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Frank KnightHey there, <Name>. I still can't believe what happened with Hannah, her shooting Fredo and everything... Pretty crazy, uh?
Frank: Hope the kid will be alright, she's a weird geek and all, but I still kinda like her.
Frank: But anyway, no time to dwell on this. Andrea wants to see us in her office asap.

In Chief Marquez's office...
Chief Marquez: <Rank> <Name>, as you well know, Inner Chaos has finally been stopped, and we can all breathe a little bit easier.
Chief Marquez: However, our job in Inner City is not done yet. The tensions between the Chinese and Russian communities are as high as ever.
Chief Marquez: Which is why I need you today. It's the Chinese Festival's celebrations, and I fear the Russians might attack the parade.
Chief Marquez: You'll be assigned to the parade's security. Keep your eyes wide open!
Chief Marquez: And Frank, you'd better behave this time! I don't want a repeat of your antics during St Patrick's Day!

At the Chinese Festival's parade...
Frank: Well, I must admit, <Name>, the Chinese know how to party! All those lights, all those sounds!
Frank: I know, I know, we're here to work. Well, let's keep our eyes peeled then. First one who sees something suspicious tells the other!

Chapter 1

Investigate Festival Float.
Frank Knight: Well, I guess you win, <Name>! A half-skinned corpse strung to the first parade float is definitely what I'd call suspicious!
Frank: Holy... You're right, <Name>, that ain't any old corpse, it's Nikolai Kamarov, the leader of the Russian community!
Frank: To think Andrea was worried about a Russian attack... Looks like the Chinese took matters in their own hands! What better way to celebrate than parading your enemy's corpse, eh?
Frank: You're right, we'd better go talk to Sue Xiong. After all, she's the de facto leader of the Chinese side.
Frank: And you want to have a look at those fireworks? Suit yourself, but you'd better make sure they don't explode in your face, haha!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
RoxieI must say, I expected to get Kamarov on my table sooner or later, but not in such a state!
Roxie: I almost feel sorry for the guy. Getting skinned alive... It must have been a long, painful death until the shock and the blood loss finally killed him.
Roxie: But you know, whoever did this exercised the utmost care. The skin was first cut in the middle of his body, and then carefully removed from the muscles.
Roxie: It's weird but... It's almost as if the killer wanted to keep the skin intact. I'd be interested to know what they intend to do with it!
Frank: I hope it's not a man-suit. Ugh, just the thought of it...
Roxie: Cheer up, Frank! At least I got you some info. The cuts were so precise, and the pattern so distinctive, it was easy to deduce the killer's gestures.
Roxie: And from the angle in which they perforated the skin, <Name>, I can tell you Kamarov's killer is right-handed!

Examine Firework Crate.
Frank: What is a drawing doing in the middle of fireworks? Let's see what it represents...
Frank: Wait a minute, the man on that drawing's missing half of his skin, just like Kamarov!
Frank: I agree, <Name>. This drawing must have been forgotten by Kamarov's killer! We're in luck! Let's collect some of the powder that's all over it!

Examine Drawing.
Frank: Great job collecting that powder from the killer's drawing, <Name>! Let's send it to Yann for analysis!

Analyze Powder.
Yann: It's too bad that the Festival's parade was cut short. My kids were so happy to see it... I hope the festivities start again soon.
Frank: Be glad your kids didn't see Kamarov, that ain't a sight I'm getting out of my head anytime soon.
Yann: Talking about that, I managed to identify the powder you collected from the killer's drawing!
Yann: The powder is residue from medication designed to prevent transplant rejection!
Yann: People who have gotten an organ transplant have to take this medication for the rest of their lives. Your killer has had a transplant!

Talk to Sue Xiong about Kamarov's death.
Sue: Let's be clear, <Rank> <Name>, I had nothing to do with Nikolai's death.
Frank: And we're just supposed to take your word for it? <Rank> <Name> knows better than that.
Sue: What kind of a fool do you take me for? I would have never killed Nikolai on Chinese territory, or tainted our Festival with his body!
Sue: Nikolai was becoming dangerous. I'm quite happy that he died in agony, but I had nothing to do with it. If I had, you wouldn't know about it.
Sue: Let me show you my good will, <Rank> <Name>. Why don't you have a look around? I'm using this temple as my headquarters, and I have nothing to hide.
Frank: Be sure that <Rank> <Name> is gonna take you up on that invitation, Sue! What do you think, <Name>, want to take a look at the Chinese Temple?

Investigate Temple Garden.
Frank: Alright, did you find anything suspicious in the temple, <Name>? Proof that Sue's hiding stuff from us maybe?
Frank: Ah, you found a notebook, perfect! What are those names about, though?
Frank: Hm, you're right, it seems like something else was also written on this notebook. Think you can retrieve it?
Frank: And I see you found yourself a puzzle to play with, <Name>! Nah, I'll let you take care of it, wouldn't want to deprive you of your fun...

Examine Broken Slab.
Frank: Oh, so that puzzle of yours was actually a sculpture of a dragon. But someone wrote a message on it!
Frank: The graffiti says... "Chinese scum we'll have your hide!" Oooh, I agree, <Name>, I don't like the sound of that either!
Frank: Racial slurs against the Chinese, and talk about having their hide right after Kamarov was found skinned... You're thinking what I'm thinking, <Name>?
Frank: Yup, I bet you anything it's an attack from the Russians!
Frank: Well, Kamarov's dead, but you're right, there's still his second in command. You've met him already, haven't you? Let's go have a little chat with him!

