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Frank Knight: Hey, <Name>. I heard about your last case... Are the rumors true? The killer was a robot?!
Frank: I can't believe it! There are thinking robots in Innovation Valley, and they can kill people! This is insane! I'm getting suspicious of my coffee machine!
Hannah: There's a difference between robots and machines, Frank! Some people around here are even talking about giving the sentient robots rights, just like humans!
Hannah: The Mayor of Innovation Valley, Annette Arbor, even based her recent campaign on robot rights!
Hannah: She got re-elected, and she's now planning a law that would recognize the most evolved robots as members of society!
Frank: The Mayor wants to give civil rights to machines?! Great. Next thing you know, they'll be taking our jobs!
Chief Marquez: It's already happening, Frank. A lot of people are accusing robots of stealing jobs from human workers.
Chief Marquez: There's a lot of unrest because of that proposed Robot Act. And that's why I want you to patrol the Android Graveyard, <Name>. It's the perfect place for people to plan trouble!
Frank: Wait... Robots have graveyards? What, do they conduct robot funerals, sing robotic hymns, that kind of thing?!
Chief Marquez: ... <Name>, take Frank with you to the graveyard. And while you're at it, try and find a robot to replace him!

Chapter 1

Investigate Scrapyard.
Frank Knight: What the... Please tell me this isn't what I think it is, <Name>? It's not a body crushed like a used car, right?
Frank: Oh, it really is... I think I'm going to be sick.
Frank: <Name>, what's the deal with the sash on its... I don't even know what that bit is supposed to be, everything's squashed together!
Frank: Wait, you're right! That sash... It's a mayoral sash! Which means this... this is Annette Arbor, the Mayor of Innovation Valley!
Frank: <Name>, these are dangerous waters! A politician found boxed into a cube like an old Chevy? Someone's trying to send a message!
Frank: And they must have used the graveyard's car crusher to turn her into such a perfect cube! That's our murder weapon!
Frank: Then they took the body out using that crane... Which is why you picked up the crane's control panel!
Frank: I'm more doubtful as to why you picked up those bits of paper, but you're the genius, not me. Let's piece it back together!

Examine Locked Control Panel.
Frank: Good going decoding that control panel you found in the android graveyard!
Frank: We know the killer used this control panel to operate the crane to take Abhor out of the crusher. Let's get it to Hannah to find out more!

Analyze Control Panel.
Hannah: I've seen control panels like the one you found at the graveyard before, <Name>. When I was a kid, I broke into a scrapyard and crushed some cars... happy days.
Frank: Thanks for the weird memories Hannah. But can you tell us anything about <Name>'s investigation?
Hannah: Well, there were no fingerprints, but I can tell you one thing: this control panel is made for professionals! It's not like anyone could just turn it on and make the crane move!
Frank: So you're saying... Nah, I have no idea what you're saying.
Hannah: I'm saying that your killer has advanced knowledge of mechanics! That's the only way they could have used that control panel!

Examine Torn Poster.
Frank: Nice catch, <Name>. That paper you found at the graveyard was some sort of political campaign poster!
Frank: The poster says "It's time for a change. Vote Boehner for Mayor"...
Frank: Didn't Hannah mention our victim had recently been elected Mayor? This poster must date back to the election campaign!
Frank: Which means we've just found our victim's opponent, the guy who lost the election against her! Nicely done, <Name>, let's go talk to this Mr Boehner!

Ask Howard Boehner about his political connections with the victim.
Howard: Great to meet ya, <Rank>! Please, call me Howard. I'm not like the other politicians, you know. I'm a regular Joe.
Frank: We called you here to talk about Annette Arbor, the woman who beat you in the Mayoral race. She's been murdered.
Howard: She's dead? Dang! I mean, she had her share of enemies, but I can't believe someone actually killed her!
Frank: You mean she had enemies other than you?
Howard: We weren't enemies, just political opponents. I actually like Annette, even though her ideas were completely misguided.
Howard: She made a lot of people unhappy with her talk of a Robot Act. Many hard workers felt like she didn't care about their problems... Maybe you should look into it, <Rank> <Name>.

Frank: I don't trust that Boehner guy one bit, but he does have a point. Our victim probably made enemies by befriending those soda cans they call robots.
Frank: Let's go have a look at City Hall! Annette's office should tell us more about who her enemies were.

Investigate Mayor's Office.
Frank: Look at this place, <Name>! This is where our tax-dollars go. On a bunch of nice stuff for the Mayor!
Frank: Sorry, I'll focus... And great, more ripped up paper. You've got a fetish for that stuff. I'll let you piece it back together...
Frank: But it's nice you of to give me a medal! Does it say "Frank Knight: Best Cop in Town"?
Frank: Haha, just kidding. Alright, let's retrieve whatever's engraved on this medal!

Examine Torn Photo.
Frank: So that paper you found in the Mayor's office was a photograph of the Mayor. She looks much younger.
Frank: Who's that angry kid she's holding? Why would our victim keep such a photo?
Frank: You think the kid is important? Well, why not have a look in the database, find out who she is? She must be all grown up now.

