mosquitoes like crazy and I need to get back to making more insect repellent!

Back at the station...
Amy: Well, <Name>, if there's one thing we've learned, it's that our victim made a lot of people angry with his thieving!
Amy: We know Theo stole medicine from Claude Lamothe's pharmacy and Lamothe is not sorry to see Theo gone.
Amy: Theo's own father wanted him shot dead for having stolen from him! I still can't get over that!
Amy: Theo also dared to steal a classified military document from Colonel Spangler, and who knows what the Army might have done in retaliation... !
Peggy: <Rank> <Name>! The military are after me! They know I know about the weather machine! You have to protect me!
Amy: Peggy, what on earth are you talking about?!

Chapter 3

Peggy Pascal: <Rank> <Name>, I know the weather machine exists and now the military are coming after me just like they came after Theo!
Amy: Ms Pascal, get yourself together! Are you seriously implying Theo was killed by the Army?
Peggy: Yes! I'm not crazy! I know the weather machine exists! These hurricanes are man-made by the Army!
Amy: What you're saying doesn't make sense... Why would the Army create hurricanes? Why don't you go sit and calm down, then we can talk about this like reasonable people?
Peggy: I just knew it! You're protecting the military, <Rank> <Name>! I've seen you talking to that Colonel!
Amy: Peggy Pascal, you are out of line! <Rank> <Name> will talk to you later!
Amy: What a character! Then again, Peggy could be playing the crazy card to distract us...
Amy: But you're right, <Name>, we have no time for distraction! We're still missing some clues! Maybe we'll find them by retracing our steps... Let's head back to the pharmacy!

Ask Peggy about the weather machine.
Peggy: Can I have some chicory, <Rank> <Name>? It really helps calm me down.
Amy: I'm afraid we're not set up to serve chicory, what with being in the middle of an evacuation and all.
Peggy: Well, do you have insect repellent? I'm sure I got bit by mosquitoes outside and I'm totally freaking out about the malaria threat!
Amy: Stop changing the subject, Ms Pascal! What proof do you have that a weather machine exists?
Peggy: Well I... I don't have proof, but I WOULD have if Theo had sold it to me!
Peggy: Theo claimed he had a classified document proving that the hurricanes hitting Jazz Town are man-made, so I made an offer for it!
Peggy: But that snake wouldn't sell the proof to me! Even to make up for selling me that faulty radar dish!
Peggy: With that document, I could have rebuilt my reputation! Now people will never know the truth behind those hurricanes!

Investigate Pharmacy Counter.
Amy: What is this device? It's hard to see the screen. but it seems locked... Knowing your skills, <Name>, you can unlock it and get to the good stuff.
Amy: And is that a stack of money? Oh, you're right! There's a note addressed to the victim on it!
Amy: The note is faded... Do you think you can retrieve the information?

Examine Locked Device.
Amy: Great! You unlocked the device you found at the pharmacy. It looks like a GPS, but I can't see a thing on that screen.
Amy: You're right, <Name>! The best thing is to send this faulty equipment to Hannah! She'll know how to make it talk!

Analyze Faulty Device.
Hannah: Hello again, <Name>! I managed to repair the device you brought me. It is a GPS and it holds some interesting information!
Hannah: Not only does this GPS belong to Claude Lamothe, the pharmacist, but...
Hannah: The last recorded trip on the GPS was to the Mercier family residence!
Amy: Claude Lamothe went to the victim's house? <Name>, do you think he might have gone there to pick a fight with Theo because of the stolen medicine?
Amy: You're right, we better have a talk with Mr Lamothe about this!

Ask Claude about his visit to the Mercier home.
Amy: Mr Lamothe, according to your GPS device, you were at the victim's house recently...
Claude: I'm sorry, <Rank> <Name>, I didn't tell you the whole story...
Claude: Theo kept stealing prescription medicine. So I decided to confront him man to man. I hoped I could convince him to give it back!
Claude: But Theo just laughed in my face! Everybody here thinks I'm some weedy man who nobody seems to notice! But I save lives EVERY DAY!
Amy: And so you decided to show Theo what you were really made of?!
Claude: What?! Of course not. I couldn't do anything...
Claude: You have no idea how frustrating it is, having to deal with such selfish people who prevent you from helping the general public!
Claude: Talking of help: you wouldn't happen to have any insect repellent, would you, <Rank> <Name>? I donated my last box to the evacuation effort.