Ask Sergei Yablokov about the threats made on the Chinese community.
Sergei: I can't believe you're coming to interrogate ME on this day, <Rank> <Name>! Kamarov's dead! You should be arresting Sue Xiong right about now!
Frank: We're not going to arrest anyone without solid evidence, Sergei. Now tell us about this graffiti <Rank> <Name> found in Sue's headquarters...
Sergei: What, that?! That's just retaliation! Sue should be so grateful we didn't skin her like she skinned Nikolai!
Frank: Yeah, except according to <Rank> <Name> you weren't that enthusiastic about your boss's way of leading the community, Sergei. Thought he was weak...
Frank: How convenient then that your boss should die during Chinese celebrations. Perfect opportunity to deflect the blame on your rivals, isn't it, Sergei?
Sergei: That's a nice story, copper, but you've got nothing to prove it. Am I glad Nikolai's dead? Sure. The community will be better off with me as leader. But I'm not the killer.

Examine Faded Notebook.
Frank: So, what did you get from the notebook you found in the Temple, <Name>? Did you figure out what those names are about?
Frank: "Kamarov's List"?! And some of the names are crossed out... What the hell did Kamarov do to these people?!
Frank: Gotcha. I'll get those names to Hannah so she can tell us more about this.

Analyze Kamarov's List.
Hannah: Heya, <Name>! Before we get to business, I just wanted to thank you again for what you did for me and Heather.
Hannah: I'm still having a hard time coping with... with what happened, but that trip to the mountains you got for us really helped turn that page. Thanks again!
Hannah: But anyway. The notebook you found in the temple is a list of Chinese residents. The people whose names are crossed out were expelled last week!
Frank: Expelled? But why would Kamarov want to expel people?
Hannah: You'll have to ask that to the immigration officer in charge of those expulsions. The name will be familiar to you, <Name>. It's Aicha Ben Malek!
Frank: Is that the super-angry immigration officer I've heard about, <Name>? Hm, then we're up for an animated chat with her! Let's go!

Talk to Aicha about the people she expelled on Kamarov's Order.
Aicha: You again, <Rank> <Name>?! You do realize I'm trying to do my job here! I can't be interrupted every time someone dies!
Frank: Even with the interruptions, you're getting quite a job done, Ms. Ben Malek. We found the list Kamarov gave you. Care to explain?
Aicha: Nikolai Kamarov was just helping me out, like any good concerned citizen! I wouldn't be able to do such a good job without people like him!
Frank: So you allied yourself with a Russian gangster just so you could expel people out of Inner City?! You do realize he was just using you to thin out the Chinese crowd?!
Aicha: All the people he tipped me about were illegal immigrants! I didn't expel anyone who had certified papers!
Aicha: You may think what you want about me, <Rank> <Name>. But I'm just upholding the Law here, same as you. My conscience is clean!

Later, at the Police Station...
Frank: What a night, <Name>. I thought the noise and fireworks would be the only thing giving me a headache, but I was gravely mistaken!
Frank: So the Russian leader had half of his skin carved out, and was displayed on one of the floats in the Chinese Festival.
Frank: Sue's trying to convince us she's innocent by playing fair, and Sergei seemed a tad too happy to take over the Russian community in Nikolai's place...
Frank: Yeah, you're right <Name>, let's not forget Aicha, who made an alliance with Nikolai to expel the Chinese illegal immigrants!
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>! Where are you? I can't see anything!
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, there's something I've got to show you! It's horrible!
Frank: What the... Isn't that that Ramirez guy again? What are you blabbering about? And what's with the costume?
Ramirez: This is for an undercover mission, I was trying to infiltrate the parade... But I got lost in a back alley and...
Ramirez: Oh, <Rank> <Name>, I stumbled on that... that room... It's got an operation table and... and it's filled with HUMAN ORGANS!!
Frank: WHAT?!

Chapter 2

Eduardo Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, it's horrible! I was infiltrating the Chinese Festival for an undercover mission...
Ramirez: And I stumbled upon this weird room! It had... an operating table, and pictures of organs pinned on the walls! It was horrible!
Frank: ... Pictures of organs? What kind of organs?
Ramirez: The bloody kind! There was... a heart, and... and lungs, and even a s-spine!
Frank: You're thinking what I'm thinking, <Name>? First there was the heart from that Chinese girl that we never found...
Frank: Then there was the lungs missing from Radovan's corpse...
Frank: And the spine that was ripped from that priest at the Saint Patrick's parade!
Frank: Hey, you're right, <Name>! Kamarov's missing his skin... Could it have also been stolen?
Frank: But wait! Kamarov was killed by having his skin removed! So his killer is the one who took the skin...
Frank: Oh my God <Name>! You think this all points to the same person? That we have an organ stealer on the loose? This is huge!
Ramirez: <Name>, I'll take you to that room! I'm so happy I helped you with your investigation! Follow me!

