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David Jones: <Name>, what do you think of my new costume? Don't I look dashing?!
Jones: I'm sure you remember we've been invited to Mrs. Price's yacht! First Mayor Johnson, now the Blue Party... We're very popular!
Jones: I've always wanted to go sailing the seas, you know, with the wind in my hair and perhaps a mermaid or two along the way...
Jones: Anyway, we should go! Mrs. Price must be waiting for us! Let's go, let's go!

On Martha Price's Yacht...
Martha: <Rank> <Name>, thank you so much for coming to my little sea-outing. It is such a pleasure to finally meet our Police's best member!
Martha: Have you already met Miss Fairchild? She's the heiress to the Fairchild fortune, you know. Isabella, dear, have you met <Rank> <Name>?
Isabella: No, I don't believe I've had this honor. How do you do?
Jones: Oh! Uh, w-we'redoingfinethankyou, haha!
Jones: But, what are we waiting for? Let's fish, <Name>!!

A While Later...
Jones: Aaah, <Name>, this is the life! The open sea, nothing but us and the fishes! I think I'll-
Jones: Oh! Oh, it's biting! I've caught something!
Martha: Well done, that man! Now grip the rod firmly and do not let it escape!
Jones: Almost... there... almost...
Isabella: It must be huge, it's going to break the fishing rod in two!
Jones: I've done it! I've caught a... a... OhmyGod, <Name>, this isn't a fish, it's a body!!
Isabella: Aaaah...

Chapter 1

Investigate Yacht.
David Jones: Miss Fairchild has fainted! Mrs. Price, look after her! <Rank> <Name>, let's have a look at wh-
Jones: Oh, wait! I'll be right back!
Martha: <Rank> <Name>, that man you fished out... I know him! It's Andrew Ashworth! He's a good-for-nothing millionaire!
Jones: There, that's better! Couldn't investigate a murder dressed as a sailor, could I?
Jones: So our victim's name is Andrew? Well, you have to hand it to him: even cut in half, he still looks dashingly handsome!
Jones: Those tears on his torso... what could have happened to him?! It all looks so... brutal!
Jones: These algae fell from his body when I pulled him up... We'd better have a look at them, you're right!
Jones: But I wonder what this broken jewel is. Strange, it wasn't near the bod-
Isabella: My medallion! Oh no, it must have fallen from my pockets when I fainted! Oh no, my precious medallion!
Jones: Oh! Do not worry, Miss Fairchild! <Rank> <Name> is the best of the best when it comes to fragile objects! I'm sure they can fix it up for you, can't you?
Jones: Oh, and Mrs. Price, since you said you knew our victim, we're going to need to have a word with you, please.

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Nathan: Well, that's an interesting specimen you fished out of the ocean, Jones!
Jones: Oh, don't even talk about it. I still feel sick to my stomach. And I used to LOVE fishing!
Nathan: Well, you'll be able to fish again. Andrew Ashworth, on the other hand...
Jones: Nathan, tell me everything. Did I kill him?
Nathan: ...Jones, have you often cut fishes in two just by catching them?! Because if so, you're doing things wrong.
Nathan: No, your victim had been dead for about twelve hours when you fished his body out of the sea. But he was very much alive when he was slashed in two.
Nathan: The deep cuts on the body, and the way his legs were severed from his torso, leave no space for doubt: Andrew was killed by rotors!

Talk to Martha Price About the Victim.
Martha: Oooh, I'm sure this is a dirty trick from Johnson's clan! They're trying to smear my campaign!
Jones: Mrs. Price, with all due respect, I doubt th-
Martha: People are ready to kill someone out of something as trivial as anger! Imagine what they might be willing to do for something as noble as politics!
Martha: Not to mention this is all too convenient. Finding a body at my yacht, right after the scandal at the Red Party's campaign launch?! Why, this is almost too easy!
Jones: This is ridiculous. Mrs. Price, you knew the victim, and judging from your reaction, you did not much like him. Let's focus on that.
Martha: Just because I'm running for Mayor does not mean I must like everyone. I champion family values and Andrew Ashworth represented none of them!
Martha: He was barely more than an acquaintance, anyway. And I doubt many people will miss him, he was not the most endearing of men.

Jones: Is it just me or is Mrs. Price being a little paranoid here, <Name>? I don't believe for a second the Mayor could ever do something like that!
Jones: On the other hand, what if SHE's pretending that HE framed her to smear HIS name? Or wait, is that the other way around...
Jones: Ugh, you know, I didn't expect politics to be so twisted. I thought elections were all about parties and petits fours!

Examine Pile of Algae.
Jones: Did you find anything of interest in the pile of algae which fell from the victim's body, <Name>?
Jones: A beer coaster? That's a lucky find! It should tell us where Andrew went before he was killed!
Jones: The water got to it, of course. Do you think you might manage to reveal what was written on it, <Name>?

Examine Beer Coaster.
Jones: The beer coaster which fell from our victim came from a place called "L'Horizon"? Why do fancy places always get a French name?
Jones: Ha, you're right! With such a logo and such a name, this place must be located on the Marina! Let's go have a look there, <Name>!

Examine Broken Jewel.
Jones: There! Thanks to you, Miss Fairchild's brooch is as good as new!
Jones: It's really pretty! And that lock of hair is so romantic! But I wonder who the man on the picture is... I hope it's not her fiancé, haha!
Jones: Let's give the brooch back to Isabella, <Name>!

