Tony Webb was the victim in Drive, Swing, Die (Case #46 of Grimsborough).


Tony was a golfing legend, and he wore a blue cap and a red polo shirt. He had black hair and brown eyes.

Murder details

Jones and the player found Tony dead and buried in the fifth hole of the golf course. They sent his body to Nathan, who said that Tony was buried alive the night before, his hands bound and his mouth in place of the hole. The morning after, his killer shot a golf ball into his last airway, damaging his palate and choking him to death. This meant that the killer played golf.

Relationship with suspects

Tony had a sibling-like rivalry with fellow golfer Harold Knight, which involved pulling pranks on each other. Harold had apparently turned number one golfer with Tony's death. Tony was also dating fellow golfer Laura Harrington, who wanted to end their relationship after discovering his infidelity, which would also make Martha Price drop him as an endorsement to her mayoral campaign. However, Tony blackmailed Laura to staying, saying that he would convince all her sponsors to drop her, which would force her out of tournaments. Tony had also been mistreating his caddy, Danny Doyle, who could not quit his job as Tony had blacklisted him from every major golf club in the world. Tony was also blackmailing Zack Holden to give him a bigger share of the earnings from a Friendnet golf game using his likeness with a rumor that Zack had stolen the idea of Friendnet from a former partner.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Harold.

Harold always wanted to be number one, but even with Tony's womanizing ways about to exposed, he would still come back to steal back the glory. Deciding that the only way to permanently be number one was to kill Tony, he invited Tony for a game at the golf course. He then knocked him unconscious with his own golf club, tied him up, and buried him at the fifth hole, whereupon he screamed all night. The next morning, Harold played the fifth hole and choked Tony to death. Judge Hall sentenced him to 25 years in prison.


  • Tony Webb may be a parody of professional golfer, Tiger Woods.

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