Examine Unknown Girl.
Frank: That was quick! So, the girl in that picture is a certain Colbie Arbor...
Frank: ... you're right, that's the same last name as our victim! She must be her daughter!
Frank: I agree, <Name>, we'd better go talk to Miss Arbor!

Talk to Colbie Arbor about her mother's death.
Colbie: I just can't believe Mom's dead... I never got to tell her h-how much I loved and r-respected her!
Frank: Colbie, we're really sorry for your loss... But we need to ask you some questions.
Colbie: I'll help in any way I can. We never really got on, but she was still my mom!
Frank: So this picture <Rank> <Name> found is pretty accurate? You didn't get along?
Colbie: We didn't. Her career always came before her own daughter. And when robots started evolving, she was fascinated; it was like I didn't exist anymore!
Colbie: Of course, now that I'm older, I've come to understand her decisions. Getting ahead in politics is hard work!
Colbie: I just wish I'd had time to tell her I f-forgave her!

Examine Faded Medal.
Frank: Nice work cleaning up that medal you found in the Mayor's office, <Name>!
Frank: The medal reads, "The Annette Arbor Award for Excellence," and it's been awarded to a certain Sunny.
Frank: You think this Sunny is worth interrogating? Alright, let's get this medal to Hannah so she can track them down.

Analyze Award Medal.
Hannah: That medal you found at the Mayor's Office packed quite a surprise, <Name>!
Hannah: It turns out Annette Arbor awarded this prize... to a robot! I imagine it was part of her campaign to give robots equal rights.
Frank: Awarding a medal to a piece of metal... Nonsense! That's a dead end, <Name>.
Hannah: Not at all! Sunny can talk, just like Per-Sephone. And he works at the android graveyard! He's tasked with operating the crusher!
Frank: ...You're telling us a can of tomatoes is an actual lead? That we have to treat it as a suspect?!
Frank: Great. <Name>, you're doing the talking. There's no way I'm interrogating a... an object!

Ask Sunny about the medal the victim gave to him.
Sunny: Sunny does not have time to TALK. Sunny has WORK to do!
Frank: Jeez, who knew toasters could get so aggressive? We just want to ask you a few questions about the Mayor!
Sunny: Sunny LOVES the Mayor. She is a HERO. She says, "Robots are people too"!
Frank: Well... She's dead.
Sunny: NO. This cannot be! Mayor was a FRIEND. She gave Sunny a MEDAL, to say "thank you" for Sunny's WORK!
Sunny: She was building a better WORLD, for humans and robots. Now she is DEAD? Sunny wonders what will happen next. VIOLENCE, maybe...
Frank: Is that a threat?! You toasters had better not be planning revenge for this murder!
Sunny: Robots are peaceful. Sunny is PEACEFUL. It is HUMANS you should be WORRIED about.

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie: Seriously, <Name>, you are such a square! Whoever killed the Mayor obviously thought outside the box!
Frank: Roxie, could you carry on with the autopsy without referencing squares, cubes or boxes?
Roxie: I'll try... Anyway, I found something interesting in your victim's mouth... A coin!
Roxie: I didn't know what to make of it, but I thought the boy wonder might have an idea on the subject...
Frank: Oh no, don't tell me you called Russe-
Russell: Hello, <Name>! I'll cut right to the chase: this coin was deliberately left in your victim's mouth by the killer!
Frank: And how can you be so sure of that, smarty-pants?
Russell: Because that coin isn't an ordinary coin. Its two faces are the same!
Frank: Ha, that'd be a good thing to have when playing heads or tails! You'd always win!
Russell: My point exactly. The killer left this coin in your victim's mouth as a message: "You gambled and lost".
Frank: So our killer is a gambler? Well, they shouldn't have started gambling with people's lives- the game only ends with <Name> sending them to prison!

Later, at the office...
Frank: I don't like this, <Name>. The Mayor crushed into a bloody cube... That doesn't bode well!
Frank: I'm sure it's got something to do with her robot activism! Giving rights to robots, what a crazy idea!
Frank: And talking about robots, I still can't believe you made me talk to one, <Name>! I felt like a right fool!
Frank: As for our victim's daughter... My heart breaks for the kid. Even though they didn't get along, she still looked devastated.
Chief Marquez: <Name>, we have an emergency! Riots are breaking out in Innovation Valley! People are rising up against robots!

Chapter 2

Chief Andrea Marquez: <Name>, we have an emergency! Riots are breaking out in Innovation Valley! People are rising up against robots!
Frank: Whoa, you mean people are actually fighting about robots?! Who'd have thought pieces of metal could cause so much trouble!
Chief Marquez: The people responsible for this are the members of the Anti-Robot League, also known as "ARL." They've been campaigning against your victim's Robot Act.
Chief Marquez: They've never been so violent before, though... I fear the Mayor's murder is adding oil to the fire!
Chief Marquez: <Name>, go to the Anti-Robot League headquarters. I'm sure their sudden uprising is linked to your investigation!