Give the Brooch Back to Isabella Fairchild.
Jones: Are you feeling better, Miss Fairchild? Here, <Rank> <Name> has repaired your lovely brooch!
Isabella: Oh, thank you so much, <Rank> <Name>! This brooch means the world to me. It's the dearest memory I have of my father, I never go anywhere without it!
Jones: Oh, so your father is...
Isabella: Dead, yes. He died when I was 10 and left me immensely rich... and immensely alone. Being so young and rich... A lot of people try to get their hands on you.
Isabella: Thankfully, other people, such as Mrs. Price, have more noble intentions. I'm so grateful a woman such as herself has taken me under her wing!
Jones: I can imagine, yes. Did you know the victim, by any chance?
Isabella: I had run into him at charity balls and the such. We walked in the same circles, but if I may be blunt... I didn't like him.
Isabella: The man was a brute! He had no sense of proprieties. Really, he scared me!

Investigate Marina Boardwalk.
Jones: Hm, this briefcase you found looks like its owner meant business and yet it's been forgotten on the terrace of L'Horizon.
Jones: Thanks to that beer coaster you found, we know our victim came here before getting murdered... You're right, what's inside that briefcase may be of crucial importance! Are you up to a little code-breaking, <Name>?

Examine Briefcase.
Jones: Your instincts were right once again, <Name>! This briefcase you've unlocked is filled with documents bearing the name of our victim: Ashworth!
Jones: But there's so much stuff to read through... I agree, we'd better send it all to Alex!

Analyze Documents.
Alex: The documents that were in the briefcase <Name> found at the Marina are all about your victim's finances!
Alex: His stock actions, investments, etc... And may I just mention your victim had a LOT of money to invest?
Alex: The name of his financial advisor was written on one of the papers. I thought this might interest you, <Name>. The man's name is Donald Hopkins.
Jones: Great, thanks Alex! <Name>, what do you say we call this Mr. Hopkins to the station for a little chat?

Talk to Donald Hopkins about the Victim.
Jones: Mr. Hopkins, we called you over in relation to the investigation of Mr. Andrew Ashworth's death. You were his financial advisor, is that correct?
Donald: Mr. Ashworth's dead?? How come I didn't know about this?
Jones: Now you do. Is there anything you could tell us about the victim? Any reason someone might have wanted him dead?
Donald: You're talking about a very powerful man. Of course people had reasons to want him dead! Rich people make enemies even more easily than friends.
Donald: And Mr. Ashworth wasn't very talented at public relations. It's a bit of a family trait, really. The Ashworths don't much care what people think about them, they think money can forgive all.
Jones: And it doesn't?
Donald: Well, Andrew's dead, isn't he?

Later, in the Police Station...'
Jones: Well, <Name>, let's recap! Our victim, millionaire Andrew Ashworth, was fished out of the sea, his body torn in two.
Jones: According to our suspects, he was a bit of a vain peacock, and he scared Miss Fairchild, which is pretty much inexcusable if you ask me.
Jones: Now, if only we could know WHERE he died, w-
Nathan: We do know, actually. Or rather, you will very soon. <Name>, I've got fantastic news! I decided to take a leaf our of your book and follow a hunch!
Nathan: I told you Andrew's body was slashed by rotors. Just to get a bearing, I compared the wounds with the rotors of Mrs. Price's yacht, and...
Nathan: The cuts on the body match perfectly with the rotors of the Blue Party's yacht!
Jones: Wait, you can't mean...
Nathan: Your victim was killed by the Blue Party's yacht, yes!

Chapter 2

David Jones: Ewww, Nathan, are you telling us we killed Andrew Ashworth by driving over him in the yacht?
Nathan: No. I told you, the victim had been dead for twelve hours when you fished him out of the water.
Nathan: What this means is that your victim went on that yacht with his killer yesterday night!!
Nathan: And there's more! The killer went on that yacht with Andrew... but the yacht was back in port this morning. Which means... that your killer knows how to sail a boat!
Jones: Well, I'll be...
Jones: RAMIREZ! Call Mrs. Price over to that station, <Name>'s got to talk to her urgently!

15 Minutes Later...
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>... I've fetched... Mrs. Price... for you! I went... as fast... as I could!
Martha: <Rank> <Name>, you've got to believe me, I have nothing, NOTHING to do with Mr. Ashworth's death!
Martha: And as soon as the yacht is back in port, I will be happy to leave you full power to search the premises!
Jones: You mean, our crime scene is back out at sea?! Are you kidding?!
Martha: Well... Well, of course, we did not know a crime had happened there and... my staff's using it for a press junket! This is the start of the campaign, there are a lot of people to impress!
Jones: This isn't a game, Mrs. Price! We will need to have access to this yacht as soon as it gets back! A murder happened on your property and w-
Martha: Newly acquired property, very newly acquired! I bought this yacht a week ago! My advisors said I needed something fancy to woo my richest administrators!
Martha: Actually, I bought it from Andrew's grandfather! He even cut the price in half, he seemed thrilled to be getting rid of it!
Jones: So the yacht used to belong to Andrew's family? Alright, and where does Mr. Archibald Senior live?
Martha: 12, Palm Avenue. Please, go there and sort this out with him. I'm telling you, I have nothing to do with any of this!