Examine Money Bundle.
Amy: That note you found on the stack of money reads "Theo, here's all the money I could get! Dinah"...
Amy: Dinah wanted to give this money to Theo? But why??
Amy: You're right, <Name>! We need to talk to Dinah about this!

Talk to Dinah about her payment to Theo.
Dinah: Oh, so you found it, <Rank> <Name>. Yes, I did give that money to Theo...
Dinah: But you must understand! My Louie has asthma. He could die at any moment without an inhaler, but getting a prescription is too expensive!
Dinah: I begged Theo to give Louie some of the medicine he stole. But that good-for-nothing rat wouldn't help my baby! He said I'd have to pay for it!
Dinah: I was desperate to help Louie, so I picked up extra shifts at the bar to make more money. But when I did pay, Theo hiked up the price! I couldn't afford it!
Dinah: All I have in the house right now is insect repellent! That might help prevent malaria, but it won't do jack for my Louie's asthma!
(After talking to Dinah Cooper)
Amy: Poor Dinah! It must be nerve wracking, not being able to get medicine for your own child!
Amy: And Theo, making her pay for it! How cruel!
Amy: Yes, I hear you loud and clear, <Name>. Her maternal instincts, faced with such betrayal... I'd almost understand if she'd murdered him!

Back at the station...
Amy: What a muddle! Theo sure made a lot of enemies around here...
Amy: Dinah is upset because Theo said she couldn't pay enough to get the medicine her son needed!
Amy: And Peggy was desperate to get her hands on that classified military document Theo stole...
Amy: I have a feeling that we're getting closer to finding Theo's killer, but I'll admit it: I'm baffled by this case!
Chief Marquez: <Rank> <Name>! There you are! The Army is insisting that you clear the crime scene! If you're not done there, you had better go back right away!

Investigate Military Crate.
Amy: You found a pile of evacuation supplies! It does seem like a good place to hide evidence. No one would suspect a thing... Except you, <Name>!
Amy: And you also found the top of a weather vane... How strange!
Amy: Oh, you're right! It must be the missing half of the murder weapon, Roxie did mention it was cut in two! We better have a closer look at it!

Examine Evacuation Supplies.
Amy: The bandana you found in the pile of evacuation supplies is stained with blood!
Amy: You got it, <Name>! We need to get this bandana to Yann on the double!

Analyze Bandana.
Yann: Nice catch, <Name>! The blood on this bandana you found at the stadium is definitely the victim's.
Yann: However, the blood splatter shows that it wasn't the victim who wore the bandana. It was the killer!
Yann: My guess is the killer was hoping this bandana would protect their clothes from the blood. And it did, except...
Amy: Except what, Yann? We're so close, tell <Name> you found something!
Yann: So impatient. Well, there wasn't just blood on this bandana. There was also mud! And the splatter pattern here is much wider.
Yann: Which means that despite getting rid of this bandana, your killer will still have a mud stain on their clothes, <Name>!

Examine Weather Vane Ornament.
Amy: You found skin cells on the top half of the weather vane? What a stroke of luck!
Amy: I'm sure Yann can get some information from the skin cells! We're getting so close to an arrest! I can feel it!

Analyze Skin Cells.
Yann: The skin cells you brought me from the weather vane were a real challenge, <Name>!
Yann: I know evidence is always safe with you, but that ornament was rusty. The oxidization of the metal affected the quality of the sample.
Yann: That said, I have some good news! First, in addition to rust, I found insect repellent.
Yann: Second, what DNA I recovered was enough to show that the guilty party is definitely a man!

After completing all tasks...
Amy: You did it, <Name>! We have all the evidence we need to arrest the person who killed Theo Mercier! Let's go get them!

