Triboulet (real name Nicolas Ferrial; 1463–1515) was the victim in Murder Is No Joke (Case #13 of Travel in Time).


Triboulet was a 52-year-old jester for King Francis I. He had balding gray hair, blue eyes and freckles on his nose. He was commonly seen sporting a red and yellow jester's hat with two bells. At the time of his death, he wore a red and yellow jester's outfit with white polka dots and beige baggy sleeves. He also wore brown pointed shoes.

Murder details

Triboulet's body was found slumped in a fountain in the Chambord gardens, stabbed in the throat, the heart and the stomach. Janis determined that the murder weapon was a sword, with Penelope elaborating that it was a rapier, a type of sword used for fencing. Since the killer was skilled with a rapier, Penelope concluded that the killer did fencing.

In the musketeer brackets, Zara and the player found a bloody rapier. Theo registered the rapier as the murder weapon as the blood belonged to the victim. Orlando revealed that the rapier had been specially handcrafted and that the handguard was designed for a left-handed person. This allowed Orlando to conclude that the killer was left-handed.

Relationship with suspects

Triboulet performed for King Francis I. While he had initially found him funny, he had ordered Triboulet to be executed when his jokes hit too close to home. At another of his performances, Triboulet made Lady Anne Boleyn look like a fool when he spanked her in front of the king, prompting her to bite his leg and hit him with a juggling club. Triboulet's offensive humor led his brother, tax collector Charles Ferrial, to disown him, afraid that Triboulet would cause the king to lash out against the Ferrial family. Triboulet also stole a missive that had been entrusted to musketeer Alexandre Devereaux from the king, resulting in a physical altercation, and witnessed maid Gilia La Bonne steal a candlestick from the king.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Charles.

Charles admitted that he was incredibly jealous of his brother because he had always wanted to be a jester himself. When Triboulet started making jokes about him, Charles began losing his cool; when Triboulet did not stop cracking jokes, Charles stabbed him in the stomach. When he kept going on, Charles stabbed him in the heart, making Triboulet laugh. He then stabbed him in the throat to silence him permanently. King Francis sentenced him to life in prison.


  • Triboulet's death at the hands of his own brother is one of the instances of domestic homicide in Travel in Time.
  • Triboulet bears a resemblance to Louis de Funès, a late French actor and comedian.
  • Outside the Criminal Case universe, Triboulet was a jester of kings Louis XII and Francis I of France.

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