Investigate Kitchen Counter.
(Before Investigating Kitchen Counter)
Jones: Alright, 12 Palm Avenue, that's where our victim's grandfather lives. Let's go in, <Name>!
(Inside Living Room)
Jones: Hello, anybody home? Mr. Ashworth?
(Inside Kitchen)
Jones: Drats, there's nobody there! And this time, there's not even cooki-
Archibald: Why, hello there, may I ask what you're doing in my kitchen?
Jones: Eek, an alien!
Archibald: Not quite. But now's not a time for talking! My new Queen is about to hatch! Please, make yourselves comfortable. I will be back at half an hour at the most! Toodaloo!
Jones: What the... that old man has got some nerve, making us wait around like this!
Jones: <Name>, what do you say we take a look around his kitchen? I mean, we've got to keep busy while this loon takes care of his queen!
(After Investigating Kitchen Counter)
Jones: So, was there anything interesting lying around, <Name>? Ah, a torn letter! Always suspicious, that! Let's have a look at it!
Jones: And you also found... a huge manuscript. Wait, you don't intend to read it all, do you? It could take hours, it's as big as a phonebook!
Jones: Oh, right, the cover should be of help. Let's see... darn it! That old coot spilled honey on top of it, everything's blurred!
Jones: I'm going to need you to work your magic again, <Name>!

Examine Book Manuscript.
Jones: Alright! The title of this manuscript you found in Mr. Ashworth's kitchen is "Troubled Waters". Hm. Funny, this could almost be the name of our investigation, don't you agree, <Name>?
Jones: Hey! Look at that, the name of one of the characters is Andrew Sootworth! Could it be a nickname for our victim??
Jones: "He was tall, handsome, with a mass of unruly hair and eyes as intense of dark chocolate. Since his wealth equaled his good looks, Andrew left a trail of broken hearts wherever he went."
Jones: Yep, that sounds like our victim alright. Who wrote this book?!
Jones: Ah, here's their name: "Mrs. Patricia P. Harris". Let's call Alex up, he should be able to tell us where this Mrs. Harris can be found.
Jones: Hello, Alex? Could you find us the address of a certain Patricia P. Harris for us, please?
Alex: You're going to meet PP Harris? Oh drats, you're so lucky, <Name>!
Jones: You know her?
Alex: Of course! She's one of the best crime writers of our times! Just gimme a sec...
Alex: There! She lives at 34, Muldeberry Drive! Try and get an autograph for me, <Name>!

Talk to Patricia P. Harris About Her Book.
Jones: Mrs. Patrica P. Harris? <Rank> <Name> and I are from the Grimsborough Police Department and w-
Patricia: Please, call me PP! You're here about Andrew's death, am I right?
Jones: That, and the manuscript <Rank> <Name> found in Mr. Ashworth Senior's home. Your hero's name is Andrew Sootworth...
Patricia: Ah, yes, I'll admit, I wasn't very subtle about it at all, but then again, I had Archibald's blessing to take inspiration from his rambunctious family!
Jones: Is that so? Did you know Andrew personally, then?
Patricia: Unfortunately, no, he refused to grant me an interview. A great novelist takes inspiration from real life, and I always learn everything my characters are supposed to know.
Patricia: For example, my victim... I mean, my hero, was supposed to know how to drive a boat, so naturally, I took some lessons! It was quite fascinating, really!
Jones: Wait a minute, you said "my victim". Was Andrew the victim in your book, too?!
Patricia: Oh, it's going to sound terrible I know, but yes! He died during a fishing trip! It appears I may have a knack for seeing into the future, haha!

Jones: How convenient that our victim would die almost the same way as in Mrs. Harris' book, don't you agree, <Name>?
Jones: One might think this part of the advertising... What better way to boost sales than having reality mirror your book?

Examine Torn Letter.
Jones: Now that you've put it back together, let's see what this letter was about!
Jones: "Grandpa, mother just told me about the yacht. I was meant to inherit it! It was my birth right, and you've sold it for peanuts! I won't let this lie, mark my words!" And it's signed... Andrew Ashworth!
Jones: Whoa, our victim sure didn't appreciate Archibald selling the yacht to Martha Price! Could he sound any more entitled!
Jones: I agree, bee emergency or not, Mr. Ashworth owes us a little talk! Let's go get him, <Name>!

Talk to Archibald Ashworth About His Grandson's Letter.
Archibald: And a new Queen is born! Ah, this always gets me a little teary.
Jones: Mr. Ashworth, your grandson Andrew was found dead this morning, and this letter seems to show you two did not get along at all, did you?
Archibald: Andrew's dead? Oh well, one less grandchild to covet my heritage. And you could say it's a principle of mine. I do not "get along" with insufferable poppycocks.
Jones: Mr. Ashworth! You're talking about your grandson!
Archibald: And? My entire family is populated with buffoons and cretins. Andrew was no exception to the rule.
Archibald: Mind you, I'm quite happy my little trick was met with so much success. The fool spent his days in the Marina, glaring at that yacht!

Jones: What a lovely family. That old coot seems to have more love for his bees than for his own flesh and blood!
Jones: At least we know that Archibald knows how to sail a boat, since the yacht used to belong to him.
Jones: And I agree with him. He mentioned Andrew spent his time in the Marina, looking at the yacht he couldn't have. We'd better go have another look at the premises!