Take care of the killer now!
Amy: Claude Lamothe, <Rank> <Name> is arresting you for the murder of Theo Mercier!
Claude: What are you talking about? Certainly I confronted him about his thieving, but murder?! I would never go that far!
Amy: The evidence tells a different story, Mr Lamothe. You left chicory drink on Theo's body and insect repellent on the murder weapon!
Claude: Everybody drinks chicory and uses insect repellent in Jazz Town! You have no way of proving these wild assertions.
Amy: Maybe so, but how many people in Jazz Town also have a mud stain on their clothes and access to the crime scene?
Claude: Fine, fine! I did kill Theo, but what choice did I have? Innocent people's lives were at stake!
Claude: Theo's plan to distribute the medicine he stole to whomever could pay the most regardless of their health put the populace of Jazz Town in direct danger!
Claude: I knew Theo would come back to the pharmacy, so I waited for him there. I tried once more to talk some sense into him, but he wouldn't listen!
Claude: When he tried to push past me into the pharmacy, I grabbed the pharmacy weather vane that had fallen during Hurricane Yves ... and I jammed it down his throat!
Claude: The thing even broke in two! I had no idea that I had so much strength!
Claude: I decided to take the body to the stadium. Anyone with a badge can get in and chaos is running the show.
Claude: I know it was wrong, but don't you see? I had to kill the one to protect the many!
Amy: Mr Lamothe, no matter your intentions, you broke the law and you're under arrest!

Honorable Dante: Claude Lamothe, you stand trial for the murder of Theo Mercier, killed by a weather vane jammed down his throat.
Honorable Dante: I guess this means no more free lollipops at the pharmacy...
Honorable Dante: You claim that you committed this crime out of a concern for the safety of the people of Jazz Town? In my experience, murder is not in the interest of the public good...
Claude: You must understand! Theo's activities posed a serious threat! Taking his life saved a thousand people!
Honorable Dante: All I understand is that you took matters best left to law enforcement into your own hands. You deprived Theo Mercier of his life, such as it was...
Honorable Dante: Taking into account your intentions, and given the brutal nature of this crime, Claude Lamothe, I hereby sentence you to 25 years in prison without possibility of parole!

Amy: I understand that Claude Lamothe wanted to protect the people of Jazz Town, but he went too far!
Amy: Theo Mercier may have been a thief and a scoundrel, but Claude Lamothe robbed him of any chance he might have had to mend his ways...
Amy: Lamothe claimed he thought that life was precious. He shouldn't have made a single exception!
Amy: I am so relieved to have this case wrapped up! But you're right, <Name>! Hurricane Zelda is still on its way! Our job is far from over!

Additional Investigation

Colonel Spangler: <Rank> <Name>! I heard you solved your investigation with efficiency, and I'd like to ask you a favor...
Colonel Spangler: That crazy woman's outburst about the weather machine made everyone suspicious of the military! The situation at the stadium is a mess!
Colonel Spangler: The refugees are verging on riot and panic... and somebody stole my laptop!
Colonel Spangler: There is a lot of sensitive information on that computer! I know we don't always see eye to eye, but you're the only one I'd trust with this...
Amy: Of course, Colonel, if the army needs our help, we'll have a look around the evacuation center as soon as we can!
Yann: <Name>! I've found a new lead on the Puppeteer, the serial killer who killed my parents!
Yann: I was looking into past victims, and discovered the Puppeteer killed the previous owners of Hugo Mercier's house! Wasn't he a suspect in your investigation?
Amy: He was! Hugo Mercier was the father of our victim! What an amazing coincidence!
Yann: <Name>, I was hoping you'd agree to come talk to Hugo with me. Hopefully he'll be able to tell us more about the previous owners who got murdered.
Amy: Don't worry, Yann, I'm sure <Name> will help you talk to Hugo! As for me, <Name>, I'll wait for you at the stadium!

Ask Hugo Mercier if he knows something about the Puppeteer's victims.
Yann: Hello, Mr Mercier. My name's Yann Toussaint, I'm a colleague of <Rank> <Name>. We're looking for information concerning the previous owners of your house.
Hugo: Those poor folks? They got murdered by that crazy Puppeteer serial killer... That's why I could afford the house, actually.
Yann: I see... Do you remember anything about the family at all?
Hugo: Not really. But there were some things left behind. I've emptied my attic to take refuge from the rising water, so there might be a few of their belonging floating around out there.
Yann: Thank you, Mr Mercier! And you're right <Name>, we'd better have a look around!