Investigate Operating Room.
Frank: Well, I guess your friend was right, <Name>. Between the pictures of our victims on the walls and the blood on the operating table... We've found the organ stealer's den!
Frank: So what new leads did you find, <Name>? A gun? It makes sense, I too would want to come here armed... Let's dust it for fingerprints then!
Frank: And you also found something broken, of course. I guess it wouldn't be a real investigation without it. Well, let's have you repair it up, see what it gives us.
Frank: Just a piece of advice, <Name>. You'd better slip gloves on if you want to rummage through these operating tools. I'd hate for you to catch some kind of disease!

Examine Broken Device.
Frank: A recorder cassette?! I thought I was the only person still using those!
Frank: The sticker on the tape says "Skin Surgery"... This has to belong to our killer, you're right! I'll get this tape to the lab!

Analyze Voice Recorder.
Hannah: Where did you find such an antique, <Name>? Did you borrow it from Frank?
Frank: Haha... I've already made that joke myself, smartass.
Hannah: Anyway. Your hunch was right, <Name>. This tape was recorded by Kamarov's killer.
Hannah: It was actually recorded... during the murder. You can hear the killer talking to Kamarov about some "big plan" they have for his skin, and... and Kamarov yelling in pain...
Frank: Sounds like something I don't want to listen to. But did you get anything we could use, Hannah? Any clue as to the killer's identity?
Hannah: Well, they used a voice-modifier, so I can't even tell their gender. However, there's one major clue they let slip through: they're speaking in Chinese!
Frank: The killer speaks Chinese? I agree, <Name>, we've got at least one suspect so far who matches that profile!

Examine Gun.
Frank: Great job lifting those fingerprints off of the gun, <Name>! I'll get those to Hannah!

Analyze Fingerprints.
Hannah: Those fingerprints you got from the gun you found in the operating room belong to Mark McKenzie, <Name>!
Frank: You mean that Mr. Famous Surgeon went to that rundown operating room?! And with a gun, he clearly came prepared!
Hannah: There's more. The way the fingerprints are placed on the gun's handle prove that Mark is right-handed. Unless I'm mistaken, it's part of the killer's profile, right?
Frank: You bet it is! Yup, <Name>, it's time we have another chat with Mark!

Ask Mark McKenzie about his visit to the operating room.
Frank: Mark, <Rank> <Name> found your gun in an operating room linked to our current murder investigation. Care to explain how it got there?
Mark: I'd think you'd been in this District long enough to know how dangerous it is. I always have a gun on me, for protection!
Mark: As for its presence in this... this operating room... Well, it's easy to explain, really. I was just called there for an urgent intervention, and must have forgotten the gun.
Frank: Who did you operate on, McKenzie?
Mark: I don't have to answer to that question! I swore an oath when I became a surgeon! I must protect my patients' privacy!
Frank: So you're trying to make us believe that you going to a makeshift operating room with a gun has got nothing to do with illegal activities?
Mark: Yes! I told you those days are behind me! I'm an honest man!

Examine Operating Tools.
Frank: Alright, I have to admit, I didn't expect you to find a paper lantern among those operating tools, <Name>! How the heck did it get here?
Frank: But of course! This is the missing link between this operating room and our crime scene! I agree, definitely time for a second look there!

Investigate Festival Decorations.
Frank: So what did you find, <Name>? ... Two pieces of paper? Great! One more and we can make a hat!
Frank: Sorry, sorry. Alright, this one is a bank statement from Kamarov's account, and for rather hefty sums of money! $500.000 in total? I wouldn't say no to some of that!
Frank: The bank account number is illegible though, think you can decipher it?
Frank: And I guess there's nothing else to do but put these pieces of paper back together...

Examine Torn Paper.
Frank: Well bite me, <Name>, that torn paper was interesting after all! It's another list of people up for expulsion, but this one looks official...
Frank: "Mustafa Ben Malek, Amira Ben Malek, Youssef Ben Malek"... What the... Is this Aicha's family?
Frank: How could the most zealous member of the Immigration Department have her family expelled from the country? You're right, best if we go talk to Aicha about this!

Ask Aicha about her family's expulsion.
Aicha: Where did you find this sheet, <Rank> <Name>? I tore it up! That two-faced crook BETRAYED me!!
Aicha: I discovered illegal immigrants in the Russian community and filed a report, like I always do! When Nikolai realized it, he was furious!
Aicha: He crushed my right hand to stop me from writing my report, and he somehow managed to get my family's names in the expulsion ballot!
Frank: That's... pretty extreme, I've got to admit. But if your family's got green cards, you had nothing to worry about, didn't you?
Aicha: You think it's that clear-cut?! I know how things work! Once you're on that list, you're done for!
Aicha: This country is everything to us! My parents moved here because I had a heart-defect when I was born. Without the transplant I got here, I would be dead!
Aicha: Illegal immigrants think the rules don't apply to them. But my parents worked hard to integrate and become true US citizens! They deserve to live here!
Aicha: I'll do anything, anything to keep my family in Pacific Bay. Anything, d'you hear?!
Frank: Oh, we hear you loud and clear, Aicha. Don't skip town, we might come to see you again very soon...

Examine Bank Statement.
Frank: Great, you've managed to decipher the bank account number! A quick trip to the lab and we'll know who was so generous with Kamarov!