Investigate Terrace.
Jones: I wonder what's inside this bundle, <Name>... Oh, right, this is a sail... and there's the name of Martha's yacht written on it! Let's see what's inside!
Jones: And we'll also need to fix that digital thingy you found. I see people in Maple Heights are as careless with their belongings in the other Districts of Grimsborough!

Examine Bundled Sail.
Jones: So, what did you find in the yacht's sail, <Name>? Champagne glasses?!
Jones: Alright, I'm officially confused. Why would anybody take that sail, stuff glasses in it, then discard it on the Marina? It doesn't make any... sense...
Jones: Ah-ha! Of course, <Name>! Whoever discarded this sail here must have been wanting to hide those glasses from us! But that was counting without your flair!
Jones: Say, the glasses smell weird, don't you think? Right, we'd better collect a sample and see what it is.

Examine Champagne Glasses.
Jones: The sample you collected from the champagne glasses that came from the yacht is of such a pretty color, <Name>!
Jones: I really wonder what kind of beverage this might have been... Hopefully Grace will be able to tell us!

Analyze Liquid Sample.
Grace: The alcoholic substance you collected from the glasses that came from the yacht was mead, <Name>.
Jones: Mead? What's that?
Grace: Mead is an alcoholic beverage made from honey. It's an acquired taste, very sugary.
Grace: I had Nathan take a look at the contents of your victim's stomach, and Andrew Ashworth definitely drank mead right before he died!
Jones: But there were TWO glasses, which means...
Grace: Which means somebody else drank mead with Andrew! And he was killed on the same yacht shortly afterwards, so...
Jones: So he was drinking with his killer! Which means... Andrew's killer drinks mead!

Examine Broken Device.
Jones: That broken thingy was actually a digital notebook!
Jones: But what could these diagrams mean, <Name>? I don't know for you, but to me a camembert is just a type of cheese, haha!
Jones: Hum, anyway, you're right, Alex should be able to sort this out for us. Let's send this digital notebook over to the lab.

Analyze Digital Notebook.
Alex: The diagrams on the digital notebook you restored, <Name>, illustrate the latest state of your victim's finances!
Alex: And, let me tell you, Andrew wasn't doing well. For someone with financial advisors, he seems to have taken all the wrong decisions: he was actually losing money!
Jones: I thought Donald Hopkins' job was to make Andrew richer, not poorer! <Name>, we'd better go have a little chat with him about this, don't you think?

Talk to Donald About the Victim's Finances.
Jones: Mr. Hopkins, <Rank> <Name> has discovered Mr. Ashworth's finances were plummeting. Maybe that is why he didn't trust you anymore?
Donald: That bloody fool! He wasn't losing money because of me! He was losing money because he wasn't listening to me!
Donald: The idiot pays me a fortune every month, and for what? He thinks he can do better! He kept investing on lost causes, thinking he was playing Poker!
Jones: So the victim was losing money because he discarded your advice?
Donald: Yes. And then, of course, he'd have attributed all his mistakes to me!
Donald: You know, people hire me because I'm the best! But Mr. Ashworth thought he was better than me!

Later On...
Patricia: <Rank> <Name>! I thought I would pop by your wonderful little station! So exciting! Do you mind if I take some notes for my next novel?
Patricia: I'm afraid I have omitted something during our little chat. You see, when I decided to write a book with Andrew Ashworth as my hero, I... Well, I had to do my research, like any good professional.
Jones: And by that, you mean...
Patricia: Well I, I may have followed him around for a little while. Just to get a hang of his day-to-day life, you know?
Jones: You stalked our victim. Lovely.
Patricia: Those were public places! Anyway, I thought it would be of interest to you, <Rank> <Name>, to know that Andrew often went to a funny little place.
Patricia: It's got a really curious name, it's probably some kind of private bar with an oriental theme seeing as it called "Jelaba's Pigeon".
Jones: Jelab... Wait, you mean Jezabela's Dungeon?!?

Chapter 3

David Jones: <Name>, I can't believe our victim, Andrew Ashworth, would have gone to Jezabela's Dungeon! That is so... I mean, it isn't...
Jones: I mean, you remember Jezabela, right? We met her when that maniac sent us a body by bits and pieces! Her club... Well, I didn't expect anyone from this part of town to visit it!
Jones: Of course, we don't know much about our victim, apart from the fact that he was very rich and very handsome.
Jones: But considering our suspects, Mrs. Price the politician, and Archibald the old loony, talking to a dominatrix was really the last thing I expected to do today!
Jones: Good thing I still have Jezabela's numb... Uh, I mean, you know, we can find her number by looking at the files from that old case, haha!

Jones: Alright, I've got the number! It's ringing...
Jezabela: Inspector Jones! I was starting to think you would never call again...
Jones: Haha, uh, hello, Miss Jezabela, I'm with <Rank> <Name> and we have some questions for you about our current investigation. Did you know a certain Andrew Ashworth?
Jezabela: Andrew? Of course I knew him! He was a regular at my little club. Came at least three times a week, every week. Not to be submissive, though. That boy really liked being in control...
Jones: Oh! And, uh.. Did he ever bring anyone with him?
Jezabela: Always. He often came with the same girl recently. The people who come to my club like to keep some degree of anonymity, but...
Jezabela: She had brown hair, cute green eyes... She was really pale, too.
Jones: Great! Well, we won't keep you any longer. Thank you for your help, Jezabela.
Jezabela: You're most welcome. Now, when will you finally pay us anoth-
Jones: Oops! My phone hung up!
Jones: Anyway, <Name>, do you think you could draw us a portrait from the description Jezabela gave us? We need to figure out who went to the club with our victim!
Ramirez: <Name>! I'm sorry to interrupt, but I thought you might want to know that Mrs. Price's yacht has just come back from its trip!
Jones: Ah-ha, finally! Let's go have another look at it, <Name>!