Investigate Victim's House.
Yann: Good job, <Name>! I would never have spotted that box, not in a million years!
Yann: It's written "Memories 1990's"... I bet this box belonged to the previous inhabitants of the house, the ones who were murdered by the Puppeteer! Let's have a look inside!

Examine Old Box.
Yann: I knew you had flair when you picked up that box, <Name>! You found a photo album of the family that got murdered by the Puppeteer!
Yann: They look like normal, happy folks. Just like my parents... Why did the Puppeteer pick them out?
Yann: Oh, good idea, <Name>! If we send this album to Russell, he'll probably be able to use it to further his understanding of the Puppeteer! After all, he always says a serial killer's victims say a lot about them!

Analyze Photo Album.
Russell: <Name>, Yann! I'm so glad you brought me this photo album!
Russell: It's a brilliant insight into how the Puppeteer chose their victims! Here we have the last pictures ever taken of the parents before they were killed!
Russell: Now, the teenage girl in the photo wasn't harmed by the Puppeteer - just like Yann's life was spared when his parents got murdered.
Russell: And look at the photo: the girl is celebrating her 14th birthday, a few days before her parents' murder... Yann, weren't you 14 when your own parents were killed?
Yann: Well... yes!
Russell: That's what I thought. See the pattern here?
Yann: Wait, are you telling us you've just figured out part of the Puppeteer's modus operandi: that they kill parents who have a 14-year-old child?!
Yann: <Name>, thanks to you, we're finally making progress in our investigation!
Russell: Indeed. However, parents with a single 14-year-old child is still too large a target... We must be missing another piece of the puzzle here.
Yann: I agree with <Name>! Maybe these photos will help jog Hugo Mercier's memory, so he can tell us more about this family. There must be a reason they were chosen by the Puppeteer!

Question Hugo Mercier further about the Puppeteer's victims.
Yann: Mr Mercier, I know you've told us that you don't remember anything about the family who used to live in this house before you...
Yann: But could you please look at these photos? Surely your neighbors must have talked about them after the murders. Did you hear anything about their family life?
Hugo: Jeez, it was such a long time ago... But I remember hearing about the girl. She was devastated after the murders: she kept saying it was all her fault!
Yann: Why would she say it was all her fault?!
Hugo: Apparently she had a big fight with her parents just before they died - you know how teenagers are. Poor girl! Right after her 14th birthday...
Hugo: Look, the water's coming up and I've got things to do. <Rank> <Name>, could you take some of this junk off my hands? I'm sure you could get a pretty penny for it.
(After talking to Hugo Mercier)
Yann: <Name>, I didn't want to say anything in front of Hugo Mercier... but you know how he said the girl had a fight with her parents just before their murder?
Yann: Well, I also had a fight with my parents shortly before they were killed. It was during the carnival and EVERYONE saw it...
Yann: I accused them of being bad parents... The next day, they got killed by the Puppeteer. The last words I said to them were words of anger!
Yann: I was angry at them, but I never wanted them dead! I've never been able to forgive myself. So I understand how that poor girl must have felt...
Yann: But you're right <Name>, now we know that the Puppeteer not only targets parents of 14-year-old kids... They also target the parents who are in conflict with their child!
Yann: Believe me <Name>, I'm going to find this monster and make them pay for the years of guilt and misery they've brought upon us all!

Investigate Evacuation Center.
Amy: Wonderful, <Name>! This laptop you found definitely belongs to the Army. It seems it wasn't stolen after all, maybe the Colonel just misplaced it!
Amy: Oh! You're right, we'd better unlock the laptop first if we want to make sure everything's alright! It wouldn't do to give it back if it's broken, right?

Examine Military Laptop.
Amy: Good job unlocking that laptop, <Name>! And it seems to be working just fine...
Amy: On the other hand... I agree, we can't give it back to the Colonel without making sure the info on it hasn't been tampered with. Better send this laptop to Hannah first!

