Travel in Time is the title of the sixth season of Criminal Case. It was released on March 14th, 2019.

With the present date set ten years after the events of The Conspiracy, Travel in Time features crimes all around the world and all across time.

Time periods

Travel in Time features a stylized world map divided into seven time periods, across which are located a total of thirty-one cases:

Ancient Times

Ancient Times is the first time period investigated in Travel in Time. Ranging from 47 BCE to 37 BCE, it focuses on T.I.M.E. working to rebuild history after a time disturbance caused by a rogue time traveler, creating ripple effects that disrupted history. It also focuses on the conquests of the Roman Empire and the time machine malfunctioning after a runaway slave sneaks onboard.

Cases #1-#5 are situated in this time period.

The 1960s

The 1960s is the second time period investigated in Travel in Time. Taking place in 1969, it focuses on finding a way to get back to the present day after an organization sabotaged the team's time machine to permanently strand them. It also takes place amidst the Cold War, a period of geopolitical tension between the United States and the Soviet Union, who raced over ideological hegemony over the world, the conquer of outer space and the development of nuclear weapons.

Cases #6-#10 are situated in this time period.


Renaissance is the third time period investigated in Travel in Time. Taking place in 1515, it focuses on finding Leonardo da Vinci regarding his formula on time travel in order for the team's time machine to be repaired to go back to 2029. It also focuses on getting Penelope back after she decides to leave T.I.M.E. to be with a dashing musketeer.

Cases #11-#15 are situated in this time period.

Altered Present

Altered Present is the fourth time period investigated in Travel in Time. Taking place in an altered version of 2029, it focuses on the team discovering what caused an alternate time stream to be created that resulted in the non-existence of time travel, and subsequently T.I.M.E., and the replacement of New York City with New Cairo, a city ruled by the Ptolemy Dynasty.

Cases #16-#20 are stiuated in this time period.


There are more time periods scheduled to be released in the future. Upcoming time periods include Age of Sail and Medieval Asia. It will also feature a time period called "The End" which is hidden on the map.



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