Examine Testimony.
Jones: What the... So if Jezabela's right, the woman who went to her club with Andrew Ashworth is... Isabella Fairchild!
Jones: Sure that can't be right! She looks so... so not like the kind of women who go to that club!
Jones: <Name>, there must be a misunderstanding.
Jones: What, you think we SHOULD talk to Isabella? But, think of her sensibility, <Name>!

Talk to Isabella About Jezabela's Dungeon.
Jones: Miss Fairchild, this is terribly embarrassing, but, uh, <Rank> <Name> would like to know if... if you ever went to a place called Jezabela's Dungeon.
Isabella: How in the world did you figure this out, <Rank> <Name>?! Nobody had any clue!
Jones: So it's true?!?
Isabella: Well... yes. Of course, I would appreciate if you did not mention this to anyone. They're all so stuck up...
Isabella: Me and Andrew were in a relationship. A... slightly different kind of relationship than most people have around here, I guess.
Isabella: Andrew liked to dominate people, and so we sometimes went to that club, so he could pl-
Jones: Yes, yes, I'm sure <Rank> <Name> can imagine what you did!
Isabella: Are you shocked, Officer Jones? Why, am I too frail for such pleasure? Is it forbidden for a woman such as me to stray outside the boring path of mundanity?
Isabella: People around her have such small minds. I'm getting quite positively sick of it!

Jones: I... I... I really don't know what to say, <Name>?
Jones: I guess it's a reminder that one should never judge a book by its cover?
Jones: You're right, I wonder if Martha knew about her little protégée's relationship with the victim. What do you say we go ask her, <Name>?

Ask Martha if she Knew About Isabella's Relationship With the Victim.
Martha: Oh dear me, I cannot believe you found out about Miss Fairchild's... errors, <Rank> <Name>! I do wish she realized the importance of hiding such things!
Jones: Mrs. Price, Isabella seemed particularly unabashed about her sexual preferences. But she hinted at other people's... stricter values.
Martha: She was probably talking about me. My campaign is built on sound, family-orientated values! This is what this country needs the most right now!
Jones: It's a bit strange you would choose Miss Fairchild as a poster-girl when goes against all you champion for, isn't it?
Martha: Well, I didn't know about this when I met her, of course! But the poor girl was... lured away by Andrew Ashworth! Too naïve to realized how evil he was!
Martha: I did everything I could to get her away from his filthy influence. I put so much time into looking after her!
Martha: I took her on boat rides, I even taught her how to drive my yacht! I thought the fresh air would clean her thoughts, but I see now that is was all in vain. She's been corrupted beyond help.

Jones: I can't decide whether Martha's sad for Isabella's or her campaign's sake, <Name>. She sounded like she'd lost a good investment.
Jones: But all this, as shocking as it is, hasn't gotten us closer to understanding our victim's last few hours.
Jones: You're right, <Name>, we should go put some pressure on "PP", novelist extraordinaire. If she was stalking Andrew, then she must have seen him the night he died!

Demand Answers From Patricia.
Jones: Mrs. Harris, <Rank> <Name> has got some more questions for you. You see, we're having some difficulty believing you did not follow Andrew the night he died.
Patricia: I wasn't following him! I just... happened to be in the same place he was! That was just serendipity!
Jones: We still have your manuscript, you know. What if it got lost? There are so many unfortunate things that could happen to it!
Patricia: You wouldn't dare! This is my masterpiece! The novel all my readers have been waiting for!
Patricia: Oh, fine, I did see Andrew, if you HAVE to know!
Patricia: I was having a delicious mead cocktail at L'Horizon when I spotted him on the Boardwalk.
Jones: Was he with someone??
Patricia: Andrew was always with someone, be it for business or pleasure. But I didn't see who they were. Everything gets a bit blurry after a few drinks.

Jones: I can't believe she would have had such crucial information and not inform us of it before!
Jones: What do you think, <Name>? Should we trust a woman who makes a living by writing stories?
Jones: Yes, I guess we don't have much choice. To the marina we go, and let's hope we can find something useful!

Investigate Sun Deck.
Jones: You found a dead bee?? But how did it get on the yacht?! There's not a single flower around!
Jones: It'd be useful to figure out which species of bee we're dealing with, you're right. Do you think you could recognize the species in our digital encyclopedia, <Name>?

Examine Dead Bee.
Jones: Ah-ha! So the bee you found on the yacht is an Apis Mellifera, or European Honey Bee.
Jones: Wait, how did a European bee end up on a yacht in Grimsborough?!
Jones: Yup, <Name>, this is getting curiouser and curiouser. Let's get this bee to Grace. Maybe she can help us figure out this mystery.