Analyze Account Number.
Frank: So Hannah, did you find out who's been giving huge amounts of money to Kamarov?
Hannah: Of course I did. The bank account matches a certain Rupert Snow, a young and upcoming businessman.
Hannah: I did some digging, and the guy's been the savior of many an Inner City business during the financial crisis! Very generous man.
Frank: Hm, and so this rich guy decided to give his money off to Kamarov? I agree, <Name>, we'd better go have a chat with this Rupert Snow.

Talk to Rupert Snow about the money he gave to Kamarov.
Rupert: The famous <Rank> <Name>, in flesh and blood! Are you here about the horrifying death of Nikolai Kamarov?
Frank: We are. <Rank> <Name>'s discovered that you gave a lot of money to him. Could you tell us in what circumstances?
Rupert: Of course! You see, I lost my parents very young, and most of my foster families were Russian.
Rupert: I was a sick, frail boy. I needed a kidney transplant when I was 12, and I'll let you imagine the medical bills that went with it!
Rupert: But my foster families shouldered the burden without a complaint. So now that I have money of my own, I've decided to give some of it back to the Russian community.
Frank: By giving huge amounts of money to a Russian gangster?! What did you think this would achieve?!
Rupert: I know Kamarov had his faults, but he was still the leader of the Russian community. I knew he would put this money to good use.

Later, at the Police Station...
Frank: Alright, <Name>, I'm getting lost here. Time for a little recap, what d'you say?
Frank: Biggest break: we now know that the freak who killed Kamarov is also the one who's been stealing organs from our previous victims!
Frank: The question that remains is: what do they intend to do with those organs?! The audio tape you found has them mentioning a "big plan", but what could it be?
Frank: In any case, it's also making Mark McKenzie a hell of a suspect, considering the fact that you found his gun in the operating room!
Frank: We also met Rupert Snow, who was giving huge amounts of money to Kamarov, supposedly to help the Russian community.
Frank: You're right, let's not forget about Aicha! I still can't believe Kamarov threatened to have her family expelled. It's karma at its finest!
Chief Marquez: <Rank> <Name>, Frank, get your coats, we're leaving IMMEDIATELY!
Frank: What's happening, Andrea?!
Chief Marquez: Sue Xiong is missing! We have to find her before she skips town!

Chapter 3

Chief Andrea Marquez: <Rank> <Name>, Frank, get your coats, we're leaving IMMEDIATELY! Sue Xiong has vanished!
Frank: You mean the leader of the Chinese community is missing right after the leader of the Russian community was murdered? That's not good...
Chief Marquez: Not good is the understatement of the century, Frank! <Name>, we're going to Sue's headquarters!

Investigate Temple Interior.
Chief Marquez: There's no trace of Sue Xiong. <Name>, did you manage to find anything?
Frank: Knowing <Name>, it'll be a piece of torn paper and a trash can or two...
Chief Marquez: That's more than you've been able to find, Frank. That origami has a message written on it, you're right, <Name>. Let's unfold it...
Frank: That message's just rubbish, it's just random letters...
Chief Marquez: I'm confident that you'll decipher it, <Rank> <Name>. And what about that picture, now? The man... It's Kamarov!
Frank: Except way younger, he looks to be in his twenties. What's the deal with the baby?
Chief Marquez: <Name>, we need to figure out who that baby is. I trust our face-recognition software will help you determine what the baby would look like today, 20 years older!
Chief Marquez: I hope one of these clues will help you pick up Sue's trace, <Name>. I must go back to the station, but keep me informed!

Examine Encrypted Message.
(Before examining Encrypted Message)
Frank: I still think that message you found on the origami is just nonsense, <Name>.
Frank: Unless... Hey, wait! I remember that stuff from military training! It's an encrypted message! See that single string of letters on the bottom? That's the code key.
Frank: If you can decipher those letters and find which word is hiding behind them, <Name>, we'll be able to decode the rest of the letter!
(After examining Encrypted Message)
Frank: I have to admit I'm impressed, <Name>! You deciphered this secret code like it was nothing! So the letters "Plojfsi" actually spell out the word "request"...
Frank: So if we apply this to the rest of the letter... We get the message... "This war has... only brought misery on... our communities... Let's strike a deal."
Frank: I don't know for you, <Name>, but I wasn't expecting to find an offer of peace in Sue's headquarters! Could this have a link with her sudden disappearance?
Frank: But who could have made such an offer to her? Kamarov's in no condition to write!
Frank: I guess you're right, there's still Sergei, his second in command... Let's go see him!

Question Sergei about the peace offer.
Sergei: I heard about Sue Xiong's disappearance, <Rank> <Name>. I wish I could help, but I don't know where that backstabbing snake is hiding!
Frank: How could Sue backstab you when you were already enemies?
Frank: Unless... Do you mean to tell us you're the one who sent that peace-offer to Sue?!
Sergei: I'm impressed you managed to decipher my code. Yes, I'm the one who wrote that letter.
Frank: Sorry if we have a hard time believing it, Sergei. You don't exactly look like a peacemaker, more like someone who'd do a little left-handed carving on his boss.
Sergei: I'm right-handed, and looks can be deceiving, copper. I like to fight, I don't deny it. But this war is a waste of time and resources!
Sergei: D'you know how many good Russians have died because of this mess? I've been shot at and stabbed in the liver, I had to get a transplant!
Sergei: Kamarov wouldn't hear about a truce, but I thought Sue might be more reasonable. So I reached out to her.
Sergei: And then that backstabbing snake went off and killed Kamarov! You'd better find her before I do, <Rank> <Name>, because I'll make her pay!

