Todd Anderson was the victim in Don't Die over Spilled Milk (Case #17 of Supernatural Investigations).


Todd was a journalist working for the Chicago Register. He had short black hair and brown eyes. At the time of his death, he wore a yellow jacket with a brown shirt underneath, a pair of blue denim jeans and white trainers. He also sported a stud earring in his left ear as well as a blue pen tucked over said ear. In addition, he carried a camera with a black strap around his neck. It is known that Todd smoked marijuana.

Murder details

Todd's body was found by Felix, Luke and the player at Bellevue Towers, sliced open from crotch to throat. Felix revealed that Todd's murder resembled the modus operandi of an urban legend known as "The Milkman", who split his victims open after they said his name to a mirror thrice. Ben deduced that the killer had hooked Todd when he was standing up, with him passing out as the hook reached his ribcage. Since the killer needed to be strong enough to drag a hook through Todd's body, Ben concluded that the killer was strong.

Later, Gwen and the player found a bloody hook inside a milk cooler and sent it to Priya, who registered it as the murder weapon. She also found purple fibers on the handle that did not match Todd's clothing, allowing Priya to conclude that the killer wore purple.

Relationship with suspects

Todd was a mentor to young witch Avery Mitchell, from whom she was inspired to become a journalist. Drug dealer Martin Fuller hated Todd as the latter had bought marijuana from him several times before writing a piece about his involvement in the Purple Traitors street gang, leading to Martin ending up in trouble and having to serve community service. Todd was also jealous of retired basketball player Jeffrey Michaels' success, resulting in the former writing an article accusing Jeffrey of turning his back against Bellevue by becoming a successful sports star. Todd had also gotten into an altercation with PhD student Lyla Heller after he had pulled an article on her research of the Milkman from the Chicago Register.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Lyla.

Lyla said that she killed Todd as he was going to kill the legend of The Milkman for good. She said that the residents of Bellevue needed the legend to be true as it took the blame for many of their misfortunes (including the death of her mother when she was seven). The team then turned her over to the police.


  • Todd is a reference to Tony Todd, an American actor and film producer.

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