Analyze Dead Bee.
Jones: So, Grace? Did you find out how the little bee <Name> found on the yacht died? Was it of old bee age?
Grace: Not at all. It may look unharmed, but it's a fluke. It's stomach was ripped out.
Jones: Ew! Seriously?
Grace: When honey bees sting someone, their barbed stinger gets stuck in the victim's skin, and when they get free, it rips from their bodies, usually taking part of their abdomen with it.
Jones: Oh my God, that's horrible! Poor little bees!
Grace: That's Nature for you.
Grace: At least you can be sure where it came from: this species of bee has to have been imported from Europe. And the only person who has imported bees here is Mr. Archibald Ashworth.
Jones: But, of course! <Name>, let's go ask Archibald about this bee!

Ask Archibald About the Dead Bee.
Archibald: What is that you're holding? Oh my God, Anabel! What have you done to her?!
Jones: I'm sorry, what? Who is... Wait, you're telling us that this dead bee has a NAME?
Archibald: Well, of course it has! My poor Anabel! I thought she was just playing truant, what did you kill her for?!
Jones: We didn't do anything! <Rank> <Name> found it on the yacht on which Andrew was murdered!
Archibald: Don't be ridiculous! My darlings never stray far from the hive! She couldn't have gone th... Unless... Oh, I bet you this was the work of my Grandson!
Jones: Actually, our coroner didn't mention anything about a bee sting on your Grandson's body...
Archibald: Well, then, he let somebody else in my kitchen and they got stung! Poor Anabel will have gotten stuck and only freed herself on the yacht.
Archibald: You know, my mead is the best in the State. I drink it, but also sell some bottles to people such as Mrs. Price or her lovely protégée.
Archibald: But Andrew thought the mead belonged to him just because he's my flesh and blood! The little punk kept stealing bottles from under my nose!
Jones: Wait, so the mead Andrew drank with his killer... They stole it from your kitchen?
Archibald: Definitely. My kitchen was a mess this morning... more so than usual, that is. Andrew and his friend were in there last night!

Jones: <Name>, this is great! Now we know that Andrew's killer got stung with a bee when they came here...
Jones: And thanks to your hawk eyes, we might find something that will tell us who they are! Let's have a look around!

Investigate Bay Window.
Jones: Great, <Name>! This broken bottle must have been left by Andrew and his killer! Quick, let's restore it!

Examine Broken Bottle.
Jones: You restored that bottle so perfectly, it's hard to imagine it's ever been broken, <Name>!
Jones: Thanks to Archibald, we know our victim came in this kitchen. And we also know Andrew drank mead with his killer right before he died.
Jones: Now we just have to hope that the killer touched that bottle, <Name>! Let's see what you can collect from it, shall we?

Examine Mead Bottle.
Jones: What is that red substance you collected from that bottle of mead, <Name>?
Jones: Uh, you're right, that's for Grace to figure out, of course. Let's get that sample to the lab!

Analyze Red Substance.
Grace: <Name>, the red substance you collected from that bottle of mead was lipstick. Which pretty much rules out the possibility of it coming from your victim.
Jones: Lipstick?
Grace: Yes, a deep red shade, to be exact. Whoever killed your victim is wearing deep red lipstick!
Jones: That's great! Now we know who...
Jones: Darn, you're right, <Name>! All our female suspects are wearing this exact shade of lipstick! I guess we'll need more evidence to catch our killer!

Investigate Marina Boardwalk.
Jones: You know, <Name>, I kind of expected Maple Heights to be very strict about people's privacy, but I guess I was wrong since you found that surveillance camera in a snap!
Jones: Mind you, that camera looks a step-up from the ones we found in other Districts. What's that box that's attached to it?!
Jones: Oh, right, it must be what's used to record and transmit data. It looks like it needs a code to activate. They didn't count on your crazy decoding skills, did they?

Examine Surveillance Camera.
Jones: Yes! <Name>: 1, surveillance camera: 0! Now that you've unlocked the recording box of that video camera, Alex should be able to browse through all the data!

Analyze Surveillance Camera.
Alex: I'm impressed you managed to crack that camera's code, <Name>. This is a top-notch system!
Alex: I had a look at all the data recorded, and I've got good news! The camera DID film your victim and his killer!
Jones: Yepee! Looks like Mrs. Harris didn't lie!
Alex: The camera got a glimpse of the two of them as they walked on the boardwalk. Your victim's face was easily recognizable, but his friend kept to the shadows, unfortunately.
Alex: However... The killer dropped something, right into the pool of light created by a lighting post! They dropped... their sunglasses!
Jones: They were wearing sunglasses in the middle of the night?
Alex: That's rich people for you. And since they picked them back up, it means Andrew's killer is still carrying those sunglasses around!

After Completing All Tasks...
Jones: Well, <Name>, this is it! We've got everything we need to put Andrew Ashworth's killer behind bars!
Jones: I'll be honest with you, <Name>, I've got no idea who did it! I can't wait to see who you're going to arrest!