Examine Photograph.
Frank: I can't believe it, <Name>! The baby in Kamarov's arms, it's... Rupert Snow, the business magnate! Is he Kamarov's son?
Frank: But... Didn't he mention losing his parents very young? I thought he meant they were dead!
Frank: Hm, you're right, at least that would explain Rupert's generosity towards Kamarov.
Frank: Alright, let's go have another chat with Kamarov Junior!

Ask Rupert about his ties with Kamarov.
Frank: Mr. Snow, <Rank> <Name> found this picture... Are you Kamarov's son?!
Rupert: Is that information relevant? He abandoned me when I was one year old. The only thing in common we have is blood and the fact that I'm right-handed, like him!
Frank: If you hated your father, then why did you give him money?
Rupert: I did not hate him. I just never thought of him as my father. He had so much violence inside of him...
Rupert: I hate what he has done to Inner City, <Rank> <Name>. This used to be a place of happiness, of sharing!
Rupert: But now, everything is about this damn feud! As if different communities could not live in harmony! I have Russian blood but I've learnt Chinese! We do not have to be on separate sides!
Rupert: I am sorry he died. But I do hope his death might bring an end to this ridiculous war, <Rank> <Name>. It's about time.

Examine Trash Can.
Frank: How did these bloody surgical gloves end up in this trash can? I agree <Name>, we'd better get these to the lab so Yann can fiddle with them!

Analyze Bloody Gloves.
Yann: Take a seat, <Name>, I've got pretty big news for you. The blood on those surgical gloves you found belongs to... Angus O'Brian!
Frank: What?! You mean the Irish priest who got his spine ripped out?!
Frank: You're right, <Name>, it means these gloves must have been used by the organ stealer!
Yann: That's what I thought, so I took a look inside and found some skin cells that I could analyze... Those gloves were used by Mark McKenzie!
Frank: Mark is the organ stealer?! I can't believe it! <Name>, let's go get him!

Interrogate Mark about his role in the organs' theft.
Frank: Mark McKenzie, don't move a muscle! We know you stole the spine from Angus O'Brian's corpse!
Mark: P-please, I'm innocent! <Rank> <Name>, take me to the station, I'll tell you everything! Everything!
Frank: Oh we're taking you to the station alright. You're under arrest, pal!

At the Station...
Frank: I can't believe you stole organs from dead bodies, Mark! You're a surgeon, for Pete's sake!
Frank: What did you do with them, did you sell them, is that it? But why did you only take half of Kamarov's skin, what could you do with it?
Mark: I had nothing to do with Kamarov's death! <Rank> <Name>, you have to believe me!
Mark: I... I did steal the organs from the other victims, I admit it. I stumbled upon the bodies, and I... But I was hired to do it!
Frank: Someone hired you to steal organs? Then who are they? Spill it out, McKenzie!!
Mark: I don't know who they are! I swear! They... They'd just leave me messages in Chinese, asking me for specific organs!
Frank: And you did it?! No questions asked?
Mark: The people were already dead! And... Well, to be honest, the pay was worth not asking questions!
Mark: I've had a heart transplant when I was very young. I know how crucial it can be to find an organ in time! But I would never have killed to get them! I didn't touch Kamarov!
Frank: If you think we're just going to take your word for this, McKenzie, you've got another thing coming. You're not getting out of this cell!
Mark: Good! If they've seen me talking to you, I'm risking my life anyway! I WANT to stay here! It's the only place I'm safe!
(After talking to Mark McKenzie)
Frank: What d'you say, <Name>? D'you believe Mark's story? That the killer hired him to steal our victim's organs?
Frank: I still think he's lying and took care of everything himself, murder included. But you're right, I guess we'll need more evidence before we can drag him to trial.
Frank: But hey, he mentioned that his mysterious partner left him messages in Chinese! So Mark speaks Chinese!
Frank: And so does Aicha, you're right! She can't spend her days tracking illegal Chinese immigrants unless she's learned the lingo. I'll add that to both their files!

Later, at the Police Station...
Frank: Well, <Name>, we've had our share of exciting discoveries, between learning that Rupert Snow is the bastard son of Kamarov...
Frank: ... and arresting Mark for stealing organs!
Frank: If he's telling the truth, it changes everything. We assumed Kamarov's killer was the organ stealer, but they could be two different people!
Frank: The only downside is, we still have no idea where Sue Xiong's disappeared to! The Chinese leader vanishes after the Russian leader's death... Can't be a coincidence!
Russell: <Name>, I've got great news! I've broken down your killer's modus operandi!
Frank: You did? Any chance you can explain it in a way I can understand?
Russell: I'll do my best. You see, <Name>, I couldn't understand why the killer took half of Kamarov's skin. What can you do with a half, but try to make it whole?
Russell: So then I focused on the killer's reasons for choosing the leader of the Russian community as a victim.
Russell: The community feud between Chinese and Russian has split Inner City in two. Hence, if the killer took half of the Russian leader's skin...
Frank: Wait. Wait! Are you... implying the killer might be after Sue's skin? That way they'd get half of both community leaders!
Frank: But that means Sue didn't skip town! She's in danger!! <Name>, we need to rescue her!
Frank: Good idea! If the killer's after her skin, chances are they took her to the operating room! Let's go!