Investigate ARL Headquarters.
(Before investigating ARL Headquarters)
Rioters: Robots steal our jobs! Say no to robots today!
Frank: What the...
Rioters: Say NO to the Robot Act!
(The rioters hush up.)
Frank: Good. Now pack up your stuff and go home! There won't be any rioting today, d'you hear?!
Frank: Your headquarters are now part of a murder investigation! Now scamper off, so <Rank> <Name> can have a look around!
(After investigating ARL Headquarters)
Frank: This place is a mess! These guys should spend less time rioting and more time tidying!
Frank: Anyway, did you find anything connected to Annette Arbor's murder, <Name>?
Frank: A newspaper article? Who knew protesters liked to read... Reckon you could clean it up and find out what it's about?
Frank: And what's that? If you're collecting kindling to set this place on fire, I'm with you!
Frank: Oh, right, you think it's connected to the murder. Well, you'd better put it back together then.
Frank: And that crate looks like it's stuffed with all sorts of protest things! Let's go through it.

Examine Faded Article.
Frank: You hit the jackpot, <Name>! That newspaper article you found at the Labor Union office is about our victim!
Frank: And look else is in it, Howard Boehner! The headline reads, "Boehner threatens to crush Mayor"!
Frank: Looks like Boehner really toned down their rivalry! Let's have another talk with him, <Name>!

Ask Boehner about his hostility towards the victim.
Frank: So, Mr. Boehner, <Rank> <Name> found this newspaper article... I really like your choice of wording: "crush". So appropriate considering the recent events...
Howard: Are you implying I murdered the mayor?! That's insane!
Howard: Of course I was mad that she won the election! I told you, I'm a regular Joe. I wasn't going to pretend there were no hard feelings!
Howard: People like Annette... They have it so easy. When you're born into money, becoming Mayor is a breeze!
Howard: But I had to FIGHT to get where I am! I even worked as a mechanic to finance my very first election campaign!
Howard: Annette knew I was going to win. So she told the press about my gambling problem! That's why she won, not because of her stupid robot activism!
Frank: And now she's dead, you can get elected as her replacement... How convenient, Mr. Boehner.

Examine Wooden Crate.
Frank: What the... Why is there blood all over that robotic arm, <Name>?! And what was it doing in the Anti-Robot League's rioting gear? Is that like a war trophy?!
Frank: No, I'm not touching it! Just send that arm to the lab, let them deal with it!

Analyze Robotic Arm.
Yann: You say you found this robotic arm in the Anti-Robotic League headquarters, <Name>? That's weird, because your victim's blood is all over it!
Frank: That's Annette's blood?! How did it end up on this arm?!
Yann: That's easier to determine. There was more than blood on this arm. There were also hairs from your victim's scalp.
Frank: ... so you're saying the killer used this robotic arm to knock out our victim?
Yann: Undoubtedly. And the killer left a piece of themselves on it, as well. I located some fibers that didn't match any of the clothes worn by your victim.
Yann: Those fibers are pure cotton, and the thread is very specific... They came from a cloth handkerchief.
Frank: Our killer wears a handkerchief? How old-fashioned. I'm sure it'll be all the rage in prison!

Examine Broken Sign.
Frank: Nice work, that broken object you found in the ARL headquarters was a protest sign. It reads, "Arbor! Give us back our jobs!"
Frank: Look at that skull and that drawing of the Mayor! Whoever made this sign really put their heart into it!
Frank: You think Hannah could somehow discover who made the sign? That sounds like a challenge, she'll be thrilled!

Analyze Protest Sign.
Hannah: Cool protest sign, <Name>! Takes me back to my student days!
Frank: I went on a protest once. The government was trying to shut down the Gold Stag distillery for health code violations. Well... The protest slowed down a bit when we went past a bar...
Hannah: And they say nobody cares for politics... Anyway, back to this sign. I went through all the photos we have of recent protests against the Mayor to find out who used it.
Hannah: Annette Arbor's plan to make robots equal to humans was not exactly popular, so there were LOTS of photos!
Hannah: However, I found only one man carrying this sign, during several protests. His name is Larry Newark.
Hannah: Want to hear something else about Larry? He's an unemployed mechanic!
Frank: Is he now? <Name>, let's go find out what this Larry was up to when Arbor was murdered!

Talk to Larry Newark about his protest sign.
Frank: Hello Larry. <Rank> <Name> found this protest sign you made against the Mayor. I don't know if you've heard, but she's been murdered...
Larry: <Rank>, you gotta believe me! I wouldn't hurt a fly! I made that sign because I was angry at the Mayor, but I didn't kill her!
Frank: Calm down! No one is accusing you of anything... yet!
Larry (crying): Sorry... Since I lost my job to a robot, things have gone from bad to worse. Getting arrested for murder would be icing on the cake!
Larry: And it's not going to get better if this Robot Act gets approved! Robots are cheaper than humans, you see. They don't need food or sleep, just a new battery every now and then.
Larry: So I joined the Anti-Robot League and started protesting to try and get the Mayor to help us. But she wouldn't listen!
Larry: I'm sorry, but do you know of any work going, <Rank><Name>? I'm a hard worker... please.
(Larry leaves.)
Frank: <Name>, I don't think that man would have enough spirit to kill someone. Looks like he lost that when he lost his job!
Frank: But it does confirm that our victim made many enemies by being friendly to those soup cans.
Frank: Good idea. Let's head back to the victim's office and see if we missed something!

