Trixie Velvet (real name Patricia Mills; 1986-2012) was the victim in Beautiful No More (Case #8 of Grimsborough).                                                                


Trixie was a 26-year-old stripper who worked at Tony Marconi's nightclub, the Blue Flamingo. She had long blonde hair and green eyes, and at the time of her death, wore a leopard skin designed spaghetti top, a black skirt, pantyhose, and red high heels.

Murder details


Trixie's ID card.

Trixie was found violently murdered behind Joe's Diner. Nathan discovered in his autopsy report that she suffered several deadly blows with a blunt object to the head, which killed her instantly. Cat hair was found on her shirt which showcased her killer loved cats, and came into very close contact with her, right before they killed her. A witness reported that she saw someone running away shortly after the event. She could not recognize the person, but hinted that the person was very pale (Caucasian) and weighed about 120 lbs.

Relationship with suspects

A woman named Lydia Holly was the one who witnessed the crime and presumably reported it to the police.

Her coworkers in the Blue Flamingo, bodyguard Biff Wellington and bartender Alice August, seemed to have established at the very least a small acquaintance with Trixie. Biff and Alice described her as "innocent" and "sweet" yet "too trusting". Trixie was known to have a stalker as well, projectionist Colin Stokes, who described himself as a "loyal customer" of Trixie's. Marconi also said that he would not have killed Trixie as she was a woman who "made money" for the nightclub.

Killer and motives


Alice's note.

The killer turned out to be Alice August, a barmaid at the Blue Flamingo.

Alice was in love with Trixie and wrote an anonymous love letter to meet her in the alley of Joe’s Diner. However, when they met each other, Trixie laughed at Alice because she thought that she was a man who wrote her the letter. Angered, Alice grabbed a hammer and relentlessly beat the victim to death.

Alice was sentenced to 20 years in jail (with parole in 10 years) for the murder of Trixie Velvet.


  • Per her ID card, Trixie's birthday falls on May 1.

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