Trey Warner, appearing as an unseen minor character in Criminal Case, was mentioned during the events of The Bloom of Doom (Case #10 of The Conspiracy), Hot Mess (Case #11 of The Conspiracy) and Death in My Hand (Case #34 of The Conspiracy).


Not much is known about Trey except that Zoe Kusama was looking into his disappearance.

Events of Criminal Case

After arresting Valereea Valz's killer, Gloria and the player learned from Jones that Zoe had been looking into Trey's disappearance before she went missing. Soon after, Gloria and the player discovered that Trey had been sedated before his disappearance, which suggested that both he and Zoe had been kidnapped.

More was known about the fate of him and all of Zoe's missing people cases upon Zoe's arrest for the murder of DreamLife scientist Ernesto Vega. According to Zoe, she was sedated with chloroform just outside the library and woke up under the dome along with Trey and all of the other people she was looking into. Zoe said that she and the missing people were all subject to human experimentation (of the drug Protozane as the team would learn later) under the supervision of Dr Vega. Zoe said that all the test subjects beside her had died under the dome. A few days later, the team discovered from DreamLife CEO Rozetta Pierre and Hawk Eye Security employee Keith Vaughan that Trey's body (along with those of all of the other victims of the human experimentation) was disposed of in an incinerator and burned to ashes per Rozetta's orders to the blackmailed Tony Marconi.

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