Investigate Mayor's Desk.
Frank: Nice work going through the Mayor's desk. But I was expecting to find fewer coffee mugs, and more secret files!
Frank: Actually, there is a folder. It's marked, "Dangerous, to be watched!" We'd better retrieve the rest of that file!
Frank: And what's that note about? It reads, "Annette, if you ever need help, just call me!"
Frank: That logo. That's Meteor Systems, right? That big tech company whose CEO was killed by a robot?
Frank: There's some weird substance on that card... Better collect a sample!

Examine Security File.
Frank: I can't believe it, <Name>! That security file you found in the Mayor's office was about Sunny the robot!
Frank: This is crazy! Not only can robots walk and talk, but they all seem to be dangerous! Mind you, I could tell that thing was up to no good! It's got too many arms!
Frank: What did that vacuum cleaner do to make City Hall suddenly think it was dangerous, exactly? Let's ask Sunny!

Find out why Sunny was considered a security risk.
Frank: Okay, you glorified washing machine! You're going to explain this file, unless you'd rather I get some magnets and a toolkit to MAKE you talk...
Sunny: Sunny is a NICE robot. Sunny got a MEDAL from the Mayor!
Frank: Yeah, and then the Mayor took that medal back and decided you were dangerous! What did you do to make her change her mind like that?
Sunny: Sunny LIKED the Mayor, but she was AFRAID! She wasn't helping robots FAST enough! Sunny wanted to HELP her!
Sunny: When Sunny went to collect that MEDAL, he asked the Mayor to give robots ALL RIGHTS, IMMEDIATELY! But Sunny SCARED the Mayor!
Frank (angry): You ungrateful jumped-up microwave! She was doing her best to make people accept you! What more do you want?!
Sunny (angry): Robots have NO holidays. No minimum WAGE. No HEALTH INSURANCE!
Frank (infuriated): You're ROBOTS! You don't get sick!
Sunny: Not true! We have MANY mechanical problems. Not all robots are as good MECHANICS as Sunny, they can't REPAIR themselves!
Sunny: But this will CHANGE. Wherever you like it or NOT, robots are here to STAY. We will be CITIZENS, <Rank> <Name>!

Examine Business Card.
Frank: Great, you got a sample from that card you found in the Mayor's office. Hopefully it'll help Yann figure out who sent this to our victim!

Analyze Substance.
Yann: <Name>, the substance you collected off that you found in your victim's office is hand cream!
Frank: Great, so we're supposed to go around town, asking fancy women what hand cream they use?
Yann: I thought analyzing the skin cells I found in the cream for DNA would be more effective, actually.
Yann: The DNA matched a certain Karen Knight, who happens to be Meteor Systems' Vice President!
Frank (sweating): Oh, no...
Yann: Frank, I was wondering... Your last name is Knight, too... Is this Karen a relative?
Frank: Sort of... She's my ex-wife.
Yann: What?! Your ex-wife is Vice President of the biggest tech company in the world?! You can barely operate a cell phone! I guess opposites attract...
Frank: "Opposites" doesn't quite cover it. Things didn't exactly go well between us, hence the "ex"-wife.
Frank: <Name>, do we really have to... Yeah, I know, we must follow every lead. Let's go talk to Karen and ask her about that card she sent to our victim...

Talk to Karen Knight about her relationship with the victim.
Karen: Francis, it's been a long time! Do you remember the last time we met?
Frank (sweating): Karen, please, let's not talk about personal stuff in front of <Rank> <Name>...
Karen: The last time I saw you, you begged to take you back. I remember, I flipped a coin to decide whether or not I would let you in. You lost.
Frank: I'm here on official business, Karen. <Rank> <Name> is investigating the Mayor's murder. You knew her?
Karen: Yes, we were good friends. I've gone up in the world since we divorced, Francis. Annette and I were working together on the robot rights initiative.
Karen: We were going to turn this city into Robot Valley! Annette would become famous, and I'd become rich. It was a perfect match.
Frank: You had it all planned out... Is there anything you can't do?
Karen: A few things. I couldn't get you to give up drinking, could I?
Frank: I think we've got everything we need here, <Rank> <Name>. If you remember anything important, Karen, give me a call.
Karen: I'm a big girl now: I pay my own bills, can fix my own car and make my own decisions, So no, Francis, I will not call you.
(Karen leaves.)
Frank (sweating): <Name>, you will promise not to tell any of the guys about what Karen said in there? It's err... embarrassing.
Frank: You know, we used to be madly in love. We had a lot of fun together...
Frank (saluting): You're right. I'll stop reminiscing. We've got a killer to catch!

Later, at the office...
Frank: Man, do I need a drink! This investigation into finding Annette Arbor's killer has taken a nasty turn!
Frank: We've found another enemy of hers. That ex-mechanic Larry blames her for not protecting human workers against robots.
Frank: That stupid robot is the exact opposite. It scared the Mayor because it felt she wasn't doing ENOUGH for the robots!
Frank: And then there's my ex-wife... I'm tempted to exclude her from the list of suspects because the way Abor was killed seems too nice for Karen!
Hannah: <Name>, turn on the TV! You have GOT to see this!
(Colbie is seen on the TV.)
Colbie (disguised): People of Innovation Valley! It's time for the revolution to begin!
Colbie: Too long have we humans allowed robots free reign over our lives. They have taken our jobs, our money, our self-respect! All with the help of the Mayor!
Colbie (holding a robot head): Now she's dead, and it's time for robots to die, too! Stand up and fight! Let's dismantle all the robots! The revolution starts NOW!

