Tsetseg (Mon: Цэцэг) was the killer of satellite engineer Andrei Beloglazov in Horseback Mountain (Case #17 of World Edition).


Tsetseg is a 53-year-old horse breeder and hit woman. She has long black hair in a ponytail underneath a brown hat. She also dons a blue vest over a red-collared overshirt and a plaid shirt. It is known that Tsetseg knows sword fighting, rides horses and drinks salty tea.

Height 5'6"
Age 53
Weight 168 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood O+

Events of Criminal Case

Tsetseg became a suspect after the player and Carmen identified her sweat on the victim's saddle. She was surprised at hearing about Andrei's death, believing that was why he did not show up for his lesson that morning. When asked if she knew if the victim was feeling in danger, Tsetseg responded saying she did not know what foreigners are doing around those parts.

Tsetseg was interrogated again regarding horse blood found on the victim's cowboy shirt. She said she lent one of her prized horses, and cautioned him about where he went riding. Unfortunately, when he rode the horse up Mount Khan, he did not have enough experience to guide the horse back down and it suffered and died, which angered Tsetseg to no end.

In the end, the evidence pointed to Tsetseg as Andrei's killer. Carmen assumed that Tsetseg had killed Andrei because he had left her horse on Mount Khan to suffer and die alone. After she presented the last pieces of evidence to the killer, Tsetseg admitted that she had gotten sloppy on weapon techniques and that she would never had made a mistake in the past. Tsetseg told the team that she was, and still is, one of the world’s greatest hitwomen, but her job with Andrei would be the last job she would take before retiring to focus on running the family stables. She admitted that she was stupid to accept an offer from SOMBRA to kill Andrei. Getting the message that Andrei had worked for SOMBRA, Carmen asked the horse breeder if the satellite was complete. However, Tsetseg refused to answer, saying that she said too much. As she had also told Judge Adaku that she had said too much, the judge did not hesitate to sentence her to 30 years in prison.


  • As explained by Dupont, Tsetseg has no surname due to Mongolian naming customs.

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