Trish Colletti was the killer of teenager Jennifer Carter in The Grim Butcher (Case #3 of Grimsborough).


Trish is a female of 16 years of age who wears a yellow shirt with a daisy on her black curly hair, and sports blue eyes. It is known that Trish's feet measure 10 inches and that she is a smoker.

Height 5'7"
Age 16
Weight 150 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood O+

Events of Criminal Case

Trish is Raoul Colletti's daughter and used to assist her father in the Colletti butchery. She was also in a relationship with Raoul's apprentice, Raphael Soza.

Trish was called into the investigation the moment Raoul informed Jones and the player she had the keys to the warehouse. All Trish made clear was that Jennifer was a flirt, and neither Trish nor Jennifer were friends.

Trish was approached by the team a second time after the team found pages torn from Jennifer's diary in which Jennifer refused to talk to Raphael due to him being in a relationship with Trish. Trish did not like what the team asked her as Trish knew that Raphael loved her and would never flirt with Jennifer.

It was then revealed that Trish Coletti was the killer. Trish hated the victim because she made her father panic everytime he saw her at his shop. However when the victim slept with her boyfriend Raphael, she then decided to kill Jennifer by hitting her in the head with a blunt object, torturing her with cigarettes, butchered her like a pig, and selling her heart to her mother.

Judge Hall sentenced her to life imprisonment with the possibility of parole in 40 years for the heinous kidnapping, torture, and murder.


  • Trish's physical appearance seems to be slightly different in the mobile variant of Criminal Case (see image).
  • In the mobile variant of Criminal Case, Trish's facial expression changes in the "Suspects" section of the case screen after Chapter 3.

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