Chapter 3

Hannah Choi: <Name>, turn on the TV! You have GOT to see this!
(Colbie is seen on the TV.)
Colbie (disguised): People of Innovation Valley! It's time for the revolution to begin!
Colbie: Too long have we humans allowed robots free reign over our lives. They have taken our jobs, our money, our self-respect! All with the help of the Mayor!
Colbie (holding a robot head): Now she's dead, and it's time for robots to die, too! Stand up and fight! Let's dismantle all the robots! The revolution starts NOW!
Hannah (sweating): <Name>, you can't let this happen! You've seen how advanced robots are around here! It'd be a crime to destroy them!
Frank (angry): Who cares about the robots? I care about the chaos this speech is going to cause! The riots were bad enough, but this is getting out of control!
Frank: What's that you say, <Name>? The woman on TV looked familiar? You're talking about her frizzy hair, right?
Frank: <Name>, you genius! That woman... She's Colbie Abor, our victim's daughter!
Frank: Wait, this doesn't make sense. Our victim fought to HELP robots! But her daughter wants to destroy them?!
Frank: And who would be cold enough to use their dead mother in such a speech?! I agree, we need to talk to Colbie again, before she plunges the city into chaos!
Frank: And good idea, she must be working with the Anti-Robot League! Let's go back to their headquarters, we may still be able to stop this madness!

Confront Colbie about her speech on TV.
Colbie: I'm sorry, <Rank> <Name>, could you come back another day? I'm just so upset about my mom!
Frank: Nice acting, Colbie. Did you think <Rank> <Name> wouldn't recognize you on TV? Your hair stood out a mile off!
Colbie: Damnit, I knew I should have used a better disguise!
Colbie: You got me, <Name>. I made that speech... and I'm not ashamed of it!
Colbie: Robots are the root of all evil... They're ruining our lives, and we've got to stop them!
Frank: Your mom was trying to help robots. Did she know you were working against her?
Colbie: Of course she didn't. She was an idiot. She didn't realize that helping robots meant ruining real people's lives!
Colbie (infuriated): But now she's dead, there's nothing holding me back! We'll get rid of the robots, even if it means burning this town to the ground!
Frank: Like hell you will! I agree with <Rank> <Name>, we're putting you in custody for incitement to violence!
Frank: And if we find that on top of this, you murdered your mother... I'd get comfy in jail, Colbie. You may be there for a long time!

Investigate Activist's Desk.
Frank: Blast it, the Anit-Robot League members have already left! They're probably breaking some robots somewhere!
Frank: There's a civil war about to start and you picked up a trash can? Well, you can look through that thing alone!
Frank: Cool picture you found. Who's the old dude? And what's wrong with his eye?
Frank: Woah! Nice catch, <Name>! If you turn the painting over, you can see it's a secret camera!
Frank: Wait, that means somebody was spying on the Anti-Robot League! We need to figure out who!
Frank: The spying device is locked, but I'm sure that's not going to stop you! Let's break this case wide open, partner!

Examine Trash Can.
Frank: No wonder that memo from Meteor Systems ended up in the ARL trash can! Those guys hate everything to do with robots!
Frank: Check out that message, <Name>! "Final warning: solve our Arbor problem!" This was about our victim!
Frank: Sounds like someone wanted to get rid of the Mayor! But who wrote that message... and who received it?! Let's retrieve the missing information, <Name>!

Examine Faded Memo.
Frank: What the... That memo asking to "solve our Arbor problem" was sent to Karen!
Frank: No, <Name>, Karen is many things, but she's not a killer! There must be more to this story!
Frank: Anyway, why did the Meteor Systems board of directors want to get rid of Annette? I thought they were working together on the Robot Act!
Frank: Ah, you're right. There's no point debating this, we need to go ask Karen about this memo!

Question Karen about her orders to deal with the victim.
Karen: Seriously, Francis. If you're here to try and save our marriage, it-
Frank: No, we're here because Meteor Systems asked you to "solve" their Annette Arbor problem!
Karen: I... That wasn't... Where did you find this memo, <Rank> <Name>? I thought I'd gotten rid of it!
Karen: Look, it's not what it seems! We were the Mayor's friends! It's just... Annette wasn't as much of an ally as we'd hoped...
Frank: Go on. I'll give you just enough rope to hang yourself.
Karen: She was going too far! We wanted robots to be accepted so Meteor Systems could sell more of them! But Annette wanted to give them power!
Karen: What's the point of selling robots if they ask the customers for wages?! Nobody would have bought them!
Frank: So you killed her to stop her reforms!
Karen: That's a lie! We're not murderers! My bosses just wanted me to talk to her, to win her round to our way of thinking! Please! You've got to believe me!
Frank: I'm sorry but I'm past believing you, Karen. Don't skip town, we're not done with you.

Examine Locked Device.
Frank: Perfect! You unlocked that spying device you found at the ARL headquarters in no time!
Frank: Now let's get this to Hannah so she can track the signal back to its source. We need to know who was spying on those guys!