Arrest Killer.
Jones: ...Miss Fairchild?! But, this doesn't make any sense! <Rank> <Name>, are you SURE you made the right deductions?!
Isabella: Of course they did. <Rank> <Name>, I shall not put up a fight. Yes, I killed Andrew Ashworth.
Isabella: I kept bumping into Andrew at charities. He made fun of me for being so demure, but he kept flirting with me all the same.
Isabella: I didn't like his manners, but he was intriguing, and I gave in. And... he made me discover a world I'd have never suspected existed!
Jones: You mean... You're talking about...
Isabella: Jezabela's Dungeon, yes. The first time he took me there... I think he was certain I was going to run away screaming, but I loved it!
Isabella: All my life, I'd been treated like a doll, and finally, someone was touching me without acting as if I was going to break! It was... exhilarating!
Isabella: But he started trying to control me outside of the Dungeon. Can you believe that idiot wanted to dictate what I should and should not eat?!
Isabella: I stopped seeing him. But he kept sending gifts to me, phoning me...
Isabella: I knew he'd never stop, so I agreed to meet with him again. We stopped by his Grandfather's house to steal some mead. Andrew loved to lick it off m-
Jones: I think we're getting the picture, thank you! And that's when you got stung, isn't it?
Isabella: Yes. Then we went to that stupid yacht he was obsessed with!
Isabella: He wanted to tie me up, but I told him we should have a dip in the cold water first, to heighten our senses.
Isabella: The fool jumped in headfirst without even taking his clothes off! I told him I'd strip for him, started undoing my dress...
Jones: And then?
Isabella: Why, then I rushed to the cabin and started the engines! He laughed, he thought I was trying to get in control for once!
Isabella: You know, right until the moment I drove over him and heard the rotors slash into his flesh, he still believed it was a game...
Jones: ...
Jones: M... Miss Fairchild, you are under arrest for the murder of Andrew Ashworth. Everything you say can and will be held against you...

Judge Hall: Miss Fairchild, you are brought before this Court today to answer for the brutal slaughter of Andrew Ashworth. You have entered a guilty plea.
Isabella: Of course I have. I DID kill him.
Judge Hall: Miss Fairchild, may I just say who shocked and saddened is this Court, to see a young woman of such good upbringing resort to those actions?
Isabella: Yes, well, my father always said you shouldn't rely on others to fix your problems. So I went ahead and fixed mine.
Isabella: And I'm sure Daddy would have at least approved of me not running away from the consequences.
Judge Hall: Perhaps. Isabella Fairchild, for the murder of Andrew Ashworth, this court condemns you to 12 years in prison, with a chance of parole in 6 years. Court is adjourned!

Jones: Well, <Name>, I'm officially bummed out. Here even more than ever, it seems trusting your first impression of people might be deadly.
Jones: I wonder what else this District has in store for us, <Name>, I really do. But I'm glad I've got you here with me to face it all!

Additional Investigation

Chief Samuel King: <Rank> <Name>, you did a good job with this investigation! I'm glad you didn't fall hook, line and sinker for this murderer's lies.
Chief King: But, you have bigger fish to fry! Mrs. Price has just called, and she was very scared!
Chief King: She says she discovered a mysterious package on her yacht! It could be anything, maybe even... a bomb! A terrorists' attack!
Jones: Wait! I thought we supported the Mayor, not his riv-
Chief King: We're the police, Jones, we don't "support" anyone! We make sure every citizen is safe. Martha Price may be a politician, but she's a citizen too! And she needs our help!
Chief King: Go retrieve that package from the yacht right away, <Rank> <Name>, and bring it back here so we can make sure it's nothing dangerous!

Nathan: Hey, <Rank> <Name>! Do you have a minute? I have a favor to ask you!
Nathan: I've heard a lot about Archibald Ashworth. He seems very... eccentric! He reminds me of my very own grandfather: a grumpy old man.
Nathan: Please, <Rank> <Name>, could you accompany me to his house? I'd love to talk with him, I'm sure he has a lot of interesting stories about his bees and flowers!
Jones: Well, <Name>, do you mind if I stay here while you go to that crazy old man's house? I'm really done with honey and-
Jezabela: <Rank> <Name>! I'm so glad to see you again!
Jones: Miss Jezabela? What are you doing here?
Jezabela: Why, Officer Jones, I wanted to see you, of course! You and <Rank> <Name> never visit me unless someone dies...
Jezabela: Just kidding. Actually, I have a problem. That author, Patricia P. Harris, asked to interview me, and I agreed. But, after she left, I noticed one of my fetish items was missing!
Jezabela: Discretion is one of my company's guarantees, so I can't really confront Mrs. Harris openly. Could you talk to her? I'd like to get my accessories back without much fuss...

Talk to Archibald Ashworth.
Nathan: Hello, Mr. Ashworth, my name is Nathan Pandit. <Rank> <Name> and I thought you migh-
Archibald: Dead! She's dead! My poor Rita! Gone! That's impossible!
Nathan: Mr. Ashworth? Are you alright? Was Rita one of your bees?
Archibald: I... Oh, yes, she was. And now she's just died on me! My bees hardly pollinated lately... They seem weak, and now, Rita dies...
Archibald: They're sick! Something keeps infecting my beehives! But I haven't found anything yet, and soon they'll all be dead! Can you believe it? No more bees!
Nathan: Alright, calm down, sir! I know a bit about bees, I'll see what I can do. And <Rank> <Name> will help me find out what could plague your bees here!

Investigate Kitchen Counter.
Nathan: Orchids? Nice catch, they can be used to make great honey, but they seem sick. Maybe they're infecting the bees! Could you extract a sample, so I can analyze the pathogenic agent?

Examine Sick Orchid.
Jones: Well done, <Name>! What you picked on this red orchid looks like parasitic fungus. It probably killed Archibald's flowers, and it could affect the bees too. I need time to analyze it!