Investigate Operating Table.
(Before investigating Operating Table)
Frank: Sue, it's the Police! Are you there? Is anyone with you?
Sue: <Rank> <Name>! Oh thank God you came! I think they've escaped through the window!
Frank: We'll take care of them, don't worry. Let me take off that blindfold for you... As soon as you're feeling better, we'll need to talk to you!
Sue: Thank you, <Rank> <Name>, I... I think I'm gonna sit down for a moment...
Frank: <Name>, I agree, best thing we can do is have a look around the room, the killer might have left clues behind!
(After investigating Operating Table)
Frank: No trace of the killer... But you found an ice cooler? Alright, let's have a look inside!
Frank: And let's not forget to interrogate Sue about this mess!

Examine Ice Cooler.
Frank: Only you would find a firecracker in an ice cooler, <Name>... What the hell is it doing there?
Frank: Oh right! The killer went to the Festival to tie Kamarov to that float! The firecracker must come from there! Let's get a closer look at it!

Examine Firecracker.
Frank: Did you just find bits of skin on that firecracker, <Name>? What the... Let's send them to Yann for analysis!

Analyze Skin Sample.
Yann: I know I like a challenge, <Name>, but I'm afraid the bits of skin you collected from this firecracker were contaminated beyond use!
Yann: However, while the skin itself wasn't usable, the fact that it was only present on the burnt part of the firecracker was a clue in itself!
Yann: Those things are a menace, people fire them without care during the Festival and accidents often happen.
Frank: Accidents like the firecracker blowing up in your face? That happened to me when I was a kid, never fired one since!
Yann: That's exactly what happened to your killer! <Name>, there's no doubt they have a burn mark on their face!

See how Sue is doing after her abduction.
Frank: Sue, <Rank> <Name> needs to know everything you can remember about your abductor. We know they're Kamarov's killer!
Sue: I... I was blindfolded... I couldn't see their face...
Sue: The only thing I remember is... I felt them touching an old scar I have, from a kidney transplant I had years ago!
Sue: Then I felt... a blade, against my skin! I think... I think they wanted to cut my skin off, like they did to Kamarov!
Sue: I raised my right hand to protect myself, and I managed to knock the scalpel off their hands. And then I heard you come in, and I guess they escaped!
Sue: Here, <Name>, here's the scalpel they were holding. I hope it can help you catch that monster!
(After talking to Sue Xiong)
Frank: Poor Sue... She'll need to be comforted after such an adventure!
Frank: What d'you mean, I'm letting my crush blur my judgment! She's obviously innocent, she was abducted!
Frank: Well, right, okay, so it is convenient that she was blindfolded and cannot tell us a thing about the killer... And she was alone when we came in...
Frank: Come on, <Name>, are you seriously insinuating that Sue would have arranged her own abduction to put us off her trail?
Frank: Look, even if she lied, she did give us the murder weapon, the scalpel the killer used to skin Kamarov alive! Let's get it to the lab, okay, <Name>?

Analyze Scalpel.
Yann: <Name>, I don't know what your killer's scalpel went through but it was a melting pot of bacteria!
Yann: But I never give up. I finally managed to isolate enough DNA to determine that two different persons had come into contact with this scalpel.
Yann: One matches Kamarov, which won't surprise you as it was used to kill him! Which means the other DNA traces belong to your killer!
Yann: The DNA was badly damaged, but there's no doubt about it: the other person, the killer, is also a man!
Frank: The killer is a man? I've never been so happy to hear that!

After completing all tasks...
Frank: This is it, <Name>! You've gathered enough evidence to arrest Kamarov's killer! Time to see who's been collecting organs, and learn why they did it!

Take care of the killer now!
Frank: Rupert Snow?! You killed Kamarov?! But... Why?
Rupert: What are you talking about, <Rank>? Why would I kill my father?
Frank: That's what we'd like to know! <Rank> <Name> found traces from your transplant medicine on your drawing, we know it's you!
Rupert: This doesn't prove anything. Lots of people take this medicine.
Frank: Yeah, but we've also found the firecracker that gave you this lovely burn on your face. And the tape you recorded while killing your father!
Rupert: Ah, I guess there's no use denying it. <Rank> <Name>, I bow to your skills. Yes, I killed my father.
Rupert: I also hired Mark McKenzie so he would gather organs from various Inner City citizens for me.
Rupert: And finally, I kidnapped my mother so I woul-
Frank: Wait, what? Are you telling us Sue Xiong is your mother?!
Rupert: Of course. She fell in love with Nikolai in high school, and they had me. They were too young, however, and too weak to stand up to societal pressure.
Rupert: So they abandoned me, without a second look! Without fighting for me!
Frank: And so you decided to kill them both? You can hold a grudge!
Rupert: This wasn't about killing. But I will reveal my master plan to my judge and jury, and only then.
Frank: Suit yourself. Rupert Snow, you're under arrest!