Analyze Military Laptop.
Hannah: <Name>, I wish I was allowed to keep the info from that laptop you brought me from the stadium! Andrea told me not to, but damn, it's tempting...
Hannah: Now, someone clearly stole this computer from Colonel Spangler and tried to erase some information on the hard drive. It took me hours to recover the data...
Hannah: But don't worry, our culprit was very clumsy! They checked their emails, <Name>, their emails! On a stolen military laptop!
Hannah: And I used the thief's email to identify them. Turns out the person who stole Spangler's laptop is none other than Peggy Pascal!
Amy: Peggy is tampering with military property? You're right, <Name>, she's gone too far! We must bring her back to her senses!

Confront Peggy Pascal about the stolen laptop.
Amy: Peggy, what were you thinking, stealing that laptop from the army?!
Peggy: What? No, I've never seen that laptop!
Amy: Don't bother lying, Peggy, Hannah said you checked your emails on it! What were you looking for on this laptop?
Peggy: I... Alright, I may have "borrowed" it! I know it was stupid, but I had to know more about the army's weather controlling machine!
Peggy: So I had a look at the laptop's files on the weather machine and I found proof the machine has indeed been built!
Peggy: I printed a picture that proves it, but then I heard someone coming and I... I panicked...
Peggy: I tore the photo up like a fool! And when I tried to shut the computer down, I accidentally pressed the delete button!
Peggy: Believe me, <Rank> <Name>, I didn't plan to erase anything! I just ran away and left everything there. The torn picture must still be at the stadium!
Amy: You're right, <Rank> <Name>, this picture might hold some sensitive info. We'd better have a closer look at the stadium then... Let's buy a snack on the way, I could use the energy!

Investigate Military Crate.
Amy: Nice catch, <Name>, this must be the picture Peggy tore up in her panic. She didn't go easy on it, I hope you can restore it!

Examine Torn Picture.
Amy: Well done restoring that picture, <Name>!
Amy: Hm, that machine looks complicated, you're right. And what about the legend underneath the picture? "Rain test #42"...
Amy: Uh, <Name>, I don't mean to sound insane but... Do you think this is a picture of the weather machine? That it actually exists?
Amy: I can't believe this... A machine that can change the weather! Who would have thought this could ever exist?
Amy: Hm, well spotted, it seems something else was written on this document, but it's been erased. Do you think you could retrieve the info?

Examine Picture of Machine.
Amy: Good job revealing that caption, <Name>!
Amy: And look at this! "Weather project. Head of project: Colonel Spangler"! Colonel Spangler himself was supervising the tests of the machine!
Amy: I can't believe he didn't tell us the army has created a real weather machine! Why would they do this? Let's go interrogate the Colonel!

Question Colonel Spangler about the weather machine project.
Amy: Colonel Spangler, <Rank> <Name> has found your computer... And we also have found proof that the weather machine has been built and tested!
Colonel Spangler: This is a confidential project! I didn't ask your help for you to snoop around!
Amy: Colonel, <Rank> <Name> is right. If such a machine is being used in Jazz Town, it's not a confidential project anymore! We need to know!
Colonel Spangler: You have to understand. Yes, the machine works, as crazy as it sounds. But it can only create a little rain in restricted areas! Nothing to worry about!
Amy: It can create a little rain? How about a big hurricane?
Colonel Spangler: Don't be ridiculous! This project's aim is to support operations during severe droughts, or to help humanitarian organizations. We're trying to help people, not threaten them!
Colonel Spangler: Look, thank you for finding my computer, <Rank> <Name>, but we're done here. If you want to keep overseeing the evacuation freely, let me give you a volunteer's uniform.

Later, at the police station...
Amy: I don't know about you, <Name>, but I have a bad feeling. I guess with the upcoming hurricane everyone is tense...
Amy: And talking about the weather, I still can't believe Colonel Spangler's weather machine is actually functional. That's crazy!
Amy: I'm not even sure we can trust the military's intentions with that machine. Who knows what else Colonel Spangler is hiding from us!
Russell: Hey, <Name>, have you taken a look outside? It seems the people of Jazz Town have decided to party! Way to stay positive in the face of a catastrophe!
Russell: Oops! Someone just threw a molotov cocktail at a car! I hope it doesn't explode!
Amy: Molotov cocktail? Russell, these people aren't partying, they're rioting!!

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