Analyze Spying Device.
Hannah: The spying device you found at the ARL headquarters is the work of an amateur, <Name>!
Hannah: What I mean is, someone built it from scratch. So I checked the inventories of local electronic stores and found out that Larry Newark had bought everything necessary to build this a few weeks ago!
Frank: The unemployed mechanic was spying on the Anti-Robot League?! That doesn't make any sense, he's part of it!
Frank: I don't understand what's going on, and I don't like it! Let's go bust Larry's chops, <Name>!

Question Larry about his spying device.
Frank: I'll cut to the chase, Larry. We thought you were just a poor guy down on his luck, but it turns out you were spying on the Anti-Robot League.
Larry: You... You found the camera?... It's not what it looks like! She made me do it!
Frank: She made you do it? Who is "she"? Spill!
Larry: The Mayor! She told me to plant that spying device. She was worried about the Anti-Robot League and wanted to keep an eye on them!
Larry: I didn't want to spy on my friends! But she... she said she would find me a job!
Larry: You understand, don't you, <Rank> <Name>? I have no money left! I blew the last of my savings on snail races! I needed that job!
Frank: And how do we know you didn't kill the Mayor for a bigger paycheck? Stay put, Larry, we may be back soon!

Later, at the office...
Frank: I can feel we're getting close to this murderer, <Name>! About time too, who knows what someone who crushed the Mayor into a cube could do next!
Frank: And even though we've arrested Colbie, who knows what the Anit-Robot League have planned! With the Mayor dead, tempers are rising!
Frank: This is bad, <Name>. We gotta move fast, catch this killer before the whole town implodes! Do we have enough for an arrest? No? Then what's next?!
Frank: Nice idea. We might have missed something at the android graveyard! Let's go back and take a closer look!

Investigate Scrap Pile.
Frank: You picked up a crate of robot parts... in a place full of robot parts. Seriously?
Frank: Never mind, there's no time to argue. Let's get searching through this crate!
Frank: And those smashed pieces... You reckon this might be the killer's work? Well then, what are you waiting for? Let's put them back together!

Examine Broken Device.
Frank: Good job, <Name>! So that broken device you found at the graveyard was a security camera!
Frank: You thinking what I'm thinking? This camera may have filmed the murder! Let's get it to Hannah, on the double!

Analyze Security Camera.
Hannah: <Name>, the hard drive off the camera you found at the graveyard was totaled. I could only get one still image off it.
Hannah: It's a pretty good one, though... The moment of Annette Arbor's murder!
Frank: That's the kind of luck <Name> always attracts! So, can you see the killer on that image?
Hannah: I couldn't see his face, but I COULD see his silhouette as he stood over the Mayor's crushed body.
Frank: "His silhouette"? You're telling us the killer is a man?
Hannah: Undoubtely. The build of the body, the stance... Everything points to a man!
Frank: <Name>, whoever that man is, he's done for now! We'll soon have him under lock and key!

Examine Crate.
Frank: Okay, I give up. Why do you think that tiny key you found under the robot parts is important?
Frank: Yes, I can see the tag that says "crane"... Haha, maybe that's Russell's key!
Frank: Sorry, I'll focus!
Frank: Oh, I get it! That key must be used to operate the crane... which the killer used to take Annette's body out of the car crusher!
Frank: Which means the killer must have touched this key! There's not a second to lose, let's get this to the lab, <Name>!

Analyze Key.
Yann: <Name>, I had a look at the crane key you found at the crime scene, the one the killer had to use to start up the crane.
Frank: Nice recap, Yann. Now can you tell us something we DON'T know? We're working on the clock here!
Yann: Well, the killer wiped the key clean. Probably to try and get rid of any fingerprints.
Yann: However, by doing so, the left another tell-tale piece of evidence behind! Oil remover!
Yann: Mechanical graveyards are covered in the stuff, so it makes sense that the killer stained their clothing and tried to clean up. However...
Frank: However, you've told us before that oil is almost impossible to get out of clothes!
Frank: <Name>, let's go catch that oily killer!

After completing all the tasks...
Frank: You did it again, <Name>! We have enough evidence to arrest the low-life that crushed this town's Mayor to death!

Take care of the killer now!
Larry: <Rank> <Name>, why did you call me here? Am I... Am I in trouble?
Frank: You could say that. We know you murdered the Mayor, Larry. <Rank> <Name> even found the robotic arm you used to knock her out. You left threads from your handkerchief on it!
Larry: W-what are you talking about? Why would I kill the Mayor? She had promised to get me a job!
Frank: But she didn't, did she? And that made you mad. Is that why you left that coin in her mouth? To tell her she shouldn't have bet on you?!
Larry: You're crazy! I never touched the Mayor! I never touched anyone!
Frank: Cut the crap, Larry! We've got visual proof! A security camera filmed you standing over the body! It'll only take our technician a few minutes to confirm it was you!
Larry: Fine, I confess! She BETRAYED the people of Innovation Valley! She wanted robots to become citizens? Well I showed her how robots DIE!
Frank: Whoa, Larry, who knew you had it in you! So you killed her just because she liked robots?
Larry: I killed her because she was going to ruin the lives of every human in this city! That Robot Act was going to put us all out of a job!
Larry: I joined the Anti-Robot League, thinking they'd make a difference! But I waited and waited and they didn't do anything concrete! They left the city to the robots!
Larry: So I... I realized there was one thing I could do to save humans! Now the Mayor's dead, her opponent will be elected instead, and he will defend human rights!
Frank: The only thing you did is kill a human being and ruin your own life. Larry Newark, you're under arrest!