Honorable Dante: Rupert Snow, you're here on trial for the murder of Nikolai Kamarov. I understand you want to plead your case. Go on then.
Rupert: Thank you, your Honor. I spent my youth going from foster family to foster family, wondering who my parents had been. When I made my fortune, I decided to find them.
Rupert: You can imagine my shock when I discovered my parents were the rival leaders of the communities! Instead of uniting through their child, they had decided to wage war against each other!
Rupert: I observed them from afar long enough to know it would be useless to try and reason with them. They only cared about war and money.
Rupert: So I devised a plan... It seemed obvious to me I was the answer to this ridiculous feud. The communities would unite through me... Inside me!
Rupert: I hired a crooked surgeon to collect specific organs for me. I wanted them to come from different ethnicities, to represent all of Inner City.
Rupert: The heart from a young Chinese woman, full of life and hope.
Rupert: The lungs from a Serbian man, to breathe the cleansed air of Inner City.
Rupert: And the spine from an Irish priest, the backbone of society!
Rupert: I had the organs, but I was missing the final piece of the puzzle.
Rupert: My parents' skin! With it, the entire world would see my heritage! Half-Chinese, half-Russian, the embodiment of peace between the communities!
Rupert: And I would have succeeded, if <Rank> <Name> hadn't put their nose in my business!!
Honorable Dante: I... am at a loss for words. You wanted to turn yourself into a monster to bring peace to the city? But my poor friend, nobody would have dared look at you!
Honorable Dante: I've heard enough. Mr. Snow, for the murder of Nikolai Kamarov and your involvement in an organ-stealing scheme, this Court condemns you to life in prison!

Frank: <Name>, I don't know for you, but I really need a drink after all of this! Seriously, nobody will believe us when we tell them about this!
Frank: What a crazy story! I can't believe Rupert wanted to turn himself into the perfect Inner City citizen... by getting organs transplanted into his own body!
Frank: And think about Sue! The poor woman was almost killed by her son, and she doesn't even know it!
Frank: I'm not sure we should tell her, <Name>. She needs time to recover from her abduction first, and well... I guess it would hurt her too much.
Frank: I hope this will mean the end of the war, at least. Too many people have died because of this feud! And more would have died if you hadn't been there to save the day, <Name>!
Frank: Come on, partner, let's go back to the station. We deserve some time off!

Additional Investigation

Chief Andrea Marquez: <Rank> <Name>, you have done an exemplary job solving Kamarov's murder! Things might have gone out of hand without your help.
Chief Marquez: There's still one mystery left to solve, however. The organs which Mark stole for Rupert Snow haven't been found!
Frank: Great, so we're going organ-hunting? I guess you're right, <Name>, best thing to do is go ask Mark McKenzie about them. He's been put in temporary detention.
Jessica: Excuse me, are you <Rank> <Name>? Oh please, I need to see Yann! I'm his wife!
Yann: Honey! What are you two doing there? I thought we were meeting later to see the parade?
Jessica: Sweetheart, it's horrible! James has disappeared! We were at the parade and we got separated in the crowd!
Jessica: Lily's half-asleep, thankfully, but I'm so worried! You said a kid was kidnapped recently! What if someone...
Yann: Honey, calm down. You know James, he's probably just looking at the fireworks! I'm sure he's alright, we'll find him soon!
Yann: <Name>, will you help me look for him? Thank you so much! Jessica, wait here with Lily, <Rank> <Name> and I will look for James at the parade.
Frank: Don't worry, Mrs. Toussaint, <Rank> <Name> will find your kid in no time. But <Name>, don't forget we've got to talk to Mark about you-know-what, too.

Ask Mark about the location of the stolen organs.
Frank: So McKenzie, how is jail treating you? Looking forward to your trial?
Mark: <Rank> <Name>, please, you've got to help me out! They're saying I might get up to 20 years in jail for stealing those organs!
Frank: Nothing we can do about it, pal. But the jury might look more kindly on you if you help us find the missing organs...
Mark: I... I don't know where they are! Rupert Snow just left me messages telling me what to get! I don't know where he's been hiding them!
Frank: Great, so you're of no use to us? And Rupert's crazy, he'll never tell us where they are.
Mark: No, wait, I can help! <Rank> <Name>, you should go have a look in the operating room! I... I think Rupert mentioned hiding them there!

Investigate Operating Room.
Frank: Whoa, I'd never seen a fridge with a dialpad before! I agree, <Name>, this is fishy! Think you can crack that code?

Examine Locked Fridge.
Frank: Perfect, <Name>, you've cracked the fridge's password! And it looks like we've hit the jackpot, the organs are inside!
Frank: Yuck, you're right, there's even the priest's spine in one of the jars.
Frank: Let's just get those things to Roxie, alright? I'm not feeling so good...

Analyze Organs.
Roxie: Aw, <Name>, you're spoiling me! I hate unfinished puzzles, and here you bring me the missing pieces of my old corpses!
Roxie: These are definitely the organs Mark stole from various victims. But unlike their owners, they are very well preserved!
Roxie: I've got no use for them, but I bet some people would! Just let me show you that perfect lung...
Frank: Alright, we get it! No need to show it to us!
Roxie: Frank, I'm serious! <Name>, I know some hospitals which could put these organs to good use, I'll make sure they get them!
Frank: That's great. But something is still missing... You're right, <Name>, the money Rupert gave Mark for the organs! Guess we need to talk to him again!