Analyze Fungus.
Nathan: I knew these fungi you found on the flowers in Archibald's house seemed familiar! I've already seen it plague my orchids once!
Nathan: It's a derivative of the stonebrood fungus that also affects the adult bees. Luckily, I synthesized a sprayable antidote we can put on the hives!
Nathan: <Name>, we should hurry to save Mr. Ashworth's bees!

Give the Antidote to Archibald Ashworth.
Archibald: <Rank> <Name>! Did you find what's wrong with my bees?
Nathan: Yes, we did! A variety of stonebrood fungus is infecting them, but I have the antidote! Just spray it on the hives and they'll be immune.
Archibald: Thank you! I thought I'd have to watch them die from this disease, one by one! After all these years of working with them, generations after generations!
Nathan: You're a good person, Mr. Ashworth. Like my own grandfather. He was so involved in what he did... You could see his passion. He always supported me... and he taught me botany!
Archibald: Thanks, it's nice to meet people who know how to use their brain for once! It's the last time I trust that flower shop...
Archibald: <Rank> <Name>, I want to thank you properly... I'm sure someone such as yourself will enjoy these wonderful outfits!

Talk to Patricia Harris.
Patricia: Oh, hello, <Rank> <Name>! What brings you here? Isn't your investigation over?
Jones: It is, but Jezabela, the owner of the Dungeon, asked us to-
Patricia: Jezabela? Now, when you told me about her dungeon, I knew I had to meet her! Now I've started writing a new novel, exploring the particular link between passion, murder and S&M.
Jones: I... Alright, but Jezabela told us some of her accessories went missing since your interview. You wouldn't happen to have anything on the sort in your possession, of course?
Patricia: What? No, I never stole anything, neither to Jezabela, nor anybody else in my life! Are you claiming I'm a thief? How insulting!
Jones: Calm down, please! <Rank> <Name> and I will just take a look around the Marina then. If you're telling the truth, we won't find anything and we'll leave you alone.

Investigate Marina Boardwalk.
Jones: Oh! You found a leather paddle, <Name>! The marina is a surprising place for this item, isn't it? It only confirms Jezabela's theories about Mrs. Harris...
Jones: How do I know what it is? Oh... Well, Jezabela's Dungeon logo is on it, so I... guessed! <Name>, let's see if we can find some fingerprints on the grip.

Examine Paddle.
Jones: The fingerprints on that paddle are very visible thanks to you, <Name>. Alex won't have any trouble checking if they match Mrs. Harris' now!

Analyze Prints.
Alex: The prints on the paddle you found at the Marina belong to Patricia P. Harris, <Name>! Can I frame them in my lab? It has more value than any autograph from her!
Jones: Come on, Alex! She's not that great! She stole that paddle from Jezabela! She could be a kleptomaniac or something!
Alex: Whatever! Even if the paddle is not hers, it doesn't affect her talent in any way. It just means she's very... involved in her writing?
Jones: Sure, Alex! Keep believing this! <Name>, let's go back to the Marina to have an explanation with that "passionate" writer.

Confront Patricia Harris About the Paddle.
Jones: Mrs. Harris, you lied to us. <Rank> <Name> found this paddle, and there are your fingerprints on it. You'd better not lie to us again!
Patricia: It doesn't mean anything! What if I just went to Jezabela's and-
Patricia: Oh, to hell with it! Yes, I borrowed that paddle, sue me! I was about to bring it back, I swear! I needed it for... accuracy and relevance in my book!
Patricia: Jezabela's interview went well, but I need more... first-hand material? Anyway, I saw this paddle in the Dungeon, and I just... It was like my characters were asking for it!
Jones: Very well, we will give that paddle back to Jezabela then. And <Rank> <Name> will give you your fine for property violation! Let that be a lesson for you!

Investigate Yacht.
Jones: Nice catch, <Name>! The box you found looks more like a gift box than a booby-trapped parcel... maybe too much! Who would hide a gift like this?
Jones: You're right, <Name>, we should put it under X-Ray analysis! Let's be careful on the way to Alex's lab, just in case it really is a bomb...

Analyze Gift Box.
Alex: So, there was no bomb in this box! Crisis averted, <Name>... unless you're allergic to bad taste!
Jones: I'm glad this box is not going to explode! What do you mean, "bad taste"?
Alex: Just take a look inside, you'll never believe it!

Examine Gift Box.
Jones: Oh! Look at all these promotional sweets! And... this is a candy dispenser! With the Mayor's face!
Jones: I bet Mrs. Price won't be pleased by this provocation... But you're right, <Name>, we need to go back to the yacht and reassure her...

Talk to Martha Price.
Jones: Mrs. Price, you can breathe easy. The box left on your yacht wasn't a bomb.
Martha: Really? What a relief! But... what was it then?
Jones: Well... nothing nefarious! Just a Howard Johnson branded candy dispenser and other sweets. With a note...
Martha: "Thanks for the flowers, enjoy the sweets?!" Ha! I should have guessed given the color: Howard Johnson and his team never miss an occasion to annoy me!
Jones: Well, you did send flowers to his party... You started that immature war yourself!
Martha: Oh, that sly fox brought it upon himself when he... No, you're right, I shouldn't be so childish. I already alerted you for nothing!
Martha: Please, <Rank> <Name>, have a burger as a thank you. They're by the grill, I made them myself!

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