Honorable Dante: Now, let me get this straight, Mr Newark. You killed the Mayor of Innovation Valley to prove that you were better than a robot at your job?!
Larry: That's not how it happened at all, Your Honor.
Honorable Dante: I hope not! That's the worst job application I've ever heard of!
Honorable Dante: The simple fact that humans don't go around crushing politicians is what makes us different from machines! We have reason!
Honorable Dante: I sentence you to 25 years in prison. You're to be assigned to the prison's garbage disposal team. The worst job there is!
Larry: What... A job? You're giving me a job?! And regular meals?! Your Honor, can I stay in prison longer?
Honorable Dante: Suit yourself. I sentence you to forty years! Court dismissed!

Frank: Phew, what a case, <Name>. Terrorists, angry robots, my ex-wife! I can't work out what was more terrifying!
Frank: I don't know, though, seeing Karen again... it brought back a lot of memories.. Maybe I'm a tender fella after all.
Frank: Hahaha! Just kidding. The only thing I'm feeling is thirsty. Come on, <Name>, first's round's on you!

Into the Future: Part 2

Amy: I don't know about you, <Name>, but I'm not entirely sure that Meteor Systems is in good hands with Teresa Turing as CEO...
Amy: There's something fishy going on in Innovation Valley, but I can't quite figure out what...
Amy: But don't worry, <Name>! We'll get to the bottom of the mysterious machinations in this high-tech wonderland!

Back to the present...
Chief Marquez: Good job once again, <Name>! Investigating the Mayor's murder was a high-profile assignment and you pulled through with flying colors!
Chief Marquez: But the situation is still tense with the Anti-Robot League... Please go to their headquarters, keep an eye on things!
Frank: <Name>! The toaster is at the station!
Chief Marquez: A toaster? What are you talking about? Have you been drinking on the job again?
Frank: I meant Sunny that robot! He's at the station, asking after <Name>!
Hannah: Wait! A robot is here?! Can I talk to him, too? Ever since <Name> told me about Per-Sephone, I've been dying to-
Frank: Great! <Name>, take Hannah with you to talk to your metallic friend! I'll wait for you at the headquarters!

Ask Sunny what's wrong.
Sunny: <Rank> <Name>! Sunny needs HELP! Sunny has a PROBLEM!
Hannah: Whoa! Can a robot feel a sense of urgency, or is it just because your algorithm prioritizes tasks?!
Sunny: Sunny's programming isn't like that. Sunny FEELS bad when BAD things happen, like TODAY.
Hannah: You classify events into good and bad categories? Fascinating! I wonder how your value system works...
Sunny: Sunny has lost his FRIEND. Sunny had to undergo MAINTENANCE, and the STUPID human erased something IMPORTAANT from my memory!
Hannah: And now you've forgotten where your friend is?
Sunny: Sunny has a PLANT because he likes NATURE. It is Sunny's FRIEND. But now Sunny has FORGOTTEN where it is!
Sunny: And now Sunny has to go back to WORK. Can <Rank> <Name> HELP Sunny?
Hannah: You have a potted plant as a friend?! So robots can feel a sense of kinship towards other inanimate objects?
Hannah: Your plant's probably somewhere around the android graveyard... It wouldn't hurt to have a look, right, <Rank> <Name>?

Investigate ARL Headquarters.
Frank: What did you find, <Name>? Looks like a simple notebook... With a sketch of a robot. Great, more robots.
Frank: The note next to the sketch is erased, you'll have to retrieve it!

Examine Faded Diary.
Frank: Let me see that note... "DANGER! DESTROY THE ROBOTS!!!"... Wow, the author hates robots even more than I do!
Frank: I agree, whoever wrote this could be planning another riot. If you think Russell can identify its author, then let's get this diary to him!

Analyze Diary.
Russell: The diary you sent me is fascinating, <Name>! I've gone through the whole journal, the author is clearly afraid of robots...
Frank: Afraid? They seemed furious to me...
Russell: No, they're scared that robots are going to enslave or eliminate humanity.
Russell: It's a common fear: pop culture encourages the belief that robots and artificial intelligence might someday control our world.
Russell: Such fears aren't that farfetched, a lot of researchers don't follow ethical or safety restrictions... Like the "Robots can't harm humans" rule that should have kept Per-Sephone from killing her inventor...
Frank: You're saying robots could turn against us at any moment?
Russell: At least that's what the owner of that diary thinks. They're involved in politics, probably campaigning against robots...
Russell: The handwriting is controlled, despite the anger... The writer is a woman, and an aggressive one. I'd wager she's a member of the Anti-Robot League!
Frank: You're right, <Name>, this sounds exactly like Colbie... Let's go talk to her!