Question Mark about the money.
Mark: I'm so glad you found the missing organs, <Rank> <Name>! Do you think it might help me get a shorter prison sentence?
Frank: You don't even feel remorse for stealing organs from dead people, do you?
Frank: Look, the organs might still be put to good use. But we're not forgetting what you've done!
Frank: You made a lot of money doing Rupert's dirty work. You want to make up for what you did? Start by giving back the money!
Mark: Oh... Alright. I'll give the money back, <Name>! Put it to good use. I hope it'll make my jury more lenient!

Investigate Festival Float.
Yann: I can't see James anywhere! <Name>, I didn't want to frighten Jessica, but I'm really worried. He's only five!
Yann: You're right, I must stay calm. Good idea, let's have a look through this bag of decorations, it's typically the kind of thing James is curious about!

Examine Bag of Decorations.
Yann: You found a rattle toy! James has one of these, he's been playing with it for a whole week!
Yann: Is that... Is that blood on it? My hands are shaking, <Name>, could you collect a sample?

Examine Rattle Toy.
Yann: Thank you, <Name>, I'll hurry back to my lab to analyze this sample you took from the rattle toy now!

Analyze Blood.
Yann: <Name>, I've analyzed the sample you collected from the rattle toy and it IS blood! Sue Xiong's blood, to be precise.
Yann: I'm really relieved this isn't James's, but I wonder how Sue's blood could end up on this toy...
Yann: You're right, <Name>, this rattle toy shows Sue Xiong was at the parade. Let's go talk to her, she might have seen James!

Ask Sue about the rattle toy.
Yann: Ms. Xiong? I'm Yann Toussaint, a colleague of <Rank> <Name>. We've found your blood on this rattle toy and we were wonder-
Sue: Ha! I found a kid lost and crying in the street and the only thanks I got was him hitting me in the head with his toy!
Yann: It must be my son! He's five years old and wearing a purple shirt...
Sue: Yes, that's the boy I found. I brought him to my headquarters so he'd be safe until I could figure out who his parents were.
Sue: <Rank> <Name>, I'd appreciate if you could handle this. With everything that has happened today, Kamarov being killed by this horrible man... I'm exhausted.
Sue: But here, why don't you all have something to eat before you go look for your son at the temple? It's my treat.

Investigate Temple Garden.
Yann: <Name>, I still can't find my son anywhere! Did you find anything?
Yann: Oh, you're right, this torn paper doesn't look like it belongs in such a place... Could you piece it back together?

Examine Torn Paper.
Yann: <Name>, this drawing... It was made by my son! Look, he wrote his name, and I recognize the purple t-shirt he's wearing!
Yann: There's another boy on this drawing, called Andrew...
Yann: You think this is Andrew Kamarov? The son of Nikolai Kamarov?
Yann: Isn't Andrew the poor kid who got kidnapped by his nanny after she killed his mother?
Yann: And today he's lost his last family member... Poor child! Who might be taking care of him now?
Yann: Oh you're right! Chances are Kamarov's second-in-command is looking after Andrew! Which means my son must be with them. We must talk to this Sergei straight away!

Ask Sergei about James's whereabouts.
Sergei: <Rank> <Name>, good thing you're here! I've found a kid and I have no idea who h-
Yann: This must be my son! James, where are you? Are you alright?
James: Daddy! I'm sorry I got lost, but look! I made a new friend! Could I come back to play with him sometimes?
Andrew: Hello, <Rank> <Name>! James and I had a lot of fun drawing! Look, we even drew a robot and everything!
Sergei: So this is the kid's father? Thank God. I'm already having troubles with Andrew, I was afraid I'd get another one to look after!
Yann: Don't worry, I'll take James from your hands. But thank you for looking after him! We'd be delighted to have Andrew over some time!
Sergei: Really? Could you have him over right now, by any chance? I've got important stuff to discuss with Sue Xiong, and I don't know what to do with the kid!
Yann: Well, sure! How about we all go see the parade, <Rank> <Name>? I'll call Jessica!
Yann: James, while we wait for your mother, you should find something nice to give to <Rank> <Name>, as thanks for finding you!

Later, in Andrea's office...
Chief Marquez: <Rank> <Name>, you'll never cease to impress me! I've read Roxie's report, the organs stolen from the victims have been transferred to reputable hospitals!
Chief Marquez: And there's more. Sergei and Sue have decided they'd both go to Nikolai Kamarov's burial ceremony, in a show of solidarity.
Chief Marquez: They seem to be working towards a peaceful reconciliation of the communities! And I know how big a role you played in this, <Name>! Inner City owes you!
Chief Marquez: I've also heard you helped Yann find his missing son? Poor Yann, I bet he wishes you had met his family in a better situation!
Chief Marquez: But you'll see them again soon. They live in Jazz Town, you know, and it's precisely where you'll be working next!
Chief Marquez: Things are getting better in Inner City, but Jazz Town has recently faced terrible events. A storm destroyed a big part of the district and I need my best officers on site.
Chief Marquez: But people in Jazz Town face adversity with a smile and a song. They'll know how to make you feel at home, <Rank> <Name>!

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