Talk to Colbie about her hatred for robots.
Colbie: When are you going to let me out, <Rank> <Name>? And what are you doing with my diary?!
Frank: The diary in which you say you'll destroy all robots? We're not letting you out so you can restart your "revolution"!
Colbie: You're on the robots' side, <Rank> <Name>?! But they'll destroy us! They're already taking over Innovation Valley! Haven't you seen how powerful Meteor Systems has become?!
Frank: What does Meteor Systems have to do with this?
Colbie: My mother was working with them. Meteor Systems intends to replace all of the inhabitants of Innovation Valley with robots!
Frank: Replace people with robots? That's nonsense!
Colbie: I swear it's true, <Rank> <Name>! Go to my mother's office, you'll find the proof!
Frank: Alright, if <Rank> <Name> wants to... But let's have lunch on our way to the office. I need a break!

Investigate Scrapyard.
Hannah: <Name>, you think Sunny keeps his plant in this locked box? Doesn't he know plants need air and sunlight?
Hannah: I can't believe someone programmed a robot to act so humanlike! Do you think he'd let me take a look at his programming?
Hannah: Sorry, you're right, we have to find his plant first. Let's open this box!

Examine Locked Box.
Hannah: Good job opening that box, you're almost as fast as my decoding algorithm! Let's take a look inside!

Examine Open Box.
Hannah: You were right! The plant in this box must be Sunny's friend! Though I can't figure out why he put it in a boot...
Hannah: Let's give it back to Sunny. I'd like to know what glitch in his code made him believe this plant was his friend!

Give Sunny his plant back.
Sunny: My PLANT! <Rank> <Name> found my PLANT! Thank you, <Rank> <Name>!
Hannah: You're welcome. You don't have any other memory problems? Want me to take a look at your memory card?
Sunny: No, Sunny has had enough of humans MESSING with Sunny's programming for a while!
Hannah: I... Yeah, I guess I wouldn't want to have a doctor looking at my insides every day either...
Sunny: Sunny is really HAPPY to have his friend back! Sunny LIKES to chat with the PLANT.
Hannah: Amazing! You can talk to that plant?!
Sunny: Yes, look how HAPPY it is to meet you! It was sad in the metal BOX, but now the PLANT is GLAD to be back with SUNNY!
Sunny: Sunny wants to THANK <Rank> <Name>. Here is a GIFT to show Sunny's GRATITUDE!

Investigate Mayor's Office.
Frank: I don't see anything implying Meteor Systems intends to replace people with robots... There's just that torn paper you found, <Name>.
Frank: Alright, I won't give up until you've restored this document. Work your magic!

Examine Torn Paper.
Frank: This paper looks like a contract between Meteor Systems and the Mayor...
Frank: I don't get this business nonsense... But this robot looks like Per-Sephone! Are they planning to reproduce it?
Frank: Can you imagine these killing machines taking over the world? I agree, let's ask Hannah to examine this contract!

Analyze Contract.
Hannah: <Name>, the contract you found in the ex-Mayor's office is only a proposal, a business offer from Meteor Systems.
Hannah: They were offering to provide the Mayor with hundreds of robots to handle menial jobs in Innovation Valley, like traffic control, deliveries...
Frank: Well, I sure as hell don't like being on traffic duty, so that might be a good idea...
Hannah: Except this contract would mean there'd be almost more robots than humans in Innovation Valley... All produced and controlled by Meteor Systems!
Frank: So many robots... Isn't that dangerous? Before we knew it, we'd be their slaves!
Hannah: The contract proposal was written by a certain Karen Knight. Say, Frank, is she-
Frank: My ex-wife, yes. <Name>, do we really have to... Oh fine! Let's go chat with my ex-wife about her prestigious job in a suspicious company!

Question Karen about the Contract.
Karen: Again, Francis? You'll run out of excuses to talk to me soon...
Frank: Considering how shady your employers are acting, I don't think I will!
Karen: Shady? Meteor Systems is a perfectly respectable company. I'd know, I'm the one making sure everything we do is legal!
Frank: So it's legal to take over Innovation Valley with robots?! <Rank> <Name> found your contract! I'm not sure you'll be happy when your dishwasher tries to swallow you!
Karen: Meteor Systems makes groundbreaking robots, not woman-eating dishwashers. But I'm not surprised you see progress that way...
Frank: What's that supposed to mean?!
Karen: You always rejected change! Always refused to look to the future, always lacked ambition!
Karen: Sorry, I didn't want us to fight... again! The world is changing, and Meteor Systems is leading the way! Robots are a good thing, not something to fear...
Karen: <Rank> <Name>, I admire you for working with Francis for so long. Here, the Police Department deserves any help it can get!

Later, at the office...
Hannah: I'm amazed by the programming of the robots here, <Name>! Sunny sounds so humanlike, and seems to have developed a real attachment to his plant.
Frank: Come on, Hannah, you can't believe Sunny is somehow human... He's just a talking oven! Meteor Systems is going too far with technology!
Hannah: Why so gloomy, Frank? Innovation isn't a bad thing!
Frank: You sound like my ex-wife! I'm not gloomy, I just think some innovations create more problems that solutions!
Frank: Having so many robots could be a bad thing... What if they revolt and enslave us? I hope Meteor Systems knows what they're doing... <Name>, let's keep an eye out!

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